Almost done there, Hon

Mimi the kitteh needed a bath. And that’s what Mimi got. Then, she got snorfed by a dog named ‘Panda’. So far this week is not going well for Mimi.


Halp Teajay! Halp!



  1. Kitty Abuse!!!

  2. emma leigh says:

    Hee! Does Teejay ever put her tongue in her mouth?

  3. tarzankun says:

    alien in the bath tub

  4. emma leigh says:

    Er, I mean Mimi. (blushes)

  5. hahahahah
    that is so sad, yet hilarious.

  6. This is what happens when you get snorgled by a dog.

  7. Neeeeeeeehrr! Do not want! ^~^

  8. OMG that’s hilarious!! The wide-eyed “help me!” on the cat’s face.. then the tongue action… so funny!!
    I’m sure all was forgiven though once kitty was dryed off and snorgled

  9. Persephone says:

    Love the labret piercing! 🙂

  10. Wombats says:


  11. ICHC in 5 . . . 4 . . . 3 . . .

  12. Her eyes look like a pair of marbles

  13. the girl bathing the kitteh looks so sweet!

  14. Does her tongue ever get back in her mouf?

  15. oh, i’m totally ready for the “this is animal cruelty” comments.

  16. Rosie A. says:


    I want to gently poke the kitteh’s tongue so it’ll go back in (that’s what I do to Tucker when his is just stickin out for no reason!).

  17. oooooh this kitty looks like the grinch mated with a yeti!! only because it’s wet though. all kitties look absurd when they’re wet and distraught.

  18. mandykw says:

    hahahhahahahah oh my gosh, she looks like Gollum!!

  19. Dreamspinner Cheryl says:

    Marie, you nailed it! I swear, in both photos, my first reaction was “Shopped?!?”

    D. Cheryl

  20. Mary Ellen says:


    that reminds me, it’s bath day for my persians….

  21. katiedid says:

    Rosie: I used to do that with my cat she was old and had no k-9 (pointy front teeth) and her tounge would stick out every once in a while.. and if i just touched it …. in it would go.. hehe

  22. omg. not cute, kind of scary-looking. but funny!

  23. (gasp sputter)
    Whut part of Nyerhe! Dun U hoomans unnerstan? Nyerhe! 2 ur baf, Nyerhe! I say!

  24. sunnymum says:

    Poor baby! Extra treats all around for Mimi; a rough week indeed. Thank goodness she appears to have a very sweet human mama 🙂

  25. oaklandcat says:

    Whatever you do, don’t let the Gremlins get wet!!!!

  26. Cute girl. Hot piercing. Oh ya, and the cat is hilarious.

  27. binky-mama says:

    The wide-eyed terror. The pink tongue. The wet toe floof. Ees too moishe!!!!

  28. What, no nuffs yet?? Oh alright then…

    ::pull up sleeves, spits in hands and rubs them together::

    OMG Poor kitty! I’m sure she stayed really upset for a long time, not to mention traumatized!! I hope she left a big pile in front of her owner’s bedroom door!! I hope these people are arrested for animal cruelty. It’s absolutely revolting to watch an animal being TORTURED like that! And they even took a photo!!!1!!ELEVENTYONE!!11!!!!!1111

  29. Can’t you just see it playing out like in a movie? Closeup of the edge of the tub, then “sploot” one soggy paw slaps onto the surface, and “sploot” the other, then our heroine drags herself up to the edge in her desparate bid for freedom.

  30. brinnann says:

    *golf clap* Bravo, Laney! But you forgot, “My sister’s cousin’s fiance’s mom gave her cat a bath and it {insert aweful thing here}!!!”

  31. That’s nawt fair tho, they’re restraining themselves this time why provoke them?

  32. But I did make sure I included the eleventyone.

  33. You think, Metz? I think they just haven’t seen it yet :p

  34. brinnann says:

    Nah, Metz, they’re just all driving home from work right now. Give them time, they’ll be here. They have some sort of sixth sense when it comes to kitty-baf posts.

  35. brinnann says:

    Synchronized postingks!

  36. lol WHY do people bath their cats? Bathing the dog is one thing, but kitties are generally preeeeeetty clean.

  37. …generally

  38. brinnann says:

    “Generally” is the key word, Fegli. But there are times when they get so dirty or into something so nasty that they can’t get themselves clean. Trust me, NO ONE does this for fun. Anyone who tried doing it for fun would end up heavily bandaged.

  39. I wanna see what kitty looks like….dry!

  40. Thanks Theo!

  41. Heather says:

    Don’t worry Mimi. Getting wet is no fun but think of how nice it is to be so clean!

    Too cute!

  42. Katrina says:

    Well, mostly dry, anyway….


    Reminds me of my old kitty. I never gave her a bath, but I bet she would have looked exactly like this cutie.

  44. that is ****ing insane i love it!

  45. pfffbthhh…do not wanth, halp halp D:

  46. Yeah, they’re generally clean.

    Until Mr. Foofy Persian gets poop stuck to his fur and decides to try using the rug as toilet paper… or jumps into the trash can and becomes covered with old tomato sauce and coffee grounds… or has way too much fun with the tape dispenser you forgot to put away and mummifies himself…

    Mine doesn’t mind being bathed… but the hair dryer fills him with homicidal RAGE…

  47. I adore Mimi – really… poor baby – what a rough week she’s having.

  48. Oh my God, that’s a great photo!

    She’s all, “why?”


    best cat in a bath pic!
    it says it all. 🙂

  50. I maintain that cats are not ‘generally clean.’ They clean themselves. This means they are generally covered in cat spit.

  51. Got somethin’ against cat spit, Boy? :-p

    @aloria: LOL’ing at “homicidal rage”!!!

  52. twoflyingdogs says:

    Always important to aim the claws away from you when bathing a cat.

  53. It’s probably been said already, but move over Winston…

    Mimi’s charm is coming on like gangbusters! I’m in love with the little minx already!

  54. that’s not mimi, that’s my kitty inara. she got an emergency bath last night… although this photo makes her eyes seem a lot more green…

    [“Inara”, eh? Looks more like “Wash” to me… – Ed.]

  55. sunnymum says:

    do tell… what required the emergency bath? Run in with a garbage can? A skunk? Hope your kitty is happier today 🙂

  56. Claudia says:

    HALP! Indeed. lol, that face is priceless!

  57. You got it, Metz:

    Kitteh wants to be a zombie cat in the upcoming straight-to-video sequel “C.H.U.D. VII: The Kittening.”

  58. The contrast in the two faces is what’s killing me. Kitty looks as if she’s trying desperately to escape the wet, soapy jaws of death, while owner is smiling serenely!

  59. chanpon says:

    No classic Princess Bride quotes here, but he does look suspiciously like Vizzini. Is this is Sicilian cat perhaps?

  60. Raemie L. says:

    Hm, no one’s said yet that the dripping pawsies look like they’re melting, a la Wicked Witch of the West.

    Kitteh: “Nyeeerhe… I’m melting… melting… What a world, what a world!”

  61. PheonixKalinKarr says:

    Oh-ho! +111 points to CO for the Firefly tie-in!

    I luv the color of the kittehs eyes! “The watur brings out your eyes, dahling”

    Something tells me that, with the rebellious tougne, this kitteh would talk something like a high-class Sylvester teh cat.

  62. leah b. says:

    this kitteh looks like it could use some form of spiked milk to calm its nerves after being toweled off.

  63. I’ve never tried giving my Siliga bath. But she loves to hang out when I take a bath and then jump in play while the water is draining!

    I have learned, though, that SHE decides when she likes water. If I try and put her in, she flips out and gets angry.

    But if I were to fill the tub a bit and walk away, she’d most definitely hop in and start playing.

  64. Ruh roh! Someone’s thinking “MURDERRRRR!”

  65. Dear heavens. We’re just a bunch of nerds/geeks aren’t we?

    Who’s the Browncoat?

  66. Hon Glad says:

    What foul fiend of hell is this.

  67. Aww what a cute picture. I am sure that cat loved the bath.

  68. @Hon Glad: You always KEEL me!! Perhaps Kitteh got into the Midnight in the Casbah perfume???

    There’s something about the sinewy-ness (?) of the wet paws that gets me!

  69. Karenjo says:


    OMG that’s the funniest kitty I’ve seen in ages… it’s just the indignity of it all….

  70. snorglepup says:


  71. Trinky dink says:

    I have the same tee shirt

  72. Aw, poor kitteh is meltoringk.

    @ Boy: I think about that fact every time I pet one of my overlords. Blergh.

  73. The Other One Michelle says:

    Wahhhhhh haaaaa at the Joss Whedon-verse tie-in. I just happened to rewatch “Serenity” last night! I hated it when Wash died :-(. Cute kitty tho.

  74. ThreeCatNight says:

    “Why ME? Why, why? Why must she do this ALL the time? What are tongues FOR anyway?! I give up, I just GIVE UP!!!”

  75. Katrina says:

    Thank you, Snorglepup, eleventyone? I’m out of the lo-op again? Please, someone, define eleventyone for Snorglepup and me.

  76. mimi was feeling a bit overheated, and her fluffy white underbelly was looking a bit brownish
    hence the bath

    and yes
    her momma gina (the bath giver) is very sweet

  77. brinnann says:

    Katrina, Snorglepup: Eleventyone comes from the mistyping of !!!!!. Sometimes the shift key slips, particularly when excited or in a hurry, resulting in !!!!!111!!!, or some combination thereof. To show added excitement, some will type the word ONE in the midst to give it some extra oompf; or ELEVEN in place of “11”; or ELEVENTYONE in place of “111.”

    And in case it comes up, sometimes we call Theo “Teho,” on the same grounds of fast typing = mistyping. “The” is often misspelled as “teh,” thus “Theo” became “Teho.”

  78. as for the reason to bathe a kitteh – my friend recently had to bathe their kitteh, roger, because he did not receive his venture into manhood very well. actually, he sprayed the living room carpet and then proceeded to wee all over his hind legs, which was grounds for an emergency cat bath. needless to say, roger was absolutely livid. a few short days after the horrid bathing incident, roger then lost his manhood that he’d only known for a short time. he did manage to spray most of the apartment, though.

  79. I love Mimi – poor thing – I will take her and hug her all the time if she needs hugs and kisses all the time. 😦 poooooorrrr kitty pants 😦

  80. Katrina says:

    brinnann- Thank you for ‘teh’ word updates. This is such a nice day today, I hope everyone is having the best day possible, within all our individual circumstances.I can walk without a cane today! Hooray! Everyone take some ‘hooray’ and spread it around!

  81. snorglepup says:

    Thanks, peeps!!

  82. Melissa says:

    That cat has some major tongue action! Love that photo though.

  83. @Katrina–Congrats on going cane-less!!!!

  84. erin, sorry. i know mimi’s mom too! that her! (and she’s also punk rock)

  85. Sunshine0460 says:

    OMG the face…like..halp..I’m being DROWNDEDED HERE!!!
    Too funny..
    SOOO expressive…

  86. This is hilarious!

  87. johanna says:

    I don’t know, folks. Am I the only one who thinks kitty’s expression is more like, “oh, yeah!’ Right THERE!!!!!”


  88. Please tell me there is no photoshop involved, please, I want to believe! 🙂

  89. shaz- no photoshop! all cat. you can believe!

  90. samerah says:

    that’s the funniest thing I saw

  91. Sorry Shaz, it’s a total fake. The *cat* is actually bathing the *girl*.

  92. What catface, look at that sweet tongue…

  93. i’ve also forgotten to mention that i love the look of cockeyed terror on this kitteh’s face. loooove it.

  94. Hehe awww, thats me and my kitty! I love all the sweet comments about herrrr! Thank you guys, she’s my little angel!^-^

  95. That cat serously looks like Gollum from The Lord of the Rings