You GOTTA send this to your boy/girlfriend right now

Click the "Email to a Friend" link under the photo, and with it, write something like:

"[Whitney Houston voice] Iiiiiiiiiiiiii will always lurve YERRRRRHHHHHHHH!!!"


Do eet, Anihka K., photo via ACC



  1. Haaaaaaaa! 🙂 The cat on the far side seems slightly displeased. The other, blissfully oblivious. 🙂

  2. Lurve dem!
    so cute.

    kitty on the far side isn’t displeased, he’s just trying to preserve his machismo with girlio all “I lurve you” beside him.

  3. Elizapooh says:

    That’s exactly how my husband and I look when I push him over to the computer to check out Cute Overload!

  4. Squirly says:

    They both look happy to me. Sweet kitty-poos.

  5. tracyFlick says:

    They look like the Aristocats.

  6. Matching bent paws!!!

  7. AWWWWWW! I just squealed loudly in the middle of the library. Such a cute couple they are 🙂
    The only thing that could make this an even better photo is if they had their tails entwined.

  8. greenighs says:

    Oh! The lubbins! *swoon*

  9. zeldapie says:

    Oh, what a touching sight! How sweet!!

  10. SO PRETTY.

  11. warrior rabbit says:

    tracyFlick, EXACTLY what I was thinking. Thomas O’Malley cat for the win.

  12. I think I see a little bit of a pre-kitten tummy there!

    This is one of the mostest adorable pictures I’ve seen 😀

  13. awww. that is so sweet!

  14. Hovertext, hee! Don’t forget your jukebox money, kittehs!

  15. Hon Glad says:

    When were out together dancing cheek to cheek.

  16. Peanutcat says:

    Love, hell! The kitteh on the right has a mouse in his mouth(see the tail sticking outta side of his mouth?) and the other kitteh is trying to sweet-talk him into giving it up!

  17. yankeebird says:

    I don’t think that’s a mouse tail. I think that’s just the gap in between a couple of sidewalk bricks.

  18. 260Oakley says:

    Hmm, I’m not buying the lovey-dovey stuff either. I think they’re up to something. That one cat is totally saying something like “Psst! Wanna go and try to knock the Oreo off that bunny’s head?”

  19. eszter says:

    does the cat on the left have only three legs??!

  20. metsakins says:

    Awww…my Vonce (cat when I was teenager) would walk with my Ozzie (dog, same time frame) like this. and Ozzie was like, look I’m a dog, I have my image to maintain, quick hide, here comes some of my friends.

  21. Hmm? Where is the ginger tom’s tail? Is he a manx perhaps?

  22. Rose — I knew somebody would ask that… it’s probably just tucked over out of the camera’s line of sight.

  23. Lurker says:

    Ooh, is there anything sweeter than a friendly cackilo?

  24. ThreeCatNight says:

    All together now,

    “Here we come,
    walkin’ down the street,
    get the funniest looks from
    everyone we meet.
    Hey, hey we’re the kittahs!
    And we don’t monkey around.
    You’ll never know where we’ll be going.
    We may be comin’ to your town!”

  25. To quote a recent post on ICHC, “orange is contagious?”

  26. Paunchie says:

    the orange and white kitteh looks like he may be saying Nyerhe…..

  27. CoffeeCup says:

    The boy kind of looks like he’s recounting a funny scene from a movie and laughing to himself while the girl cat is going on about springtime and the summer breeze.

    I’ve been spending the entire week recounting ‘Iron Man’ scenes in my head…fantastic film. There are some awfully cute robots and a few attractive humans as well.

  28. My guess is that the cat on the right is going on and on with some pretensious argument why the Leafs are the greatest hocky team ever or why only pretensious people listen to Radiohead while really pretensious poeple criticize them.

    She’s probably all “you’re right honey. And you’re totally awesome.”

  29. herself says:

    This is, without a doubt, 100% prosh.

  30. Pearl Ostroff says:

    My young female cat (7 months) does this kind of thing to my much older male cat (14 or 15 years) She will also drape her very long, floofy tail over him. He doesn’t complain but he mostly ignores it. So, I agree that the male cat in this picture is just being macho.

  31. legotech says:

    Hehe Coffeecup…this could work “Admit it, this isn’t the worst thing you’ve ever caught me doing!”

  32. chanpon says:

    Do I just have swishy boy cats? Both my male cats do this to me (not complaining!) and to each other. It’s redonkuolously cute, and extremely effective at making me not mad at whatever trouble they’ve gotten into.

  33. CoffeeCup says:

    legotech, that’s a perfect line for the pic.

  34. claudia says:

    LOL@ “Swishy boy cats”

    very sweet indeed.

  35. shannomo says:

    Reminds me of “we are Siamese if you please, we are Siamese if you don’t please”. Even if they’re not!

  36. awww lovey doveys!!!


  38. ornith says:

    debg, it reminds me of that too; do you think maybe it’s the same cats?

  39. Does orange kity have no tail, or is that some serious tail intertwinement I’m seeing?

  40. Pearl Ostroff says:

    Having taken a second look, I’d say that kittens are definitely on the way.

  41. Ehmgee lurve. <3

  42. now i’m lonely again. thanks meg.


  43. Ornith, I think these cats are bigger. Maybe they grew up really fast, like kittens do?

  44. Michelle says:


    Cause I can’t see them in the photo. They must be gone. 😉

  45. soulofaqua says:

    This makes me want to have a girlfriend just so I can send it to her!

  46. the ICHC “orinj is contagious” kittehs looked like brother and sister to me — so if these are them, and there’s kittenage on the way here, um, genetically… yeah.

    My TK is the product of a couple of generations of inbreeding, and that (plus his being a tuxedo) makes him Not The Sharpest Knife In The Drawer.

    But this picture makes me go “awwwwwwwww”!

  47. JennieMello says:

    Don’t worry Michelle, I am sure it’s shopped 😉 and they have all their leggies.

    Reminds me of those cats in the Aristocats—we are siamese if you please….

    Love them so much.

  48. Fallon says:

    Yeah, I definitely did e-mail that to my boyfriend immediately.

    See, he calls me Kitten, and I call him Tomcat, so I couldn’t HELP it!

  49. ashagato says:

    i died laughing at that “orange is contagious” post on ICHC!

    but i’m still pissed they beat CO…so wrong!!!

    meg and theo you’re the best!

  50. I think this is a beast with two backs (yes, kittens ARE on the way, I think too), and three back legs and four front legs (synchronized), and they’re definitely joined at the hip.

  51. leah b. says:

    z love will keep us together ( a little old school Neil Sedaka written song covered by the Captian and teneille)

  52. leah b. says:

    yes I know I cannot spellez its almost 2 in the morning for me

  53. The orange cat on the right reminds me of Marlon Brando in “On The Waterfront”.

    Don’t ask.

    [sad pug face & head-tilt @ Berthaslave]

  54. acelightning says:

    The orange patches on the smaller, pregnant cat *exactly match* the orange color of the larger orange-and-white cat. Hmm. But the affection between them is still beautiful.

  55. Theresa says:

    Orange and Calico sitting in a tree,
    First comes lerve,
    Then comes marriage,
    Then comes kittehs with a kitten carriage!

  56. leslie says:

    Has anyone else noticed the s—eating grin, on the face of the closest cat?
    I literally felt the endorphin rush throughout my bloodstream as I looked at this photo.

    Thanks for my (cutecats) fix for today 😉

  57. chanpon says:

    Aristocats? I’m quite certain “We are Siamese…” is from the Lady & the Tramp. They were the evil Siamese cats, trying to get Lady in trouble.

  58. Katrina says:

    Well, they are just the best.
    Now, what is “fug”, and, after going to ICHC to see what all the palaver is about, why do the writers on ICHC type in such cryptic letters that are supposed to be words? I just get bored trying.

    I know I’m out of the loop on many things, but geeeez, now I can’t even get meaning out English text? Maybe it isn’t English, I don’t know.

    I too am sorry that ICHC has had a fleeting victory, but that is all it is, a certain number of people thought they could be ‘cuter’ than this, but, no, it just doesn’t happen. Incomprehensible isn’t cute, it’s well,incomprehensible.

  59. Paunchie says:

    “fug” stands for “fugly” which is “f’ing ugly” OK?

    something you will not find on CO evah.

    [Correct, start to finish… – Ed.]

    [Well OK, all bets are off on April 1, but OTHERWISE… – Ed.]

  60. one night i had a phone tiff with my boyfriend and the next day he sent me an apology email with this picture:

    instantly forgiven. i had no choice.

  61. JennieMello says:

    Thx, chanpon—with a 3 1/2 yr old(human) in the house, I get my disney confuzzled.

  62. ReneeB. says:

    The kitty on the right looks almost exactly like my kitty, Gizmo. A neighbor’s cat, Ginger, looks like the one on the left. Despite the fact that Gizmo never goes outside, we always joke that Ginger is his girlfriend, so I found this picture particularly funny. Sent it to my DH right away.

  63. *sigh* The paparazzi get one picture of you when you’re not sucking in your stomach, and all of the sudden people are shouting, “baby bump!”

  64. Katrina says:

    Thank you Paunchie, what a surprise, it’s obscene.

    I swear sometimes, I can get quite ‘salty’ as my Mother put it once, but ya know, swearing has taken on a life of its own these days…thank you for keeping CO unswear-y.

    taj- ain’t it the truth….

  65. ah to be young and in love and also feline

  66. Totalee Puppy says:

    Taj-Great comment! Thanks,
    everyone, for the laughs.
    I too tie-tie to think of
    anything elses…

  67. Charlie says:

    a local tomcat (who i call dracula cos of his protruding fangs, i dont know his real name) brought my cat smudge, a slender pretty tortoishell, a seagull feather today. He brought it upstairs and dropped it in front of her and then left via the cat flap.

  68. I don’t think these are the “Orange is Contajus” kitties. If you notice, the darker kitty there has alot of grey and black on her front parts (head, forelegs, neck). The grayer kitty here has white forelegs, and neck. I know cats’ marking change as they grow up, but that is a pretty drastic change.

    Of course they could still be from the same litter and even if they are they might have different daddies….

    Sweet picture anyway.

    Here’s the Orange is Contagious picture:

  69. Is that calico cat pregnant? I mean, I’ve had cats at home all my life and that’s how a tummy looks like when pregnancy begins to show.

    BTW, aunties kitty’s pregnant, and her sister just had two kittens that are…gosh, they’re indescriptable. I’d love to nom their ears.

  70. murphy0077dream says:

    meow here kitty kitty & Puss & Boots cats dont come when they cum when they want too

  71. Timothy says:

    Cara Cat: OWWWW!!! Tim Cat, you’re whiskers are sooo scratchy!!! (Must be Sunday)

  72. this is SO SWEET!

  73. Colleen says:

    This is so pretty <3 It'd be even greater if their tails were entwined with one anothers :3 But omg I love it.. So nice.

  74. Aww I just got my wisdom teeth taken out, and I smiled so hard this made my face hurt even more 😦 but still adorableeee!

  75. OH EMM JAYY says:

    awwwww… how adorable is that???!!!!! :]