Pet Bonding 101

Schubert loves fish-flavoringks.

William (in shark pajamas) loves fish flavoringks.



I just threw up in my mouth a little, Melanie H. 😦



  1. Shame on boy for stealing kitteh’s water!

  2. Annie J says:

    Ahahaha, it reminds me of the photo where the baby is licking the pig. Gross, but super hilarious anyway 🙂

  3. I think those might be chicken flavoringks, hence it tastes just like chicken!

  4. hoping hard those are frosted flakes in there

  5. Hey, if it’s good enough for kitteh…

  6. I hope they both have bowls of bacon. Then they would both be happy. I wish I had a bowl of bacon…

  7. Katrina says:

    I wonder what Winston would say about that.

  8. Hon Glad says:

    I ate dog biscuits when I was a nipper and mud.

  9. Katrina: I believe Winston would claim “myerlw” and nom on the child to make up for the lost food. Food is important.

    and i hope that’s all bacinz too.

  10. chanpon says:

    I’ve done a lot of weird things with my kitties over the years, but this tops anything that ever came into my mind.

  11. compy-saur says:

    So, I wasn’t the only kid in the world who did this sort of thing… That makes me feel a lot better! 😀

  12. Space Cowgirl says:

    I like how the cat seems to think this is perfectly normal.

    To be fair, I ate dry cat food as a little kid also.

  13. Hah! This pic reminds me of being 2 years old and eating cat food. My parents have a pic of me lying on my stomach eating out of a bowl beside the cat … but they replaced the cat food with puffed wheat. 🙂

    Milk-Bones were a decent snack too if I recall. Purina Cat Chow was a little too salty.

  14. As a parent, there have been many times I’ve wished that Purina Child Chow existed.

  15. ThreeCatNight says:

    Kitteh: “You know, these ‘Cheerios’ things aren’t bad.”
    Kid: “Are ‘Cheerios’ supposed to taste like chicken?”

  16. Camille says:

    My cat is named Schubert too!

  17. For a nice shiny coat of fur!

  18. Fish flavoring? I would’ve thought William had the shark-flavoring judging by the pj’s. Mmmm Mako!

    I’m assuming that in reality William’s bowl is full of round cheerio’s or Kix, not kitty vittles. No calls to Children’s Services needed. William does however, have an excellent piece of blackmail material if the need arises.

    “Whadja mean I can’t get the new Nintendo and Rock Band game? Did I mention that I have a picture of me and Schubert for Show & Tell tomorrow? Bet my teacher gets a kick out of it.”

    Jaye, isn’t it called “Goldfish crackers?”

  19. 10 or so years from now, this will be fantastic blackmail to show girls who come over 😉

  20. Theresa says:

    I love to see kits and their kid-buddies! I also love the name Schubert!
    “This is
    The symphony
    That Schubert wrote
    But didn’t finish . . . “

  21. While I assume Purina Child Chow would be highly useful for parents, as a college student myself I think Futurama was onto something with “Bachelor Chow”.

  22. I used to love that stuff, Annie. Only I mostly called it “ramen”.

  23. AuntieMame says:

    I think the Child Chow is the stuff in the blue box, with the packet of orange powder inside.

    [oh THAT… yeah, I’d been repressing that memory, bleccgh… – Ed.]

  24. ButtaRumCake says:

    LOL @ Ramen HAAAAA!!!!

  25. metsakins says:

    Yeah the blue box with the orange powder was def. child chow in my house.

    When a child shows up now, they have been given adult chow (which woud be Annies shells and white cheddar, wiht some brocoli cooked in.)

  26. heh – story from a friend of a friend: FoF went to pediatrician to ask how to get her kid to stop eating the cat food. Pediatrician said, “Does he eat Cheetos? Cat food is probably better for him.”

  27. Katrina says:

    There is a family story (oft told), that when I ate a meal in my high chair I would share 1 for 1 with the dog, and the dog made napkins unnecessary apparently, a la Winston. My pediatrician told my mother that I would be healthier for it and that I’d get more germs in school when I to kindergarten.

    I was an animal lover from a tender age. I was a ‘nommer’ of canine ears, too. A wonderful dog, Daisy.
    I was her puppy and food connection at the same time.

  28. prinbsn says:

    Uh oh, Ellen – I’m sitting here eating Cheetos and reading this (blushes with shame). Thanks a lot! 😉

    I’ve always wondered about cat chow but never been brave enough to actually taste it. Now it sounds like I should have done so.

  29. My late stepfather, John, who I miss terribly, used to test the dry food and treats for the kitties. I have to admit, his taste was always in accordance with theirs (none of our cats like Iams, and John said it was because it tasted like wheat germ compared to other dry foods).

    We miss you, Johnny.

  30. momof2kitties says:

    I bet my daughter to eat a piece of kitten food. She did it! Gack! I owed her 2 dollars for it…

  31. Naw, akshullii itz the kid whu wud pollewt teh kittehz fud but letz hoap knot.

  32. Chef Steph says:

    I thought it was normal for children to sample food out of the pet dishes! Also I can’t believe nobody has mentioned how that cat may actually be bigger than his human.

  33. Sharon Wilson says:

    Actually, when I was younger I tried a kitty kibble to see why the kitty liked it and found it tasteless.

  34. ChitaDenita says:

    This picture has caused me to tewtelly forget about work and laugh my head off. (Look, there it goes!) I too, remembered the pic of the blondey kid licking the pig’s nose. That one had me laughing for days! Can we start a category called “Blackmail: Open in 10 Years”?

  35. I thought the kid just fell asleep on the floor. YOu mean he’s EATING???!!! Gaagggg.

  36. As a toddler I ate those rainbow colored dog biscuits. Yup, I can still taste them to this day when I think about it.

  37. Noelegy says:

    Our puppers Rocky turned 1 year old in February, so we had to have a birthday party for him, complete with doggy birthday cake (recipe from Internets), topped with Milk-Bones. My stepson tried some of it! I asked him how it tasted, and he said, “About like I expected.”

  38. Wow, flashback to the ’60s when my brother and I hid in a kitchen cabinet to taste dry cat food. We hated it. And we got caught. Amazing we developed triple digit IQs…

  39. I’m willing to bet that said child is a second or likely a third kid. Firsts and onlies get mom’s head to explode by eating cat food while subsequent children get a “meh” or “oh hey, a way to save on the grocery bill!”

    My third kid could pop open a can of cat food, slop it on toast and fix up a side of timothy hay from the ‘pigs and I’d be all, yeah…just make sure you clean your plate.

  40. televisiongurl says:

    This picture made me suddenly (and shamefully) recall how I used to enjoy the occassional snack of dry food from my cat’s bowl. Kitty was named Trix — silly kitty, MeowMix is for kids! I guess all little kids (I was 4 or 5 years old) eat weird stuff. I try to justify my childhood kitty kibble snack choices by telling myself that at least I was eating animal food and not paste or dirt.

  41. Suda Nim says:

    I read somewhere once ™ about an Alaskan wilderness pilot, who said he always kept a bag of cat chow with him when he flew.

    He said if he crashed and had to go into survival mode, it was the most nutrition for the least weight of any food around.

  42. See, this is what happens when you get the family cat to house train your child.

    Awww… poor kid. TO be fair, i’ve fallen asleep in my plate too. Granted, i’ve never had my face in catfood before, but i’m still young.

  43. My younger sister used to hand-feed the dog Gainesburgers. A bite for her, a bite for the dog, yuck.

  44. kittymom says:

    Sampling Kitty Queen brand canned tuna cat food when I was very young (circa 1958 or so) is probably why I like sushi grade tuna steak now! The Kitty Queen canned tuna was the dark meat tuna, just like canned light or white meat tuna now, except for the color and the intensity of the tuna flavor. I was a child gourmet ahead of my time then, I guess 😉 Don’t think I’d ever try the “crunchies” though….

  45. heh – story from a friend of a friend: FoF went to pediatrician to ask how to get her kid to stop eating the cat food. Pediatrician said, “Does he eat Cheetos? Cat food is probably better for him.”

    Smart doc. He is very right.

    There is a family story (oft told), that when I ate a meal in my high chair I would share 1 for 1 with the dog, and the dog made napkins unnecessary apparently, a la Winston. My pediatrician told my mother that I would be healthier for it and that I’d get more germs in school when I to kindergarten.

    Another smart doc.

    Small doses of germs regularly administered helps build good immune systems.

    My family joke is that you have to eat a 1 cup of dirt by the time you are 5 to build immunity from “everything”

  46. @Patty: I was gonna ask if anyone remembered Gainesburgers! I don’t think I ever tried any weird food….I was (and still am to a great degree) the pickiest of eaters.

    @Bev: ROFLMAO!!

  47. NutherDeb says:

    *hangs head in shame*
    I too, have tasted food meant for cats. Back in the 70s, there were cat treats called Cat Crackers, which were shaped like little people. I just couldn’t resist trying to find what the cats saw in them…

  48. I ate Purina dog food when I was a kid. When I was in college, I stupidly tried a Pounce cat treat (hey, it said it was “yogurt flavored”!), and it was disgusting.

  49. scooterpants says:

    check that the kiddo can still not keep his lil finggies out of the kitteh dish… so funny.

  50. Umm, just read that they’ve been finding salmonella in dry pet food. Perhaps a little bit of salmonella will make you more immune in the long run but I don’t want to find out myself.

  51. I just don’t think my *first* response to seeing that would be “oh, I have GOT to get the camera”!

  52. claudia says:

    (eep!) dog food here, never tried cat food as a kid.

  53. claudia says:

    was sitting here chuckling over the pict and my childhood memories *and a few of yours too, gentle readers* then I swore because I hit post before finishing.

    blah. Forgot what else already!

  54. Big kitteh or tiny kid?!

  55. did u find the prize kitteh?

  56. temperance says:

    i do like how everyone is all fine and dandy with the child being in this post.

    maybe it’s ’cause the kid is totally bonding with his fur-sibling. i think it’s sweet, in a kooky kinda way.

    i tried cat chow as a child.

  57. my friend and i used to pretend to be cats when we were little, so naturally we tried eating catfood. it was salty.

    i also tried a small animal treat once because it looked good. it was rather tasteless.

  58. when i was little, my sister got me to eat hamster treats. they were the ones that look like giant cheerios except they totally don’t taste like them and they’re hard as bejeezus. also, that cat is as big as that boy. how bizarre, how bizarre.

  59. oh, and canned kitty food totally smells dee-lish. well the chunky kind in gravy, anyway. some of it smells like roast and gravy. it always took all of my power not to just take my tiny tongue and taste a little morsel when i was young. 😦

  60. Tygress22 says:

    When i was little (around 4 or so), my grandparents kept a candy dish with Liver Snaps in it for the dog. I used to eat them too and remember liking them…lol Definitely couldn’t do that now though…ugh.

  61. I’m reminded of Aunt Bethany’s lime jello mold in “Christmas Vacation.” Complete with the Kitty Chow garnish around the sides. Whatta dingbat.

    “I pledge alligeance, to the flag, of the United States of America…”

    “And the rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air…”

  62. Melinda says:

    Punce, I did the milk bone thing too, a little bland as I recall, and there was a treat for horses that was called Apple Love. Apple Love was actually tasty! It tasted kind of like Apple Jacks, which curiously don’t taste much like apples at all.

  63. Electra says:

    20 years ago I baked a great big cat-biscuit cake (for the cat, of course) and my grandma was very upset. But this little boy would like it as a birthday cake and he could share it with the kitty. Maybe they have the same birthday. That would be neatsomes.

  64. Electra says:

    I actually DID eat cat biscuits last MONTH! They were Vegan ones and I just had to taste one. The cat pulled the same face as me, hehe 😛

  65. FYI My brother worked for Purina and told me that pet food does not have the same safety standards as human food. so there is a real risk of salmonella and other bacteria. So in case that little guy really was eating cat food, he should stop.

  66. Melisma says:

    My mother has told me that I once tried a piece of dry cat food as a small child, though I have no memory of the occasion. I also occasionally sampled gerbil food… a peanut or a sunflower seed, never the pellets or vitamins. Doesn’t seem to have done me any harm, luckily. Unless its effect on humans is to make them kooky and obsessive-compulsive, but I’m pretty sure I was that from the beginning.

    Oh, and Theo – I agree about ramen being Student Chow. Pity most of the flavourings have meat.

  67. Hey classic (well into my family at least) I have a picture of me baby, about two years old, happilly munching on cat’s food. To info, at the moment, Klaxon was next to me to make sure I cleaned the plate XD

  68. First: my cousin used to eat the green dog biscuits and poop out green all the time, and she turned out fine. Well, for the most part.

    Second: I ate dry cat food once in a desperate attempt to get my friend’s moody (and starving) cat to eat. It didn’t work, and I only threw up a little. And I turned out FANTASTIC.