Wombat hat

It IS a little chilly outside, pass me my wombat hat.

Yeah, the one with the eye capsules. Thanks.


Nellie F., the site this photo is from is called Wombat Country? AWESOME!



  1. Oh, look at those stubbular toes!

  2. Love him! AAAAAAAND according to the wombat site, his name is Syd Viscious!

  3. LOVE da wombats!

  4. Tony James says:

    New Category time – we’ve got Cats in Racks (known to some of the courser people here as “Kits n’T*ts” – you know who you are…) – how many more pictures do we need before we get a ‘bats in Hats section?

  5. Tony James says:

    That should be “coarser”, of coarse…

  6. chanpon says:

    His eyecapsules, they keel me!! I luv ’em. I want a snuggly wombat too.

  7. So schweet!

  8. Kitty Cait says:

    Oh, it just KEELS me. The toes! The nose! The eye-capsules! The tiny little bulldozierness of him!

    Is there like a wombat fairy out there? If I put a knitted cap under my pillow, will I wake up in the morning and find a baby wombat in it? Please?

  9. How about “‘Tocks in Toques”?

  10. Y’know, this would be another wonderful entry in that “KNIT” cateogory. Just a suggestion.

    “Kits & ” What? I miss all of the juicy discussions.

  11. She’s crazy.

    Wombats in the wombelfry.

    If you know what I mean.

  12. Michelle says:

    Pudgy toes! Puffy eye capsules!



  14. LOL@Berthaservant!

    And everyone should check out that site, if they’re not doing so RIGHT NOW: Wombats are hilarious animals, and bigger than I thought–up to 30kg! I love the look on this big lump o’wombat’s face, posing with his person:

  15. the axis of snorgling is clear! i’m going in!

  16. Jimbeaux says:

    Not a big fan of wombattery normally, but this picture just made me go aaaaaawwwwwww! He(?) just looks so comfortabuls! I would love to be in his position.
    “Oh, I’m tired, I think I’ll just curl up very cutely in this leetle hat!” Honk-shu, honk-shu….

  17. Theresa says:

    Dante G. Rossetti had a wombat.

  18. ThreeCatNight says:

    Oh, the weather outside is frightful,
    But the fire is so delightful,
    And if you can’t find a cat,
    Just hand me that ol’ wombat hat!

  19. Y’all are killing me today with the funny, just as Sid does with the cute. To quote a beloved movie character: “I’m melting . . . melting.”

    The wombat in Daniel’s link resembles my very fat cat Josephine getting her tubby rubbed. They’ve got the same smug look and ginormous belleh.


  21. [cue The B-52s]

    Wom-ba-a-at! That’s where it’s at!
    Wom-ba-a-at! That’s where it’s at!
    Wom-BAT! Baby wom-BAT! (Aww baby that’s where it’s at…)

  22. What a wombhat.

  23. what in the blue blazes is a wombat

  24. Katrina says:

    Wombats, bulldozeriness, ahhhhh, CO has come through again with the timeless wit. ‘Bulldozeriness’ is now a word in my vocabulary.

    I’ll take a 20 kilo wombat, please, and some of that Purina Wombat Chow you have there…yes, the low calorie Wombat Chow, this fellow will be carried everywhere and get no exercise at all.

  25. [still B-52-ing]

    Wom-BAT! Oh baby he’s really fat…

  26. I noticed the same picture, Daniel. 🙂

    And we shouldn’t overlook the fact that this wombat’s name is “Sid Vicious!”

  27. OH MY GOD sleepy little wombat! I love wombats so much. The only reason I could be persuaded to move to Australia is the possibility that I could have a wombat living in my garden.
    Ashley: Really? It’s that animal in the photo. They’re sturdy, burrowing marsupials from Australia. They’re adorable.

  28. That would get you straight on the year-end best dressed list! Right away!

  29. Welshcake says:

    I first wanted a wombat as a pet when I saw Fatso in ‘A Country Practice’ (1980s Aussie soap). I still want one…

  30. zeldapie says:

    *grabby hands


  31. eep. I seriously use to think a wombat was a bat….but now that I have seen what they look like, I agree.adorable.

  32. Oh it’s too early for this madness. I can’t handle it. Oh, okay…maybe I can!

  33. snuffleducky says:

    i’v never seen a wombat b4 but now that i have OMG THEY R SUUUUUCH CUTIIIIIIEEEEES!!! aaaaaaaaaah <3

  34. Khadija says:


  35. eikoleigh says:

    oh, so cute!! sleepy sleepy little wombat!

  36. claudia says:

    OH I love the fat little hands and feeties… soo adorable!

  37. 260Oakley says:

    Australian Cuteologists: are these little wombat guys just wandering around in your back yards (gardens) the way, say, possums can sometimes be found wandering around in American yards? And how did you guys manage to get so many cute animal species crammed on to one island?

  38. I guess I missed “bulldozeriness”, but I will say “asshat”!

    Oh, totally in a nice way of course….I meant, you know, that the wombat has an, um, ass and it IS in a hat…

    and it is really cute!!

  39. Awwwwwwww…. not sure what’s cuter – the eye capsules or the most nubbular toesicles.

  40. rsncrntz says:

    Would that be a… womhat?


    Thank you, I’m here all week.

  41. Eep! The bigger ones are just like the wombat in “Diary of a Wombat”–the cutest picture book ever!

  42. gangplank says:

    Ack! the comments are closed on the Norwegian Badger Incident BUT I have to point out that if you go to the link, one of the files in the URL is /nyheter/. Coincidence? I think not.

    The wallaby home site is sooo cute, BTW.

  43. gangplank says:

    Wombat, that is. Sorry for the W-animal confusion – I blame the crappy chardonnay.

  44. I swear, this is the best photo I’ve seen in a loooong time [pimps this pic for the 3rd time in this thread]: http://wombatcountry.com/mammals/wombats_files/page5-1007-full.html
    Rosie and Noddie…. I can’t tell who’s happier! I *heart* them.

  45. Fegli, the toesicles may look most nubbular, but there are some serious claws at the end of them. Wombats are digging machines. Take a look at http://wombatcountry.com/mammals/wombats_files/page5-1001-full.html to see the same wombat in a different pose.

  46. Daphne Moss says:

    This baby wombat is unfairly cute!!! Eye caplets…fat tiny body…fat little toesies, all equal length…
    There is something irresistable about dis baybee…I want to hug him and his giant fat mommy!

  47. Rachel Sweeden says:

    That hat is so cute.

  48. Dude, his name is Sid Vicious!!! He’s not only cute, but punk rock too!t

  49. cindyloumarie says:

    I never KNEW I needed a WOMBAT unteel now!!! I need to skweeeeeze de wombattyness! Looovvvveee wombats!!! Tanks le qte patrol… jou deed eet ageen!!!!!

  50. Hon Glad says:

    Watzat a Wombat inna hat,
    Watzat a fat Wombat inna hat.

  51. ashagato says:

    Denise, LOL, i just read:
    “The testicles may look most nubbular, but there are some serious claws at the end of them…”
    mmm-hm, WHAT? HOW DID I MISS THAT?

    what funny, sweet animals 🙂

  52. ashagato says:

    he’s a baby where-the-wild-things-are monster!

  53. I love his little clenched right fist 🙂

  54. Theresa says:

    Now I have to go dig in my 20-yr old Trip to Australia pictures (not digital, kids ;)), to find my wombat pics. They look like large pumpernickel loaves.

  55. miltoncat says:

    Aaaiyeee! I must keees his wombat head. Then I will snorgle heeeem. Snert.

  56. I wanna snuggle heem!

  57. Silvercat says:

    Australian Cuteologist here – unfortunately wombats are generally not in most people’s gardens like possums are. However, on the plus side, there was a koala or two living in the trees near my office at work. I live in the country area (45 mins from a big city) and we have kangaroos dropping by occasionally.

  58. i’m seriously loving how cute this is but when i first saw this little guy, his eye capsules seriously looked like little buttholes. srsly. not hating, just saying. still love him and want to cuddle him til he wakes up. mmfff.

  59. Um, interesting perspective there, Marie…

  60. *is mortally wounded by the stubbular eye-capsuled honk-shuin’ cuteness*

    A… victim of… unarmed wombat… *gurgle*

  61. teho- i hope you didn’t take personal offense, i surely love the little guy with most of my heart. the rest of my heart goes to my loved ones and my boyfriend’s sister’s dog which is partly mine. looove her. anyway, you have to admit, the eye capsules look like wee buttholes. they really do.