Overwhelmed…BY LOF!

Come here you delicious WHITE FLUFFBALL, COME HERE I SAY!

[muzzle muzzle muzzle]


Sender Inner Teajay and photographer Marley, what a romannnnntic pic.



  1. priceless

  2. DumBunny says:

    Dog Germs!!!!

  3. jilldini says:

    “ew…dog joims…”

  4. Do not want!

  5. Hon Glad says:

    Dog tongue, BLECH!

  6. OK wait. Setting the foreground aside just for the moment — is that a clawfoot bathtub back there, being used as some sort of planter? Because I think somebody’s got *my* idea, maybe…

  7. My 15 year old and my 7 year old both make this face when I try to kiss them.

  8. Good eye, theo! I tink you are right.

  9. Soignee says:

    Is that a fox? I swear it is…

  10. Charlie says:

    ah ha they are doing the old stick ur tongue in the kittehs ear and make it look like its coming out of his mouth trick!

  11. That’s a Wet Willie of the animule sort!

  12. ThreeCatNight says:

    “Umm, tastes like marshmallow fluff! Umm, slurp, slurp!”
    “Eeew! How many times must I deal with these inferior dogs? At least use a breath mint, for heaven’s sake!”

  13. violetgreen says:

    Awww, it looks like one of those “Let-me-get-that-flea-for-you” love bites!

  14. Barbara says:

    Has to be a corgi.

  15. Katrina says:

    Ermine Violin- my 15 year old cringes at the thought of my kissing him, too. Try not to take it personally, we have a 19 year old who bends his head down to let me kiss him now. He says the 15 year old will when he gets a little older-yeah, like 35? We’ll just have to hang in and see…. wonderful picture! Happy day after Mother’s Day!

  16. Theo! that bathtub in the background isn’t clawfooted[booo], but it IS a miniature pond, with fishies! <3

  17. chanpon says:

    He must have mistook the cat for one of those Hostess Snowballs. Mmm….

  18. lol looks like the face I used to make when my mom would do that face wipey spit thing.

  19. kerrymc says:

    I think this might be my most favorite picture ever postes on C.O.!

  20. Wish I had a nom-nomber 2 pencil as cute as that pup and a sharpurrner as cute as teh kitteh.

  21. That’s one way to clean the ears!

  22. Amazing picture!

  23. Pleh, I hate it when my Q-Tip comes out all brown too. :p

  24. Jenn in IL says:

    Soignee, I’m pretty sure it’s a Shiba Inu. I have one, and they are often “complimented” as looking fox-like. If it IS a Shiba, I will be thrilled that a puppeh as cute as a Shiba pup got on here! They are too precious!

    LOVE the kitteh’s face.

  25. binky-mama says:

    OK I just sprayed milk out of my nostrils. Thanks a lot C.O.

    *wipes down monitor*

  26. Georgia says:

    Hairdresser Pooch: Now, now, don’t be so hasty– the center part is sooo you. Let’s just sweep this ear back and have a look…

  27. Brak_Silverbone says:

    That cat is quite clearly saying “Pyucch!”

  28. zeldapie says:

    Peenk tongue!!

  29. Georgia says:

    Note to Theo: My sister had an old claw footed tub’s front side cut out by a welder and uses it on the patio as setee, filled with cushions and a shower pole wired for light.

  30. Marley — well that’s cool… so I’m looking at, what, water lilies?

    Georgia — sweet! Now you just have to add a big old 2-stroke motorcycle engine and some chrome…

  31. Dreamspinner Cheryl says:

    Teho, I’m totally with you on the “bathroom” garden.

    ‘Course, this comes from the person who brought home a bright pink UNUSED bedpan from work, and planted sweetpeas in it. Good thing I’m out in the boonies far enough not to have offended neighbors. But, the then 14-yr-old daughter was NOT amused.

    Nurse Dreamspinner

  32. Listen… (do wah do)
    Do you want to know a secret? (do wah do)
    Do you promise not to tell?
    Whoa-o o Closer.
    Let me whisper in your ear.
    Say the words you long to heeeee-ear…
    I’m in love with you…
    Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh…
    Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh.

  33. Patty P says:

    Doggeh is snorgeling kitteh earwax. Yum! NOT!

    However, when Hub and I clean our ears, we must wrap the Q-tips well and hide down in the trash. My kitteh will dig them out and suck all the ‘stuff” from the end of the Q-tip. Blech!

    If you’ve ever tasted earwax, it is really disgusting. How do I know? Soft ear wax cures cold sores, like at the edge of your lips. My mom taught me that.

    I know! You are all barfing now. Soree!

  34. doggie version of a wet willy!


  36. Patty P – My hero. Can’t wait to share that bit of insight with a certain someone…(clasps hands) thank you!

  37. Winni-Pig says:

    I was just about to go have dinner now…but maybe I will wait a bit.

    I think the dog is actually giving the cat a WET WILLY!!

    That would explain that cat’s expression!


  38. This is my dog Nicky’s idea of affection; he gives all the Kattens what I call “ear kisses”. They seem to like it!

  39. AuntieMame says:

    Well, I’m 42, and I still don’t let my mom kiss me (unless she absolutely insists…which she did yesterday…twice…). I’m more of the “pleh” school of kissing, as demonstrated by the white poofball in the photo above.

  40. ?

    That puppeth is surely nomin on that poor kitteth’s ear. (Either that or he suckin’ it brains out.??) Ah, ha! It’s a brain eater in disguise!

  41. AuntieMame says:

    The animal version of Night of the Living Dead, Harold? LOL!

  42. It’s a cute picture, but man! That is one ugly cat! It’s cute that it has its tongue sticking out, but the balding head or whatever is going on there to allow the bright pink skin to show through is so BLEH. lol

  43. LOL @ Charlie. I think Bergen and McCarthy had a bit like that, right?

    I think the cat’s expression also qualifies as “Nyerhe.” Or mebbe he just didn’t want his hair parted in the middle today?

  44. LisaL, i know that cat. she is a punk rock kitty

  45. Just pure, unadulterated LOL.

  46. Theresa says:

    @AuntieMame– true story. I’m close to your age, and was leaving a restaurant with my dad recently. Dad was looking at me strangely, and before I could do anything, he anointed the hanky with a little parental spit, and off he went. Parental spit bath.

  47. LisaL, she’s not balding! her fur’s dyed pink right there! xD

    Jenn- our two puppies are shed dogs- total mutts! we have no idea what’s in them, everyone gives us different opinions! Shibas are cute though- i wonder if they’ve got it in them!

  48. Jenn in IL says:


    Yes, they are! You should show us some pics, perhaps we could help you figure it out!

  49. Jenn in IL says:

    Ha…Marley…just realized you ARE the photographer…jeez, I’m off today. I would definitely say at least some Shiba…same angular face, mine even has that same little “mole” yours has! And the right coloring as well.

  50. Friend of mine has a Basenji mix with the same face and mole…
    See here at Friends… the Lucy dog…
    Click on Friends and scroll to the bottom. The website is ooooold. Sunny is now 5 1/2!!!

  51. Heather says:

    My cat Moosha is a Persian too and she makes that face all the time when she’s relaxing and when she’s happy! It’s her “I can’t breathe because my nose is too small so I’ll mouth breathe with my tongue out” face. Marley you have an adorable cat!!!