Winston is nerrrrrrvous!

…Biting his lil’ Winston nails with his round Winston head. Apparently, the final of America’s Next Top Model caused him to pop a few Ativan too. Yay Win!

Gracias for pointing this new one out, Michele M.
Winston courtesy of the fine peeps over at FourFour.



  1. Claudia says:

    OMG! When people say he is hungry all the time they aren’t kidding LOL!

    nom nom nom…

  2. Animalphiles Annie says:

    This reminded me of a German expressionist film (violin soundtrack followed by long “natural sound” with repeating visual theme) – freaky stuff!
    Which all works, since Winston is one freaky cat!

  3. China's Mom says:

    Is he biting his claws or trying to floss with them?

  4. How can they stand to live with anyone so cute? How do they get anything done?

  5. Theresa says:

    Don’t miss the “Winston Frolics” vid on the Fourfour site!!!

  6. Is that the cat from Jezebel’s Pot Psychology?

  7. michellemybelle says:

    APS: Yep – Slut Machine and Rich are BFF, and Winston gets in on the action too. He’s so adorables.

  8. maaaaaan he’s really going at it

  9. Naiss tew knoww taht teh Qtest bii-ingk awn teh plannut iz doingk well. But kan sumbudii pleez clip hiz clawzes? Hii obvy haz wun taht iz tew lawng an iz botherin himm.


  10. I love Winston more than words can say!

  11. We don’t speak Cheezburger over here, jmujh. 😉 There’s a whole different dialect to learn.

  12. Wow. I’ve seen cats clean their nails, but never BITE them.

    Winston has issues. He is a self-nommer!!!

  13. Winston! I love your tiny wittle bottom teef!

  14. Winston is my FAVORITE!!!
    If a Winston series DVD were available, that would go on my Christmas list!

    (I hope he’s voting for the juicy booty Whitney for ANTM)

  15. chanpon says:

    This is the first for me too, in hearing a cat bite his nails. Too cute!

  16. He reminds me of someone I sat next to in English class. it’s annoying but at least he’s not a finger tapper or leg shaker.

  17. Gettin’ those nails nice and sharp (for later).

  18. Owch! It sounds like he’s tuggin’ too hard on his clawses. Winston, you’re too cute!

  19. My cat, Mouse, does that too. Sooo cute! And it’s not because they are too long, he’s just biting the nail sheath off. He’s a good boy and doesn’t scratch the furniture (just his cardboard thing) so his nail sheaths don’t fall off naturally all the time. (Sorry, I’m a veterinary assistant!)

  20. Isn’t Winston declawed?

    The way he’s picking at his paws makes me think he’s been uh, altered.

    BTW, Rudi doesn’t get enough love from this site. Winston may be “fabulous” but Rudi’s my kind of guy.

  21. I always loves Winston!!!

  22. He is trying to get the elastic band that is around his paw off.
    Real nice owner!!

    [Um, no, that’s not the case… – Ed.]

  23. Raemie L. says:

    I burst out laughing at about 1:18 minutes into the vid on that short pause from the paws. (I had to correct my mistake on typing “pawse” first. =P)

  24. Furbabies says:

    That cat will eat anything! Go Winston. nom nom nom

  25. woofysma says:

    Oh, goody, Winnie’s back – and he’s so quiet! Must not be hungry b/c in the Winston is Annoying vid he never shuts up. If there’s a Winston fan club, sign me up. More Win!

  26. amaretto_bunny says:

    My step-dad’s cat used to do this and it drove me crazy. I had a hard time watching this video. There’s just something really irritating about it…I still think Winston is funny though! =)

  27. I love Winnie. I had to put my Bella down on Saturday morning, and this video made me laugh and cry all at the same time. 🙂

  28. jennyhigs says:

    I just don’t understand how this cat got such a round head!

  29. momof2kitties says:

    Yay! Winnie is teh win!!!

  30. leah b. says:

    win is soo funny very contienious ( I know spelled wrong) about his nails. My late henry was the same way, go winston!

  31. AuntieMame says:

    I love the slo-mo replays!

    (And clearly there is *no* rubber band anywhere. Sheesh…)

  32. miltoncat says:

    Smooshy face Winnie!!

    I can almost smell his cat bref!

  33. Colleen says:

    I nominate that Winston receives his own category!

  34. I love the bit where he hears a noise and suddenly stops and casually lowers his paw. He’s like: “What me? I wasn’t chewing my nails. I’m just hanging out…..oh they’re gone…chew chew.

  35. CAT Scan says:

    Is it me or is Winston… unusually freakish? I mean, I know all cats are neurotic in their Own Special Way, but Winston seems to go above and beyond the call of cat-duty.

  36. Golden, I’m so sorry about Bella–was this the kitty you mentioned before? Hugs and kitty kisses.

  37. Aww, I love his lil’ round head and his grumpy lil’ face!

  38. linguafranka says:

    what is he doing??? it looks like trying to remove a piece of tape, but none is visible. wierd!

  39. umm…it seems like it could be a nail biting habit, but did you check his foot to see if he had a sore or had something stuck in his claws?

  40. binky-mama says:

    A couple times I was afraid that he got his nail caught in his teef! How do you explain that one to the vet?

  41. Kar –

    You can clearly see his claws at several points in the vid, so I’m thinking he’s definitely not declawed. I can’t really see Rick going in for something like declawing his pets, anyway.

    My old cat used to do this, too. She was lazy about using her scratching post, so she’d have to chew the sheaths off.

  42. Hon Glad says:

    Hmm kinda dull and uninteresting.

  43. Poohbear says:

    WEEEENNNNSSSTOOOOONNNNNN!!!made my day. Nom nom tk nom nom slurp slurp tk slurp. Fin. Check out the lower jaw – stuck chomper ak-shon toward the end. Must be having cat withdrawal symptoms as this went straight to my bloodstream. Phooooffff!!!

  44. Juniper Jupiter says:

    I concur with Colleen!! I mean you may as well make a “Winston” category…what is this exactly, like the seventh or eighth kitty viddy aboot him?

    Cool kitty, too.

  45. Michelle says:

    Actually a lot of cats do this. They pull the sheaths of their claws with their teeth instead of the upholstery.

    I <3 Winston. His snorfly wheezey purr and googly eyeballs just slay me.

  46. Poppa Mau Mau says:

    Love this guy!!!…reminds me of my Poppa of 17 yrs…RIP

  47. gravyboat says:

    The chronicles of Win continue!

  48. Awww, Winnie! I’ve been a huge fan of Fourfour for ages, and Winston’s story is really heartwarming – he was a rescue, and he had some health issues, including kitty digestive problems, when he came to live with Team FourFour.

    From what I understand, it took a lot of time and patience to figure out a diet that didn’t aggravate Win’s kitty-IBS, and apparently he’s fine now. So I’m guessing that we’re not looking at a neglected kitty. 😛

    And yeah, this seems right up Winston’s alley. This stems from him being lazy about something (scratching stuff to dislodge the old nail sheaths) and then finding an incredibly annoying way to resolve it (OM NOM NOM krrrhk! OM NOM NOM kkkt!)

    Then you get the joy of stepping on the little discarded claw fragments.

    I am such a dork for knowing all this.

  49. Katrina says:

    Golden, I’m so sorry about your kitty friend. I know its hurts. Maybe sharing your hurt with us and your love with a new friend will help.

    I Second (third?) a Winston cat-egory. I adore this cat. Maybe because we both have tummy problems? I wonder what he does eat to keep him so cute!

  50. Winston doesn’t *really* do anything that other cats don’t do…but he manages to do everything in such a peculiarly “Winstonian” way. Gawd, I love that cat.

  51. katiedid says:

    Winston should get his own category.. I WUV WOO WINSTON!!!

  52. katiedid says:

    and your smooshy face too

  53. freya_kahlo says:

    Oh dear Mr. adorable Winston… I think you might have a nervous habit there. He needs some kitty acupuncture or something.

  54. HUgs to Golden.

  55. Gat that cat a nail trim stat!

  56. Rosie A. says:

    @Tacha: I love that your cat’s name is Mouse. I just really do. 🙂

    Winston is always fun!


    Or was. I didn’t get to see this till Fursday. Nevertheless.

    But yeah, I see cats cleaning their paws, including claw-chewing, live every day, but somehow it’s hilarious when Winnie does it. Oh Winnie, you are too moishe!

  58. Our 5 cats go outdoors and do a lot of scratching-and I still see them do this. I think it’s normal. And funny!

  59. Yea, this is kind of the boring version of Winston. Back to him being more entertaining!

  60. So if there’s no food within a paws reach Winston snacks on himself! Is there nothing this puddy wont eat!
    Luvin you Winston!

  61. Silent Meow says:

    I nominate, too, that Winston gets his own category.

    I lurv Winston!!!

  62. brinnann says:

    My Sheba does this, only twice as loud. It worried me a little, so one day when she was doing it I checked her claws – everything’s fine. Like others said, they’re just removing the nail sheathes instead of scratchingk.

    Why do people clip their cats’ claws? Each of mine has had theirs done by the vet when they were spayed (or supposed to be spayed – both already were), and they walked funny for at least a week. They also had lots of trouble with their balance when they jumped onto things.

  63. Totally cute as always 🙂 And nothing to worry about folks, he’s not biting his nails out of nervousness, he’s just pulling off the outer nail covering. Cat nails are a bit like snake skin, as the nail grows the outer layer comes off to make room for the layer underneath to grow. The nails get tight and itchy (just like you would if your sweater was to small) so they remove them by biting and scratching. Winston is just grooming like all good kitties 🙂

  64. Win win all around.

  65. Is there a “So Ugly It’s Cute” category? Don’t get me wrong, I love Winston–but let’s face it, he’s ugly as homemade sin. Yet adorable, all at the same time.

  66. I wonder was Winnie lacking oxygen at birth? What a weird, weird kitty.(but wonderful!)

  67. woofysma says:

    More WINNIE! Please?

  68. I’m a Winston fan, and I know that his owners take good loving care of him, but I agree with the commenters above that maybe he had a splinter or a thorn or something here. He kept licking the exact same spot. I hope after they got all the great footage (ha! what a pun) they checked his paw.

  69. Thanks for all the hugs and thoughts! Debg, yes.. this was the cat I mentioned in a previous post, she had FIP. It’s crazy how much I miss her. I had a dream last night that the fact that she had FIP was a dream and I was so relieved that she was ok, but then I woke up. 😦

    I am going to get another one soon, I am just not quite there yet. I went and visited a few cats at purrfect pals the other day.. One named Moose caught my eye.. but not ready.

  70. I wish I got to be that nervous every day. 🙂

  71. The pushed in face doesnt do it for me….except on pugs.

  72. Melissa H. says:

    I clip my cats’ claws about once a month because A)my calico will end up with little scratches on her face from my tuxedo swatting her, and B)because I will end up with little scratches from both of them. Plus they don’t go outside, so their claws don’t get worn down naturally. They hate the process, but don’t have any problems afterward.

  73. I wish I could clip my overlords’ claws, but they came to live with me when they were old and set in their ways and clearly hadn’t been trimmed in the past. They get all bitey if I even lightly touch a paw. One of them got a trim when he was at the vet and I loved it, and he didn’t walk funny or have trouble climbing or jumping, more’s the pity. But the other one – the ORNJ one – is a sharp-clawed menace. A couple weeks ago I found a claw sheath sticking out of the other one’s face. I had to hold him down so I could pull it out, the goober. Pfft, cats!

  74. ownedby5cats says:

    LOL @ poor Rudy looking over Winston’s shoulder during most of the 1st minute – he never gets the spotlight!

  75. When Winston does that, he’s like the cat version of ouroboros – he will eat everything, including himself, until there’s only his big fluffy head left.

  76. Add me, to the long list of “Friends of Winston” or the “Winston Fan Club”.
    The person who described his expression as grumpy got it right. Also — bottom line — a head shot of Winston should be in the dictionary, at the entry for the term “circle” or else for the term
    “round”. His head really seems impossibly round, like an overfilled balloon that is just about to pop when it brushes up on anything nearby. 🙂
    Enjoyed my fix for today!
    Thanks — Leslie

  77. Paunchie says:

    ooo icky! I hate it when cats pick at their claws like that! I have the same reaction to people who bite their nails.

  78. meowandwoof says:

    I’ve missed Winston terribly!!!!! Big fat yes to his own category. As usual CO has made my day!

  79. maybe a pet-a-cure is in order. sounds like nails are toooooooo long and fish hooking

  80. Michele M says:

    Winston is like a big, goofy Muppet. His owner rightly documents Winnie’s every adorable eccentricity.


  81. Winston always amazes me with how perfectly round his head is. Even with his ears sticking up. If he had Scottish Fold earz, he’d be an absolute sphere. And the clawz getting stuck on his teef (or vice versa) is sooo Winstonian.

    Melissa H, are you, in fact, me? Right down to the colors and behaviors of the kittehs. My tortie does this claw-nomming just like Winston, only not as loud. But we all know nobody is as annoying as Winston.

    Another vote for his own cat-egory!

  82. Speaking of ANTM…
    yay Whitney!

  83. He looks kind of like a bobble head. The cutest type of bobble head though.

  84. RevWaldo says:

    i has a flava

  85. Yes, Metz, it’s a Win Win situation!

  86. I can not get enough of this cat. I love his postings. What a cool and crazy cat full of personality. Thanks again for the post of Winston.

  87. Too much attention is paid to this hideous mutant cat

  88. I LOVE YOU WINNIE!!!!!

  89. Cleanliness is a good thing! Unless………….

    Wait a sec…….you puttin stuff between the kittys toes?? GAGGGGGGGG

    Toe jam is not good.