Ruhmember that sweet downloadable Caturday embroidery pattern!? WELL SOMEONE DEED EET!

The hilariousness continues over at her Etsy store.


"Perfect for hitting the Farmer’s Market on a Caturday" OMG


I’d like to order ONE MILLION OF THEM. Great job, Emily S.! 😀



  1. Bleentastic!

    *grabby hands*


  2. That is so fantastic!! I love the juxtaposition of traditional, Granny-style crafts and cult internet phenomena! It looks extremely well made, and I love the embroidery colors and the quilted border. Too perfect. 🙂

  3. coyotemom says:

    I think I’ll try this too!

  4. Your link to the Etsy store just links to the photo:

    Please fix it so I can go there.

  5. texirishrose (Austin, TX) says:


  6. i dont know about all yall, but the kitteh in this pic is giving me the Evil Eye.

  7. Paunchie says:

    I love that! I totally LOLed. Why yes, this is my kitteh pillow, and I modeled for the picture, too.

  8. sunnymum says:

    That cat almost looks like it needs to put its dentures in. 😮 I love its plush, velvety white hair. And the bag is simply adorable, great job!

  9. chanpon says:

    Pssht! Take that, opposable thumbs! Who said you need them for embroidery?

  10. Aesthetica says:

    oh crunk, it sold out at etsy. i wonder if she’ll be selling anymore? i want one.

  11. Nah… kitteh is just about to speak, that’s all….

  12. Thanks for the Caturday love everyone! I had a blast making this and I definitely plan to make more. Keep your eyes on my etsy site every so often and you might see one pop back up! And by the way, my cat Polly actually DOES have thumbs!! – Polly(dactyl)

  13. See, Emily’s just selling these for Polly, who made ’em with her own furry thumbs.

    Explains the grumpy look from kitteh — knows the person is going to get all the credit.

  14. Paunchie says:



  15. Seven Paws says:

    Great job, Emily – and so nice to see that it is Kitteh Approved.

  16. Even I, a man who does not like to shop and has no need for a “tote,” find this object CUTE. Congrats on selling out, Emily!

  17. Michelle says:

    Cutest bag ever. 😀

  18. OMG! I would so buy one and live through the wrath of the one who speaks mean to me about spending money on purses…..

    Where is Winston on Yahoo? WHERE?

  19. Pussytoes says:

    What an adorable, smudgy face little kitty!

  20. Emily. PLEEZ post when you get more made. I WANTZ I WANTZ I WANTZ pillow, tote, Tshirt. EVERYTHING. Itz teh Qtest!!! 😉

    Winston on Yahoo? Ai’m tehr!!!

  21. I can’t find the Winster ene where on da yahoos

  22. Katrina says:

    From one quilter/embroiderer to another- excellent designing, work and presentation.

    Is there a CO salute? Well, I give you a laurel, and hearty handshake!

  23. I’d like to check out the Etsy store, but the link is not correct and searching Etsy has so far not been successful.

  24. Never mind, I found it.

  25. my god! now I know how to make bank on Etsy – market to cuteoverload!

  26. Katrina, there’s always the YAY!!!

  27. PS — Oakling — let’s see you needlepoint THAT.


  28. yankeebird says:

    All, Winnie has been on Yahoo’s “Pulse” link for a couple of days now. It seems to flicker between videos (Winston is the “Garbage Disposal Cat”) and celebrity news and a few others. Refresh your page until you see the vids, and you’ll see Winnie. I mentioned it back on one of the creepy cat entries yesterday, but I guess nobody saw that.

  29. Dogbreath says:
  30. Marianne says:

    o gracious! it’s perfect!!

  31. Katrina says:



    Winston! Winnie the piggy!

    YAY to Winnie!!!
    Has anybody seen “Blazing Saddles”? That is where ‘a laurel, and hearty handshake’ comes from. It is a congratulatory thing.

  32. Hooligan says:

    I need to start making a Caturday tote right now!

  33. @Katrina: Nobody loves a Blazing Saddles reference more than me…..but can’t really finish *that* line here! Let me just say that the Sheriff is near!

  34. Oh and I forgot, that really is a LOVELY job of embroidery!!! I have been itching to try that one myself (and I haven’t embroidered since I was a wee babe!)

  35. Wow! I cannot BELIEVE what a good knitter that cat is! Can she teach me??

  36. Mongo just pawn in game of life.

  37. Janelle Pivarski says:

    I LOVEE IT!! I need one now! 🙂

    Now if only there were some Caturday ‘day of the week’ undies too!!

  38. Dogbreath says:

    lol @ berthaservant

  39. Rachel Sweeden says:

    I agree the cat is a good knitter. I like the pillow too.

  40. Hon Glad says:

    Caturday of the Latterday Saints.

  41. Aw, I love the self-important expression on the kitty’s face. He’s all:
    “I tested this pillow, and I liked it.”

  42. Caroline says:

    How did you miss it? NOT
    “Perfect for hitting the Farmer’s Market on a Caturday” OMG, but PURRfect for hitting….

  43. ThreeCatNight says:

    “Yes, I did it all with my own little paws! But I happen to think that I’m MUCH cuter in person.”

  44. What a flashback! When I was 4 years old (I’m 53), this was one of the designs my mother embroidered on a quilt for my new baby brother!

  45. Very sweet! I love the linen background.

  46. KittyMom says:

    Ooooooooooooh, count me in too as wanting one of these bags…and whatever else you make with Caturday on it =^..^=

  47. Hey folks – 2 new Caturday Totes have been posted in my shop. They take me quite awhile to make, so get em while they’re hot!