You guessed it, Mom dog nurses kittens!

What would Mother’s Day be without some major interspecies snorgling and adoption action?

Lisa B., Happy Mother’s Day 😛



  1. misscrisp says:

    Adopt me pleeze?

  2. aunty-g says:

    PITTENS!!11! Hooray for a great MoM. Perfect post for Mom’s day.

  3. ANNOUNCER: “Take an adorable pile of kittens…”

    KITTEHS: “Nyerhe!”

  4. What a great mommy! And what a great Mother’s Day story. Horray for moms, in whatever form they come.


  6. Pittens? PITTENS?? I find this word derogatory, speciesist, and offensive! They should be referred to by the politically correct term, “alternatively nurtured crepuscular mammals”.

    If that’s too much of a mouthful, I suppose “dog-kits” would be an acceptable compromise.

  7. Eeee! Next it will be bunnies nursing sugar gliders and mini-pandas nursing hamsters and we ALL SHALL PERISH OF CUTE!!

    I, for one, welcome this adorable-induced apocalypse. 🙂

  8. I’m glad “Lily” was adopted. The little ones are cute, but it is the Momma that is amazing.


  10. Mew!!!! Aww, so cute! Squee!

  11. Aaaaaw, unbelievable cute.
    I love the white grey-spotted kitten!
    I wonder whether the dog milk is suitable for cats though.

  12. Ninjin, if the kitties grow up with floppy Lab-like ears, or they start lifting their legs to pee, I guess we’ll know it was a bad idea!

    The kitties SLAYED me, and Lily’s sweet faced too. I’m so glad Lily has a forever home waiting. That’s the icing on a very cute cake.

  13. Furbabies says:

    I am floored. It’s amazing how loving animals can be. I wish more humans could be that accepting of other species. Happy Mother’s Day to all!

  14. Paunchie says:

    What a sweet doggie!!! AWWW.

    Pittens! I’ll take two.

  15. I am so happy right now…

  16. AlaskaCat says:

    How about “kippies”

  17. Rachel Sweeden says:

    How adorable is that, what a perfect clip for Mother’s Day.

  18. Sooooo cute!!!! I think I’d rather call them “kuppies”.

  19. Mama dog looks a leetle freaked out. “I feeds them or what? Who are these guys, anyway?”

  20. browngrl says:

    I agree with MaySusanNoll – those kittens are so adorable but it is the mom I love – what a wonderful caring dog!!

  21. It would be a Mother’s Day I want NO part of.

    Too cute. I love Lily’s “I did good?” face.

  22. who would’ve thought.

  23. gah!

    happy mothers day mummie dawg!

    what adorable kittens.

  24. squee! i’m the lisa who submitted this. i’m so honored! 🙂

    i agree with iwill–i love how eager lily is to take care of everyone, including the shelter workers. what a good girrrrl! she reminds me of my own good girl curled up on the couch beside me, who was a mama (10 puppies!) at the shelter before we brought her home. i just know that she’ll be that way when we bring some kittehs home in a month or two!

    yay mamas.

  25. Pittens??? Oh, that’s low, it killed me. I dropped right there and then. Ded.

  26. Dogs can nurse kittens?! Mind. Blown.

  27. kittymom says:

    Pittens.. perfect! Nuf said.

  28. oohlookasquirrel says:

    Wouldn’t it be adorable if the mommy dog went to the same home as one of her kitten babies? With that detail added, it would be the perfect adoption story.

    I’ll bet some of those kittens will have interesting experiences if they ever live in a house with a different dog!

  29. awww! they’re so cute!

  30. At least 8 kinds of perfect. This is why doggies go to heaven.

  31. I’m sorry, maybe I misheard, did the first shelter worker say Lily tosses a kitten up into the air before bringing them back to the bed? Labs are sweet and I’m sure she’s not trying to hurt them, but, um wtf?

    [I kinda heard that too, and it was a weird thing to say, but I *doubt* she meant that the mom-dog likes launch them up into the ceiling tiles… – Ed.]

  32. Daphne Moss says:

    I, too wondered about the “throwing up in the air” part, but all the kittehs look healthy…loved the part where you saw one tiny tabby rear foot straining out…
    Second what Furbabies said:
    “I wish more humans could be that accepting of other species. Happy Mother’s Day to all!”

  33. riolinda says:

    Pittens!! awww…..

  34. Hon Glad says:

    The maternal instinct is so strong.

  35. Awww, I’m only 30min. from that shelter. Now I want to go there to get a little friend for my current kitty (also adopted)

  36. Also, this is my FIRST mothers day with having my baby kitty. (Even though she was an adult when I adopted her, Pip’s tiny and will always be a baby to me.)

  37. Christine H says:

    Awww! I am not a dog person at all, and normally the only dogs I like are fluffy little lap dogs (golden retrievers are beautiful but overwhelming), but that is a really nice, good-natured dog. And ADORABLE KITTENS! I love the little mews.

  38. Awwwwwwwwwwwwww! What a wonderful mom! Bless her and her “pittens”. 🙂

  39. Juniper Jupiter says:

    There once was a fluff pile of kittens…
    Who had the tiniest paw-like mittens
    They got milk from the tap
    From a mompup,squealed, then napped
    Now they’re all just a sweet lump of PITTENS!!!

    Oh, by the way…after the first three seconds of that video…right after a kitten squeak…my head FREAKIN’ ASPLODED!!! Theriouthly!!! 😀

  40. bookmonstercats says:

    What a pretty, pretty mummy dog. I can’t even believe she needed rescuing and re-homing, but there could be a genuinely sad story behind it. can we get updates on the re-homing of the kittehs?

  41. Electra says:

    That was the BEST! Dogs and cat lovers unite and world peace forever!!!!! Happy mothers day to all mothers in spirit 🙂

  42. I’m kinda wondering about the dog milk thing, too. I mean, there are metabolic differences between cats and dogs – dogs produce taurine, cats don’t. Does doggy milk have taurine? It looks like the kitties are old enough to be weaned onto dry food, anyway, so I think they’ll be okay.

  43. Love.

  44. I saw this on CBS Sunday Morning. More incredible was the brief snippet of National Geographic film showing a leopard (IIRC) who killed an orangutan, turned and saw the orang’s baby, and freakin’ adopted the baby orang! Weird.

  45. chanpon says:

    Me want pitten now!!

  46. ;( _________/\ me…floored. And a little teary. How charming; hope to hear of a happy ending for all in this story.

  47. *sobs*sniff*sniff* Why can’t I see the videos lately? Every time I try to watch one I get a message saying it is no longer available. *sobs*

  48. Jenn: just get the link to the video on youtube and watch it there

    [Yeah, usually you can just click on the video window to get there, as long as you don’t click right on the gray “play” button in the center… – Ed.]

  49. Apparently it’s an epidemic! Pittens Pittens everywhere!

  50. Decatur - Kim says:

    I prefer Puttens or Kuppies to Pittens.

  51. Jenn, whenever I get that msg, I just go the comments page, scroll up, and click on that vid — it’s always worked for me.