Happy Mother’s Day

It’s Mother’s Day. Go make your Mom pancakes.


Rule #7 RIDES AGAIN, Maria L.



  1. Awww, it’s the mini-me version!

  2. luckycliff says:

    far away in the quiet night, a dog was heard bleening

  3. Awww, look at the lil babee ridge! Want to squeeze!

  4. this follows a specific rule of cuteness i just forget which one

  5. Annie J says:

    Aww, they match! So cute! 🙂 Happy Mother’s Day to all! (Even if you are not a mommy….or female…).

  6. Happy Mothers Day Wait Til Fred sees this she will squee She just recently got a new baby Ridgy to go with her Kazi also a ridgy.

    [Huh, I thought this WAS Kazi and the puppy…? – Ed.]

  7. Rhodesian ridgebacks! My first dog was a Rhodey mix (crossed with husky, we think), and she was such a beauty. Just like this mommy and baby. Look at those expressive eyes!

  8. mom mom mom

  9. I’ll celebrate Mother’s Day by becoming a mommy to that puppy!

  10. Since Rhodesia is no longer a British colony (yay!) but is the independent nation of Zimbabwe, shouldn’t we call these lovely pups Zimbabweian Zipperbacks rather than Rhodesian Ridgebacks?

    I’m just sayin’…

  11. Happy Mommeh’s Day to all—whether you have the 2-legged or 4-legged variety!!!

  12. Michelle says:

    heehee zipperbacks!

    <3 rhodies!!

  13. ~*~Happy Mothers Day~*~

    I think the pup gave his mommy that bandana…

  14. Hon Glad says:

    Me and my mini-me.

  15. Theresa says:

    Yes! Zipperbacks! Bleenin’ genius!

  16. zinka milanov says:

    Ridgebacks rock! Ours thinks he’s a lap dog and drapes himself across my mom every morning for a cuddle.

    Happy Mom’s Day!

  17. chanpon says:

    Ack! That’s the miniest-of-me’s I’ve seen! It’s so friggin’ adorable.

  18. Darleenie says:

    Freaky!!! My daughter actually did make me pancakes today! 😀 Mothers Day rocks! (They were choc chip pancakes, yummers!)

  19. Zoe Doom says:


  20. Teho NO pretty sure that isn’t even Boomer as he doesn’t have white toes

    Here is Boomer with Kazi (Boomer is the puppy)


  21. omg this is so cute! i want one of these doggies!! they’re beautiful xx

  22. Meredith says:

    Awww, I love ridgebacks. The mama dog’s eyes look just like the half-Rhodey we had that passed away a few years ago.

  23. Ponygirl says:

    Ridgebacks rock – such clever and swet natured doggies.

  24. fish eye no miko says:

    J. Bo said: “Since Rhodesia is no longer a British colony (yay!) but is the independent nation of Zimbabwe, shouldn’t we call these lovely pups Zimbabweian Zipperbacks rather than Rhodesian Ridgebacks?”

    I dunno.. I mean, by that logic, we should start calling those cats Thai instead of Siamese, and then that Disney song wouldn’t work anymore…

  25. Mom and mini-mom!

  26. yankeebird says:

    I find something utterly hilarious in Meg’s command to go make my Mom pancakes. Strangely enough, it sounds like something my Mom would say!

  27. fish eye no miko,

    Actually, “we are Taiwanese is you please,” still kinda works 😉

  28. “if” not “is”

    *sigh* Finals are making my brains mush.

  29. Because Thai people are from Taiwan and are therefore Taiwanese, not that they’re from Thailand or anything, amirite? C:

  30. Yeah, I was thinking the same thing re: “Taiwanese,” and got all excited that I’d found a loophole that accommodated the song, but then I realized that Thailand and Taiwan are about as similar to each other as, well… Kansas and Arkansas (they HATE being confused for each other y’know)…

  31. My almost 8 months dog look EXACTLY like these two! She’s the biggest dog I ever had… I hope she doesn’t become as big as the mum! 🙂

  32. so cute!
    Can I send some pics for u?

  33. Ridgie puppies have the most worryingk faces – so cute!