Oh, Hai.

I was just inside cleaning my Giant Clam apartmento when you stopped by. It’s all ready now, come on in.


Everyone needs a lil’ clownfish snorgling now and again, Veronica F. (Who took this at Fraggle Reef in L.A.)



  1. lurkingsmirk says:

    Is it atop an octopus??

  2. Lizzums says:

    Is that an orifice I see? *confused by lack of coral reef knowledge* Looks like the yellow guy is coming out of a larger fishie. Please let me be wrong.

  3. chanpon says:

    Welcome to Bikini Bottom!!

  4. Snorgling, or snorkeling?

  5. katiedid says:

    is he being eated??!!??

  6. ok quit clowing around!!

    groan. sorry.

  7. I thought this was an octopus with a very yellow eye, too, and I was all, “Um, probably not cute.” Octopi are like blobs with snake arms and I hate snakes.

    I like the idea of “Giant Clam Apartmento” though. 🙂

    And it does look like a muppet fish.

  8. Looks like he’s playing an acquatic version of “Peek-a-Boo”!

  9. Wow, thats a great picture!

  10. Oh man I couldn’t figure out what this is… then I got it… how adorable!

  11. Courtney says:

    Is he IN the clam???

  12. Golden says:

    Sorry to thread-jack here.. I’ve been a long time visitor to CO and posted lots. I just wanted some sympathy. I adopted a siamese cat on Valentines day and she was just diagnosed with FIP. Feline Infections Peritonis. I guess it’s fatal. I have to have her euthanized and I am devastated. Didn’t mean to ruin the Cute, I just know how many animal lovers are on this site..

  13. Golden says:

    That being said.. this fish made me smile.. 🙂

  14. That was taken at “fraggle reef”? Is that near Fraggle Rock? Because I want to go.

  15. KentuckyGurl24 says:

    Sorry to hear about your kitteh Golden, just know that he/she will be in better place playing with all the angel kitteh and puppies up there.

  16. Golden – I too lost a cat to FIP. It is a terrible disease. I adopted mine from a maine coon rescue. Make sure the vet checks on your other kittehs.

  17. marsheeeee says:


  18. To Golden – so sorry to hear about your kitty! I adopted a siamese a few years ago and went through the same thing as you are.

    I am also so grateful for CO! Meg and Theo, thank you!

  19. eikoleigh says:


  20. marsheeeee says:

    Nemo’s been found!!
    Oh, and Golden, I am so sorry about your cat. I love the idea that s/he’s going to be crossing the rainbow bridge. I hope he says “hi” to my little sweetie who is also there.

  21. marsheeeee says:

    I mean “she says hi”.

  22. Furbabies says:

    Golden: I looked up what your kitty has and this is a part of it (from Wikipedia):

    FECV is very common, especially in places where large groups of cats are kept together (animal shelters, catteries, etc). Cats become infected by inhaling or ingesting the virus. The most commonly cited transmission source is feces, although contaminated surfaces such as food dishes and clothing can transmit the virus as well.

    Despite the prevalence of FECV, most infected cats do not develop FIP. Often exposure to FECV produces no clinical signs, but may cause a mild diarrhea. Therefore, a cat without clinical signs may still be an FECV carrier and may pass the virus to another cat. In any cat infected with FECV there is a chance that the virus may mutate into the FIP causing form. This chance is increased for cats that are immune compromised including very young and very old cats. There is also thought to be a genetic component to susceptibility to viral mutation.

    All of us at the furbabies’ home will be thinking of you and your kitty.

  23. brinnann says:

    I think (operative word there) that it’s some type of anemone, which is where clownfish generally live. I don’t think all anemones have those long wavy bits, but it could be something similar if not.

  24. lambkin says:

    Ummm. The snorgerler is definitely a cuttlefish or octopus. The snorgelee may be being eated, but I prefer to think the opposite.

  25. Rosalynde says:

    No, dudes, I think it really is a giant clam.

    as indicated.

    you can click on the link and see them . . .

  26. Golden, I know it’s really hard to lose a kitten–especially by euthanasia–but you’re doing the right thing for her. She counts on you to do what she can’t do for herself. I’m so sorry. My kitties send kisses.

  27. brinnann says:

    Oh, that makes more sense now! What we’re seeing in the bottom right corner isn’t reef, but rather the clam shell. Duh.

  28. lambkin says:

    Wow, I followed the link suggested. You may be right about it being a giant clam. Geez Louise!

    So sorry to the poster with teh sick kitteh. Sadz.

  29. Winni-Pig says:

    Golden, sorry to hear about your little friend. It is good that she has you and is not in some shed or shelter somewhere.

  30. snorglepup says:

    The clams at the link look like big, rubbery lips!
    Comforting hugs to Golden.

  31. @Golden: Lots and lots of {{{HUGS}}} and snorgles to you. I’m sure she’s been happy and loved….and won’t suffer, either. Maybe she will make friends with my little foster kitteh who went last night…..

  32. I don’t think it’s *really* a Giant Clam, peeps. We do take the odd creative liberty here, from time to time.

    It’s kinda squishy-looking and translucent, and clownfish are anemone-dwellers.

  33. Golden says:

    Thank you everybody… your words are helping.

    Gail, I’m sorry for your loss as well.

  34. brinnann says:

    But Theo, it COULD be a giant clam, right? Right?

    [Well it wasn’t a *rock*… it was a rock LOBSTER – Ed.]

  35. GOLDEN. FIP IS NOT AN AUTOMATIC IMMEDIATE SENTENCE FOR YOUR CAT. There is no cure yet for FIP, but there IS treatment that can prolong healthy, quality life. My King Sunny lived almost 5 years after diagnosis on an amazing treatment called IMMUNOREGULIN. If you haven’t already done so, TALK TO YOUR VET ABOUT IT. IT CAN SAVE LIFE AND GIVE YOU QUALITY YEARS WITH YOUR BELOVED CAT.

  36. {{Hugs to Golden}}

    People, it’s very simple. It’s probably some kind of coral development known as the “Giant Clam Apartmentos.” You know, the “Palm Tree Motel” is not really made out of palm trees.

  37. Golden, My Shadow said he would watch for her and take care of her until the Rainbow Bridge… Big HuG!!

  38. Tracie says:

    This is absolutely a giant clam. It is not unheard of for clowns to host organisms other than anemones; I’ve also heard of them hosting pieces of tank equipment. Were the clown hosting a cuttlefish or other cephalopod, it would be gone in a heartbeat.
    I have seen other clowns exhibit the same behavior as this guy. Bizarre, but not impossible.

  39. Ummm..it looks like there are some eyes or nostrils above the fish’s head, directly above it’s eye. Is it maaaybe getting nommed? (holds breath, hopes not)

  40. Tracie says:

    Another picture, for the clam-doubters:

  41. Tracie, I believe you’ve found the zoomed-out version of this post’s close-up photo… and that is one *secure* li’l fishie, I’ll say that much.

  42. @ golden: i’m so sorry to hear about your sick baby. it’s so hard to lose a cat, especially one so young-my brett had to be put down at 7 months old because he developed a devestating blood disease. just know that you are doing the right thing- as my vet said, it is a wonderful gift we can give them, to let them go gently and painlessly. peace & love to you both.

    that being said- i love the little fishie’s face, he’s all “wuht?”

  43. Confused says:

    I will agree that it’s cute.

    I just have no idea what I’m looking at, here…

    Golden, so sorry to hear about your kitty. 😦

  44. Gillian says:

    BTW, if we’re going to start having mollusks (as giant clams and octopi certainly are)…

    I move that there be a cuttlefish exhbit. Cutest. Mollusk. Ever.

  45. Gail, virtual support and hugs and kitty kisses to you too. So sorry about your foster kitty.

  46. That is a Yellow Goby peeking out of a giant clam. He is saying “Meow?”

  47. Michelle says:

    Yes, the clown is hosting in a ***clam***. As Tracie said earlier, clowns will host in all sorts of things. I have kept reefs for many years, and helped establish a thriving reef club in my city and I have seen a lot of strange things in people’s tanks! Clams have two valves in their bodies which they filter water through. The clown appears to be hosting within one of those valves. And no, it won’t eat the clown as they don’t take in meaty foods in that manner…they are filter feeders. That said, some fish have met their death when a clam suddenly snapped shut on the fish’s head to protect themselves from a fish nipping their flesh, but obviously this clown won’t have that happen. 🙂

    Fraggle Reef is a coral retailer that sells “frags”, or fragments of coral that we hobbyists purchase and then grow in our home aquariums. Link: http://www.fragglereef.com/zen/ .

  48. OMG, I wish I had an apartment as big as that!

  49. First we go out, and then back in…and then out, and then back in…