ONE sit-up a day is Puh-LENDY

"Whimsey" manages to pull off one sit-up before collapsing into an exhausted pile of fur.

And one, and…


and that’s a wrap, People.


Sender-Inner Melanie F. gives us a a great compliment when she says: "Your site has single-handedly kept me from killing a few people at work". Yay!



  1. emily p says:


  2. Nice view out the window, too. Looks like a painting.

  3. wot a glamour puss she is!!

    glamour pusses no need extherthize.

  4. greyhoundmommy says:

    Ohhhh…to snorgle the sea-o-fur-belleh! Would make Monday so much better.

  5. Calico dustmop!

  6. metsakins says:

    Yes, I believe CO has kept me from telling my clients that…well nevermind…..Yay for CO bring good cheer to workplaces all over the world!

  7. I am all there with you on those sit ups Whimsey…
    The flooof People just look at the Floof and a calico OMG I think I am gonna die from the overwhelming Cuteness AND
    the name.

  8. hey,she’s doing more than me.

  9. At least she tried. One sit up really is plenty, especially for one as adorable as her.

  10. Now, as my reward, where are my kitty snacks???


  12. Jenn in IL says:

    That is the most beautiful face I’ve ever seen on a cat. Just gorgeous.

    Pretteh kitteh!

  13. I totally feel her pain! 🙂

    She’s so pretty!!!

  14. omg, THAT FUR!!!!

    what a floppy little floofypuss! beautiful. beep beep the pink nosie.

  15. stubbedoo says:

    That is one flurfy cat. Oof.

  16. leah b. says:

    I think cause we are calico they have thousands more tiny muscles because of all the colors with their to use and one offical push-up is enough for 3 monthes. But that could just be my distorted thought process.

  17. Well, she has done one more sit up than I’ve done since I’ve graduated high school 25 years ago – bravo young Whimsey!!

    The floofitude is making me dizzy, and a bit itchy 😉

  18. ThreeCatNight says:

    Oh, what a life! Just thinking about my day exhausts me!

  19. Desdemona says:

    A Maine Coon, I think! I love the way her little back feets curl in the second pic. Makes me want to reach in and ever-so-gently tickle the fur between the toes!

  20. …is there such thing as a Maine Calicoon?

  21. Blossom says:

    Melanie F. I know exactly where you are coming from 😉

  22. AuntieMame says:

    This is the picture you find in the dictionary next to the definition of “EHN!”

  23. that fur!looks almost like a plush toy version.

  24. Calico cats rule! They are the union of all 3 cat races: white, tan (gold) and black.

  25. Hon Glad says:

    Exercise, forgedaboutit its just my floof showing.

  26. Hon Glad says:

    Or alternatively. Sod that for a game of soldiers.

  27. Desdimona says:

    LOL, Teho — Maine Calicoon!

  28. Very impressive poof!

  29. Shannon says:

    What a great name!!

    My heart aches. I haven’t seen a long haired calico in years. She’s a special kind of beautiful!

  30. GH Waite says:

    BEAUTIFUL calico. Wow.

    Bonus points for telltale little plastic yellow tag that says, “Oh hai. I’m microchipped!” (Everyone remember to microchip your pets!)

    Smooch that belly!

  31. I am one of the people this site has kept Melanie from killing.

    I thank you.

  32. sunnymum says:

    Beautiful cat! Must take forever to give herself a bath!

    I’m a bit giddy right now as I just got to snorgle and huff a TWO WEEK OLD KITTEN!!!!!! The mews couldn’t have been any tinier! All black coat, blue eyes, and so, so, so, so sweet! She was rescued when she was a few days old and so the lady brings her to work and feeds her every few hours. Yesterday was the first day she walked! GAH!

  33. kittymom says:

    Kitteh is all, “Oh, hai. I was just meditating about my zen garden here…”

  34. I wish the microchop tags say “O Hai, I’m microchipped”. Maybe I should get one mad.e

  35. Nicolletta says:

    What a beautiful kitty! Extra points for TOE FLOOF!!

  36. Tony James says:

    For those confyoozed, this is clearly not a wrap – wraps are generally less fluffy than this.

    In culinary terms, it is correctly referred to as a Floofrito.

  37. Space Cowgirl says:

    Goodness, is that a cat or a calico-print flokati rug?

    What a cutie.

  38. And I thought my calico was fluffy!

    That would be awesome if this cat were Maine Calicoon. [Teho, you rock!]

  39. chanpon says:

    LOL! This looks exactly like my all black kitty, who does this on my all black couch. Always watch where you sit when you come over to my place.

  40. My beautiful floofy tortie-with-white girl is in this position right now. Stretched out on her back on the window shelf, white tummy up, paws everywhere. And microchip tag showing.

    She’s not this floofy, though. This is def. a Maine Calicoon. You can tell by the toe floof, and the way the chest fur rumples.

  41. While I admire the floofiness, I’m just thinking about the poor soul who probably is going to be combing out that floofiness as the summer months heat up and the assorted floofy hairballs that kitteh probably likes to share.

    I shouldn’t talk, my hair is pretty wild these days, too.

  42. Michelle says:

    That coat is amazing!

  43. This cali beauty is GORGEOUS!!!

  44. note the ginormous tufts of fur between her back toesies!! gah!!! nohm nohm nohm

  45. yankeebird says:

    Heh, a Maine Calicoon. That’s funny – I have two cats, a Maine Coon and a Calico. No Calicoons on the horizon though since they’re both spayed (and microchipped, yay!) femcats.

    Oh, and you’d never get my Calico on her back. She hates it. But my Coon loves sitting “Playboy” like that.

  46. Marjorie says:

    Awwww, Whimsy was my late Aussie’s name! Kitty here is gorgeous!

  47. CO-Luva! says:

    I just felt an EXTREMELY large urge to stuff my face into that belleh! Show of hands, how many peoples cats do sit ups? Yeah, I thought so.

  48. Teho you are a great name-r!!

  49. Gillian says:

    OMG. Whimsey is what you would get if you crossed our Phoebe (Calico) with our Mojo (DLH).

  50. that kitty is so prettily marked. luuuuuuuuve it.

  51. mrowbecca says:

    That is a guinea pig / cat hybrid. The fur in every direction gives it away!
    Do asorable.

  52. What a beautiful coat !!!

  53. Katrina says:

    Whimsey has whorls. It is a good day when one can say ‘whorls’.

  54. momof2kitties says:

    Mia looks just like this. She’s half purebred Persian, dilute calico, and half black DSH. And, yes, I stuff my face into her belleh floof often. And yes, teh clawzez of deth come out. But it’s so worth it. And she has massive toe floofage also!

  55. I have a Maine Coon, too. At least, we’re very sure, because he was adopted from an animal hospital. Except mine is tan and white. He loves lazing around on his back like this.

  56. Maine Calicoon Whorls sounds about right! Pwetty kitty.

  57. Melanie says:

    Hey! My name in Melanie and I have a cat that looks almost exactly like that! Wierd.