STRAP YOURSELF IN, PEOPLE! This Baby Scottish Fold mewing action is gonna make you turn your car into oncoming traffic. I’m telling you right now you CANNOT HANDLE THE MEWS.

Jennifer B., it’s like some EVIL, PERFECT Japanese YouTube Director has us IN THEIR CLUUUTCHES!



  1. meyhere!


    Just a suggestion.

    So is this user really from Japan? *sigh* Figures.

  3. TurboFloof says:

    ooooohhhhhhh….. noooooooeeeeeee….
    I EES DED! *flump*

    [own cat pricks ears commotion, looks disgusted and unimpressed — prances away to determine if new food has developed in food bowl. “GOD, humans are SO useless.”]


  4. bubbyscranky says:

    There are some squeaks interspersed with those mews. Too kyoot! Give that babeh whatever it wants.

  5. Mrs. Catlabash says:

    I’m very disappointed. I thought this site was devoted to *real* animals, not battery-operated stuffed animal toys.

    Because this cannot possibly be real, right? This degree of perfect cuteness cannot exist in nature, I’m sure. This has got to be a toy. The baroo head-tilt, the eyes that squint with each ‘ehn,’ the teeny furrowed….

    *distracts crowd*
    *scoops kitty and slides her into pocket in one fell swoop*
    *runs like hell*

    Whaaaa’? Her human was being mean to her, trapping her on what is probably a 4″ high ledge. I want her! I deserve to have her!

    *Settles down to watch for the sixth time*

  6. Haha, that was so cute it roused my little white kitty to come and investigate the laundry piles for the distressed kitten.

  7. That is just the cutest little kitty!! I wouldn’t have been able to film it that long, I’d have to pick it up and cuddle it!!! So cute!

  8. Evil genius director with heart of stone!!!! Cuddle and snorgle that adorable kitteh. I would.

  9. Awwwww… get poor kitten off the thing! I wouldn’t be able to resist the mews!

  10. My head just exploded from the qte! I could not have resisted the pitiful cries from the kitteh for half the time it took to film that video!! Please pump the blood from my bleeding heart back into my body so I do not perish!

  11. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, wittle behbeh is tawwwwwwwwking! Him eyes shine so bwight tew!

  12. I’m going to have to hold the creator AND the object of this video, no, this weapon of mass distraction, responsible for my head asploding. I urge everyone else suffering the same fate to do the same. As it is, I’m going to have to show this video to the doctors who try to put it back together, so they understand the cause of the asplosion, but then their heads will asplode, escalating into an ever-increasing cycle until the nightly news broadcasts it for the epidemic it is… what hast thou wrought, tiny kitten?!

    (As for how I’m typing this comment with an asploded head, I think it would be better to ask how the camera was even able to record such spectacle of cuteness.)

  13. I just watched the video without buffering…OMG! My heart is really bleeding!! Give me the kitteh! It hurts to watch it!!!!! Tourniquet STAT!!!

  14. spamabella says:

    Let the kitty down for chrissake!!!

  15. BTW! Those cries! That is how I end up rescuing kittehs! 3 of my 4 ended up with me because of that sound!!! I react to that sound like others do to crying babies!!! I am seriously perklempt! I cannot keep my “mouth” shut! My heart just hurts!!! I am in tears over this video! How can anyone hold the camera that long and not melt??!!?? My own cats are unimpressed because they know that is how they own me! Who teaches the baby kitties this stuff, or is it instinct??

  16. puppies&kitties says:

    It struck my noisy kitty speechless. I have been looking for something other than more food that would do just that.

  17. No words. No words.

    Fear not, little kitteh.

    You had me at “mew.”

  18. claudia says:

    Oh geez, I almost started to lactate for crying out loud!

    You know, the difference between these Japanese vids and the rest (lol) is that they KNOW to be quiet and let teh cute do it’s job.

    If that were me or you, or that guy over there, we’d be blubbery messes cooing and squealing in the vids lol

  19. After flipping through a few of my Animal Behavior manuals and scientific journals, I have come to this conclusion:


  20. My entire face is sore from the expressions of pure delight this wee kitten has wrought.

    SOMEONE SNORGLE THE KITTEH!! [Mrs Lovejoy voice] Won’t somebody *please* snorgle teh kitteh?

  21. dedbleensplode!

  22. teh squeaks!

    teh roundness!

    I agree, this is some anime robot critter, a mini-robot by which the Japanese plan to PWN US ALL WIF TEH QTE.

    We will have world peace, mesmerized by “NEKO 3000” toys.

    But how the photographer could film this without snorgling the poor kitn is beyond me. Camera must also be a robot.

    hed asplode, heart asplode, ovaries asplode.

  23. sundryreasons says:

    That camera was moving so much I am dizzy and almost nauseous.

  24. AAAAwwwwwwwww…Dunno how it could do this to me, but I was all clapping hands like a little child, with a stupid grin plastered on my face and the huge need of doing whatever to the kitteh, just to make it purr again. Gosh, I agree with lurkertype, cameraman must be a robot. Gaaaaah.

  25. I exploded from the cute! 😀

  26. UltramarineGoat says:

    Considering how cats think, is he saying “get me down so I can be with you ?” or “Why won’t you get up here with me, you weird two legged cat ?”

  27. I thought I could handle the mews.

    I was wrong.

    When will I learn?


  28. Beauregard says:

    He’s all like, “Would someone please get me down from this damned contraption already? I swear, good help these days…”

  29. Genevieve says:

    Poor kitty, let him down !!! How can someone just look at it and don’t help the pooor thing ??
    The robot is not the kitty, but the thing that is watching it !!

  30. Caroline says:

    That was so mean. That poor little bebe was frightened. It used every sweet kitter trick to beg for mercy, and the hard-hearted human with the camera let it suffer on for toooo long. She doesn’t deserve that kitten, I do. I would never strand it on a ledge and make it cry. I understand kitten talk, it was saying ‘PLEASE save me, hold me, comfort me HELP ME!!”

  31. Poor Kitteh! I couln’t watch the whole thing. Photographer is evol! Please rescue worried bebe.

  32. Ooooo my dog.
    That was deadly.

  33. Gillian says:

    Lethal cuteness.

    Plus, for added laffs, two of my cats, who were asleep on opposite sides of the room from me, both woke up and came over to check out the mewing.

  34. gravyboat says:

    I’d squeeeeeeeeeeeal too if I was that cute.

  35. One of my eensy-weensy baby foster kittehs (marmie girl who is a real cuddler) had to go nose-to-nose with the screen to see who was squeaking!! I wound up putting it on MUTE so she wouldn’t get upset!!!

    I’d never have the intestinal fortitude to listen to that for more than 15 seconds or so without dropping the camera for vigorous cuddling.

  36. Fear not bebeh kitteh! I shall rescue you from the unfeeling (or obviously deaf and blind) camera person!

  37. You warned us about the mews, but YOU DID NOT WARN US ABOUT THE VOMIT-CAM. I’m now thoroughly seasick. Maybe the camera person was swooning on the other end and couldn’t hold the camera straight. Urp. Alka-Seltzer!

  38. Heartrending pleas from cutest kitteh EVAR. I love how the mews start off all cute and helpless and then they just get annoyed. “Stupid hoomans! HALP MEH! I see you, you’re RIGHT THERE! C’mon people!”

  39. Honestly…if that was my kitten…it would spend it’s life wet…from on the kisses I would be smothering it with! OMG…C-U-T-E!!

  40. I was gonna feel sorry for this kitty that she was stranded on the table and couldn’t get down, but then I saw the uber-fancy scratching post/kitty condo in the background.

    That is obvy a brand new floor to ceiling kitty condo, *with* a red ribbon tied to the top.

    To-tally a pampered kitten.

  41. And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why you should not view Cute Overload in a moving vehicle. Yes, I *would* have turned my car into oncoming traffic.

  42. Concerned says:

    The poor thing obviously wants down. How can “animal lovers” torture their pets and video tape it!?!?!?!

    [This, peeps, is what’s known as a “Care Troll”. Nothing to see here, move along… – Ed.]

  43. Alexandra says:

    “weapon of mass distraction”
    LOLZ 🙂

  44. ButtaRumCake says:

    Gee thanks Meg…

    I SQUEEEEEEEEE’d so hard I peed


  45. Ohmigawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BEEEEEEEEEEEEPPP!!!!!!!!SCREEEEE!CRASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. ttttttoooooooo kyoooooooot~

    The mouth pinknessess! The (plink) blink~!1 The cheek roundness! The head tiltage! Teh mews, the mews…. we are DOOMED~!

    Somebody help me I am melting into my shair…….

  47. Awww. Poor cutie baby kitty wanted to GET DOWN!

    “Get me offa here! PLEASE, get me OFFA here, you big dope! What up with you and that stupid camera? GET ME OFFA HERE!!!”

    I bite those little folded ears!!!

  48. Nicolletta says:

    Aaawwww….come here, baby kitty. I’ll give you some wuvs.

  49. Flibble says:

    At the very beginning, from the underside view you can see it’s not a tabletop as the post in the background continues down. It’s actually a super-duper cat tower. The YouTube description says that Mu-chan hadn’t figured it out yet. There’s also a link to the blog and all the kitty accessories are in the left hand side bar.

  50. Karla B says:

    Very sweet lil kitteh!! But: Cute or Sad, that’s what I’m saying… Poor thing.


    If you go look – you’ll find that this sweet baby has a perfect Toe-Hawk – with pink jellybean feets!

    OMG – I’ve got the urge to run into oncoming traffic

    I blame Meg and Theo for this.

  52. I love Scottish folds ANYWAY, but this makes me want to mass snorgle one! LISTEN TO THAT MEW!


  53. Could . . . not . . . handle . . . the . . . mews

    This kitteh has got it down:

    The furrowed brow of consternation
    The squeak of utter helplessness
    The silent meow (a deadly weapon, that)
    and even THE CLOSED-EYE MEOW

    Her humans have already bought her a big kitteh tower with a red bow. Next, she’ll have her own condo.

  54. Mrs. Catlabash says:

    I just noticed that was posted to YouTube last July. Mu Chan has grown up into one of the most beautiful cats I’ve ever seen (bonus: perfect jellybean pawpads, 2nd pic down):

    There is a new vid of her too, posted May 8. Don’t worry, folks, she did eventually figure out how to get off that ledge. Apparently now she’s moved on to (a) pleasuring herself 😉 and (b) learning how to dominate every other object in the house. And she’s *not* fat, she’s big-boned :).

  55. Welshcake says:

    I think it needs oiling.

  56. lol these little guys always look so sad. I sure hope the cameratographer gave kitteh a goooood cuddle afterward.

  57. jennijoon says:

    sweet jesus…I practically got diabetes from that one (shaking my head). where can I get like… 12 of those things? So freakin’ CUTE!

  58. Katrina says:

    Now that she has grown up, she had some serious acreage of white fur to lick. Nice to know she is loved and cared for so well! also nice to know that they color-coordinated the cat to the rugs. My rugs are a lovely Corgi taupe before she moved in- thank goodness, so just the build-up and furballs show up. I recommend it.

  59. oh fer pete’s sake – put down that camera you heartless hooman and pick up the bebeh kitteh! It wants down, it wants attention, it wants YOU, and it wants it NOW! Don’t you understand kittehspeak? That video should’ve only been 10 seconds long – the rest of the time should have been spent in serious snorgling!!!

  60. The film maker either has amazing willpower or is dead inside! I didn’t even make it ten seconds before my face went all crumply and I started silently screaming ‘For the love of all that is squishy someone pet that kitay!’ No way could I just let it cry like that. God help us if some criminal mastermind ever figures out that we’re powerless against cute baby animals crying.

  61. caitlin says:

    well, anniem said it better than I would have… why is the hooman filming when there are CLEARLY moar important things to attend to??

  62. Barbara says:


    I’m not allowed to watch videos at work but I couldn’t resist. That was worth whatever wrath I face!!! I will just show IT the kitteh and their heads too will explode.

  63. Sad.

  64. RevWaldo says:


    “No, not today, today’s an up high day.”


  65. Bill Guppy says:

    For the love of all that is kitteh… somebody bring that kitty a shrubbery… one that’s nice and not too expensive…

  66. Yes, that was cute or sad category, and I join ALL the others up there saying that this person was HEARTLESS, and CLEARLY *I* deserve and SHOULD HAVE this kitty. 🙂

  67. suzanne says:

    You said it, peoples, quit making exploitative vids of the suffering mewlings–file under sad. Almost as bad as the camera stuck in a pile of newborn kitties with an angry -looking momma cat.

  68. claudia says:

    Ok last night I expected the “poor thing, how cruel” but I didn’t expect complaints about shaky cameras and vomit LMAO!

  69. Cuteoverload? more like crueloverload!!!
    People should NOT let little kittens suffer just to get a video on C.O. That’s exploiting their genuine cuteness for selfish self interest.
    And…you shouldn’t be lookin at C.O. and drivin! Haaarumph.

  70. I agree with KAR, how COULD anyone leave that little kitty so scared, up so high and mewing for help keep begging THAT LONG–how mean!

  71. sunnymum says:

    Cute beyond words! That wittle round head! And the pretty white fur, and the little squeaks, and the big round eyes [thunk] ded.

    Nice to see her all grown up and not scarred from the trauma of an up high day! wink wink

  72. the final “nyan” was the cutest
    cruel? why? I bet the owner played with it afterwards
    ppl are too serious here(^^;;

  73. I honestly don’t think this little darlin was all that askeered. My own do something very similar when I or my husband are just standing there looking at them when WE SHOULD BE PETTING THEM ALREADY STUPID HOOMANS!

    That said, those eyes….those eyes!!!! Brought back memories of reading stories online of the BEK, or Black-Eyed Kids. Only this time the evil is contained inside the form of a sweet and adorables Scottish Fold bebeh. Meaning we’re all in trouble now.


  74. What a sweet thing. I love how the mews take on a “what the hell, dude?” quality after a while.

  75. For those who thought it was mean…

    There is about a 50/50 chance that within 5 minutes after the kitten comes down she will look at the owner give a little mew with the look of “back upstairs please”.

    Kinda like my cat when she wants to come into the bathroom while I am taking care of business. She will scratch and mew her way in, but once inside the bathroom she will sit and look at me and then ask her way back out.

  76. My Boston Terrier (name: The Demon, furreal) left his toy (left his TOY, people!) to come running to find the kitty. He desperately attempted to climb my leg (remember, he’s a Boston, wee little fatty) to Kiss That KITTY! I prolly need to get him a behbeh cat now.

  77. Beth covered in cat hair says:

    C’mon pick up the baby! Give it kisses and snorgle it…the poor thing is crying =(

  78. Hon Glad says:

    Och dinnah wurry little bairn, your Ma’s acoming.

  79. LOL, Hon Glad… now can you do a *Japanese* Scottish Fold?

  80. Poor little thing. I couldn’t watch it all. So scared and needy. Photographer definitely had a heart of stone. There was nose licking and everything, for crying out loud.

  81. momof2kitties says:

    Ouch. I’ze ded.

    My kittehs hissed at the ‘puter when they heard the pathetic mewlings. Brats!

  82. Cats climb.
    Kittens *learn* to climb.

  83. riolinda says:

    poor kitty! I just want to hold her and kiss her and tell her everything will be alright!

  84. Hon Glad says:

    Theo I’ll leave the Japanese to you. It are hard also.

  85. weensicka says:

    Didn’t this kitteh grow up to be one of the Animal Hat Gang from Cat Town?!

    This is what happens when you are dead inside and ignore redonkulous mews for snorgling.

    Sigh…kittehs today…

  86. I’m with all the people who can’t understand why the photographer was not snorggling the kitteh. Do you have a heart of stone? At the very first mew I would have been forced to set down the camera and pick up the kitteh. Claw marks are the new black.

  87. Hey Kar (second poster), you can take your condescending racism and shove it up your you-know-what.

  88. Aw so cute but damn – the lil furball is scared and crying not out of cuteness but out of fear. Let the poor lil one down and stop making him/her perform =/

  89. If you look at the other video posted on that site, she has a super fancy cat condo (unlike the giant eyesores sold in pet stores here). But judging from all the preparatory motion needed for her to just get on to the second level, I’d say the mewster doesn’t use it that often 🙂

  90. That kitten was so sweet
    it made my teeth hurt!

  91. Rooanne says:

    I am sorry, all you people who are so sorry for the baby! I was LMAO so long i had tears in my eyes!!

    That widdle kitty knows its gonna get whatever it wants, you can tell by those demanding mews at the end. It was like “what? why aren’t you obeying my command immediately?”

  92. I think somebody needs to pick that bebeh kitteh up and SNORGLEEEEEEEEEEE!

  93. Catsquatch says:


    Ok ok….

    So I click on the video and turn the sound up so i can hear it, and my cat Bast comes cruisin in and stares at my computer screen, then gets up on the chair, puts his paws on on the keyboard shelf, and trys to find the kitten by looking at the speaker, then behind the computer screen…..

    Im so falling outta my chair right now…..


  94. Michelle says:

    Went to check out the pix of this kitten all grown up and she’s even cuter now! She has a plush pumpkin for a house, people. A PUMPKIN!

  95. Melinda says:

    For goodness sake! Please someone pick up the kitteh! I can’t stand to hear those frightened little mews! Sweet bebeh, I’ll hold you if nobody else wants to!

  96. Mia, your overreaction to a comment that actually wasn’t racist at all, if you grasped the ‘in joke’ around here about the Japanese kicking our asses at the cute, well…it kinda spoiled my day.

    Honestly, I don’t think Kia meant it in the racist sense that you seem to have taken it. If they had, Theo would have taken it down long ago.

    Please, I get enough overreactions right here at the office.

  97. Um, Mia? Hi. You might be new here, so we should explain that we have a running gag about the Japanese having superior cuteologists and generally kicking our ass in the cute department. I suppose it comes from the notion we once had in the 70s that the Japanese produce better electronic products and cars than we do in America: that’s probably a cliche or stereotype, but I don’t think it’s necessarily offensive. So I think the references to the Japanese kicking our ass are more respectful in a “How do they do that?” kind of way, and not at all intimating that the Japanese videographer is cruel or heartless or something negative.

    Hope this explains that comment and others you might occasionally see about our Japanese cuteologist situation. Enjoy the rest of C.O.!

  98. momof2kitties says:

    @ Mia: Wow! Ouch!

    Vampy is right, by the way. It’s an inside joke, oft repeated here on CO, about how the japanese are better in just about everything in the cute department than we are, hence the comment.

    Chillax! No harm was intended!!!

  99. momof2kitties says:

    As usual, Berthaservant was able to say the same thing in a more coherent, articulate way than I. Thank you.

  100. 1. Iff ai hadda kar ai wud bii in reel trubbuhlz.

    2. Tihs kittun saowndz laik mai Perzsh prinsuss Rani, whoz kunsidirablii oldur an duz knot hav teh foldud earz ur nuthin laik taht. Shii wuz verii inturestud in tihs vid. VERII.

  101. Heeheeheeheehee. My Stinky squeaks like this too – so much so I often call him Squeakeuw. This bebeh is so anerable… I am quite charmed. Those eyes! But yeah, chill, people: It’s a CAT. MEWING. It’s what they do. She’s not frightened or suffering, she’s being a cat. Meows always sound pathetic.

  102. I have a 1 year old huge cat who was already neutered when we got him as a kitten.
    Apparently this was to early because what we hear in the video is THE ONLY kind of noise he can make. XD

    Imagine a huge fat tomcat making that kind of voice…it’s hilarious.

  103. Firn — both of our boy cats (Mr. Bounce & Rikki) talk that way.

  104. cinderELLA says:

    Firn and Theo, I have a cat (Pearls) that does that only at night. somehow, after 9, he is unable to do anything but squeak. he looks just like that kitten too, but has normal ears, and one light blue eye and one brown eye. the cute thing is, that since none of us can here him to let him in and out at night, he has learned to open and close the door himself. we have a grip-and-push-down-with-the-thumb-the-little-thing-on-top handle, so he leaps up, puts one arm through the hand grip, hangs there, and swats the lever until the door opens and he drops down.;)

  105. I didn’t blink for the ENTIRE duration of that video. That’s a personal record for me.

  106. chanpon says:

    If the mews don’t kill you, the long whiney squeeees at about 0:45 will. Ugh…I need to go pick up bits of my heart off the floor.

  107. I’m dead.
    …just dead.
    This clip has killed me completely.

  108. Rosie A. says:

    me-squeak? me-squeak? Ugh, I so would have named this cat Squeaker. Just cuz is too moishe! *ded*

  109. My big rolly-polly tom cat makes the same teeny mews as well, and his brother (much thinner for some reason) has this crazy masculine voice. Hiiii-LARIOUS!

    And what is the deal with the unstoppable cuteness of Scottish Folds? HUUUH?? Huh???

    Theo/Meg– “Care Troll.” That was fantastic. Ha!

  110. Michelle says:


    do not want

    Hate to sound like a curmudgeon, but I get plenty of that over there.

  111. I agree with those who believe this kitten was not actualy frightened or stuck, but I even more agree on the side of “PUT DOWN THAT CAMERA AND PICK UP THE WEE KITTEH!!!”
    I’m a bit lop sided now, actually.

  112. Rosie (Squez mommy) says:

    I have a Scottish Fold and she mews JUST like that! woah!! Guess it’s a gene in their foldiness of earage! <3 what a cutiepoops.

  113. kittymom says:

    Tooooo cute!!!! Check out the additional footage, people (see links posted above) ~ this (now grown-up) kitty is VERY spoiled (ALMOST as spoiled as my two kitties). This kitty has a kitty condo, scratching posts, kitty beds, kitty rugs, a kitty friend, etc., and this kitty is obviously the ruler of the roost! Looks like this kitty gets a regular bath, too; just like my babies, who get a home bath/spa treatment monthly from me. Mine love the huge (beach) towels warmed in the dryer they get to dry off with after their bath 😉 This kitten is loved for sure!!

  114. I am almost in tears. That is the cutest most pitiful thing I have ever seen.

  115. Christy K says:


    Oh lawd!

    Someone save that kitten!

  116. That’s part kitten and part squeaky mouse.

    I don’t think she’s scared – if she was, she’d jump on to the human. She’s just a mewey kitty.

  117. Snowpea says:

    Question: is a Japanese Scottish Fold more appropriately called an Origami? :giggle:

  118. Based on some of the other videos (which actually show up at the bottom of this one when it finishes), this kit mews like that all the time. Including when safe and sound on the floor.

  119. edmundh says:

    Snowpea – “Origami”?? HA ha that was brilliant!!!

  120. Michelle says:

    Snowpea. omg hilarious. Somehow I think that name will catch on!

  121. Totalee Puppy says:

    Kitten “Ichi-Bon” (The Best)-lovely as “Sakura” (cherry blossoms) in a rock-walled garden…sweeter than the
    powdery-whiteness of “an-
    mochi” (red-bean tea cakes)with “ocha” (hope that’s green tea). Theo, that’s about all the Japanese I got…Good night to our Japanese Scottish Fold kitten. The Moon will light your tiny bed, the cricket will comfort you with its song.

  122. Nerikull says:

    Holy uber-cuteness!


    “You have been DED’ed by teh CUTE” Resurrect? [Y/N]

  123. Michelle says:

    I just spent some time over at Mu Chan’s Human’s blog cause I couldn’t get enough of this beautiful creature.

    If any of you Care Trolls think for a single second this person does not cherish and adore their cats, I challenge you to pay a visit over there yourselves for some enlightenment. Somehow I doubt you will, since it’s not as fun to attack people when you learn the truth about them first.

  124. Daphne MOss says:

    Not since the dark days of kitteh-wanting-to-come-inside and crying have I seen such ability to watch baby cat crying with such single-mindedness…

    She had me at mee-eww….

  125. Oh, this poor baby! She wants to get down, and be CUDDLED.

  126. Snowpea – Me thinks a Japanese Scottish fold would be more appropriately called “Och-rigami”. 😉

  127. missingmoon says:

    oh PLEASE somebody help that kitteh!!!!!!!!!

    (reaching to screen, attempting to help)

  128. NYCGirl says:

    <3 the chewable ears!

  129. From the dozens of other videos featuring this kitty, it looks like she is quite loved.

  130. PLEASE PICK UP THAT POOR LIL’ KITTEH!!! If it keeps it up much longer my brain is going to explode from the cuteness!!!!!!

  131. This may have been mentioned… there are lots more related videos, and it seems s/he doesn’t like to be picked up. Mind you, the only video I saw, the guy wasn’t cradling kitty.

    Even my Tuxie, who doesn’t usually look when cats or kittens are meowing on the computer, stood there on the floor and looked around for the kitten.

  132. BTW, the last baroo? squeak killed me dead. And, yep, looks like she’s just yowly even on the floor. But yes, I’d try to pick her up anyway, lol.

  133. There is NO QUESTION that this person is madly in love with their cat. Anyone who posts 58 videos of their cat doing “cat stuff” on YouTube is clearly over the top in love!

  134. Joelle Taschereau says:

    Non mais aidez-le quelqu’un!! Il fait tellement pitié!!!

    Qu’il est mignon!

  135. SarahMoon says:

    you know, i always kind of sneered at people who claimed that they were ‘dead of the qte’or similar.
    never again, people.
    never again.
    I mean,that thing had me petting the SCREEN.
    *dies of the qte*

  136. Melinda says:

    I made a comment about how the bebeh needed to be picked up, becasue, I, personally couldn’t stand to hear the kitten mewing like that, I’d have to snorgle her immediately because she was being just so darn cute! However, I in no ways mean to infer her human doesn’t love her. I mean really, all she posts are vid’s of her cat! And thank goodness, too, otherwise we would sorely miss out on this little darling!

  137. Squee!!! *swerves*

  138. Catsquatch says:

    OMG Nerikull!


  139. Ya know what? I played this last night at home, while one of my own cats was sprawled on the floor behind me, trying to mentally communicate her demands for a half hour belly rub.

    She didn’t even bat an eyelash.

    Le sigh. I’m slightly jealous of those who have critters who try to find the crying kitteh.

  140. Wendy: “Anyone who posts 58 videos of their cat doing “cat stuff” on YouTube is clearly over the top in love!”

    This statement is funny, adorable, and totally true. I love how much this Japanese person loves their kitty.

  141. Lydia Ehmke says:

    AWWWWWWWWWWWWW! That kitty is SO ADORABLE! And those little squeaky meows are cuuuuute! It’s not POSSIBLE for anything to be that cute! I WANT THAT KITTY! When I watched that video I just wanted to reach through the screen and grab her (or maybe it’s a him, I don’t know) and snuggle and hug and pet her! She looks sooo snuggly and soft. *squeals at the top of lungs*

  142. I CANNOT STAND ANOTHER MINUTE WITHOUT HOLDINg THAT KITTY! I was petting the screen and hugging my laptop, for goodness sake! Her fur looks soooooo pettably soft!!!!!!! MUST…… PET…….. I don’t want to watch this video anymore because it makes me want this kitty so badly, but I also CANNOT be deprived of the cuteness! *squeals once again, followed by head exploding*

  143. Suzy Cat says:

    This was so cute. And funny. My cat was sound asleep in the same room with me when I played this clip. She woke up and with eyes wide open slowly crawled onto my lap to sniff my monitor. She then started to talk back to the kitten. She probably was trying to calm that poor baby’s fears.

  144. Rachel H says:

    Oh my goodness, it brought a tear to my eye!

    What a sweetie!!

  145. Oh my!!!! Soooo adorable! I’ will rescue you!!!

  146. Thank you. I now have a you tube scottish fold video addiction, thanks to this first video.

    I cannot handle the cuteness. It’s simply too much!