Have you ever seen a grown panda sneeze [16 times in a row]

I usually max out at three times in a row. Maaaaaaaaaaybe four. This guy must have a grasshopper up his nose.

Let’s not forget the ORIGINAL hilaious panda sneeze video either. Encore!

Whole lotta snorfin’ goin’ on RuthElisa K.!



  1. Allergy season?

  2. Poor Sneezy Panda! Must be allergy season. :o) I love how the other pandas don’t even notice…

    Baby Panda sneezing has to be one of the funniest mommy reactions EVER!!!!!

  3. You know, it kind of irritates me that the people in the background are laughing as this poor guy suffers. How would they like it if people were cackling at them during a sneezing fit? Jerks.

  4. How cute are these guys! It’s hard to believe they are real. And look at that baby one! Wow.

  5. erdbeer says:

    Melanie, the stick of bamboo goes in your mouth, not where you sit.

  6. Melanie, I’ve had some major sneezing fits in my life, and my family has laughed at me plenty of times. LOL

  7. I’ve seen both of the vids before, it’s hilarious!

  8. Every time I watch the baby sneeze I laugh. Mom’s reaction is priceless.

  9. I dunno, erdbeer; I bet you can make some pretty decent patio furniture out of bamboo. (Maybe just a *bit* less rude?)

  10. spacebunny says:

    I loved how his (or her?) little black ears wiggled back and forth each time he sneezed.

  11. that bebbeh panda sneezing cracks me up. it’s so cute too. how can such a small thing make that loud noise? <3

  12. Thanks, Theo. Not quite sure why erdbeer takes such exception to my empathy for sneezing panda dude.

    [I still say it’s funny, tho… – Ed.]

  13. Rosie A. says:

    I almost passed out laughing at the baby sneezing and scaring the poop out of his momma…

    Hey Melanie, honestly, what would you have the people do? Everyone has sneeze fits, including adorable pandas. Do you get angry when people snicker at you during allergy season? If you do, then wow. Not trying to come off nasty, but come on!

  14. Szilvia says:


    Poor panda! Am I the only one who noticed how cute it was when he/she relaxed each leg at the time at the end?

  15. Michelle says:

    Hahahah I loved the “gesundheit” at the end.

    If my ears wobbled like that when I sneezed I would hope “jerks” would giggle at me and find me irresistably adorable! XD

  16. what a polite panda guy, coverin’ his nose. awww!
    bless u pandas!
    anyone got a hankie?

  17. Don’t worry Panda, I sneeze like that too. However instead of laughing, everyone stops what they are doing to go “Is she going to blow up?” How terrible for that panda… to be allergic to his own Cuteness.

  18. I would love to embed the little panda sneeze on my blog, but can’t seem to find the code? Thanks!

  19. Christabel says:

    I like how his/her ears flop back and forth with each sneeze. Sneeze! Flop flop flop. Sneeze! Flop flop flop.

  20. gravyboat says:

    I know! The ear-bobbing is the best!

  21. Wow, that was really friggin cute!

  22. ok that second video? kind of scares the crap out of me

  23. The bottom one looks like she is in a v. happy habitat.

  24. riolinda says:

    Bless you Panda! 🙂

  25. katiedid says:

    To melanie: Its not like they can do anything to help him.. when you gotta sneeze you gotta sneeze.. besides its not like they are hurting him or the panda is in pain.. matter of fact I cant think of anything less painful then SNEEZING…

    I really hate it when people just jump to conclusions that animals are in pain when they are just being .. well ANIMALS!!!

  26. Catsquatch says:

    Awww… The poor giant raccoon has a hopper up his nose.
    Bet he could blow out all the candles on my next birthday cake though.

  27. Ok, here’s my question: what the heck languages are the people speaking in the first video? I thought I heard English, Dutch, and Japanese, but that’s probably just my brain being on crack.


  29. awwwww so cute. and funny.

    the 2nd video made me laugh so hard my eyes were watering

  30. That second video still stands as my favorite CO video of all time. In fact, I think it’s what got me hooked to begin with!

  31. 5cats1dog says:

    Yeah the people laughed but then about 20 seconds into the clip they go “Awwww…” and a guy says “Gesundheit.” They are just being people at a zoo where something out of the ordinary happens. They weren’t really being jerks. I reserve THAT title for people who tap on the glass and yell at animals. Makes me wanna thump ’em on the head.

  32. Priscilla says:

    i have the EXACT same problem as the first panda! i can never sneeze once or twice. nooo. its gotta be at least 5 times. lol i love how you can see the panda relaxing when it *thinks* the sneezing is over. i know the feeling.

  33. i’m with spacebunny and the other wiggly ears fans. that was the best part by far for me! they don’t even look like they are very well attached, just kind of sitting there, perhaps stuck on with a piece of scotch tape.

  34. binky-mama says:

    Awwwww I wanna give him a Kleenex…of course an extra-soft Puffs with Aloe. I laughed too at the ear-bobbing- too cute! People always laugh at me when I sneeze- I am a tiny person but I sneeze like a 300 lb lumberjack. Those panda sneezes are quite delicate compared to me!

  35. Awwww! He’s all “WHAT’S WRONG WIT MAH NOSE!!”

    lmao @ the nuffer. People are just heartless heartless jerks for laughing at cute animal displays.

  36. If I sneezed that many times, the back of my head would blow off. So cute!

    The second video did me in, though. I thought it was the Momma Panda that was going to sneeze (any maybe have another baby shoot out of her) so I was completely unprepared for the HUGE sneeze the baby barked out. I am still wiping my eyes…seeing Momma startle was half the fun of it all.

  37. Katrina says:

    This is starting to sound like an attack of ru-ude. Let’s not go there, ok?

  38. Ha! Dat baby panda! Too funneh!
    (Wipes baby panda’s schnozzle, …shoots a bamboo blow dart muscle relaxant at mama…) Whaaat?

  39. Paunchie says:

    my BF does that – sneeze like 15 times in a row. I wonder if it’s his sneezy nerve that’s out of wack. I mean the BF not the panda. Cute when he rubs his little schnozzle.

  40. looks like my kids when they have allergies

  41. Mommeh: Monch monch monch monch!
    Babeh: CHEWWWWW!!
    Mommeh: EHN! *looks down*…monch monch monch

  42. Totally ‘shopped.

  43. Awwww! Sneeziness!

    And the zoo goers weren’t being mean in the first clip… it was FUNNY! Animals sneeze… perfectly round ears wiggle… it’s FUNNY. Not everything that happens to an animal is abuse… a sneezing fit is not suffering, neither is being laughed at by people who think you’re cute. Jeez…

  44. MandaBain says:

    I think Meg was right – ever had a bug fly up your nose and get stuck in there, buzzing and struggling? My cousin had a fly go up hers once: she snuffed out real hard and the fly shot out, sputtered for a sec in mid-air, then flew on about his bizness 😉 Though I think the Panda-bug is probably toast…
    I noticed the exhausted leg flops at the end too, Szilvia – very adorable!

  45. cute or sad

  46. I sneeze like that only when a nose hair gets yanked or something jabs me up the nose. Looks like Sneezing Panda’s buddy may have poked him up the nostril.

    I’ve been having dreadful week; watching those little nommable ears flop around just popped and released all tension in me. That was awesome.

  47. Panda ears always look like an afterthought to me…like God said, “Oh, crap…they need EARSES!!” and just stuck some leftover black ears on their heads.

    @Melanie: Yes, they were laughing, but did you hear the “awwww” and “geshundheit!” in the background? People aren’t heartless, but when something’s funny, we gotta laugh!

    Sidebar: I JUST NOW got the “AS….YOU….WIIIISH!!!” reference from yesterday’s tumbling panda post. I knew it had to be something fairly well-known, but it escaped me until now. For all those that want to poke fun at my slowness…here’s your chance.

  48. Another Angela says:

    The first panda sort of makes me cringe because it looks like an animal that has inhaled a horrible grass awn up into its nose. Prolly just a whisker tickle though. Love the second classic.

  49. @Lisa: No, they can laugh at me, cuz I STILL don’t get it! Oh well.

    If only Mr. McSneezypants had a sleeve to wipe his nose!

  50. Heyyy it’s a Dutch vid!


    McSneezypants awwww I feel sorry for the poor guy, he probably doesn’t have a clue what was happening hehe

  51. Sneezy McPandapants

  52. They’re so adorable they don’t even look real. More like giant stuffed animals.

  53. Psssst….Gail!! It from “The Princess Bride”! Remember Wesley?

  54. MaggieBee says:

    OMG THE EARS! I’m so glad I’m not the only one who loves the flapping earses!!! 😀

  55. Oh goodness, that second clipped just killed me! I laughed so loud I’m sure I scared the poop out of my neighbors.

  56. girlnextdoortn says:

    The second video NEVER fails to send me into convulsions of laughter. Momma’s all, “What the…?!?!” and looking at the baby like she’s expecting it to explode.

  57. Stephen says:

    I love the way his/her feet relax again at the end! 🙂

  58. @Lisa: Well, now you’ve done it! I have to admit I’ve NEVER seen “The Princess Bride”. A friend of mine from work was STUNNED to find I’d never seen “Top Gun” either!

  59. Oh, I am laughing out loud at that second vid–what happened there? I am not convinced it was a sneeze.

    Looks like the mom was chowing down and in a world of her own and then got startled when the baby panda moved.

  60. binky-mama says:

    Gail!!! You’ve never seen The Princess Bride?


    You must see it. Now. I mean right now.

  61. Okay….as an avowed multiple sneezer (I mean, like eight or nine in a row and they are HUGE), I can understand why people laugh.

    However, I do remember the one time I saw Bertha sneezing like a madwoman, and it turned out she had a long piece of grass stuck in her nasal cavity that had come up the wrong way, and after laughing myself, I realized something was wrong. I pulled out a blade of grass at least four inches long (from her nose), and then she ran away for like five days because she was in so much pain. So, I’m not nuffing, and I’m SURE this panda is fine, but yeah, at some point, it could be worrisome.

    (P.S. Bertha came back and is now fine).

  62. lol @ izzy.

    *squishes pandas*

  63. chanpon says:

    Get the panda some Benadryl and a box of tissues, stat! Poor thing.

    @binky-mama: You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means. 😉

  64. Raemie L. says:

    Vid 1. Gah, what timing. My allergies started acting up today.
    Vid 2. Yay for classic bebeh panda sneeze!

  65. WAAHAHAHAHA! Holy cow, I just laughed so hard I snorted. In front of people. That baby is all, “dum de dum de doo, WACHOO!” and mom is all, “WHATTHEHECK!” Ahhh. Beautiful.

  66. I can’t stop laughing, my roommate is probably sitting in his room going, “WTF?”

    The thing is, its the baby panda and the comments keeping me going more than anything else. *gigglesnort*

    Those ears look like little pompoms!

  67. AuntieMame says:

    Is he really sneezing? Looks to me more like a case of “Eww, she kissed me! Cooties! Getthemoffgethemoffgetthemoff!!1!!!

  68. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Oh my!! The poor pandy!! But I do admit I was laughing the way his earbuds were just wagging the way his head moved as he “CHOO’D!!!” the whole time. Honestly, tho, it’s not funnay if you yourself did it…or if you hiccupped. My mom who died aboot three years ago after eighteen years of cancer had a FORTY FIVE MINUTE SNEEZING FIT in one of her “healthier stages” of being sick. The poor woman was wheezing(despite being a longtime smoker, she NEVER wheezed, and the cancer wasn’t lung, it was spinal at the time) by the time she finally got her breath, not to mention she turned every color of the rainbow because she had trouble inhaling in between sneezes!! As for hiccupping, I have to get on Hubby’s butt for making fun of me when I get them…THOSE AREN’T FUNNAY!!! To me they get progressively worse, and my chest constricts almost to the point where it mimics an anaphylactic seizure if I don’t get an upside down drink of water (the seizing only happens on the inside, I don’t swell up on the outside, thankfully).
    But one time, a few months after Mom’s sneezing fit, hand to Gahd, she burped, sneezed, coughed AND farted all at once!! Now THAT was funnay!!! Mom didn’t think so…at first. Then after she mentioned it one of her friends Mom started laughing pretty hard, not to mention she had trouble finishing the story!

    I’m not nuffin’!! Sneezy fits just hurt, that’s all!!

  69. teh original!

    it makes me teh howls!

    (goes back to apoplexy)

  70. *hands Pandy a box of tissues*

  71. Hon Glad says:

    Pandy is allergic to others cheap perfume ‘Midnight In The Casbah’ $2 a gallon.

  72. WOBBLY EARS!!!! No, sneezing fits aren’t normally that funny, but they don’t normally come with fuzzy little ears that wobble after every sneeze. It’s all about the ears.

    And the mom’s reaction in the second vid is just priceless.
    MOM: Munch munch another boring day at the z-
    BABY: ****SNEEZE****
    MOM: OMGWTFBBQ! *peers at baby, eyes it while going back to nomming* oooookaaayyyy….

    As if the teeny baby making that huge noise wasn’t funny enough!

  73. Hiya all,

    I heard Dutch too!! People go aaw indeed (probably in all languages) The Dutchies say something like “He’s not gonna stop!!” and “he is so cute” and then (the best one) “At least we’re gonna have good weather”. That is something we (yes, I’m Dutch) say when someone sneezes three times. the next day, the weather will be great. Maybe this panda sneezed abouts 2 and a half weeks ago, cause it’s been great in the Netherlands!! thanks Panda. 🙂 and in Dutch: “Gezondheid”.

  74. @binky-mama: The weekend yawns ahead—I’ll pick it up at Blockbuster! (If you CO peeps like it, I’ll probably like it, too!)

    @Maria: How cool to have the translation! Thanks! Do you live in the Netherlands?

  75. Oh, the ears… THE EARS!

  76. The second one did me in too. It was mom’s lingering look at the baby that had me in stitches.

    Her look said, “Day-amn!”

  77. Paunchie says:

    Never seen the Princess Bride??


    binky mama 😉

  78. Paunchie says:



  79. RuthElisa says:

    Awww cute videos Meg!

  80. You got it. The ears flapping wildly and the relax at the end.Priceless!

  81. Kathleen says:

    Get him a kleenex please!

  82. LOL too cute
    although more than half of his sneezing wasn’t actually sneezing but trying to blow out whatever was stuck up in his nose, so I’d rather call it blowing his nose 😀
    too too adorable

  83. I’m with you Juniper… I have this terrible curse- somehow I manage to BITE MY TONGUE when I sneeze. So when I get the major sneezies my poor tongue gets chomped to bits!!!

    And I HATE when I get bad hiccups, because I will inevitably swallow and hiccup at the same time and that HURTS!!!

    @binky mama- you keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means. 😉

  84. NYCGirl says:

    Aw, poor thing!

    (I’ve never seen The Princess Bride, either.)

  85. Watched both of these like a million times. Cracking up. Gotta love the stubbular tail action toward the end of the first video.

  86. Jennifer says:

    Momma panda just goes back to chewing. Hahaha!


  87. Cody-kun says:

    it’s me, the long-time lurker who posts every now and then.

    On the subject of sneeze-quirks…when I’m HEALTHY, I’ll randomly sneeze twice in a row, this happens when I look near the sun, get my feet tickled…or pluck my eyebrows O.o But when I sick, I’ll only sneeze the once.

  88. @ Gail: I do live there. So surprising to hear Dutch on CO..but yeah, we’re slowly taking over the world 😉 starting with wishing panda’s gezondheid..

  89. “Christopher Robin had sneezles and wheezles,
    They bundled him into his bed.
    They gave him what goes
    for a cold in the nose,
    And much more for a cold in the head…”


  90. I love Panda:). They are patient, relax and full of love.By just look at them your heart will be filled with happiness.

  91. destiny says: