Welcome to Interspeche Snorglathon ’08!

[Parting red curtains and stepping center stage] We got ‘chur kittens ‘n’ bunnehs, we got yer bunnehs and puppehs, we got black, white, orange, brown—it’s a total melting pot of furry redonkulousness! Step right UP!

First up is: "Eyeball to eyeball" [Deafening applause]

//Image removed by request//

Then; protective ear covering pardner; [golf claps]

//Image removed by request//

Followed by; "Me and Sleepy Grandpa" [Laugh track guffawing]

//Image removed by request//

Next up: "I charge 2.5 carrots per hour per baby" [oooooooooohhh! audience intimidated sounds]

//Image removed by request//

And then there’s the ‘Dancing with the Hares’ duo [clapping to tango beat]

//Image removed by request//

While this pup gets two enthusiastic thumbs up for nappular abilities; [Laugh track giggles]

//Image removed by request//

And these two are checking comparing hairspray hold for their ears [Wooooooooo! audience laugh track]

//Image removed by request//

And these dudes are just one big mountain o’ Calico mess; [Audience jumping to feet, Showtime at the Apollo style]

//Image removed by request//

Premature grey is IN (Not to mention stubbularness) [golf clap]

//Image removed by request//

And finally, that all-too-familar Bunny Mama [Aw, haaaaaaaaaaaaayle no! Crazed lady jumps up from audience]

//Image removed by request//

Thank you for coming and see you next year… [curtains close]

Photos are the work of Jane Burton.



  1. No no no no no non!
    I canna work in these conditions!

  2. Can they even dye my bun to match my gown?

  3. brinnann says:

    no. friggin. way. This is too much. I’m usually okay with the overloadage, but THIS I cannot handle. O_o

  4. First of all: way too cute.

    Second: What??? No matching tag on this entry? I call foul, these cool critters totally are fur-color coordinated in every pic.

  5. Krys O. says:

    The toppermost one: Dancing cheek to cheek! Oomph! Ba-dum-pum-pshhhhhhhhh.

  6. Stop with the over-the-top-Cute. I can’t stand it. There oughta be a law!

  7. brinnann says:

    Oh, and I call MATCHINGKS!

  8. please, CO (gasp), i beg of you (gasp) please no more new posts (gasp) until i can recover from this…thisss…


  9. brinnann says:

    I also call slow postingks. Becca’s comment posted bleen.

  10. O

    I’m overloaded.

    I love the pic of the puppy with the two bunnies, who are each holding up on ear.

  11. …and when I say “on” I mean “one” obviously…

  12. so many potentials for my bosses desktop the next time he’s out….bwahahahahaha

    love the look on the cat’s face in the last picture!

  13. This post may have EVERY rule of cuteness… paws up, multiple animals, interspeeche nomulence, beady eyes, disproportionate heads and ears and and and *splode-overload*

    I cann’t take it!!

  14. sunnymum says:

    OMG! First pic is best imho! Marmie kitter with marmieish bun – too moiche!
    And now I have the tune “danh danh danh danh danh danh danh danhn DO THE HUSTLE!” in my head. 😦

  15. Anything that feels THIS good in such a-bun-dance (sorry) must be very, very bad for me.

    And remarkably, none of the bunnies look disapproving! Though kitteh in the last pic is all “Whoa, double-u tee eff?”

  16. Xtineebee says:

    *iz ded*


    HOW CAN I DO SERIOUS WORK HERE UNDER THESE CONDITIONS!?!?! Yes of course I could resist checking the site, but please….

  17. Lioness says:

    Just beautiful! Amazing cuteness all in one!

  18. I want one of each thanks

  19. Theresa says:

    That’s what I’m TALKIN’ bout!!! I just GOTs to give it up!!

  20. Jus inn taim fur CATurday — tew mush Qte fur innywun tew survaiv!

  21. CoffeeCup says:

    Can’t…breathe…nyerhe! Can’t…speak…eh..eh…the cuteness…it is…too great…

  22. Rosie A. says:

    That’s it. I’ve had enough! This is abuse! This is “people trying to work and ‘aw’-ing all over the place and getting reprimanded by my boss for looking at CO so much” A-B-U-S-E!!!!! *head a-splodes*

  23. momof2kitties says:

    Why no “matchingks” category?

  24. MEg-
    I needz COXCU on the last pic, of the grey bunnehs noses…
    NEED IT.

  25. brinnann says:

    Oooh, can you imagine a RCF mashup of this post?

  26. demolitionwoman says:

    okay, this CLEARLY needs to be posted to “matchingks”!

    also, i’m not actually typing this because i died from the cuteness. DIED!

  27. brinnann says:

    Matchingks has been updated!

  28. Meg and/or Teho:

    Can you please let us know where these amazing photos came from?

    Thank you.

    Love, Berthaservant.

  29. Meg, you’z sooooo silly

  30. butter, HAHA! Perfect Wizard of Oz reference!

  31. katerpie says:

    But… I have a menagerie from several different color schemes at home… *fretting*

  32. it’s they’re all snorgling it forward

  33. anne marie says:

    this was absolutely perfect for a friday! i just want to snorgle those soft soft buns…

  34. berthaservant – I have to agree with your comment about the last kitty. He’s totally like, “Dude! What ARE you?”

  35. chanpon says:

    All of these photos are way over-the-top cute, but the last one made my heart stop. *sobs* The cat and it’s “???” expression, to the Mom-bunny looking like she’s posing for a family portrait. And then the mini-buns! Ahhh..the mini-buns just pushed me over the edge (and they remind me of my beloved first tuxie cat *RIP*).

  36. Officer This is just TOO MUCH says:

    Ma’am do you know how cute you were going?

    What’s this….a whole TRUCKLOAD OF DEAD PEOPLE!!??!!!

    Ma’am, may I see your Cuting License?
    Ohhhhh…. I see – Meg F. Yeah, we’ve heard of you… you’re considered dangerous to all computers and their owners.

    You’re going to have to come with me…

    (more later)

  37. SQUEEE!!! =)

  38. AWW!! Are there any larger versions? There is one I really want to use for a Desktop, but unfortunately these are nowhere near large enough!

  39. You, Ms. Frost, are pure evil.

  40. lurkingsmirk says:

    There must be a whole team of people working on this, no one individual could be able to pull of such a harmonious mix of snorgling and posing!

  41. These pic are ‘exactly’ why I visit this site – CUTE OVERLOAD or whoot!

  42. best. post. ever.

  43. teh cute! x_X *implodes*

  44. Can I have the pile o’ calico, please? Or I’ll take the bun ‘n’ Gramps. I’m not picky!

  45. Michelle says:

    omg I want a giant bed made out of merle/calico/tortie colored pups/buns/kittehs now.

  46. Thank goodness premature grey is in. I’ve been grey since I was in my mid-20s. The cat+bun totally match my hair. Can have for accessories plz?

  47. doohickey says:

    Those poor bunnehs are never sleepinks! Every time they bring out a new cuddlee, the rabbit has to frantically and furiously calculate food chain placement and possible escape routes.

  48. LOL at the applause a la “Showtime at the Apollo style”!

  49. Kristyna says:

    What kind of bunny is that in the first three pics!?!?! I need one!

  50. Khadija says:

    Ambulance coming up the driveway and picking up ded Khadouj. Thanks a lot. I’ve died 10 times.

  51. Khadija says:

    don’t tell me it’s the same bun that has chameleon skillz 🙂

  52. Brak_Silverbone says:

    The marmalade kitten with WHITE PAWS! in the second picture!


    Yeah, I’m deceased for sure.

  53. Agreed, one of the best posts ever.

    Where are the pictures from?
    I’d buy large prints and hang them in my apartment 🙂

  54. riolinda says:

    too cute!! XD

  55. kittymom says:

    THU-PLOOF!!!!!!!!! iz ded..

  56. Katrina says:

    Hello, Officer this is TOO Much,
    I am here to bail out Meg.F, a fine, upstanding pillar of the community.

  57. Cat in the last post is clearly thinking “Kittens?! You never told me you were pregnant!”

  58. Katrina says:

    I’ll take one mountain of Calico mess to go, please, don’t skimp on the gravy.


  59. Dunno why but I really like Dorling Kindersley style animal portraits with white backgrounds.

  60. Quite a lack of Disapproval in these bunnehs. I dare say Cinnamon would NOT approve.

    Must be ‘shopped!! ;-D

    Truly Cute-acular!!!

  61. Janeyferr says:

    these photos are so the ones from greeting cards we have over here… i’m sure… *goes looks for infos*

  62. I hate to be an elitist, but I see two merle pups, and a torti bun, but nary a calico in sight. Cute though.

  63. Chibi Usagi says:

    This IS the best.post.evah.

    As anyone fashionable knows, buns match everything. You can never go wrong with an accessory o’ bun. Fluffy and cute, perfect anytime of the year.

  64. Honestly and for reals? Probably the best CO post OF ALL TIME.


  65. i’ll take the #2 combo, thanks!

  66. I think the black and white kitten has seen a lazer point spot on the black and white bunny’s neck.

    Look out b&w bunneh.

  67. mom2twinzz says:

    metsakins – at my last job we did what was called hasselhoffing (putting the most rude images possible – usually david hasselhoff naked with a puppy) if people forgot to lock thier computer when walking away. I would have preferred c.o.ing instead. I would not need eye bleach to fix my vision after some of them. 🙂

  68. Patty P says:

    OMG! I have heard other people say their head exploded from teh cute, and I have said B4 that mine had. But no! I actually experienced it for the first time tonight. Best.Post.Evah.

    It takes a lot to overload me on cute. It actually happened tonight. I’m having a religious experience…

    *goes back for another look*

  69. are those blue merle australian shepherd pups??

  70. Raemie L. says:

    Gah, the serial matchingks is killingks! Too moishe!

  71. ughhghghghghghgh toooo cuuuutte.


    See that? That was my head esplodin’.

  73. amelia_eve says:

    This is the ultimate post, there is nothing so sweet than interspeche snooorgling….bunies and kitten, bunnies and everything… I swear this stuff makes you live longer… xoxo

  74. Thanks for this TOUR DE FORCE of captioning, Meg. How can you possibly top yourself after this???

  75. That is true Beth…these pictures are great but it is the captioning that makes it greaterer.

  76. I’d love to know where these photos came from, too! They kind of remind me of Rachel Hale’s work, although I don’t think they are hers….

  77. azaleablue says:

    A veritable “snorglebord”! All-you-can-eat!

  78. Now if they can all get along, why can’t we?!

  79. Leilani says:


  80. Leilani says:

    And, might I add the following: *SCREAMS OF GLEE* *WHISTLES* *CLAPPING WILDLY*

  81. Theresa says:

    Proof that you can get a bun to match anything.

  82. TurboFloof says:

    “Oh HAAAAYLE, NO!”

  83. ever try to mouseover a roadsign or billboard while driving?

    [Egad, I never thought of that… still, it’s not as bad as Katamari-Induced Rollover Syndrome… – Ed.]

  84. ofmg that is the most cutest thing I have ever seen..!

  85. OMG

  86. DejaMew says:

    @ azaleablue: I first read your comment as “A VERTICAL “snorglebord”! All-you-can-eat!” And oddly enough, its TRUE! :D:D:D

  87. OMG, what an overload of cuteness! 😛

  88. haschen says:

    omigawwwwwd! i need insulin!

  89. Gretchen says:

    Friends, those are chocolate dapple longhaired dachshund puppehs in that mountain o’mess. The Queen of the Dachshund Palace knows. Btw, I want billboard-size blowups of EVERY ONE of these pictures so I can cover my walls with them.

  90. the pics are usually cute but THIS is…this is…*faints*…this is OVERLOAD! argh! Seriously the cutest pics EVER!

  91. Paunchie says:

    calico mess!! pile in!

    siamese bunneh!

    nappular ability!


  92. @delenn: haha, your ‘this is OVERLOAD’ makes me think of a 300-style battle cry:


  93. via the magic of tineye.com, i have found that these photos appear to be by jane burton.


    and yes, prints are available 🙂

  94. Bunnyhero — well spotted! Looks like her posters are available here as well:

  95. Teho, you need to add the link and credit to the original post for posterity. And cute-it-ity.

    I know that isn’t a word, but all this cute matchingks affected my brain.

  96. the bunnehtabular presence in evereh single picture just made it PERFECT

  97. Melissa says:

    Oh my god this is soooo cute

  98. MOAR!

  99. As long as the collies and fluffs match.. (James Bond voice).

  100. Hon Glad says:

    At New York London and Paris fashion weeks, this Years colours were on display.Matchinks were derigeur.

  101. Color coordinated cuteness + bunnage = best CO post in history.

  102. I think those animals must be drugged. Why do they all look SO sleepy? I don’t think this is cute at all- I think it’s terrifying and I wish people would stop gushing and start thinking.

  103. I don’t know Greta… the only ones that really look sleepy are the puppies, who pretty much do nothing BUT sleep. Maybe the big dog, but that could have just been that he blinked when the picture was taken.

    I don’t think there’s a thing wrong here, and will squee and think it’s adorable. 🙂

  104. Patricia says:

    Wow, it must suck to have to look for stuff to be wrong with everything. That must be a misserable life.

    I on the other hand find these pitures adorable, and none of them look drugged. Puppies sleep a lot and the way the big dog is sitting I think Ender is right, and he blinked when the picture was taken.

  105. Blair, I just try to mouse-over every time I see a cute animal.

  106. gravyboat says:

    My husband just made a dribbling ass out of himself over these photos. Love em!

  107. Pic #^ is my fav. LOVE the bunny antennae!

  108. BerthaServant: You took the words right out of my mouth! Not a single one is disgruntled!

  109. OMG. How do I choose 2 for my screen backgrounds?!?!? MUST HAVE MORE MONITORS!

  110. ThreeCatNight says:

    Meg, this is COverkill this morning! A veritable animule smorgasbord! Where to begin, where to begin?!

  111. I want to live in the land of Jane Burton. sigh.

  112. Seven Paws says:

    These are absolutely THE BESTEST CO pictures EVAH!

  113. kristin says:

    Hellooooooooooooo, calendar?! I’d buy it. Tres adorable.

  114. Catherine says:

    Now I totally have to go find a bunneh to match my kitteh.

  115. That is so cute. I love bunnies they are so soft and sweet. Makes me want to get more animals.

  116. annnh!! what kind of puppy is that? the tan one with the black muzzle and the reelly round head? is that a chihuahua? he’s so sweet!