Soooo comfortuhbuhls

It has come to our attention via DListed that Cityrag has posted some Cats ‘n’ Racks action, specifically Halle Berry with a kitteh-rack. Cats ‘n’ Racks. Unstoppable.

Which reminded moi to check our latest Cat-n-Rack mailbag. The contents were, er, overflowing!!!


Mini honk-shus cannot be far after this scene:


Mer-algh, little kitteh. Mer-alghe. [Say in ‘I know, little kitteh, I know.’ voice]



  1. I don’t think I’ve ever been tsrif before!

    He looks like a total pimp in the second picture.

  2. I think Mr. Meg had a say in this.

  3. Wow… those other cats in racks are paiiiiinfully photoshopped! Nothing beats the real thing from CO!

  4. Booo, d-listed!!!! Isn’t torturing minor celebrities enough for you? Now you have to rip off CO? BOYCOTT GOSSIP — IT’S THE DEVIL’S RADIO!!

    And when I saw the photo, I thought, “Hmmm, Marge pearls….” and of COURSE the hovertext agrees. 🙂

    More Real Cats-n-Racks! Nobody likes the artificially enhanced ones!!!!

  5. kitty looks disapproving. love that glare.

  6. ashagato says:

    that stare says: “flagrant jealousy is unbecoming of a man your age, my dear.”

  7. You know she chose that shirt to match the kitteh’s eyes. 😀

  8. i had a sugar glider that u could do that with!


  9. That’s an absolutely gorgeous kitty! I’m considering doing a cat/rack with Belle – the big honking cat. HAHA

    I’ll know where to get an attorney if I ever need one in Hawaii!

  10. CatsNotCute says:

    Please! No more stupid cats on here! Cats are not cute!

    [Lamest nuff attempt ever? Discuss… – Ed.]

  11. I’m new to posting. does CatsNotCute’s remark fit the definition of “troll” or was he trying for irony reflecting the magnificent humor to be found in our feline companions?

  12. 260Oakley says:

    Hmm, I’m guessing CatsNotCute has neither cats nor racks. Or has been rejected by both.

  13. Must. Have. Bebbeh. Kitteh. Now.

  14. yankeebird says:

    I can’t focus on whether CatsNotCute is a troll or not because I have this uncontrollable urge to look online for a Hawaii attorney.

  15. 260Oakley, you could be right, yet even an imitation rack or the flat-est of male racks could be improved by kitten fluff therapy, applied at regular intervals.

  16. Catsnotcute is sew notcute hii shud knot bii awn heer.

  17. Maybe kitteh disapproves because he’s uncomfortable, because he’s too big for Cats ‘n’ Racks (if there is such a thing).

  18. chanpon says:

    Cat definitely looks a little dazed in the 2nd picture. Maybe the pearls are clashing with his coloring.

  19. Dreamspinner Cheryl says:

    Nahhh, Chanpon. Meezers go with everything…..

  20. LMAO at Theo’s comment, following a brief “WTF?” moment at the ALLEGED catsnotcute’s comment. And yes…lamest attempt E-VAR.

  21. Redbone says:

    I’m sorry. I’m not really a pervo. But holy crap, that girl is really attractive. What a cutie! The cat’s alright, too, I guess.

  22. She reminds me a little of one of the models on!

    [I was thinking Beth Orton… yes? No? – Ed.]


  23. It never before occurred to me that strategically placed kitties could make me look like I’ve got larger-than-microscopic boobies. Way more fun than implants!

  24. Just what I was going to say, debg! I knew there must be a better way than surgery. Yet another reason to go back to fostering kittens: an unlimited supply of cute rack implants!

  25. Delicious kittehness. That’s one of the most adorablest, most comfortablest kitteh I’ve seen in a great long while.

  26. yankeebird says:

    I swear I wasn’t drinking the special Kool Aid. My comment made sense before Teho started bleening the place up!

    And yes, I think CatsNotCute was one of the lamest attempts at nuffing EVAR.

    [Sorry, couldn’t help myself… – Ed.]

  27. Michelle says:

    😀 The silver floof. The blue eyes. The red gumball necklace. Bewbies. It’s like heaven or something. 🙂

  28. acelightning says:

    Love the 1950s-retro look of orange-red beads clashing horribly with dark aqua blouse… although I think the cat disapproves. (“Hmph. At least *I’ve* got the fashion sense to wear colors that go with everything!”)

  29. renchaku says:

    how is that cute?

  30. Ha! Kitty has warm nap space, string of beads to play with, and human at attention! this is the life!

    catsnotcute must be brain damaged

  31. yankeebird says:

    Teho, when you say you couldn’t help yourself, can you clarify? Do you mean deleting the links and leaving my first comment so I look like I’m a total nutjob, or going into my new comment and rewording it? 😀

  32. Watch it, YankeeBird. It stops being a joke pretty fast.

  33. This cat + boobs series is idiotic. CO would be much better off without it.

  34. Khadija says:

    i know it doesn’t belong here but anyway.. apparently a woman and her daughter had to escape from their nuts-going kitteh onto the balcony. they called the police which had to put on their safety vests. next time they’ll think twice not putting catnip on the shopping list:

  35. (uses super powers to delete 309 off-topic comments)

    Nuffing to see here. Moo along—oooh! kittey!

  36. Darrylsmama says:

    Is it just me or is this kitteh part koala

  37. @yankeebird: I saw the Hawaii attorney ad, too….you’re not nuts!

    [You mean the Hawaii attorney spam? It’ll vanish next time, too. – Ed.]

  38. anniesgirl says:

    I love the kitteh with the red beads and ‘the look.’ Seen it myself without the beads, and it is life/wonderfulness itself. May you always see it/blessing.

  39. Hon Glad says:

    Uplift bras are sure uplifting.

  40. Ha! Kitteh’s on his way to Slumberland already!

    And did anyone notice that tiny green bow on the tee? Squee!

    Diggin’ the chunky necklace too (though the red + green is causing some visual dissonance.)

  41. bookmonstercats says:

    I’m in ur cleavage, clashin’ with ur beads.

    I was getting a bit worried about the Hawaii attorney there….. couldn’t see it….

  42. Gendo Ikari says:

    It’s not a bad rack, either.

  43. kittyface says:

    So, please let me get this straght, if I send you a picture of a small cute kitten wraped around a mans balls, will you post it on your famlly friendly website ?? How about if I cram a kittin in my but crack… will you put it on you cute animal website?? I love your website and look at it everymorning befor work but I am desterbed and descusted by your choice of subject matter regarding “cats and wracks “. Their are more then enuf other places to get your titty fix . And come on girls why are you doing this to your self, do you really want who knows who perving on your body ?? And what example are you setting for you daughters ???? PLEASE NO MORE BOOBY PICTURES !!!

  44. Lol, very funny 🙂 I was just wondering if anyone could help me out with a question. I have been having some problem with cats dirtying up my garden and have seen some products about to stop this (link to one in my name). I just wondered if anyone has used these devices or would have any other methods to stop this. Thanks, Liz