THIS JUST IN: Badger badger badger badger mushroom! mushroom!

FirePeeps in Oslo Norway saved a bonche (official term) of baby badgers from a building. Sing it with me now!



Gracias, Kaya K. and Kjersti W.

Full story, in Norwegian that you can’t understand, here.



  1. Firefighters..gotta love ’em.


  2. Save me from being badgered! Oh the braveness of the men in yellow! Oh the cute viciousness of the badger…And where do you live that you are posting this late?!? I thought I was the only insomniac…

  3. Seth T. says:

    hey, some of us speak norwegian!

    jeg liker det beste!

  4. Awww. But where’s the snake?

    (Gee, thanks Meg, now I won’t be able to get that song out of my head allll day.)

  5. “Sweet! With this smoky flavor Im totally charging extra per hour for my ear niblet nom’ing clients.”

  6. Hon Glad says:

    Oh my paws and whiskers, little Brocks are saved.

  7. Awwwwww. Yay for the safe behbeh badgers and the brave humans who rescute them!

  8. Badger saving Norwegian firemen? HAWT! No, not fire hot, hawt as in sexy hot!

  9. Poohbear says:

    Aaah, the big burly (Norwegian) firemen! the tiny fierce qtness of the badgeroos!! Ded-ly combinayshe!

  10. Firefighters? Yes! (my lad’s a fireman himself!)
    Scandinavians? Oh yes! (I’m a Hiberno-Norse [Irish-Viking] reenactor!)
    Norwegian Firefighters Holding Adorable Baby Animals!? *dead faint*

  11. solveig says:

    the firefighters said that the badgers didn’t seem afraid at all, and were very nice and on their best behavious…though they don’t know what happened to the badger mummy 😦

    and you norwegians out there; vi har en grevling i taket, greveling grevelang, vi har en grevling i taket, greveling…

  12. Julia (the one in BC) says:

    Oh!…oh! The poor little bebehs!

    Jenn: it’s the American badger that has the name for viciousness. The cubs being rescued here are Eurasian badgers – shy, gentle creatures that are absolutely ADORABUHLS!

    P.S. Google page translation isn’t quite up to the task, but I am charmed by the subhead: “‘They seemed not afraid at all, says brannmann Lande.” Brave little snorters.

    Not to mention this bit: “forvart safely in the arms of staute, proud and a little rørte officers in the fire service in Oslo.” Any man who rescues imperiled badgers is entitled to be as staut and rørt as he likes!

  13. Julia (the one in BC) says:

    P.P.S. Grevlingbarn = “badger babies” (or badger cubs).


  14. Grevling i taket!!

  15. Kristin says:

    Aahnng. Such an anerable act of heroics.

    Solveig: Viiii har ikke ellediller eller krokofanter, men vi har en grevling i taaaaaket!

  16. … badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger mush-room mush-room …

  17. ashagato says:

    meg, you crack me up!

  18. Awww… Så søt! (“So cute!” Ok, that’s about the extent of my Norwegian skills). I’ve been in Oslo a year now, and I get my local news from CuteOverload XD I was wondering what that smoke smell was when I left the apartment!

  19. bookmonstercats says:

    Brave firemen. I loved ’em before, and I love ’em even more now.

  20. cheesybird says:

    Julia: “Any man who rescues imperiled badgers is entitled to be as staut and rørt as he likes!”

    Those two can be staut and rørt with me anytime they want. 😉

  21. Really quite hunkalicious these firemen arent they. OH and of cos these baybee badgers are absolutely anerable as well. They seem all “Huh? Wot fyre?”

  22. Khadija says:

    ok fine. but i really doubt the sanity of the peops who made that song up. what a load of badger poo

  23. Karebear says:

    bork bork bork… that’s all the Norwegian I know!

    oh wait, that’s Swedish

  24. I don’t know about you all, but I have yet to meet a Norweigan that wasn’t at least mildly gorgeous.

    And now put them in firefighter uniforms…

    And give them anerable baby animals to rescue… overload indeed!

    I may have to leave work early just to recover. 😀

  25. ring ring ring ring

  26. Theresa says:

    I weel never recoffer from thees!

  27. chanpon says:

    Baby badger infestation? Sign me up.

  28. Jeg snakker norsk og! Men kjenner ikke noe grevlingsang…somebody should sing the Norwegian badger song and record it and put it somewhere so the cute overload legions can learn it.

  29. Attention all Norwegian firefighters:

    You will never have to pay for another drink in Cambridge, UK. Not while I’m around.


  30. Badgers? We don’ need no steenking badgers!

  31. SNAAAAAKE! SNAAAAAKE!! Oooh, it’s a… firehose…

  32. Aelfwyn says:

    oh, ohh…feeling all wobbly at de knees…big brave firemen and ickle fwuffy animals – Meg, what are you DOING to us?!

  33. ThreeCatNight says:

    Totally wonderful, all the way around. I can never get over the bravery and compassion of firefighters, no matter where they are. They give their all.

  34. compy-saur says:

    Look how they cradle the badgings in their arms 🙂

  35. Badgers aren’t vicious! Even though a recent Toyota ad says they are. I talked to a badger expert who claims that kitty cats are nastier! Take a look at

  36. Paula – great comment!!! Hee!!!!

  37. Christer Mjellem Strand says:

    Not to kill a great story, but it took less than a day for the Norwegian authorities to receive the badgers, not make a single phone call to any of the wildlife parks who would love to take them in, and put each and every one of them to sleep.

    Lesson learned: The authorities are heartless murderers 😥

    (Also Norwegian only)

    – Christer

  38. Actually Badgers are gentle shy souls but when they are cornered they can be quite ferocious as they should be in order to survive.

    that said… Badger badger badger badger Mushroom Mushroom Snake Snake.. I think someone was ingesting some of those mushrooms when they made that song LOL

  39. badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger presents! presents! presents!

  40. Did you read that they had the babies “put to sleep”?!

  41. claudia says:

    Ok, badgers cute.

    Norwegian Firefighters rescuing cute badgers?


  42. Sad news from Norwegian press today, though: all the cubs have been put to sleep because their mother disappeared, and nobody has the resources to keep them alive 😦

  43. bebbeh animules and sweet handsome brave men? [albeit wearing tooooo much protective clothing]
    Pure definition of Cute Overload!!


    *We* require a new category:

    Pups and Pecs!

    Badges and Badgers!

    Cats and Six-Packs!

    => Make it so!

  44. Sad news from Norwegian press today, though: all the cubs have been put to sleep because their mother disappeared, and nobody has the resources to keep them alive 😦

  45. Badgers? We aint got no badgers. I don’t have to show you any steenking badgers!