Captive giant pandas found safe in China

After that devastating earthquake, that’s some good news, People. News via CNN.

This can only mean more snow rolling in preparation for the Olympics.

Su playing in the snow, originally uploaded by kjdrill.

Su really loves snow!, originally uploaded by kjdrill.

Yoga Master, originally uploaded by kjdrill.

Hilarious Su Lin, originally uploaded by kjdrill.

Rolling around in the snow, originally uploaded by kjdrill.

That’s one happy panda!!, originally uploaded by kjdrill.



  1. Bleen, which in this case means “Let’s hope all of nature’s creatures come together to help one another survive these terrible disasters!!!”

  2. Dogbreath says:

    Best definition of bleen that I have ever seen.

    [Works for me. I’m not going to use it in the Glossary, though, because I’m afraid folks would think I was being smartassity about it… you know, like everything else in there… – Ed.]

  3. Darrylsmama says:

    Make sure you go through the whole photoset and read everything. It’s cuter than a helpless lil’ baby calico kitteh and the copy is great!

  4. Barbara says:


    I was so worried about those guys, glad they are safe!

  5. Awww, fluffy panda bum!

  6. chanpon says:


  7. Ha! I c wat u did thar, chanpon.

  8. Aww, pandas go NUTS in snow! It’s so cute.

  9. that third picture…with the tongue sticking out. totally presh.

    and the last one, he’s all “heyyy i’m sledding on my back! weeeeee!”

  10. momof2kitties says:

    New Olympic Sport??

  11. chanpon – Too funny!

  12. just as a fyi: these photos are of the pandas at the san diego zoo, not wolong in china…

    the zoo blew snow into their enclosures last month as an ‘enrichment’ for them 🙂 great photos!

  13. Curious…this post has changed photos, there was one with a mommy and lil behbeh panda before….but my bleen still stands!

  14. That panda has a bad case of roly-poly-itis.

  15. This is the cutest case of roly-poly-itis I’ve ever seen.


    *makes a really fierce face*

  17. Oh, I dunno… snicker? [SNGZT]

  18. Claudia says:

    wheeee! lol @ chanpon, good one!

  19. that is the best and the cutest rolling I’ve seen.

  20. binky-mama says:

    lol @ chanpon! It took me awhile then I was all “Ohhhhhh I get it!” (It’s finals week and I’m a little slow on the uptake)
    Love the third one where he is apparently discovering his own cute furry panda behind. (I haz a tail!)

  21. Total bliss, Panda style!!!

  22. Oh my landing… this is just waaaaaaaaay too much qte.

  23. I know you snowed-in folks will want to kill me for this, but I would LOVE to be rolling and polling in the snow right now!

  24. Also, I love that her fur has a reddish tint.

  25. I looove the tongue ackshuns.

  26. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Panda tongue!

  27. Su Lin is adorable. She LOVED the snow. Congrats kjdrill on your wonderful pictures being featured on Cute Overload.

  28. Cupnoodle says:

    Ah hahahaha~!

    Rollie Pollie Panda bear bear!


    Muah Muah~! So cute!! >_<

  29. Hon Glad says:

    Snow good too cute.

  30. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Pop-lockin’ Panda!! 😀

    Too kyoot!!!

  31. i don’t get what chanpon means. explain!

  32. moggyfan says:

    Me neither, bloo 😦 I has teh dumb.

  33. cheesybird says:

    chanpon’s comment was a “Princess Bride” reference, bloo and moggyfan. (And it made me *snork* out loud.) Brilliant movie! If you haven’t seen it, rent thee a copy posthaste! 🙂

  34. Modesty tail!

  35. cheesybird says:

    Oh yeah. Forgot to say: WHEEEEEEE!!! Panda tongue!!!

  36. It’s not Friday yet, but here’s some ANI-MAY-SHONS:


    (hope they work … the files on my PC work just fine)

  37. Oh, and I forgot to mention the AWESOMENESS this pan-pan has going for it:


  38. The animation doesn’t work… try these links instead:

    or this:

    Damn technical glitches. 😦

  39. omg what a hilarious series of photos! i snorted at the upside-down roll-in-progress one. oh so cute!!

  40. Poohbear says:

    Thanks for the news! Was worried about the pandahs. Sweet pik-chas. Now let’s hope the humans in the area get all the help they need, as well.

  41. Lioness says:

    Cutest Panda pics ever! Talk about enjoying life!!!

  42. passionflower says:

    This is beyond insensitive. The New York Times this morning is reporting that the death toll from the earthquake is reaching 15,000 and the government is scrambling to provide basic needs for survivors. I love animals, but to rejoice over “good news”for a couple of pandas when so many people who live in that region are suffering so greatly is obscene.

  43. Know what?!
    Panda Butt! 😀

  44. UMich'sLee says:

    Chanpon – hilarious!!

    That pander totally looks like he’s laughing the whole way down. That pic is awetastic.

  45. Oh laws. Just when you think you couldn’t possibly love pandas more… This is a supreme visual definish of “fun”.

  46. Umich'sLee says:

    You’re right, passionflower. Let’s not find joy in anything until all human suffering across the planet is eradicated. Most people I know are capable of experiencing more than one emotion at a time…I can rejoice that the animals are safe and still be horrified by the human suffering!

    So guess what? Panda Butt! (thx WBirdie!)

  47. Love the Princess Bride comment! Spot on!

    Pandas are right up there with Polar bears on the cute/beautiful scale. I would LOVE to be roly-poly in the snow with a panda!!! (Ok, maybe just a baby panda…)

  48. ThreeCatNight says:

    The utter joy on this panda’s face is just too much to behold! And some of the nuffers had best lighten up a bit.

  49. Hi

    Nice shots.
    Great moments.


  50. zeldapie says:

    Okay, I have a big smile on my face now! What a happy, sweet panda – best pic is the one with the peenk tongue sticking out! LOL!

  51. To everyone involved in posting these pictures and spreading the word: MEGWETCH!! (an old way of saying “thanks”). This is the best – and I mean the very BEST – series of pix I have ever had the delight to apply my very own eyeballs on to.

  52. Makes you wonder why humans spend so much time worrying about the “meaning” to life. Pure joy.

  53. If that bear didn’t have clawses and big teefs, I would hug him and hug him and maybe knit him a sweater.

  54. They really look like they were made to roll… ^_^

    So cute!

  55. I can’t believe how ridicuously adorable these photos are!!!

  56. O my doodness! that’s the cutest thing I’ve seen since I last visited this site … or kissed my Chihuahua, Javier, right beside his wee mouth.

  57. I love that shot where she sticks her tongue out at us!

    My childhood teddy bear was a panda bean bag. This is why.

  58. Love the pics, but I have to agree that the earthquake reference does sound a little insensitive, and it made me cringe a little before I got to enjoy the pictures, especially with the new reports of tens of thousands of people still trapped under rubble. The pictures are very cute, though, I still love the post.

  59. Big sii uv reliif but…hao abaot Tibetans an Burmese???

  60. So freaking cutedorable! Those guys are beating even otters in having fun!

  61. Yeah, it is sad that there are so many in China who have been devastated by the quake, but let’s not forget that the ENTIRE panda SPECIES was almost obliterated (and is still threatened)…I mean, if we were going to make comparisons and everything.

    So, a little joy at some panda rolling isn’t so bad. I bet he’s stoked just to be alive

  62. Heather says:

    Thanks for posting this Meg! I’m glad there is SOME good news coming from that area.


  64. Why is it wrong or insensitive to rejoice in one of God’s creature’s being safe and unharmed in the midst of such horror? We rejoice at tales of human survival every day -why is this any different?

    Geeze…lighten up and enjoy the panda butt!! Maybe you need to go snow surfing…

  65. I agree with Lisa.

    I saw a video about four kittens found in the rubble left by devastating tornadoes. Is that insensitive, to be happy that something survived?

    I look at this way, we are NOT being insensitive because we are NOT celebrating the survival of pandas as MORE important than the people. This isn’t a case of, “Thousands of people are hurt, killed, or had their lives and homes destroyed and devastated, but never fear! The pandas are ok!”

    Its more like finding a bright spot in the midst of all the darkness. Its nice to be able to hear a little bit of good news, no matter how small, come from something so terrible.

    Lighten up. There’s enough doom and gloom already in the world and not everyone wants to be depressed all the time. Most of us like to enjoy something happy, ESPECIALLY when something bad happens.

  66. I for one was glad to see this, and to hear yesterday that there was no damage reported at Woolong. I had heard on the news that there was severe damage in that area and that contact had been lost with the Panda center there. In the midst of all the tragedy there, it is nice to know that the floofy pandas and their hard-working caretakers and scientists are safe.

  67. Rooanne says:

    I agree that it’s important to find joy & appreciate life whenever & where ever we can. This panda reminds us of that.

  68. Roroooanne says:

    ….. and in fact, one could say that’s what Cute Overload is all about!!!
    and I just said it!

  69. Flaming says:

    Anyone who doesn’t think this is insensitive must have some real thick skin. Of course this is insensitive… you’re trying to find a “bright spot” amongst tragedy, in a region where thousands lost their only child or other relatives/friends/neighbor. If you encountered tragedy and someone told you to find a bright spot, wouldn’t you feel offended?? Let’s be real, even in the least. It’s one thing to find a panda cute, but don’t associate this with some kind of relief after tens of thousands of people may have lost their lives.

  70. Lisa, it’s ignorant of you to tell someone to lighten up when you don’t even know if this has affected them personally. Idiot.

  71. AAAAAACTUALLY, Flaming, I would NOT be offended.

    I got offended when my foster mother of 6 years died and someone said, “Well its not like she was your REAL mom. Get over it.”

    I didn’t get offended when a friend said, “Think of it this way. She isn’t hurting anymore.”

    We aren’t saying it isn’t tragic. We aren’t saying that it isn’t absolutely horrific and heartbreaking that something like this happened, that so many people have had their lives devastated.

    I’d be willing to be money, though, that you people saying we’re “idiots” for not being offended over a PANDA were NOT crying “I’m offended!!!” after 9/11/01 whenever one of those “uplifting” stories of survival surfaced.

  72. Flaming says:

    Look Villy, I’m not telling you how to feel. Everyone sees it a different way, but if someone is offended, just respect how others would feel and tread softly. I definitely wouldn’t tell someone to go “snow surfing”.