It’s Spring Break. But your Spring Break bod isn’t ready.

Options are:

1. Stuff your flabbulence into a last-year’s bathing suit and pray the Muffin Top Queen doesn’t pay a visit
2. A muu muu and 8000 sit-ups is a good start but will take 34 seal hours to see results
3. Throw off suit, run down beach naked with Corona and lime slice in yer teef. Pure class.


The choice is yers, Jillian C. And don’t think we didn’t know you did 12 Tequila Poppers in a row in ’88. WOOOOOOOOOOOO



  1. She looks like a pup…baby fat is good!

  2. muzzlepowshe!!!!! so prosh!

  3. Hon Glad says:

    Just let it all hang out.

  4. That is a PERFECTLY healthy seal shape. Let’s not put pressure on our seals to conform to some abstract notion of seal sexiness that was probably dreamed up by some MAN.

  5. I want to snorgle that top of the head fuzziness!

  6. gravyboat says:

    I want to snargle him/her. And a beeg kees.

  7. The word “sleek” was coined just for such a beautiful babeh seal!!

    Her bathing suit fits perfectly!

  8. Roisin (formerly KA9Q's wife) says:

    Hey not all of us look good in a fur bikini. Oh look a flying penguin. Grabs bebeh seal and take her or him home to play in my wading pool and eat sardines and crackers with me.

  9. Totalee Puppy says:

    Telling again my dream of moving there to spend the day making delish snow-slushees for seal pups- I can tote my Insul-Pack of
    syrups in pup-friendly flavors with natural ingredients–We have “Tuna-Lime Kwencher”, “Mackerel-Mango Treat”, “Sea Bass-Banana Beachcomber Delight”–and don’t worry little seal pups–that protective layer of blubber
    is to keep you warm in the icy conditions. You are beautifully and wonderfully made.

  10. snorglepup says:

    I go with plan “C”.
    Love the skin you’re in peeps.
    Carpe deim. Sardines and chableem all around.

  11. “Would you care to see my soul? Its covered in the same luxurious fur. Thats just how ‘one’ I am right now. Round of contentment on the house courtesy of me.”

  12. “Just got the first shimpment of Otter Pops in today, I look fab as the new Little Orphan Orange” *gloats

  13. Nicolletta says:

    Love the look on the seal’s face. It says “Heh Heh, I’m so awesome.”

  14. ButtaRumCake says:

    Meg – I giggled @ the capshons

    TPuppy – I snorted hazelnut coffee out my nose @ your post

    Thanks for the laffs ya’ll. (Makes it easier to deal with the fact that I squee’peed before HAAA!!!)

  15. Annie J says:

    A happy, thoughtful pup…. 🙂

    *shifty eyes*

    *snorgles* So fuzzeh! *purrs*

  16. Big is boooootiful!

  17. Hey, why is my vacay pix up on CO…who’s been into my photobucket??

  18. snoopysnake says:

    No human could look so great!

  19. IF that isn’t good afternoon napping, I don’t know what is…..

  20. What a sweet speckled bebeh, enjoying the sunshine. Go with #3, all the way.

  21. Katrina says:

    Blubber! Blubberblubberblubberblubber…
    yes, I am a blubberlubber.

  22. What’s a tequila popper?

  23. chanpon says:

    Alright, seals have got to be THE cutest blobules ever. They’re like the pandas of the sea.

  24. lol! mental images of adorable seal in adorable seal mu mu. Love it!

  25. Hello baby seal. I’m going to poke you in your little belly, then take you home with me. You can live in out bath, and I’ll feed you fish.

  26. ThreeCatNight says:

    If you like my body,
    and you think I’m sexy,
    Honey, won’t you let me know?

  27. Hey! that’s what I look like laying down on the beach – often I have people trying to push me back to the sea 😦 how sad.

    God love the men who love their women with flesh!

  28. momof2kitties says:

    LOL @ Berthaservant!

  29. Theresa says:


    There’s an awesome piece extolling the virtues of walruses (walri?) in today’s New York Times:

    They’re not only blobbularly, whiskerly sweet-looking, they’re sociable and SMART. Let them have their buckets!!

  30. Theresa says:

    PS Ermine Violin, an old friend of mine would say “Don’t nobody love a bone except a dog.”

  31. Big is beautiful baby. She looks so happy

  32. Happy face!
    Gets my Seal of Approval.
    (It had to be said.)

  33. OOOO what I would give to just give this seal bebeh a hug, a very very FIRM HUG. SQUEEEEEEEEZEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  34. Theresa beat me to it, I just read the walrus article. No “cute” pics, but some AMAZING stories and info!!!

  35. Rogh-sensei says:

    This seal knows what it is. Hit the beaches, stay away from the club scene.

  36. DivaBeast says:

    I VOTE OPSHUN 3!!!!!!!

  37. Tony James says:

    Theresa – did you notice that the article made *not one reference* to bukkits or lack thereof. An indication that the NYT is not keeping up with the Times…

  38. Theresa says:

    @Berthaservant and Tony James, I did notice that, but was tickled anyway that the walruses were getting the love. I’m so lucky because I live a few subway stops from this lovable load!:

    I’ve admired his daddy, Ayveq, for any years– he’s the hugest sweetheart.

  39. AuntieMame says:

    I was watching a little bit of Beach Patrol last night, and while I do not subscribe to the notion that a woman must be slim to be attractive, there does come a point where she needs to realize that she shouldn’t wear a thong…

    (And the same goes for guys and speedos.)

    This feller, however, I think could get away with going to the beach in the altogether.

  40. I’d love to hold a little guy like this. I bet he’s so affectionate…

  41. always, always plan C! love your body! this seal shows you why!

  42. binky-mama says:

    Holy cow I just got out of finals week and after my finals week diet (mainly caffeine and junk food) this is exactly how I feel. Only my fat blobules are not cute. Not fair!!!

    *stomps off to pout*


  44. Totalee Puppy says:

    LOL @ KRIS! HOL (howling out
    loud)@ METSAKINS!
    Really enjoying all this!!
    “Come back BINKY-MAMA GIRL…wipe the tears from
    me eye…Stomp back to our
    life, sweet GIRL…wipe the tears from me eye.”

  45. scooterpants says:

    ah geez. imagine if you could have a swim suit that beautiful.
    all of you designer-types out there should take a lesson, how gorgeous, check the pattern, the color, the texture, i know you’re all thinkin how to work it into a new idea. ya’all owe nature bout a billion bucks!
    too bad you can never duplicate that precious smile. just makes me so happy to be alive and glad that she(he?) is. 🙂

  46. eeeep i want to give it big snugglehug

  47. ^_^

    Big, blobbular, beautiful behbeh are the best!