Get ready for tiny mews

Tiny mews, odd monochromatic body fur and paw chewing. GO!

Ross and Jo-Lynn L., exquisite work with the tiny mews.



  1. ask not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for BLEEN!

  2. freetomato says:

    precious little half-in-black-&-white-Kansas-half-in-full-color-Oz kitty!

  3. katiedid says:

    GHOST CAT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. The Daily Mews, indeed!:D

    And everywhere the kitten went his sooty foot he put!


  5. Nicolletta says:

    That’s it. I’m ded. I’m dedder than ded. Those tiny mews did me in.

  6. more like paw gumming – that bebeh has no teef!

  7. WHY oh WHY do I have to be allergic to kitties?????????????

  8. Theresa says:

    AND The Yawn. AND the tiny, lynxy ear-tufts! MWAH!!

  9. Hon Glad says:

    Helpless little mewer.

  10. That’s IT!!! I’m useless for the rest of the day and it’s only 9:30 in the morning!!! WAY too sweet!

  11. Evan (the girl) says:

    I think I just went into a diabetic coma.

  12. katiedid says:

    does anyone else see the ghost cat??

  13. The tiny mews! The tiny mews! Ack…

    And yes I did, katiedid (before I died from the tiny mews, that is)

  14. (tries to think of ways to justify to fambly that despite having 4 dogs an 3 cats we really really REALLY need kittenz!)
    maybe I can smuggle them in, it’s so noisy in my house no one will notice the tiny mews right?

  15. zinka milanov says:

    Those bells! Theres gonna be someone in the background screaming “Bring out your dead!”.

  16. sunnymum says:

    GAH! When s/he did a full stretch it was so teeny cause those wee front legs are so small they don’t stretch out very far! And the highest pitch mew! And the teeny mouf with a teeny yawn! Ded!

  17. This is what draws us in to take these pretty little animews home and then they get big and sit all over your computer. Geesh!

  18. Sorry….have to.
    MEW TUBE!!

  19. I soooooooooo needed a vid like this. I woke up late after sleeping through my alarm, was out of cream for my coffee this morning, encountered the truly stupid on the transit system (yea, dude, you might want to remove your overstuffed backpack from your back before I end up with a black eye, ya think?), almost fell down the stairs to the subway, have a bad headache that has so far defeated 5 Tylenols, and cannot reach the one person I need to speak with regarding a proposal going out TODAY.

    And it’s not quite lunch yet. Blech.

    So, I shall sit here, watching mewing, purring, yawning adorable kittens until I feel like a human being again. And then I’ll get out of here as early as I can and go home and take a nice nap with my own kittens (who are 12 and 8 respectively)

  20. Kitten: mew
    Me: SQUEE!!!!
    Kitten: mew

    and so on. I think I ruptured my own earn drum from all the squeeing! Tewtally made my morninkgs wif those WEE LITTLE MEWS AND THE PAWS AND FUZZ OMG!

    There goes the other ear drum. Dagnabbit..

  21. Katiedid – between seconds 9 and 12 there is totally a GHOST KITTEH!! What’s up with that?!?! Scary kitteh!

  22. I think ghost kitty is Mom. That little guy surely hasn’t been weaned yet. What a doll! I too was squeeing and sucking in my lower lip until it’s permanently retracted.

  23. Yeah there’s definitely another kitteh walking around in the background. Maybe Mommeh???

    BTW I luuuuuf the toothless yawnage!!!!

  24. Catsquatch says:

    I hate to be a stickler (isnt that some kind of fish?) but “monochromatic” means one color….

    That itty bitty kitty is polychromatic, more than one color.

    Just thought you should know….


  25. splat! another one slain by the qte!
    and so much teeny kitteh to snorgle!
    love freetomat’s nearly bleen line:

    precious little half-in-black-&-white-Kansas-half-in-full-color-Oz kitty!

    i wonder if the wizard has a kitteh like this for me!

  26. arggh. misspelled freetomato! need more coffee

  27. The perfect thing to wake up to on my birthday =)

  28. Happy birthday to mew.

  29. Happy Birthday Erica! It’s my birthday too! I’m 20.

    That kitty. Its paw has a flavor.

  30. jimmy da fish says:

    the stretch, the yawn, the paw nomming… it’s all too much

  31. katiedid says:

    I looked again and I see ghost cat at 16 seconds too.. I think it is a ghost cat because it looks see thru.. but it doesnt look like a reflection or anything…..

  32. Shannon says:

    I can’t decide if I would love the church bells or if they would make me want to kill myself…..

    hmmmm – early morning bells = choice B…..

  33. I love how the Mommy Cat was just like “what? oh you’ll be fine” and struts off, lol : ) She’s probably tired!!!!

  34. Looks like maybe the momma needs to replace her yellow and magenta ink cartridges.

    (Way kewl coloring, though.)

  35. Vampy I feel your pain, I over slept this morning as well, made it to work with less problems (we dont have mass transit in my city) and when I got to work I have some very rude e-mails from people…and then I saw this little kitten. I went SQUEE and my head went SLPODE!

    HEH it can only get better right? And I did see the Ghost Cat watching over the little kits.

  36. milkfilledandroid says:

    Oh the chub-eared pudge-face! YAY!

    But that’s so totally a ghost kitty in the BG. I bet she only shows up when the bells are going. Cuz you can already see the mom cleaning a baby in the background when ghostkitty walks in. Nevermind that ghostkitty is glowy.

  37. ooooooh him toe, toe wewaxed … waid baaaack … mmmmmmmmmm

  38. meowandwoof says:


  39. Without the sound,the yawn and paw-nomming action looks like a teeny *burp* “Oh, EXCUSE me!” moment!!!

  40. i love this video, but hasn’t this been posted before?

  41. Jmper & meowandwoof….I’ve no idea what I would do if CO didn’t exist. Go insane with built up rage I suppose. 🙂 Thankfully I had no rude emails, but I did have about 120 “Returned” notifications because it seems a bug got into my email program.

    Nothing makes irritation and a crappy day melt away faster than the posts here. Especially the baby kitten posts.

  42. Marianne says:

    Isn’t there another kitten back there? I think that’s the one with the anxious mew. We’ve got a kindle as well as a ghost mom.
    Darling little babies: love how they change color halfway through

  43. *aim KILLD*

    Tinii mewz? THRII Qte catz?



  44. 5cats1dog says:

    I love the bells and I wouldn’t mind them at all in the morning. There is a sibling and the mama cat in the background although the mama looks very ghostly. But near the end of the video you can see her face more clearly for a sec. (You just have to look past the bebeh’s shoulder.) But those little paws, the huge yawn, the little mew. Mmmmm….kittehs. Snorgle ’em up!

    (BTW, my son put me on to CO and he says it’s his favorite site when his fellow workerbees get him irritated. He is an IT guy and gets purrrty purrrterbed at some of ’em. If he didn’t have CO to look at I think there would be bodies strewn at his place of employmentness. Srsly.)

  45. OMG! Stretchy toes!Chewy toes! Tongue action! AAAH Wonderful!

  46. Hey, Metzie–the sure cure to the kitteh-longing is to foster some babies!!! I’m remembering all the sweetness and some of the less that (my hands have so many scratches I look like I have a skin disorder-LOL!)

    I love B&W things—movies, TV shows, KITTEHS!!!!

  47. Maybe not qte enough a comment, but the coloring of this cat makes me think it might be a chimera:

    Nutshell – this is something that happens in the womb that can actually make one person “be their own twin” and have 2 different sets of DNA. People who have this can have literally a line on their body dividing 2 different skin colors on either halves of their body.

  48. The blue eyes, people, THE TEENSY BLUE EYES!!!!

    I really, really need a kitteh.

  49. chanpon says:

    So cute, so furry, so squee-worthy! I am dying here.

  50. Awww. That second kitten did me in. I kept wondering where that second meio was coming from then I saw that second bebeh. Momma must’ve come in to take him in for a bath.

  51. Raemie L. says:

    The mewing, the squirmingks, the paw licking and final paw NOM…. An enthralling performance!

  52. @berthaservant: C’mon, road trip to Philly!! I have 8 kittehs (FOUR Marmies!) to adopt out when they’re big enough!!

    @Emily: Wow, that’s a cool thought. I’d heard the word “Chimera” before, but never really knew what it meant.

  53. Muffles says:

    Sheesh, could this be any cuter? I’m tingling all over and want to scream and crush the kitten with kisses…

  54. …I think i’m having a brain meltdown from the cuteness there… Too much…

  55. Kathleen says:

    I like the little paw action there.