Delectabuhl little muzzlepowshe

People, this kitteh is POTENT!!! POTENT I TELL YOU.

Like if he was shown to all world leaders simultaneously, it’d be Insta-World-Peace-Puddle.

Creatures | Little Ball of Fur, originally uploaded by azharc.

EXCELLENT find, Lori W.!



  1. Janeyferr says:

    aww, ‘e looks not quite ready for the day/world

  2. Would it be wrong to nibble his ears with the the teensiest of nibbles?

  3. I now will commence to the fallings over, for I am teh ded.

  4. Charlie says:

    I want to squiz it
    it s floophy
    neeed to bite ears and feets

  5. gah!!

    beepbeep the little nosey.

    priiiing, priiiing, as i strummeth the downward-growing daintiest of whiskers.

    and now i shall be passingks out from teh qte.

  6. I’m already a world-peace-puddle. Let the kitten do its work with world leader. Give the kitteh a chance.

  7. chanpon says:

    How can a little furball this tiny look like he’s got a furrowed brow?

  8. How DO people take such great pics??!!

    *sighs, bitterly disappointed with own pics of foster kittehs*

  9. Wombats says:



  11. *gasssp*
    *passes out*

    (Now THAT’s what I’m talking about, cuteoverload!)

  12. psst, the orange ones are poison

    /kerplunk, fell dead from the cute poison

  13. In his eyes, I think I see a picture of all people in the world singing and holding hands.

  14. *gasp* *heddesk* SQUEEEEEE

  15. Theresa says:

    Pink nosie on a fluffy, creamsickie? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? (thud)

  16. ohnonebraska says:

    His eyes look like blueberries.

  17. Shannon says:

    His Proshness made my puter freeze up!

  18. browngrl says:

    well I hope you are happy now my head has gone and exploded from the cutes

    by the way if there are any people from Toronto with some spare time – what about volunteering at the Toronto Humane Society feeding Kittens? I feed kittens every Friday morning and we are so short of help – kittens are missing feedings and there is no time to cuddle because feeding is the priority – when the transit strike happened so so many kits missed feeds it is breaking my heart if you can help I thank you on behalf of the cats

  19. do i detect a wee bit of eye chub?

  20. that is the cutest thing…awwww…

  21. Strawberry nosicle.

  22. binky-mama says:

    This image is offensive to me in every way. This poor creature is obviously being abused and manipulated; forced to pose for a picture after being chased by a fennec fox while inside a “HamVee” and balancing 200 kitty treats on his head.

    *looks around*

    Did I say that out loud?

    [Actually, it looks like you may have *typed* it… – Ed.]

  23. AuntieMame says:

    Okay, where is my brain? The first time I read the caption, I saw Insta World Pee Puddle, and I thought Ewww. Then it was Insta World Peace Cuddle…

    Haven’t I seen this kitteh somewhere before? I seem to remember the little snoot and the outsized forehead, which surely camouflages a very large brain.

  24. WANT!

  25. Cutest Kitten Ever!

  26. hehe pee puddle

    I love the furrowed brow and bedhead, sooooo cute.

  27. Christine H says:

    *buries face in the floof*

  28. i want to kiss that spot right there where the mouf and nose come together! i bet he’s so tiny i’d get some whiskers too!

  29. I want to curl up in bed with this little guy!

  30. Sorry, Elle. The bed BELONGS to kitty.

  31. Ooops people I was eating popcorn and accidently ate this kitty in one-single-bite… so sorry – please remove picture of now purring happily inside of me 😀

    Also, may I trade in my 15 year old son for one of these?

    Oh heck, I’ll just send him to Toronto – perhaps snorgling kittens would do something to soothe his savage attitude.

  32. Totalee Puppy says:

    The more I look, the more
    I love.

  33. Sorry, but I think it’s sort of ugly. Not a fan of “squashed face” breeds.

  34. it’s haz a magical eye I tell ye!

  35. it* squeeze my misspellings >_>

  36. Pumeleon says:

    World Peace Puddle?

    This adorabuhl kitten must be the secret to human instrumentality!

  37. JennieMello says:

    Or maybe a World Peace Cuddle. Less messy. More warm fuzzies. Why is no presidential candidate running on warm fuzzies? Why did nobody ask me???

  38. cbinor says:

    Rudolph the red-nosed kitness.

  39. MaliceAlice says:

    Am I the only one who thinks there may be something totally wrong with that kitteh’s left eye? Just me? The pupil looks all weird and… out of whack. I dunno. Something… not… right.

  40. Likely what you are seeing in the kitten’s eye is a reflection of either the photographer, something in the background behind the photographer, etc.

    I’ve had this happen in several of my animal photos (and human), it’s a trick of the light.

  41. Jackie says:

    Awww, why ish you so sad, wittle kitteh? I shall steals you away and keep you in my pocket for safe keeping. 😀

  42. MA, it’s the reflection of the photographer; I tilted the screen on my laptop to get a different view of the other eye, and the reflection is in that one too.
    Seriously, cutest kitty ever (except for mine of course) I feel like I’d go to kiss his nose and I’d wind up kissing his entire face he’s so tiny. I’m in love.

  43. acelightning says:

    Now if we could just have lots more floofly kittens (and floofly bunnies), and fewer politicians calling each other names… *THEN* we’d have World Peace!

  44. Awww, why is the widdle kitteh so sad?

  45. must.touch.floof.

  46. Oooh! Loving the teeny weeny whiskers and teeny weeny ears! Loving the floofy kitty! This put the overload in cuteoverload bigtime!!! Sigh! Now I gotta go cuddle my big floofy grownup cat and remember when she was that small!

  47. Is it the exaggerated forehead area? the slightly pink eye capsules? or the red red lips?

  48. Flooftacular dreamsickie kittayn! The hovertext is dead on: this is the very definish of proshness.

  49. ThreeCatNight says:

    Kitteh actually looks rather pensive, with the weight of where his next meal is coming from, and where he will nap on those furry little shoulders. The eyes are beautiful and have a far-away look.

  50. binky-mama, your faux offense posture offends me mightily! Indeed, it has put me on the defensive! I must build a tower of bananas around me to defend myself from further offense!

  51. zeldapie says:

    Let’s throw pudding over the tower of bananas! That’ll put TW in a less offended mood!

    *tosses choco pudding over wall

  52. AAIIIIEEEEE! Mollification pudding! I have no defense against eet!

  53. AWWWWW, he’s sooo key-UTE!!! What a soft little face… I just wanna bury my face in the oh-so-soft floofiness!! Much too prosh to have the cares of the woild on his little shoulders!

  54. “Mollification Pudding” will be the name of my next rock band.

  55. zeldapie says:

    Babs, can I play the drums?

  56. zeldapie says:

    (LOL… just heard my mom’s voice saying “I don’t know, CAN you play the drums? Don’t you mean “MAY I play the drums?”)

  57. I Mist U guyz…
    compy died. had 2 fix. not fix’d. got mad.
    had major hissy fit. could not get cuteness fix.
    could not have cuteness.
    became grumpeh.
    Mist u guyz.


  58. sunnymum says:

    OMG that kitteh’s expression is priceless! It’s as though he has summed up humanity and he knows it’s up to him to save it. “gawd, what a piece of work this world is!”

  59. Hmmm…I can see it now: Mollification Pudding (aka Molly Pud) and the Hammy-Pants Dancers, featuring The Disapproving BunBun! They’ll take the world by storm!


  61. curious says:

    Am I the only one who thinks this cat looks like a young Brad Pitt in the nose/mouth/jaw?

    Yup, I probably am.


  62. Curious, you’re right! He has that “Legends of the Fall” era look happening. I see people features in animals all the time. Like the kitty who hangs out in my backyard and looks just like Russell Crowe. If I could get a pic of him I’m sure you’d agree!

  63. Can I be the Disapproving BunBun in your band?? (Not that I’m as cute as a BunBun, mind you, but I could bring a few teensy kittehs to, shall we say, enhance my appearance!)

  64. LesbianNeoCon says:

    I want to put on some obnoxious red lipstick, and give this little fuzzball a great big smooch on the powshe!!!

  65. looks pretty disapproving.

  66. catablob says:

    I lof eet.
    Praps this is what the blob looked like prior to her expansion from orange creamsikie to basketball with legs.
    when both nose and mouf are pink as they are here its quite overwhelming!

  67. hanner says:

    this cat is very buish!!!!

  68. He has such serious thoughts for a young fluffer.

    Are my ears going to disappear from being nibbled?

  69. curious says:

    nads, I’m glad someone else sees people features in critters.

    Russell Crowe? For reals? 🙂