‘alo! Jost poppin’ in fo’ a spo’ o’ tea!

Behbeh: ‘alo! Jost poppin’ in fo’ a spo’ o’ tea!
Cat: Right oh, just getting the teacops out now! [rattle rattle rattle]


Johanna S. found this photo from several terrific ones over at Uber Cats slide shows



  1. Matchingks AGAIN!!

  2. PS – louver lurvvv!

  3. That’s why I hate the mini-blinds. Cats bend ’em. If they always came with little kittens, I could change my mind.

  4. Katrina says:

    Cat thoughts….cat thoughts…cat thoughts.cat thoughts……

  5. sunnymum says:

    The legs on the bebeh kitteh are KILLING ME! And their expressions are priceless, “what?”

  6. They’re both looking at us sayin’, “What? Can we help you wif sumtin? Din’t tink so, movealong!”

  7. Daphne Moss says:

    Pretty cat makes pretty kitten…a nice Mom’s day postscrip

  8. How do I submit?!

  9. Julia — look a little further down in the right-hand margin for the heading “Got Cute?”

  10. brinnann says:

    Julia, scroll waaaaay down, and on the right there will be a blue heading box (with yellow ducky) that says “Got Cute” with a link posted in the paragraph below it.

  11. brinnann says:

    Or I could just post it for ya, huh?
    cuteoverload [at] frostdesign.net

  12. brinnann says:

    Or here: http://mfrost.typepad.com/cute_overload/submissions.html

    [Yep. Please don’t skip the legalese… – Ed.]

  13. Yesh, teh niidz tew com wiv littuhl kittunz oar teh cud alsew com wiv fuhl saizz kittehz. Iithur wai iz gud fur mii.

  14. I’m moving to a new apartment. And the first thing I’m going to do after settling down is to get 2 kittehs. Should I get vertical blinds?

  15. Khadija says:

    Mini Me

  16. zeldapie says:

    Jolly good, what?!

  17. AuntieMame says:

    “Should I get vertical blinds?”

    David, it depends. Do you want the kittehs to destroy them by crawling through them (see photo above) or by climbing up them? 🙂

  18. TurboFloof says:

    Oh yeah, there’s definitely been something into which someone has gotten!

    Guilty has never looked so innocent…

  19. Patty P says:

    *is ded from ta cute*

  20. OMG I think my favorite part of this photo is the little back paws of the kitten standing on tiptoe! 🙂


  21. Juniper Jupiter says:


    Too freakin’ KYOOT!!!

  22. Birdcage says:

    Can someone explain to me what the word “bleen” means? I have been baffled for a while. I thought I knew, but lately not so sure. I love this site but don’t want to mis-use the lingo and anger the moderator….and the glossary isn’t helping me – I suspect I’m missing something of an insider nature……

  23. It doesn’t mean anything. That’s the whole joke, such as it is.

  24. Rachel Sweeden says:

    I hate mini blinds for that reason my cat tore the blinds to shreds.

  25. How sporting of you. Do come in.

  26. Annie J says:

    lol I love the caption! Kittehs are cute! *cuddles*

  27. Birdcage, good thinking: Do Not Anger the Moderator. Teho Crush!

    Bleeny McBleenster.

  28. riolinda says:

    a mini me kitten! 🙂

  29. “Should I get vertical blinds?”

    Well, David, you could, but I’m wondering what that has to do with this picture of cats and HORIZONTAL blinds!

    Just giving you a hard time.

  30. I love their little moufs. 😀

  31. LOL well these are the awesome unbendable wooden blinds, they do keep your adult cat from climbing through them unlike the metal ones which seem to be an invitation to bend fold crease and other wise cause kitty chaos.

    and regarding the vertical blinds.. they are also a kitty playground. SO I say install them (either kind) at your own risk. (we have all three kinds… all 3 are cat magnets)

  32. chanpon says:

    LOL! Looks like Mom has sent little baby to the gallows or something.

  33. How is it that EVERY single new pic absolutely SLAYS me? This one is AWESOME. It’s like I want to buy a new computer so I don’t have to choose my desktop (I know, I could prolly do some kinda slideshow….)

    LOUVRE the matchingks!

  34. Overhears birdcage’s question.
    (Sam the saloon piano player suddenly stops and runs for cover.)
    Removes gloves, spits, leans in, removes hat, combs back greasy hair with 3 dirty hairy fingers, squints at shot glass, “That’s Sheriff Bleen to you, ‘n don’t fergit it.”

  35. Sasha's mum says:

    Hey, curtains aren’t necessarily any better than blinds. When my girl was a bebeh, she just *had* to climb the curtains to get to the box valance on top. Daily. Or several times a day.

    Cats = destruction of personal property. You gotta know that getting in. It’s just part of the deal.

  36. tiny cockney kittehs!!! i will give them kitty tea biscuits.

  37. Birdcage says:

    Still kinda scared of the bl@@n word, notwithstanding assurances of its non-meaning. Think I’m going to stick to nom, and snorgle and scritch and ehn, words that I feel I’ve mastered.

  38. oh. my. :splode:

  39. the baby feets… THE BABY FEETS!!!

  40. See, I knew someone would agree with me about the paws. 🙂 Thanks, Harlemgrrl!

  41. “We’re not doing anything….not a thing in the world! What? Not supposed to be playing with the blinds??? We haven’t been playing with them. No, we HAVEN’T. Just looking out the window, Mom.”

  42. Pearl Ostroff says:

    Regarding blinds. Just be sure you wind up the cords so cats can’t wind themselves up in them. My young cat totally destroyed my shower curtains when she was a kitten. She swung from them, climbed them and poked really big holes in them.

  43. …”blaan”?

  44. kittymom says:

    THU-PLOOF, that’s all, THU-PLOOF

  45. I’m a dog person, and this? Completely SLAYS me…

  46. Totalee Puppy says:

    No, my bebeh is NOT
    wearing socks in the play area…The sign says NO
    SHOES…We are going to play as long as we want, and you can Bleeeeen back
    to the front counter and mind your own business!

  47. “Y hallo thar!”

  48. SQUEEEEEEE!!! The behbeh kitteh’s posishe is too moishe!

  49. …”blaan”?

    is that any thing like Flan?


  50. Hon Glad says:

    We’ve brought the joe blake to ave with the rosie lee, like.

  51. Rhiannon says:

    I love this picture, they sound like the British Airmen from ‘Allo ‘Allo (British comedy about the French occupation for anyone who doesn’t know!). They’re just adorable makes me miss having my kitties!!

  52. Teyz wery seriuz abut T.

    (Getting lost in big cat’s wiskuz).

  53. The story of Bleen,

    (as I understand it).
    Once upon a time on cute overload peeps were so excited to nab the first post that they would exclaim “First”. This so frustrated the powers that be that they would remove it and put “Bleen” there instead. Then the little blighters started saying “Bleen” when they got in first. This continues to this day.

    : )

  54. aww, pretty momma and cute leetle baybeh. look at his legs and feet position!

  55. Kimski — well, it STARTED that way. A little. Maybe.

  56. So, Ms. Cat, are you going to use the Royal Doulton with hand-painted periwinkles? (looks at Behbeh) Perhaps not.

    Weighing in on “bleen”: As it still manages to stick in Theo’s craw (no offense, Ed., I don’t actually know anything about your craw), I’d rather it were avoided altogether. Besides, it is soooooooo played. Lemon out.

  57. ThreeCatNight says:

    Mamma kitteh:
    “Has this ever happened to you?!”

  58. Thank you for this picture! I needed to laugh out loud this morning.

  59. Kids these days, grumble grumble, in my day we knew how to use Google. http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=bleen

    Bleen may be one of those things that’s funny for a while, then not funny, then repetition makes it funny again. Or it may not.

  60. I know about the Urban Dictionary version, SarahR. Also the Wikipedia version, and Grue, and those Russian crepes, etc. Maybe it found some obscure use in Mandarin or colloquial Swahili or even ancient Aramaic.

    To me, in the context of Cute Overload, it means exactly bupkis.

  61. tracyFlick says:

    It looks like it could be the cover of Time Magazine.

  62. Bupkis from bupkis leaves bupkis, ya gotta have bupkis, if ya wanna bleen with meee!

  63. pyrit kwit pokin’ Theo, he’s liable to bleen all over teh place, then who’s gonna hafta clean up teh mess I asks u?

  64. (sing it!)…”Keep bleening. Keep, keep bleening love. You cut me open and I keep bleening, keep, keep bleening love!”

  65. Now that’s just eeevil! Sending out bleenin’ earworms like that! Have you no bleeenin heart?

  66. Aye, me hearty, eets thuh Curse of the Bleen Pearrrrl….

  67. Methinks Cap’n Theo has run for cover under our bleenin’ assult. I don’t think he’ll be bleenin’ to the bait.

  68. Metz, Pyrit, I’m so glad we’ve bleen able to share this moment…

  69. Let’s wave at it as it bleens by….

  70. C’mon admit it, you know you’ve missed me! :-p

  71. I missed you, um, Metz! Theo didn’t. Just me.

  72. I knew it! Twu Wuvz!

  73. [channelling Carly]

    You’re so bleen,
    You prob’ly think this post is about you
    You’re so blee-e-e-een,
    I bet you think this post is about you,
    Don’t you?
    Don’t you?

  74. 😀 We’ve infected him wif teh bleen virus! And here all along I thought he was immune!

  75. Wasn’t there something about a kitten? Like, in a window blind?
    Coulda sworn.

  76. (scrolls up) WOW! Lookit there! What cute kitties!!! I still totally swear they’re both looking at the camera person sayin’ “DO you MIND?”

  77. Ahem, that would be, window *bleens*.

  78. D’oh.

  79. THE KITTEN LEGS!! And such nice round cheekage on both faces!

  80. Mama has the longest, prettiest whiskers I’ve seen in a long time. I wonder what they feel like when I stroke those muzzlepuffs?

    Yes, I’d love a cuppa.

  81. brinnann says:

    Pyrit, I’m glad I’m not the only one who hears the word “bleen” when that song plays. 🙂 Seriously, my brain automatically translates it as it hits my eardrums. Then I get stuck with a bleenin’ earworm. XP

  82. brinnann says:

    My personal fave, from Urban Dictionary:

    “Finally, it is a fictional animal. Bleens are sightless, land dwelling invertebrates, so named for their call, which sounds rather like “Bleen.” The color of bleen comes from their opalescant, shifting, multi-hued bodies. They are unusual among invertibrates in that they are large, warm-blooded, and do not need to be kept wet, possessing a soft, non-posionous skin that is generally dry to the touch. They are approximately equal to humans in avarage mass, but undefineable in length or height as they are somewhat shapeshifting and ameoba-like.”

    I think we need a picture, a mascot.

    [http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0094761/ – Ed.]

  83. Wouldn’t that be the Bleeb?

  84. D’oh.

  85. Of course after clicking on that link and seeing that with the red tone reminded me of this:
    All of which of course, has nothing whatsoever to do with adorable kittehs in window blinds. 😛

  86. (shifty eyes at brinnann) In Ireland, and such, that *definition* would be called “blarney”; olde worlde for bleen.
    Er, (bites lip, whispers) I don’t hear bleen in songs….but I’m sure you’re not alone! 🙂 Really! It only popped into my head in reply to Metz!

  87. brinnann says:

    Pyrit, do you happen to be from Ireland!?1?!? Plz say yes! I’m hoping/planning to take a trip there soon, and would like a local’s advice.

  88. Oh an Pyrit, thank you ever so much for that particular earworm, that is my daughter’s favorite song rite now, and I’m gonna be hearing bleenin through the whole thing from now on.

  89. If you like bliña coladas
    And getting caught in the rain…

  90. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo~~!!!!!!!!!!!

  91. MWHID

  92. brinnann says:

    Am I the only one who hears MWHID in the voice of the baboon-shaman from the Lion King?

  93. (note to self-gotta remember, Theo ALWAYS wins)
    [http://tinyurl.com/3oguvw – Ed.]

    Brinn: Not until you mentioned it, now I do tho. LOL I am so easily led. :p

  94. It’s, it’s, a bleenroom blitz! A bleen jubileen!
    Metz, your daughter has good taste.
    brinnann – Vox much?

  95. brinnann says:

    Haven’t been voxing much lately. Why, have I missed something?

  96. Well, yes, I mean no, oh, look for a pm from me, ok?

  97. Bleen you, bleenya colada song!! (sorry, can’t remember how to do a tilde!)

    And, may I just say PASICKIE!!

  98. Yeah pasickie, I agree.

    I went to the scary Urban Dictionary and now I know that if I’ve eaten between 6 and 7 apples, I’ve had bleenin’ too much!

  99. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. I can’t breathe. Someone resuscitate me. I can’t take teh cute.

  100. brinnann says:

    Listen to the story of a man named Bleen;
    Poor mountaneer barely kept his family clean.
    Then one day he was slakin’ his thirst;
    And up from the ground game a bubbling “FIRST!”
    One, that is; numero uno; nawt sekond.
    Bleenerly Hillbleenies, y’all!

  101. Brinn! BWAHAHAHAHHA!
    Careful or Theo’ll git u 2!
    (carefully avoids bleena colada landmine laid in my previous post)

  102. Laura C. says:

    Omg that looks like It should be the TV guide advertisement for one of those dram mother/daughter Lifetime movies. It would be called something very solemn like “A Thorn from a Dying Rose” ,starring Thora Birch and Kirstie Allie, premiering Teusday at 8 with a special encore presentation at 12…

  103. brinnann says:

    *LOL* I saw that earlier today, Theo. Does it really make you mad, or only slightly irritate you? I know we all enjoy it, but if it’s that aweful for you, I’ll try to keep it to a minimum.

    [Buy a bleen-free shirt for everybody in your family and I’ll consider forgiveness… – Ed.]