Yes, ‘nanas ARE my favorite dessert…

How DID you guess?! [shifty eyes for five mins]


I like the opposable foot-thumb, Lawrence L. and FreakyMartin.



  1. rad_cuteoverload says:


  2. DaytimeDeb says:

    Please, sir, might I have some more?

  3. Dreamspinner Cheryl says:

    OMG!! What IS that critter? Looks like a muppet reject…..cute, but really weird!

  4. Leilani says:

    AAAAAAAAA!!! It’s sitting down just like a little person! I LOVE those buggy little eyes!

  5. What Opi color is that on the toenails?? The tubby belleh is just prosh-a-licious!

  6. Looks like a loris, to me. Crazy bug eyed cutie.

  7. “Dis is MINE?? I can has it?? REEEEEally?? Oh, tank you so moishe!!”

  8. LORIS!!!!! My favorite animal ever. Little stripey bowling ball butts. Squee!

  9. berthaservant says:

    Those eyes are redonk. And it looks like he has nanner colored fingers.

    Meanwhile, excuse me for the following in a Jacques Clouseau voice:


    If his eyes were blue, he would look eerily like Benjamin Linus off LOST.

  11. “plink, plink”

  12. blogarsay says:

    His eyes are gold plated! So prosh.

  13. Daphne Moss says:

    Cannot stop the …. SPLODE

  14. That’s just adorable! Do people keep these as pets?

  15. This little guy is just soooo adorable. I want one.

  16. What kind of animal is that?

  17. “it’s nine in the afternoon…..your eyes are wide as the moon…..”

  18. auntbaby says:

    Love that little precious face.

  19. radiantblue says:

    He looks human. That face says”I am sooooooo happy and I luv you soooooo much”

  20. Shannon says:

    I LOVE him!!!!!! More of these guys is a good thing!

  21. biffers says:

    I love how those Slow Loris critters always look like they’re wearing red nail polish!

  22. is this a ‘bush-baby’?
    he looks so surprised 🙂

  23. k. o'dee says:

    I shall invite you over for tea and nana bread, lil guy!

  24. are none of you going to mention the belleh on that thing?!?!

    aye aye aye!

  25. OMG. CuteOverload has its first ever alien creature submish! I, for one, welcome our new adorable bug-eyed overlords.

  26. Hello!!!
    Do you know if there’s a way i can mark my favourites? I hate having to come back to the good ones!

  27. chanpon says:

    He looks so happy with what’s in his hands that he’s going to poop in his pants! (If he were wearing pants..)

  28. What manner of creature is this?

  29. oblivia says:

    OK, is it just me, or is this the spitting image of the baby being taught vocabulary with the pa-sickie? (at the moment mom says, “is it a Popsickle?” and baby wrings its hands with delight)

  30. For those asking what he is, as others have mentioned, this looks to be a type of loris.

  31. k. o'dee says:

    “aye aye aye!”

    That’s not an aye-aye, Ermine Violin. This is an aye-aye:

  32. I swear I had a stuffed animal with hands and feet like that!

  33. hsa;ldkghsoi!!!!!!

  34. Clare & Pattie,

    Some things aren’t meant to be pets. If you want to show your love, help protect them:

  35. robert108 says:

    Looks like a Potto to me.

  36. it *Is* a Loris… they’re very cute, but very very stinky!! And they have a hump on the back of their neck that’s covered with bristly hairs for protection from predators.

  37. Omg. Those eyes.


  38. binky-mama says:

    He’s all looking for permission:

    “Iz ok if I eat my nana nao? U sure??”

  39. Michelle says:

    Way way too adorable.

    And well done, Ajax. A “teaching moment” handled with good manners, good cheer, and zero condescension. The kind that actually educates rather than irritates. Hopefully others here will learn as much from you about what “teaching moments” are as they have about the loris. 🙂

  40. Tooooo cute! Love the look on his face.

  41. I thought it was a potto. So, so cute and lovely though. I would make this guy sauteed nanas any day. If I was one too. In the wild. With access to a pan. 🙂

  42. robert108 says:
  43. cassandra says:

    what a cute little fuzzykins!

  44. We know you love ‘nanas because you’ve got ‘nana breath.

  45. Sarah, you’re right!!
    I was thinking, this face seems so familiar to me…but how can that be, I’ve never seen this creature before. How creepy and odd, it does look like Ben minus the eery blue eyes!

    I love the sweet posture and hands clasped though.

  46. pfffftaaaaaacckk!!!! oh my god he is so ridiculously cute and silly!!! aaaaaa!!!!!!!

  47. girlnextdoortn says:


  48. Eeeee! I had no idea there were animals with circus peanuts for fingers!

  49. This animal is BREAKING LAWS (of cuteness).

  50. Layla42 says:

    He looks like a Monchichi!

    And I wanna poke that belleh. So cute!

  51. Ditto on the Ben Linus, that’s hilarious! And the circus peanuts! And the belleh, gah!

    On a side note, have you ever noticed circus peanuts kinda taste like banana? Or am I the only one who eats those things?

  52. Michelle says:

    <3 circus peanuts, Beth. I'm also pretty sure they're nana flavrd. I love how they squeak when you chew on the stale ones. :)

  53. WHAT THE? Someone cross bred a koala bear and a monkey!! Ohhhh the qte!

  54. Loris and Tarsier are two of my fave critters! This is too cute. I love those beeg eyes!

  55. anyone else get the impression from the look on mr. loraxpants’s face that the bananas are a tad fermented and he’s had a few too many?

    (tweeks his sultana nose)

  56. I thought circus peanuts were supposed to taste like banana…haha

  57. Annie J says:

    So cute! I want it! XD (Not really – its place is in nature!)

    I love its expression, and the caption about ‘nanas!

  58. @girlnextdoortn — No, MINES FIRST! 🙂

  59. the expression on this little guy is what MAKES this pic! so squeezable!

  60. What a nice fuzzy kissable raspberryable belly!

  61. @Ajax – I wouldn’t want one as a pet, really. I’m just amazed what people do keep. I’m enlightened by the links you posted. It’s a shame people aren’t more far-sighted. @ stacy – I am a little disappointed the cute little bugger apparently stinks!

  62. Same family, but I’m thinkin’ he’s Otto the Potto rather than Doris the Loris.

    Anyhoo, adorisabuhls.

  63. Plush loris. Seriously, the cutest stuffed animal ever. Won’t stink or go extinct from oversnorgling.

  64. we used to have monkeys on maui

    but my friend jake stole them all

  65. Hi, Meg, or other COverlord, can you sue the lawfirm hijacking this thread, make mega-$$ and finally make your fabulous dream CO office come true?

  66. Turkeylegsmom says:

    Apparently they also secrete venom from their elbows. Cute venom, of course, but another reason not to keep them around the house.

  67. That wonky little mouth is keeeeeeeeelling me!!!!
    He does have the same expression of sheer joy as pa-sickie baby!

  68. Hon Glad says:

    Perhaps it’s a Slender Loris that’s put on weight.

  69. Eeeeeee!!


  70. oooo! REALLY? 4 MEAH?

    ooo u shpudunt hvem : )

  71. LOL! Look that wide-eyed innocence. NOT!

  72. Ashley Emmanuelle says:

    Actually he looks like a different Ben to me.
    I say Ben Stein. LOL

  73. I didn’t think it was an aye aye – I was just saying… “aye aye aye” to the adorabuhlness

  74. um…uh…

  75. It looks like it’s gonna start saying “Pasickie” any minute. XD