Chihuahua ordered to perfection

[Speaking into drive-thru window speaker]

Um, I’ll take the beady eyes/stuffed animal combo…


…with finger monches


Oh, and paws up for dessert. Thannnnnnnnnks.


Drive to the next window, Eva H. Bone Appetit!



  1. katiedid says:

    So wittle!!!!!!!!

  2. oh come on!!!!! the first two pics paralyzed me from teh Qte and then you slap me with the third! gah!!!


  3. Are you sure that’s a chihuahua – it looks like a Pomeranian puppy to me.

    It is sooooooooooooooo cute!!!

  4. Seven Paws says:

    Senor Flufferito!

    The third floating caption was perfect, btw!

  5. Looks more like a perfect Pom pup to me. What kind of Chihuahua is he?

  6. omg. that’s delectable!!!

    i didn’t know chihuahua’s could come in that fluffy form.

  7. I’ll take a side order of heart shaped nosicle and nacho-nom ears too!

  8. The third picture..
    It keeled me.

  9. He looks like a purebred long haired Chihuahua– how else could he be so fluffy? He really is the most adorale little puppy!

  10. Katrina says:

    Thaaaaaaat’s better- fluff and small and a little red shiny nosicle.

    Thank you! I wish I could make wallpaper from the third picture, for my family room, that is.

  11. I want a puppy! I want this puppy! I want this puppy now!

  12. sunnymum says:

    What is it with the legs today? What with the long gorgeous gams of miss kitteh in the post above this leetle cutie patootie, and now the stubbularity of the puppeh’s legs?? I’m ded man, just ded.

  13. OMG! People! What kind of critter is this?

  14. It’s a Heffalump, like it says in the headline.

  15. brinnann says:

    Really? I thought it was a Woozle.

  16. pistache268 says:

    Oh schneeeee!


  17. eikoleigh says:


    He’s so cute – I want one!

  18. zeldapie says:

    I can now die a happy zelda. I have seen CUTENESS IN ALL ITS GLORY!!!

  19. AuntieMame says:

    You never can tell with Heffalumps.

    And don’t forget my dippin’ sauce!

  20. Marianne says:

    oh goodness! the puppy is smiling in that last one!!

  21. Winni-Pig says:


    That nose.

  22. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Is it possible that the pup is ded from his OWN KYOOTNESS in the last pic? Or BEING a pup, just PLAYING ded?

    Makes ya think, no?

  23. Rachel Sweeden says:

    OMG the puppeh is so cute.

  24. Mary (the first) says:

    Did we ever get a definitive answer? Is it truly a chihuahua or a pomeranian (or some other combo)?? Just in case I’m ever offered one or something.

  25. Annie J says:

    Aww, so prosh!!! 🙂

  26. Could be a pomerhuahua?

  27. riolinda says:

    OMG … I have died of cuteness overload! 🙂

  28. This adorable little guy is listed as a chihuahua, but maybe he’s really a pomhuahua? Could be his mom had a pom boyfriend, secret-like… 😀

    PS. His wittle nose looks like a red grape.

  29. pwessssssssssssssssis dawling!

    SarahR wut are u smoking, luvvy?

  30. Rooanne says:

    I want the widdle biddy puppie!!!!!!!!! I wannna put him in my bag & keep him wif me

  31. SarahR pomerhuahua or Chuaharanian, Or heffalump or woozle. It is all in the language that you speak isn’t it.

    Scritches adorablest little puppy on the chin while hiding huge bottle of chocolate sauce and whipped cream.

  32. You know, Meg is responsible for more deaths than ANYONE ever by my count, at least 1000 daily! Head aspolsions, falling over ded, sploiting, squeeing oneself to death…

    She should be held accountable. Seriously.

  33. chanpon says:

    I am truly dead from that last picture. So is the puppy apparently! He killed himself with kyoot.

  34. I don’t know what picture you all are looking at, but that last pic is OBVY a baby ewok!

  35. You know about twenty years ago when they said that Matthew Broderick was “puppy dog cute?” This is probably the puppy dog they were talking about.

  36. Cutest little boo=boo face!!!!

  37. woofysma says:

    Aww, gee whiz, Ma, can I have the cute little puppy? This is simply torture – to look at that little body, so plumpy, soft, furry, and sweet, that perfect little face, those itty bitty toesies, and know that I can’t touch. I can’t stand it – I want him – waaaaaaah!

  38. This appears to be one of those destroyer of worlds Ive seen so much about.

  39. Michelle says:

    No, ma’am. You didn’t order the milk shocklate nose for dessert. That comes free with every beady eyes/stuffed animal combo!


  41. shelleyup7 says:

    This is not a chihuahua not a true one, their ears never flop even as pups!

  42. GAHHHH!!!

    ::dead from teh qte::

  43. this is a long coat/haired chihuahua puppy. 100%.

    poms are supposed to be much fluffier than this anyway.
    their ears do flop as puppies. just like mine did.

  44. Michelle says:

    shelleyup7, you’re joking right?

  45. That’s a hua hua?! Mmmn. Don’t see it, but I’m in love anyway. 😀

  46. jackie31337 says:

    Phin: “their ears do flop as puppies. just like mine did.”

    Your ears flopped when you were a puppy? 🙂

  47. nom nom nom smoosh smoosh kiss. I wouldn’t put this puppy down!

  48. Katrina says:

    I could love this little beastie-it reminds me of one I picked up in a pet store- I literally picked it up to play with it and it felt so wonderful. Oh, the eyes, even closed are just soooooo prosh. I didn’t get the puppy I picked up, when I got home, my Corgi was quite annoyed that I had cheated on her and I didn’t buy the pup because I didn’t want her to have to deal with a very territorial Corgi. But I still think about that puppy and where it eventually went. Some puppies just haunt one with cute. This one does, for sure.

  49. Katrina says:

    Dear Phin-there is a puppy fluffier than this one? Oh, my stars and garters. Please post a picture of one, my family room still needs new wall covering. Thank you. FLUFF!!!!!

  50. Come on!

    Srsly, how could this pup’s bipeds ever leave the house?

  51. Not a fan of Wah-wahs, HOWEVER, that last photo just KILLS. Seepy wittle baaaaaby.

  52. Catsquatch says:

    Thats a chihuhua?
    Looks like a midget bear….

  53. OMG! I is ded!

    But this cutie looks more like a pom pup top me.

  54. That puppy is all bewildered in the first pic– like, “Nosuh, IDK how I got this cute, either.”

  55. You realize that FAO Swartz would kill for that kind of qteness.

    IF they could package that kind of cute they’d take over the world.

  56. shepard says:

    got to step in to clarify some previous posts:

    thank you.

  57. @ jackie31337
    i really meant to say my dog had floppy ears when he was a pup. i think i’d totally freak if my ears flopped. even just a little.

    @ Katrina
    here’s a fluffy pom pup for ya. this little guy has furcheeks.