Straight Pimpin’

Check out this lil’ shuffling, pimp-coat sporting McSluggersons. He’s all "Luhzadies, I gots the feathers, and the shuffle. And I’m workin’ the Nat’l Geo, so you now it’s all riiiiight" [Full National Geographic series here.]


Emma S., I recommend working 42nd and Slug Street. Always works for me.



  1. Jenn Pin says:

    He’s a regular ole Iceberg Slim!

  2. Slime Shady

    [L. O. L. !!! – Ed.]

  3. Oh, excuse me. I muse have wandered into

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: there is more beauty under the sea than we could possibly imagine.

  4. ashagato says:

    can you hear him singing?

    “it’s hard out there for a …”

  5. Wow, I gotta go shoppin’ and get me some new clothes.

  6. k. o'dee says:


  7. chanpon says:

    Pimp Daddy’s in the house!!

  8. libelula says:

    @Polly – Slime Shady! LOVE it!

    Too cute, this lil’ guy. Love him too!

  9. Puh-leese! You can not be serious! There’s a Pixar movie waiting to be created about this li’l dude.

  10. binky-mama says:

    I feel a nerd-attack coming on….here it comes:

    Did you know that nudibranchs will swallow sea anenome tentacles and RECYCLE the stinging cells to be used in their own tentacles?

    Soooo kewl! (at least I think so) Excuse me as I must re-alphabetize my Cousteau books.

  11. lurkingsmirk says:

    oh my lord, what a fancy looking fella!

  12. Nudibranchs – yay! If you aren’t familiar with these fabulously beautiful guys, definitely check out the Nat Geo link. They are mind-boggling!

  13. How beautiful!

  14. The name always kills me.

    “I’m nude. Oh, and these are my gills.”

  15. Haw haw! He looks like the happiest bunny-mushroom in de world.

  16. Words fail me . . . they really do.
    I’m going to have to stare at this guy for a couple of hours. He just too oddly hypnotic as well as (erk?)beautiful

  17. Slug chicka slug slug

  18. slug love! sea slugs are the best. the armored sea snail (with iron armor!) is pretty rad too.

  19. If I ever decided to, ahem, “ho”, this would be the ONLY dude I’d deal with. (No weirdness about interspecies anything is connoted). Or maybe I’ll just order him a mini cane so that he can properly strut hisstuff!

  20. Woot woot Nat Geo! I am totally forwarding this to everyone at work tomorrow 🙂

    BAhahahahaha, Meg? I cannot take the hilariousness of “Slug chicka slug slug.” too awesome!

  21. BiscuitTin says:

    Huh. I’m dammed. I’ve seen those blue and orange lumps in aquariums – I thought they were a type of coral, not animules.

  22. Binky, keep the bio-nerd attacks coming–I love this stuff! And Berthaservant, I agree with the beauty under the sea. The beauty anywhere on this planet still amazes me to no end.
    I never thought I’d be thinking about a slug as a pimp… but shoot, sea slugs totally deserve to be.

  23. Anasztaizia says:

    “Slug chicka slug slug”


    He needs a cane.

  24. @binky mama…..I was organizing my Cousteau books by geographic location when I read your post…..high five nerdy-sistah!!!

  25. lyrical says:

    A great article… little Hypselodoris (with the olympic torch on his back) is a charmer. And I am happy to discover the “burrowing sea pen” having only previously known the Burrowing Purse Pen.

  26. They totally look fake! Like made out of fimo clay or something!

    That’s amazing! And gorgeous…

    things like this are why I desperately want to learn to scuba dive.

  27. You know, I have a huge fear of slugs and anything that lives on the ocean floor. Any combination of that scares me to tears.
    But this guy is just so damn cute that I have to throw those phobias away. Look at him! He’s smiling!

  28. leah b. says:

    he/she is adorables
    my favorite colors too !!

    42nd street LOL

  29. scooterpants says:

    first i was going to say- ‘ok nice photo shoppin’
    THEN i studied the situation, and realized, ” oh my gosh, its gotta be the cutest, smiliest lil babeh i’ve ever seen!”
    if only i could have one of my own. “i would kiss it and hug it and rub it and love it and call it George and i would never be alone again”
    holy cow. meg you rock.
    heart ex-splodes.

  30. Claudia says:

    makes me feel HAPPY! this is really cute 😀

  31. nat geo employee says:

    Nudibranch!!! I love this story. David Doubilet, the guy who took the photos, shot them as if they were runway models, and they just came out SO freaking cute!! (He had a special plastic underwater studio made just for this. I mean, really. How cool is that??) Yay, it makes me so happy to see this here.

  32. in case you just can’t get enough nudibranch now,check out the forum

  33. Thank you so much for posting this! I am just in awe of the entire photoset at National Geographic. It’s completely unbelievable that such things exist!

  34. Two great ideas:
    1) Let’s all be nudibranches for Halloween! We could each pick a fave, and make a costume, and then post pix.

    2) Remember those wonderful dessert jewelry items from ages ago, that someone on Etsy makes and sells? Some enterprising fimo-crafter could make nudibranch jewelry.

    NatGeo totally rocks my world. That article was great, as were the pix.

  35. Wheeee, nudibranchs! LMAO @ “Slime Shady” and “Slug Chicka Slug Slug”.

    I actually typed that as “Smile Shady” – and I’m not far off! He looks like he’s smiling!

  36. P.S. The Etsy dessert jewelry can be found at robinsjewelrybox.

  37. wow that is really adorable and beautiful!

  38. Raemie L. says:

    Whoo, it’s easy to get lost on the Nat’l Geo site. Seeing the pic first, I thought, Granny slug needs a woven purse from The Sac to complete her outfit.
    BUT, I tewtelly see this slug big pimpin’ and spendin’ G’s. Anasztaizia is right, he does need a cane. A gold cane encrusted with purple and orange rhinestones on which our jaunty (or garish) slug leans from the viewer’s right side.

  39. Wow, Miami Vice flashback!

  40. Jupiter Star says:

    He totally owns Ocean Ave.

  41. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Sea slugs are amazingly beautiful, for all that land slugs aren’t. My favorite one–and I haven’t yet checked out the NatGeo link, so maybe there’s an example there–is one called the Veiled Dancer. That’s just such a beautiful name, and the critter that wears it is lovely too.

  42. bearlet says:

    oh snap, kramer! way to go, Lone!

  43. Martha in Washington says:

    This lil dude is just so dang HAPPY!!

    Ya know…if the slugs in my yard looked like these beauties, I’d let them eat all the flowers they wanted.

  44. Hon Glad says:

    A Nudibranch called Blanch.

  45. Meg,

    Just thought you should know, that Hartz ad (the one that shows up in the middle, with the “choose cat/dog”) has got some sort of glitch, causing me serious lag on my machine… and I’m a gamer with two CPUs and two video cards, two gigs of ram…

    Free me from my lag… the intertube is a terrible thing to waste…

  46. “Come on now, BabY, don u be a playa hata, we all jus pimps an hos ya’ll noe…representin’ south side straite up my Nudda beotches!”

  47. bookmonstercats says:

    Is he waving slug ‘tocks?

  48. I think I’m A) buying fimo…
    (Git yer slug pimp pendants Heeerrre!) B) gonna crochet a few of these… I LIKE knitting tentacles.

  49. gravyboat says:

    What on EARTH is that adorable little biscuit?!? Love him!

  50. Ok, so I totally fail at creative computer arts, but I seriously know that SOMEONE out there has the talent to ‘shop a wee little cane and a lil’ bling-bling around this guys neck… I would totally make that into a full sized poster that said “Slime Shady- Slug chicka slug slug!”

  51. ok having looked at the whole collection on nat geo i now never want to go in the sea again, for fear of treading on one of these!
    yea they’re beautiful, but also squishy and kinda scary!

  52. Katrina says:

    ok,then. And now, for your viewing pleasure, may I suggest some Leafy Sea Dragons? Thank you! Do I see Winston on my immediate horizon? What a fabulous day I am having! Thank you!

  53. I’ve never thought a slug could be cute.

  54. “I shall call him Squishy and he will be mine, and he will be my Squishy.”

  55. SlimeMaster Slug!

    SO cool!!!

  56. chanpon says:

    I finally took a look at the slides on their site. Amazing! Am I the only one who sees Pikachu (from Pokemon fame) in there?

  57. mberkie0 says:

    @chanpon: Ah doan see no Pika in dat chu, nu-uh….
    sure is a cute li’l nudibranch dude, tho’…

  58. mberkie0 says:

    or is it dudette? or both? I seem to remember some type of 10th grade biology-something about their being able to be both???

  59. Too Late says:

    Makes me once again want to get over my fear of deep water and learn to scuba dive!!! =0(


    I couldn’t find a wee cane for him. Apologies to National Geographic and David Doubilet,
    please don’t sue me.

  61. Sharllissa says:

    He makes me happy!

  62. StormCat says:

    Trin – YOU are awesome!!!! I’m downloading those for my background!!!

    Purple is my FAV color, so I’m luving these pics!!!! Thank you Almight Trin!!!!

  63. chanpon says:

    @mberkie0: It’s the next to last one on the slides.

  64. Trin, you rock.

  65. Oh yeah baby, I knew his milkshake would bring all the girls to his yard! 🙂

  66. Charlie says:
  67. Pimp my Slug!

  68. Very cute acid flashback.

  69. Sharon Wilson says:

    Now this has got to be the most unusual animal evar, except for Blobby McBlobbersons (also with National Geographic)!

  70. O.O
    its smiling at me..

    I want one!

  71. OK, my ignorant a** thought this was totally ‘shopped (tho I didn’t mind a bit), until I read the comments and did a little back-story searching. How AWESOME would it be to come across this li’l guy while diving?? “HI!! How ya doin’???”

  72. I know it’s not really smiling, but i want to believe!

  73. Oh and let me give everyone some smartness points: nudibranch is pronounced NOO-dih-brank. There’s no “ch” sound.
    – Your favorite marine biology nerd.

  74. This is a McSluggerson? A sea McSluggerson, no less. Ugh usually I find these things disgusting, but this one is almost teh qte.

  75. *SLUG LUV*

  76. The pics of all the lovely sea slugs on the Nat Geo site have um ‘inspired’ the following…


    (to the tune of “beautiful dreamer’, even though I’m not quite sure how it goes)…

    Beautiful sea slug, crawl upon me
    Algea and fish food are waiting for thee
    See I have them in the palm of my hand
    If you crawled on me that would be so grand
    Beautiful sea slug, crawl upon me
    Algea and fish food are waiting for three.

    Beautiful sea slug, you’d never bite
    Though where you mouth is I’m not sure, not quite.
    Dear you are poison-ous it is true
    Beautiful sea slug, I still love you!
    Beautiful sea slug, you’d never bite
    Though where you mouth is I’m not sure, not quite.

    : P


  77. Nudibranchs! Nudibranchs! Oi! Oi! Oi!

  78. Those are some gorgeous little slugs, yo. I love sea life, and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole collection of photos. Thank you!

  79. Totalee Puppy says:

    SHERRY-Thanks for the song!
    Too tai-tai to sing along, but it’s as cute as our sea slug…So colorful–this could be a whole line
    of toys–“My Little Sea Slugs”–different colors, accessories…

  80. Totalee Puppy says:

    SERIOUSLY tie-tie now…Little sea slug, hope I will see you in my dreams…Cute dreams, everyone…

  81. Raemie L. says:

    Haha, I liked the alteration pics people posted!

    @mberkie0: It says on the Nat’l Geo site that sea slugs are hermaphrodites.

    Does that mean our sea slug pimp is self-employed?

    *runs off stage to dodge the tomatoes*

  82. Snails and slugs are hermaphrodites, but they can’t mate with themselves. You always need two slugs to get baby slugs, but both of them will be mommies and daddies at the same time.

  83. mberkie0 says:

    @raemie & jelly:

  84. McDonalds totally needs to feature a series of ‘McSluggersons Nudibranchs’ toys in their Happy Meals. Each plastic replica of a lovely colorful slug would make its own slime if you just added water. Awesome!

  85. Totalee Puppy, I love the idea of ‘My Little Sea Slug’. I would totally collect them all AND all there little accesories and play sets. : )

  86. … ummmm….Pardon me my ignorant attitude but I’m generally a sucker for genuine cute but I can’t sympathize with the “adorable” comments … Truly this guy gives me the slimy shivers. Wouldn’t he be better suited to the “cute or sad” category??
    Juuuuuuuust hazarding my gut reaction; not meant as a Hate Crime commentary??? No hostility need be inferred.
    I’m still madly infatuated with Lord Winston & his circular, grumpy, smooshed-in little face.
    Thanks for the day’s lighthearted goodies.

  87. @ TRIN and CHARLIE:
    By far, these are the most funny posts evah…can’t stop LOL’ing…YOU are both:
    straight up Grand Mastah Pimpilicious
    and so FULL OF EPIC WIN I have to go lay down now.
    Want t-shirt with these shoop’d slug pimps on dem!

  88. @Trin, Charlie, Sherry: SO Funny!!!!

    Think the NatGeo would let Meg use their image (with adulterations by Trin) for another CO shirt???!!