Dude, that’s my wheel

[Check out the McRattersons, lower right corner]

That rat is all; “Exercise elsewhere, Foo’!”


I like the rat ears all ‘WTF?’


Special thanks to kitteh exerciser “Smushy” and rat “Keisha”. Many more here. Nice, Gina C. 😉



  1. Ain’t that just like a cat… “All your wheel are belong to me.”

  2. hehehehe Kitty is confused. But Hammie is even MORE confused! “GTFO my wheel!”

  3. Cute…although I’m not sure the rat thinks so!

  4. chanpon says:

    Kitty faux pas! Didn’t notice the sign that this was not a mixed gym.

    His name is ‘Smushy’? Looks like a Skippy to me. Not a random reference; he just reminds me of a Skippy.

  5. Genosha says:

    Mhm..it’s just like ” What do you mean you need sleep? I need to sleep IN your hair and partly on your peeellow!”

  6. Hon Glad says:

    But I am cute and you just aint, Soree.

  7. Hon Glad – Chuckle, snort. You are my density.

  8. ThreeCatNight says:

    “Do you always have to do your morning workout in my cage? Isn’t the house big enough for you?”
    (Rat walks away from kitteh in disgust)

  9. compy-saur says:

    @babs: 😀

    I wonder if the kitten goes in the wheel on her own!

  10. Oh, the pink collar, tag and bell is just TOO MUCH! And then to have the name “Smushy”!!? *splat* from the qte!!!

  11. metsakins says:

    This is the definition of redonkulous….

  12. =/ the kitten…very cute. the rat….not so much.I have a problem with them because I have one that is stealing all my dog food and piling it up in a corner.

  13. LOL so Pixar in the first picture and interspecies snorgli.. oh wait no not that but a rat and a kitten together I mean really it is so cute.

  14. Jenn in IL says:

    What a big nametag for such a bitty thing! My kitteh would constantly be trying to rip that off.

    So sweet and leetle…

  15. Theresa says:

    Note that Smushy has the much coveted stripey bracelets and carrot-tail!

  16. Just like a cat to be all, “No, you’re doing it wrong. Here, let me show you.”

  17. Ratty to Kitter: “What’s up with the bell! I can see you right there! Now get out of my apartment, I have a date coming at 3′!”

  18. kittymom says:

    THU-PLOOF!!!!!! Need ice pack for head now… too much qte here.

  19. The fact that his name is Smushy just makes everything cuter.

  20. CoffeeCup says:

    I finally figured out what I find so bizarre about this photo – the cat to rat to wheel ratio is all off.

    Cat:Rat:Wheel is just completely off! That wheel seems massive for the rat, while seeming just a tad too small to accomodate the cat to properly run, and yet the cat sits in it fairly comfortably…but despite being a kitten, it seems still much larger than the rat.

    Someone put this into a math theorem, like on “Numb3rs” please.

  21. RAT LOVE!!!! Rats are better than people.

  22. Why are the badger comments closed? I didn’t get to sing the badger earworm song and now it’s going to be in me head for the rest of the day!

    I think we’ve got this wrong, and the rat is the kitteh’s personal trainer. In the second photo he’s walking away disgusted because the cat isn’t giving it 110%. It’s difficult to get cats to exercise. If only there was a post of a cat doing only one sit-up to prove this….

  23. Papilio says:

    I LOVE the Ratty’s ! one looks like my beloved Rizzo. These have got to be the most adorable picture’s I have ever seen of a kitten & Ratty’s.
    Loved every one !! Made my day for sure !!

  24. Tew Qte Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  25. ButtaRumCake says:

    *snort-giggles* @ berthaservant!

  26. Berthaservant, I think the “No stinkin’ badgers” put us over the cliche threshhold.

    BTW, does anybody else LOVE that pink bell and name tag that match the collar? I just wanna eat this babeh up.

  27. SoCalSis says:

    Yeah, the rat is DEFINITELY Smushy’s Personal Trainer… “Wimmen weaken th’legggs” (muttered as Rat limps off in disgust)

  28. Katrina says:

    YAY!!! to Papilio for naming his/her pet rat Rizzo. YAY!!!

    Yes, Berthaservant, it’s Hedley.

  29. Oh, I geddit. It’s one of those job-swap days.

  30. flodnak says:

    CoffeeCup, because rats are so long and built so low to the ground, their exercise wheels need to be quite large to keep their little spines healthy. If they have one at all, that is – many rats just don’t enjoy them, as they’re more climbers than runners. Anyway, a standard ratty-wheel would be about 30cm/12in, and it looks to me like that’s the size of the one in the photo.