The Cat Tower of Algenon

The fight to the death is underway. WHO will get (and keep?!) top spot? Whomever uses their +15 mace, that’s who.

Aaron R., great entire kitteh diary series and hilarious soundtracks…



  1. LOVING the multiple kitty high fives… and the montage of kitty bonding at the end. The beginning song reminds me of some wacky cutscene from Scrubs.

  2. The paws! All the pawwwwws!

  3. wow I wish I had that much time on my hands to drown myself in cute footage.

  4. Katrina says:

    That’s better than television.

  5. Lizzums says:

    I wonder if they remembered to add in the +2 attack bonus for higher ground? May have been negated by the penalties for partial cover… hmmm.

  6. Pussytoes says:

    Sweet cat tree.

  7. herself says:

    Looks like its a new cat tower. Cat towers are the best. I put mine next to the front door so that my cat can kiss me on the nose when I come in.

  8. How come tabby kitteh is pink around the neck?

    Very very amusing 🙂

  9. This is the very definition of EPIC!!!!

  10. Does anyone recognize where that music is from? I could swear it’s from a video game…

  11. I would never get anything done with those two around!

  12. gotta love the hilarious tall floof puff on the grey one….haha so sweet

  13. aw crapus
    I meant tail*

  14. Tigger says:

    I wish I could get something like that for my two kitties…but they’d knock it over. We have one of the shorter, two hole ones. When Methos was a kitten he used to chase his tail in and out of the holes – be in the top and look through the bottom, see his tail and try to grab it, only to fall out of the hole onto his back. Lather, rinse, repeat. From time to time, when he was in the top hole, Poof would sit on top and bat at him – they’d play peekaboo. I know they’d love this, but the first time it wobbled Poof would never go near it again. And Methos? Well, he’s 22# of pure muscle, so things wobble when he jumps off them. 🙂

  15. Awesome! I love how the calico gnaws on the head of his foe/friend and then licks him later. Aww!

  16. How SWEET a life do these kitties have?? I loved the soda box tower in the “opening credits”. Awesome video.

  17. Louise says:

    At 2:44 I notice some armpit ticking…

  18. I like how one of the cats bites the tower in frustration midway through the battle and how the other cat lets his paws dangle mockingly when he is master of the tower. Ya gotta love them kitties.

  19. BustaMove says:

    Nice DND references:) Remember – Cats get >1 attack/round (claw, claw, bite, rend, rend)

  20. Brandi Lee says:

    God that was better than star wars ……..sigh

  21. I believe THIS is the very essence of redonkulousness:

  22. I just discovered this blog today and I love it!!!♥

  23. Michelle says:

    ahahaha that was brilliant! 😀

  24. This was terrific!
    You know, you could easily attach one of these cat trees to a wall to make it more stable…

  25. [SPOILER ALERT] I *knew* they were littermates and not just similar in appearance! So sweet in the end… further evidence of the power in shared meal.

  26. now that was HIGH drama!

  27. chet's momma says:

    hey guys. my 18 year old baby Chet died today, while i was cuddling him. he’s been very sick for a while, so it wasn’t a surprise. hug all your babies extra close!

    chet’s momma angela d.

  28. herself says:

    Aw, sorry about Chet. That’s so sad/

    BTW – regarding the towers being tippy. I have a weight set I never use. I had a problem with the tower falling over and took weights that I never use and stacked them inside the bottom of the tower. I have 16 lbs of iron weights in there and it still will sway, but won’t fall. Its the best use I’ve had for them.

  29. :: sending hugs to angela d. ::

  30. Pink neck is piiiiiiink.
    Yay for cats.

  31. StephKaye says:

    Whomever? Whatever.

  32. Seven Paws says:

    This was the best! The grey with the white stripe on the nose! The tail fluffage! The dangling paws! These kittehs should have a webcam. No they shouldn’t, I would watch it all day!

    Also nice to see someone else’s cat battles, without my having to referee them!

  33. Seven Paws says:

    This was the best! The grey with the white stripe on the nose! The tail fluffage! The dangling paws! These kittehs should have a webcam. No they shouldn’t, I would watch it all day!

    Also nice to see someone else’s cat battles, without my having to referee them!

  34. Persephone says:

    I love when Meg makes D&D references. 😀 Although it wouldn’t be so cute if one of the housecats killed a level 1 peasant.

  35. brinnann says:

    How can you tell the difference between when your cats are playing and fighting? I always think mine are fighting ‘cuz they didn’t get along at first. Now I’m not sure. Swatting is only accompanied by hissing 1/4 of the time.

  36. The heroic music makes for the perfect “kitteh workout.” You can just show this video to your cats to inspire them to greatness.


  37. Sympathies to Chet’s mamma. May your furry guardian angel bring you the comfort of good memories and loud purring.

    (Great video too. Very Lord of the Rings.)

  38. I loved it, too, but also wonder why tabby kitteh is pink around the collar area.

  39. Zombie says:

    Best mouseover tip ever.

    And Busta, don’t forget Pounce: full attack on a charge.

  40. rotflol!!!
    soooooo great!
    it’s the battle of the kitties!!!!!!!!

  41. “How can you tell the difference between when your cats are playing and fighting? I always think mine are fighting ‘cuz they didn’t get along at first. Now I’m not sure. Swatting is only accompanied by hissing 1/4 of the time.”

    I don’t know really. I think you just have to use your own judgment. I’ve read that even hissing can be playful. These kitties, IMO, were not really trying to hurt each other. If they were, there’d be blood. I think it is pretty rare for domesticated cats to get into real fights with each other.

  42. Lucia Mendez says:

    Haha I love the part at 2:57 where the white kitty is like “Yeah!!!! I did it!!!” lol cats are so smart 🙂

  43. The kitten clip is cute and hilarious.

  44. We need some Unreal Tournament commentary here – “Head Shot!” , “Godlike”, and “Flawless Victory!”

  45. yankeebird says:

    My condolences, chet’s momma. He spent his last moments knowing he was loved.

  46. I love this!

    Chet momma, so sorry for your loss.

  47. chet’s mamma, what a wonderful long life you provided for your beloved pet!

  48. Daphne Moss says:

    Chet’s mamma…if only everyone could say they’d been loved like that…Hugs to you…

    As for kittehs. What a life! Also love the montage at the end that shows these loving littermates together their whole lives. You could tell they never were really hurting each other.
    Soooo sweet! Thanks for sharing.

  49. Chet’s momma, hugs to you. Chet was a lucky, lucky kitty to have you for a mom. My babies send you kisses.

  50. moggyfan says:

    Aww, chet’s momma, my kitty and I are sorries. But such a lucky boy to have such a fine momma and to slip away to the Rainbow Bridge in her loving arms.
    There’ll be lots of The Kitties Who Came Before waiting to greet him.

    As for the video, it’s awesome!

  51. The big difference between real fighting and play fighting is whether there are claws out, I think.

    Aw, poor Chet’s Momma. My Arslan sends you kisses.

  52. moggyfan says:

    Aww, chet’s momma, my kitty and I are sorries. But such a lucky boy to have such a fine momma and to slip away to the Rainbow Bridge in her loving arms.
    There’ll be lots of The Kitties Who Came Before waiting to greet him.

    As for the video, it’s awesome!

  53. Theresa says:

    Chet’s momma, my two catboys (17 and 2 1/2 years old) send you comforting purrs.

  54. “It’s over Anakin, I have the high ground. Don’t try it”.

  55. Andrea says:

    Sorry to hear about Mr. Chet, lovebug.
    May your great memories out-weigh your pain.

  56. ashagato says:

    love to you chet’s momma!

  57. Angela (chet’s momma) so sorry for your loss. Hugs to you. Chet was lucky to be in your caring arms til it was time to go — he knew he was loved.

  58. What? NO cries of “this is clearly animal abuse! How could you just stand by and WATCH them beat each other up like that? Shame on you Meg for not catering to my every whim! I’m never coming back!”

    I love this video, and have just now subscribed to the whole channel.

    Personally, I liked the LOTR hovertext more than I liked the DnD reference, but that’s just me. hehehe

    And Chet’s momma, *hugs* to you. Poor baby.. at least now he is happy and healthy waiting for you on the Rainbow Bridge.

  59. JennieMello says:

    Heeheehee, Villy. I was just thinking the same thing. Honestly, it is so nice to see comments that are just plain about the cute, and being nice to eachother. Warm fuzzies, again.
    Hugs to Chet’s momma.

  60. puppies&kitties says:

    Filmic genius!! This is so brilliant. I look forward to viewing the whole body of work.

  61. Martha in Washington says:

    How to tell the difference between fighting and playing? Is there blood or broken bones? No? Then they are fine. (That is what I always told my kids, anyway.)

    This is the very reason why I like cats. They entertain themselves so well and entertain their humans in the process. They can be totally blissed out with the simplest of inanimate objects–like a box or paper bag or a large carpet-covered tower of DOOM!!

    Chet’s Momma-my heart goes out to you and my Gemma sends warm purrs.

  62. Chets Mommy {{{Hugs}}}

    Villy thanks for posting the rainbow bridge video it is beautiful

  63. Hon Glad says:

    I’m the king of the castle get down you dirty rascal.

  64. leah b. says:

    its so fun to watch you can see there minds whirling about how they are going to dismount the other from the top, but you could tell it was all in fun the two paw head hold and kisses gave it away for me. Then you feed me and now cumfurtables on the top together.

  65. Wow, A. I can’t believe I just spent four minutes riveted to an epic cat battle. B. Want one. Now. 🙂

    Hugs to Chet’s mum, he is with teh ceiling cat now. x

  66. @Chet’s Momma: I am so sorry to hear about Chet. It must be very hard for you. My 6 kittehs at home and I send you {{{{HUGS}}}} and lots of snorgles.

    When you’re up to it, the shelters are SO full of adults and bebehs who need love and cuddles from a quality Mommeh like you!!

  67. @Han: Thanks, I’ve been seeing references to the ceiling cat and now I get it!

  68. Hey, we’ve been short on the kitties needing boxhab. Will these two need tower-hab now? They seem quite addicted to it… ;o)

  69. zoogzfan says:

    67 comments, and nobody has picked up on the fact that Aaron Rift is the son of the absolutely fabulous Zoogz Rift!

  70. Okay I’ve watched this three times now. Taj sent us this link and its excellent –

    when I come home from work today I think I will be watching the rest of them.
    *ponders to self*
    *laundry?, vacuuming? cat videos?, hmm*

  71. as to playing/fighting–
    as long as they aren’t howling and growling, as my cats do, it’s playing…or close enough!
    yeah my cats hate each other 😦

  72. brinnann says:

    Angela/Chet’s Momma, Ceiling Cat sent his only son Happy Cat so that all kitties could to heaven. I’m sure when we make it there our furbabies will be waiting for us on the other side, ready with purrs, headbutts, and cheezburgers.

    Thanks everyone for the advice on kitty play-fighting.

  73. they weren’t even doing anything, yet i’m totally amused. they think they’re doing something! LOL i have to show this to my mother so we can lolcats to this.

  74. beaufolo says:

    Big hugs, Chet’s Momma. I lost my Beau last month and letting them go is hard, even when they are sick. You will know when it is time to have another furry friend in your life. Beau helped me find my next cat, and I get to pick him up tomorrow! Beau approved. Chet will help you know when you are ready too.
    Maybe you will get two little brawlers like the ones here! Cute and entertaining! 🙂

  75. Rosie A. says:

    Definitely better than 99% of the shows on TV right now! ^_^

  76. Mommy2B says:

    It’s heartwarming to see such a wonderfully happy ending. And the little montage at the end of them growing up. They were adorable little kittens!!

  77. Silent Meow says:

    Who needs TV when you can have videos like this one? Priceless!

  78. ThreeCatNight says:

    The wacky music is killing here,along with the kitty romps! So funny! The little grey and white guy is a dead ringer for my Spanky.

  79. Snarfff says:

    Oh, the horror, the violence! Yet in the end, a delicate peace.

  80. “How can you tell the difference between when your cats are playing and fighting? I always think mine are fighting ‘cuz they didn’t get along at first. Now I’m not sure. Swatting is only accompanied by hissing 1/4 of the time.”

    Ear position is often good indication. If they’re facing forward or just flicked back a little, they’re probably playing. If they’re flat against the head, there’s probably some aggression there. My personal policy is that as long as no one’s ears are all the way back, I don’t need to get Mr. Spraybottle involved. They’re either having a good time or working out some kind of kitty political issue I don’t understand.

    There’s a great book out there called “Cat vs. Cat” by Pam Johnson-Bennett. I read it last year before bringing a kitten into my single-cat home. It’s really helpful for understanding intercat relationships.

  81. charliewabba says:

    hugs to chet’s momma. The CO is a very comforting place to be.

  82. Kimski says:

    I loved it when the kitty kept going for the camera, “I am hostile to EVERYONE!!!!”

    What I learnt from this movie was that there is an advantage in having the higher ground.

    [Heck, I learned *that* from Stevie Wonder! – Ed.]

  83. Kaitou Juliet says:

    Hilarious video!! But the main thought that kept running through my mind the whole time was, “Those kitties look so soft. I want to pet them!”

  84. Rooanne says:

    Hi – I’ve lurking for a long time & just have to say I recently lost an 18 year old baby too. Only I had to put her down….. then, three days later, someone had a young male cat who needed a home, so I took him in. He is tearing up my house and I am laughing and happy, AND crying & sad, all at the same time. But it’s nice to have a young kitty again and to play.

  85. Fifi’s got it right – as long as there’s no howling or growling, it’s just a play fight. Just like these two bada$$es in the video.

  86. @Rooanne: Sorry to hear about your little Beau, but happy to hear about the young’un! Talk about mixed emotions!! {{{HUGS}}} and 🙂 too!!

  87. OOPS!!! Rooanne and Beaufolo: Sorry, mixed up the names!!

    PeepFriends, Pray to the Ceiling Cat for us!! I’m a little stressed out with Foster Mom #1 and Mom #2 having an unquestionably UNFRIENDLY yowl-fest at the bedroom door separating them while meanwhile, one of Foster #2’s babies is SO SICK with upper respiratory I thought she was dead. Think she’s a little better now, but still WORRIED. Thanks for listening….

  88. chet's momma says:

    thanks you guys! *snif* i love my CO peeps for helping me thru bein’ sad about my kitteh chet. xxoo to y’all.

  89. krakherjack says:

    did you dye your cats neck pink?

  90. Rooanne – sorry about your 18 year old baby. I had to put my 16 year old baby to sleep over a year ago and I still think of him. I still have two left though and they are a comfort to me.

  91. Meeeeeeeeeg, where r thou? my day is soooooo emparty without new posts…. dying… srsly

  92. @Rooanne: the fairest way to treat both ur babies, the passed-away and the tearing-up-home, is to treat the new one with all ur love. when i lost my first behbeh, although i took in the second one pretty soon, i started to lurrrv him after quite a while altho he’d been always a good playful kitteh. now that he’s all spoiled and rude to me, i can still recall he was so careful around me when first coming to our home. i just wish i had started spoiling him much much much earlier. he totally deserve iiiiiit! the obnoxious fatty sweetheart!!!

  93. I love the part in the beginning where the baby kitty runs away from his reflection in the mirror!!!!!

  94. ashagato says:

    omg i’m totally sobbing from that rainbow bridge thing.

    but at the same time, i’m quietly chuckling… chet’s momma: “chet”? for a cat? lol!

  95. M- m- m- m- m- mis-whom’ed!

  96. Woah…that rainbow bridge thing caused a surprising flow of tears. I was not expecting that. *wipes eyes*

    That was quite lovely though. Sad, but lovely.

  97. Foster babeh died.
    Feel SO bad, feel like a bad mommy—all of it!!!!! Poor little sweeteh.

  98. Chets mama: sending you many hugs.. I lost my wonderful KitterKat in 2003. She was 17. Kitters was a very “in your face” kitty…part of everything…bold…sweet…fiesty. The coolest cat EVER! I still miss her after all this time. I have 2 other special kitties but she will always be my “big girl” and “queen of the house”. Kitters…mama loves you….

  99. rainbow bridge! 😦

    my kitty MAX went to ceiling cat on March 18th, 2008 and when i saw rainbow bridge i got all misty.

    my condolences to all who lost a kitteh recently.

  100. shnoopydoodaa says:

    HAY IT’s MAY 9th can we get some new cuteness PLEASE??????

  101. Rooanne says:

    Thanks for condolences, and I am sorry for others’ losses also. I love that rainbow bridge…it’s comforting to me. Oh I am definitely spoiling the new cat; he thinks he’s in charge already. In fact I may have to get him a companion…..

  102. Rooanne – Just do whatever he says and you’ll be fine.

    Sunny, my condolences go to you too. That date is the one year anniversary of my beloved Handsome’s death.

    *now off to watch the video for a fourth time, I tear up at the end when they are all snuggled on top*

  103. Deanna says:

    Gail, I’m sorry, hun. It must have not been meant to be. It’s not your fault. *hugs*

  104. Gail – I missed your comment. Anyone who fosters is a hero. The fact that one was lost is sad, but it was in a loving home, not out on the street and I know it was happy there.

  105. I love this video! I would watch all the time if they put up a TowerCam.

    @ shnoopydoodaa and helen: I know Cute Withdrawal is tough; especially when the shakes and DTs start. But we have to let Meg take care of her real life now and then.

  106. My condolences to everyone who has lost a kitty, it’s been a year and a half for me and still it makes me cry a little. 😦

  107. girlnextdoortn says:

    I can has new post?

    [It seems that Meg’s unavailable until don’t-know-when. I don’t have access to the Official C.O. Submissions, but this doesn’t mean I’m completely helpless; stand by… – Ed.]

  108. Thanks everybody for the kind words. I know these things happen, but….boy.

    {{HUGS}} to all of you who’ve lost a kitteh!!!

    Charliewabba said it—CO is a good place to be when these things happen.

  109. AShagato and Red-

    I know. It always gets me when it says “they are not with their special person” and then it just doesn’t stop.

    I’ve many friends waiting for me there and it always makes me sad AND happy to think they are all together and playing.

    It also reminds me when I was a child, my dog died and I wrote a poem about my doggie waiting for me at the pearly gates *i was like…7* I thought I was so clever…

    But I wouldn’t give up my Siliga for anything.

    If anyone wants, I will gladly share her. She gives the best snuggles and kitty kisses.

  110. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Chet’s momma, Rooanne, and Gail–condolences and hugs for all of you. The hardest part about being human is outliving our fur-children. And the good part is that there’s always more fur-children who need loving homes. Any pet adopted by any of you is a lucky, lucky critter. 🙂

  111. Yes, it is very hard to lose any one of our furry or feathered “kids”. We grieve, we cry, and we keep hold of all the memories. Then we look for more critters with whom to share the love.

    Yes, it is sad when they have to go… but I wouldn’t give it up for anything!

  112. Aww! I love it! They grow up so fast…btw Pink neck is hot!

  113. about the rainbow bridge… i cried so hard now, remembered my only love Sema that grew with me together, spent with me 14 years, she was like another member of the family, another sister.. and we had to put her to sleep in autumn 2005, but i still bleed with hard tears inside of me and outside everytime i think about her..
    hugs and all my heart for all of you and your gone kitties, they will always be the onlys and living here with us…..

    And about the movie – hahaha… :)) the idea – the greatest!! if it was my will, i would give cannes or whatever best award!… :):):) cool cat-brothers/sisters (hmm i missed this part somewhere..), they are so sooo fun cats 🙂