Oh Tofu, I lof you so moshe

Oh Tofu, I can only stuff so moshe of you into my powshes. If only I could stuff entire CITY BLOCKS of tofu into my powshes.

"My dearest Tofu…" – Chmurka, originally uploaded by pyza*.

Dear, dear Tofu. You make Chmurka one happy ham. Thanks, Ulrike S. 😉



  1. Hamhat! That is some serious chubfloofness, Chmurka. Kudos!

  2. rosieLB says:

    Chmurka’s a better ham than I. Tofu…blech!

  3. safoster says:


  4. Angela-Eloise says:

    Tewtally redonk!

  5. Mmmm, share? (Hammy clutches tofu closer) No share? Fine, I got a block in my fridge anyway. Yummy shtuff.
    Ah, did I ever mention my Himalayan kitteh named Tofu, and his black & white sister kitteh, named Shamu? Good times.

  6. Chmurka is the absolute sweetest animal I’ve ever seen. I don’t think I ever knew that hamsters had such a personality thing going on.

  7. dag nab it – I wish I wouldn’t do that before I hit post – I meant to share this too…


  8. metsakins says:

    Starting to think Chmurka living a better life than me! Certainly better clothes.

  9. zeldapie says:

    I HEART Chmurka!!! OMG!

    And that hat, so anerable.

    Hey Chmurka, I love tofu, too. Honest!

  10. karla b says:

    that is one wee piece of crochet! good thing she is a tolerant ham-girl!

    (tofu is really good! weight/press water out, then marinate in brandy and soy sauce… then stir fry. Yum)

  11. Hon Glad says:

    Hi its Auntie Mamie. I always bring my own food, you can’t trust cafe food.

  12. zeldapie says:

    karla b, can you taste the brandy in the tofu? I’ve marinated it in soy sauce, but not both, and I’ve had some er.. bad experiences with brandy and can’t bear the taste.

    I’d like to see more of Chmurka’s cute hats!!

  13. “marinate in brandy” oh wow. Thanks!
    I like tofu stir fried in sesame oil and butter, then added to my miso soup.

    Is this Hammie the Mad Hatter reincarnated?

  14. omg this is TOO REDONK!!!!

    so cute, oh so cute.

  15. Kiragirl says:

    it’s a hamster cozy

  16. Yowza! I iz tewtally impressed wif’ da’ pouches!

  17. ButtaRumCake says:

    That hat is BEYOND redonk LOL

  18. Ms.McPantiesinaBunchnuff says:

    I have seen heaven…it is a fat floofy hamster in a hat…

  19. Ms.Colbert says:

    I love when people make their animals clothes. Loved animals make me so happy.

  20. Now is the time to outfit your Hammie for Spring 2008. These knitted caps will set your Ham apart. Hammies everywhere are opting for nose-coordinated colors! Available in Quivering Pink, Hammie Nose Rose, Whisker White and Fuzzy Peach. And be sure to check out the newest in Ham-Spandex Wheel Running performance gear. Buy two and we’ll send you a free water bottle.

  21. Luv da hat, luv the look, da whole thing workz.

    Needz matchink scarf..

    (grabz bitty knitty needlez, kints furriously…)

  22. karla b says:

    OOPS! Sherry, not brandy!! Ack! DRY sherry. Sorry!!! Brandy = fruitcake, maybe. 🙂

  23. OMG. My head just exploded. That is wayyyy too much QTE!! Sigh.

  24. ~Ham wore a raspberry souffle
    The kind you wear when you’re powshin’ tofu!….~ 😀

    (t looks more like a souffle than a beret :D).

  25. Tamara says:

    Chmurka is the first HAMMIE SUPERMODEL! Work it girl! It’s sad about her little ears though, i read on her mom’s Flickr page that Chmurka had some surgery on her little girly hamster parts and as a result of the anesthesia her poor little ears fell off 😦 The blood circulation slowed down a little bit and hammie ears are so delicate anyway, thye lost blood supply and withered away to little ear flaps. I love the hat though! she’s still the cutest hammie ever even w/out the cat, who needs ears anyway with muzzle powshe power like THAT?! That hat is too redonk! *kissies Chmurka* :3

  26. Munchy Munchersons says:

    Awww… I wish my Hamster didn’t bite… I’ve rather lost my faith in small furry rodents now. 😦 I’ve lost all my confidence! She’s adorable, but I can’t touch her with bare hands anymore.

  27. LOL Pyrit! You’re too funny! Ham-Spandex Running Wheel performance gear? I want it for MY ham (this little guy):


  28. ‘wad’ to go, tofu and chmurka hammy!

  29. Uh, can I suggest a Knitted category again? No? Oh poo.

    Then can I suggested shredded tofu strips? They’re about the size of spagetti strands and are made of salty dried tofu so that they really stand up well in soups. I wanna see Chmurka slurp down a strand!

  30. herself says:

    Hammies eat tofu? Who’da thunk it? The hat? Tres chic!

  31. chanpon says:

    Who can even think of the tofu with that tiny yarn hat? It’s redoncute-lous.

  32. For Munchy Munchersons: Don’t lose faith in small rodents. Some people can be squeamish about it, but to me a cute odent is a cute rodent is a cute rodent… no exclusions. Try a pet Rat. Compared to hamsters and gerbils, they are the least likely to bite. And they make wonderful pets, bonding and interacting with their humans in ways the others tend not too.

    I had a sweet little girl-rat years ago and still miss her. In all the time I had her she never once bit, even when she was very frightened in the first days I had her and was unaccustomed to being handled. Soon she came to love the attention and would give little kisses. For kids, rats are a much better choice than a gerbil or hamster.

  33. Is it wrong to think this hamster resembles TV’s “Blossom”?

  34. Shells says:


    There. I said it and I feel better. Your ever loyal fan, Shells

  35. Oh redonkulousness! I don’t know what else to say (other than “AWWWWWWWW!”)

  36. Teh tofu. Iz SEW gud. Wii lurves it tew.

  37. Cutener says:

    I made Thai tofu stirfry for my dinner and I nommed it all up just like sweet Chmurka. Sadly, I didn’t have an anerable little knitty hat to wear… 😦

    Prince should re-do ‘Raspberry Beret’ (even though it’s not really a beret) and make it all about Chmurka – who wouldn’t want to watch a video with her hamming about looking prosh in her lil’ pink hat?!

  38. :: ahem ::

    Vegan ham!

    thank you

  39. AuntieMame says:

    Vegan ham? Is that like kosher pork?

  40. Chmurka – the most gloriously wonderous Hammy in the entire world. Followed by PomPom her sister and the new baby Buleczka.

    I will admit it. Yes, I am a daily checker of Pyza’s website. She’s a remarkable photographer. And her four legged babies are wonderful.

  41. Christine H says:

    Teeny cute pink hat! What is it with teeny cute pink knitted things on this website?

  42. binky-mama says:

    Who ARE these people who knit little dainty things for their fur-kids?!?! re-DONK.

  43. Snorga says:

    “powshes..” that always cracks me up. And Chmurka is such a pampered sweetie!

  44. Chmurka is one amazing hamster. I could never get my hammies and hedgies to really like tofu so I stopped offering tofu. I’m amazed you can get Chmurka to stand still so you can dress her up. She must really love her tofu. So funny, so sweet.

  45. snoopysnake says:

    She just rocks that hat! I love it! And she gives props to tofu! She has a standing invitation to eat tofu with me any time!

  46. Rachel Sweeden says:

    I love the hat and Chmurka to.

  47. ham looks totally pimp! all he needs is some bling, mebbe a (fake) fur coat. 😀

  48. awww! so cute!!! but there’s something weird about its eye, lol, like someone tried to red-eye reduction it out XD

  49. My hamster is that greedy too. Even with his cheeks fully stuffed, if I give him a piece of food, he’ll find some way to take that, too.

  50. binky-mama says:

    She does look very possessive of her tofu. She’s all

    “MY tofu!! U cannot haz eet!”

  51. @ Munchy Munchersons

    Let me guess: Roborovskis? The last one I had bit me all the time and pooped in my hand every time I held her. Syrians are nicer.

  52. “The Japanese were the first to develop tofu pouches.”

    They beat us again, people!

  53. Totalee Puppy says:

    Hat makes me think of Ed
    Norton…Of course, that was in black & white, and the color looks great on
    Chmurka. Thanks, little hamster, for making this whole evening brighter–You’re to be thankful for!!
    Lots of great comments, but the BEST is PYRIT on hammie fashion. LOL!

  54. Totalee Puppy says:

    I’m going to beg the cook in the family (“The Look”)
    for the Tofu stir-fry after
    marinating in soy sauce and dry sherry…(that’s a lot to get across with a
    look). Hope I got the ingredients right…CAN HAZ

  55. I find it amusing that everyone goes OMG TORTURE when you post a severely *obese* cat, but an even more obese hammy? Nope! It’s okay! No torture here, just cuteness! Just… wtf. Also, that hamster is fug.

  56. @Pyrit: Not only the poetry, funny product ideas…..but great names, too? *sigh* I bow to your superior creativity!!!!

  57. acelightning says:

    It’s a good thing that tofu is soft and squishable, or that hammie would never be able to pack that much away in her cheeks! And the completely irrelevant pink hat just cracks me up.

    (For people food, I like to stir-fry tofu in Chinese sesame oil, with some ginger and hot pepper, then add either peanuts or cashews, and a little soy sauce.)

  58. Ariel – at the risk of arguing with an idiot and other posters not being able to tell us apart, I would comment that hamsters are like accordions, they can make themselves stretch to be thin and then retract to appear all fat & floofy.

    If you seriously think that hammie is fug, then your ability to judge cuteness is seriously impaired!

  59. snorglepup says:

    You peeps are making me hungry. Can I come in for some stir-fry?

  60. Ms.McPantiesinaBunchnuff says:





  61. As we were, eh? Oh, I could definitely have some fun with *that* …

  62. Sprock says:

    That little guy is stylin’! What’s he wearing, Hambercrombie & Fitch?

  63. Uber Nuffer says:

    It’s clear that forcing the hamster to wear that hat is abuse. That hamster is not a Spring. She’s an Autumn and a hat in the Autumn palette is required. Poor Chmurka–being dressed in hues completely inappropriate for your coloration.

    **walking off to report situation to PETA**

  64. gravyboat says:

    How does an itty-bitty hamstuh gum up a tofu cube? His wee jaw must be workin’ overtime.

  65. I would like to stuff that ham into my muzzlepowsche.

  66. I would like to stuff that ham into my muzzlepowsche.

  67. It’s ham Blossom!!! heehee

  68. Ally-Pony says:


    oh look at dat ham!
    with her wittle hat!
    and dems tiny pink hands clutching tofu!

    she should have a play date with my hamster, dread pirate hairy. they are both the same color, with the most adorable mush-a-licious fatness and share a love for TOFU! not many things are better than hamster play dates with tofu snacks! not many things at alllll!

  69. *steals hat to put on gerbil*

  70. this hamster makes me feel uncomfortable

  71. Awww, just give her a black fedora and a tie, and she’d totally be Hammie Hall.

  72. If You read the comments: I would love to see a ‘knittingks’ category along with the puppehs, kittehs, etc in the index! I’m always looking for that one with the sweater-wearing tree, etc.

  73. tablemountaingirl says:

    If you go to the flikr site, they have a more redonk picture of the hammy in a froggie hat. A froggie hat!!!!!!!!!??????