And now, the six-toed back massage / acupuncture chomp

The lavendar oils, they come laters. For now, dee chompingks. [bites into back]


*teh 0wch*

According to Sender-Inner Stephanie D., this kitteh’s thumbs inspired his Daddy to name him "Six-Shooter Denney-Enochs." Pew pew pew!



  1. squee!

  2. squee!

  3. I swear I only let out *one* squee. Really.

  4. Aww, yay for polydacts!

  5. ThreeCatNight says:

    Ahhh! Nothing feels so good after a hard day’s work than your own personal cat masseuse. Could you work a little lower to the left please?
    Thanks. Ahhh…cat heaven!

  6. Awww my kitty does that too!

  7. Nice… Well, if the nails don’t hurt…

  8. That’s a fun cat. I would be proud to tickle its belly. Proud indeed.

  9. Sweet kitty! However, if kitty is not careful with claws, the unsuspecting human might not get a massage, but rather will be treated to a serious session of Rake-ee.

  10. BonzoGal says:

    Massage and acupuncture, all in one treatment? Bonus!

  11. Georgia says:

    The pinky ears, nose and shirt tones all match purrrfectly. Fierce!!!

  12. charliewabba says:

    I don’t think him’s a six-toe, I think him just has reeeeely big feets. (I just count 5 toesies>)

  13. My cat loves to walk on me. Unfortunately she never manages to hit the sore spots. I think she was too busy being a sneak-thief to attend massage school.

  14. snort!! oh how cute. nohm nohm

  15. 260Oakley says:

    I don’t know,that cronshe doesn’t look too soft to me. I think the kitteh is trying to get back at the guy for something. (Get “back”, get it? *hangs head in shame at lameness of own joke*)

  16. Furbabies says:

    I counts six toeses! Be careful and don’t tick off the kitty before you get your massage treatments. Ouch! Yeah for toesie cats.

  17. I don’t think he’s biting, though. Check just below his upper lip. I think I see the bottom of his little face in there.

    Really sweet looking cat!! *smooches for the top of his head*

  18. McTwin — yeah, agreed… funnier as written, tho.

  19. claudia says:

    just hanging around…

    This is so sweet

  20. Gailann says:

    I named my polydact cat Tozer. I miss the Toze…

  21. strixus says:

    Our poly is named Digits. He has 26 of them – 8 on each front, 5 on each back. The vet was stunned when we brought him in as a kitten, and counted all of them.

  22. I louvre the polydactyl ack-shee-one that’s been going on at CO lately. LOVE love LOVE six fingahs!!!

  23. I think this is a cool picture, but not being a cat person, the too many fingers thing weirds me out! Why do cats so often have too many toeses?

  24. I tell ya, soon they’ll develop opposable thumbsies, and it’s all over for the humans. “Planet of the Cats” anyone?

  25. Patty P says:

    My past kitty Alflfa had opposable thumbs, and tried to learn to flex them to no avail. His paws looked like little mitts or boxing gloves.


  27. Yay for poly’s!

    My poly Vincent:

    and a close-up on his mitten paws:

  28. Aww, I love the polydactyls. My little Gravy has mitten-paws (four normal toes and a joint dew claw-extra toe) and she’s actually learned to use that thumb a little.

    We’re waiting for her to become truly proficient. Then it’s time to be scared…Cats with opposable thumbs…*shudder*

  29. BTW, taj, Vincent is adorable. Does he have poly back feet too?

  30. JelliaJamb says:

    Is there really chomping going on? It looks to me like he’s just resting his chin on the man — but the fold in his shirt is hiding said (delicate, lovey) chin…

  31. AuntieMame says:

    He looks like he’s just zonked out, JelliaJamb, but it’s amusing to think he might be surreptitiously snacking.

  32. @Decca: LOL!! Sneak thief!!

    The bitingks is the “deep tissue” portion of the massage…

  33. omg it’s attack kitteh!

  34. Michelle says:

    Haha so awesome. For you poly fans, my brother’s cat Clyde (“Boo-boo”) has 28 toes! See his pix halfway down this page:

  35. Awwwwwwwwwwww… that is one happy kitteh. Even if he wasn’t six thumbed he’d be adorable <3

  36. chanpon says:

    The extra toes means working on more knots in the muscle at once. Ahhhhh… methinks kitty looks ready for a massage himself?

  37. I think he’s sucking on the client’s shirt. I have a cat who will do this sometimes. She did this once to a houseguest (on the front of the victim’s shirt), and said guest simply didn’t know what to do. When the cat finally stopped, the guest had a HUGE wet mark on his shirt-front.

  38. Rachel Sweeden says:

    My Siamese walks on my back to.

  39. kwistee says:

    This is how I wake up every morning :/

  40. Yitzysmommie says:

    very sweet. I approve!

  41. Juniper Jupiter says:

    YAY!!!PTERODACTYL KITTY!!! Loox like she has thumbs!!! 😛

  42. Ummm…don’t cats bite the neck of the creatures they are trying to subdue for romantic interludes?

    I’m just saying, I think someone’s in for a happy ending, and not necessarily the guy in the pink shirt.

  43. I think he’s resting, not biting. Look at his ears. If he were mad enough to be chomping his ooman that hard, they’d be flat back against his head.

  44. In good ol’ CO/Rufus/Snoop Dogg-speak: CHIZZOMP.

  45. Hon Glad says:

    A good old suck of the teeshirt.

  46. pretty cat – but polydac kind of freak me out 😦 sorry

    a family in my hometown has about a bazillion polydac cats…

  47. ElishaB. says:

    This is a great pic. My mom’s red tabby “Rusty” did not need extra toes to open doors. Somehow in his infinite abilities, he could turn door handles especially the bathroom doors!

    And my experience with a kitty that would bite on your shirt…we had a stray male beige tabby cat that had a small hole in one of his salivary glands. He would get in my lap and simulate nursing and would leave these huge wet spots on my shirt. He was the sweetest thing, but just weird in this behavior. Vet said it is was not unusual and he was just wanting to be a kitten again.

  48. Theresa says:

    LOVE polys! LOVE them!

    (Do you love polys? Yes, yes I do!)

    Most of the polys I know *use* those paws a lot to grab stuff– and people, 😉

  49. Dad’s butt is cuteoverload in those jeans! Need extreme close-up stat!

  50. Check out the bottom right corner. Two kitties in the pic?

  51. Me — maaaaaybe… might just be a fuzzy bedspread or blanket, but it *does* match Masseur Denny remarkably well…

  52. Is that “Serious Cat” enjoying some time off?

  53. Katrina says:

    I’m pretty sure the kikky cat is “just restin'” with the face/mouth/schnozz, if chomping were involved it wouldn’t be smiling and its ears, as mentioned before would be in ‘attack mode’ Been there, done that, owww. Cats on backs.

  54. Dear Theo,

    Agreed! You guys really are very funny!

  55. Oh my gosh! I thought the pinkness was a pillow at first! I had a six-toed kitty do the same for me at a friends house but with my head!

  56. Denney *still* thinks the pinkness is a pillow.

  57. Frankie says:

    Dot, my beautiful calico cat, gives me “Dot massage” whenever I ask her for it. How do I ask? By getting in bed and pulling the blanket up to my shoulders. Even if Dot is asleep in another room, she’ll hear (and recognize; cats are awesome!) the sound of a blanket being pulled up, and run to the bedroom, jump on the bed and give me Dot Massage (of course, for Dot, it’s “nursing.” And, afterward, she always stays to snorgle me for a while, which is extra-mega-sweet!)

  58. Ms Darko says:

    My kitty Bazooka looks just like this one–he is a Tonkinese with blue eyes.