The day the lamb moved in

For six weeks, this behbeh lamb had to live inside the house ’cause he had a broke leggle. Check out the disdain from this pup;


And helpful licking action from this pup LOL:


Meanwhile, the cat moved into the barn (can’t blame him):


Thanks for chronicling all this action, K. Snyder 😉



  1. Trisha says:

    purrrrrfect kitty bed!

  2. scooterpants says:

    spring-spans are So jelly-uss!
    “she cannot challenge my cute-a-tude” total puppeh disapproval.
    we had one for 16 yrs. i speak from experience. 🙂

  3. Love the diaper-pants!!!!

  4. AuntieMame says:

    If all those critters got into my house, I’d move into the barn, too. 🙂

  5. compy-saur says:

    That kitteh has the right idea. I can’t imagine a more comfatuboh place to rest.

    The modified Coke bottle is really clever!

    And I trust the dachshund got at least a quarter of the milk just from catching the dribble! Too precious.

  6. Awww and hahaha! Every picture is funny, sweet and perfectly adorable!

    Looks like a wonderfully harmonious home. Very cool. 😀

  7. best soap opera evar!

  8. Rachel says:

    Yayyy Springer Spaniels repreSENT!

  9. Rachel says:

    p.s. scooterpants is SO right. They are extremely jealous 🙂 Mine will barely let me hug my parents!

  10. I believe picture two is “I shall leeck you!”

    This post is better than a soap: it’s like an all-animal Robert Altman film!!!! I bet Elliot Gould is going to be in this!

  11. Spinner says:

    The first puppeh is thinking, “This isn’t what I meant when I said I wanted to have lamb for dinner!” 😉

  12. In before the sanctimonious, judgmental gasbag chastising whomever took the pictures for allowing different species to get too close or some other such garbage and accusing them of animal cruelty, thus cheapening legitimate outrage at actual animal cruelty.

  13. janelle says:

    awww I love that little baby lambkins!! plus all the other pets too 🙂

  14. Dear heavens. I thought cats had scary red eyes.

    That sheep looks like something from a John Carpenter movie.

  15. I’ve got a “Springing Spaniel” as well!

  16. cheryl says:

    ok, awesome household here. and i see the kitty went with the Serta in the barn. or is that a Sheep Number bed?

  17. LOL Our chickens love to sit on the sheep too especially on cold days.

  18. strixus says:

    Sheep: Nature’s Wool Electric Blankets.

  19. joliesmom says:

    It makes sense that the McWeenersons had to be where the food is. That guy is way skinny though. My weenie-girl is a chub. :-/

    Wittle LambyPamby is living the life!

  20. Hon Glad says:

    The cats mee-ow
    the dogs bow wow
    everybody makes a row
    down on jollity farm.

  21. Poohbear says:

    Tanks for all the ak-shon recently on CO! Much appreciated ! Lambies and fennecs and charging kittehs and TIXCUs ! :)))))

  22. Catherine says:

    That Dachshund is all about trying to sneak some food!

  23. Aesthetica says:

    the last picture, the sheep with the cat snuggled on his back is looking at the camera as if to say, “aw jeez, wouldja look at this? what can ya do… ” as he shrugs in resignation.

  24. Kimbunny says:

    Um hai. Could you please adopt me? I want to live in a house with 2 doggies, a cat and a LAMB with a DIAPER and a PINK CAST!!! OMG.
    ok thanx bai

  25. Patty P says:

    @cheryl: LOLOL!
    hurts self laughing*
    Sheep Number Bed!

  26. 260Oakley says:

    I am in awe of the cuteness… and the tidiness of the surroundings! Come on, they have livestock in their house and it’s still spotless! Even the barn looks neat as a pin. I bow before these domestic gods.

  27. @Hon Glad & 260Oakley: LOL’ing!!!

    I was thinking Pic #3 is a new IKEA portable bed; the Lambieskjord!!

  28. P.S. In Pic #1, Lambie-kin’s cast has no autographs!!!! You know she can’t wait to go to school to show off her cool cast.

  29. Marianne says:

    lol @ that second pic!!

  30. Has the world gone crazy??? Lambchops in the house in diapers. Wiener dogs kissing sheep?? Kittehs resting on wool blankets with devil-eyes in the barn??

    what’s next? Infestations of chocolate-coated grasshoppers? Birds wearing ear muffs?

    Crazy, I tells ya. Cra. Zee!

  31. chanpon says:

    Little Lambo is soo cute!! I also love the last pic – definitely a good alternative to those fake lambskin cat beds they sell at the pet stores.

  32. Well, my day has been healed. That cat is all “this couch kinda smells funky and it moves too much but I’m gonna stay.”

  33. Theresa says:

    InSANELY reDONK!!! LOVE eet!!!

  34. Barbara says:

    I love it when cute overload is also weird/cute overload. These pictures are a riot.

    I’m pissed that their house is so much more clean than mine and they’ve got livestock in it.

  35. i love the kitty on the lammie. how prosh.

  36. Gail, I would so buy the Lambeskjord! My home textile studio contains a large collection of sheep paraphernalia, as well as yarn and entire fleeces right off the sheep. Hey, maybe I should design the bed.

  37. zeldapie says:

    Ah, the long-suffering Springer Spaniel! LOL.

  38. Love that the kitteh is keeping warm wif’ da’ poofy hair on the mama!

  39. milkfilledandroid says:

    LOL, my dog made that face on sunday. we were in the park and a lady had a bunch of puppies. I really liked one and showed it to her and she did that, “i won’t even look at it”!
    But i wish i was small like that kitteh and had a sweet lambalot to lay on. *sigh*

  40. @berthaservant
    LOL at ‘the long goodbye reference’. you made my day

  41. Zeh kitteh – it hearts the comfy wool. ‘Tis why it moved to the barn.

  42. The lion shall lie down with the lamb . . . kind of???

    [more like “upon”, hehe – Ed.]

  43. catablob says:

    Stop! Stop it now!
    All the posts from today are too redonk. I can’t even choose which one to look at and laugh at the longest.

  44. Best comment of the day: Sheep Number Bed.


  45. Without this post, I would never have known that sheep red-eyes are blue. My life is now more complete.

    But…how does the rest of the story go?? Does Mr. Lambykins’ leg get all better? Does he grow up into a big happy sheep with a cat of his own??

  46. charliewabba says:

    I’m VERRA impressed by how clean those floors are.

  47. Lauren the Lurker says:

    OMG there’s a cute puppy contest!!! View and enjoy!

  48. I saw the cutest pictures of Smith Lake Jake, the groundhog from Alabama. He was wearing a hat on his head.They say he always wears a hat. I found the pictures of him on this web site.——-

  49. karla b says:

    Great pictures! That lamb’s dark leggies are so adorable! And of course the weiner dog “helping”…I think that spaniel in the first photo looks like he’s thinking, “I see nothing…NOTH-ING!”

  50. Paunchie says:

    I ain’t the one changin that diaper, lol

  51. meowandwoof says:

    OMG! I lurvelurvelurve interspecies snorgling; my happiest summer was with an orphaned racoon, lop earred rabbit, black lab and several kittys. Sigh…..

  52. I think the spaniel looks like he’s PLEADING, like he’s trying to stay calm and just tell the human, “Please. Please, I’m begging you. Spare me this indignity. Animals do not belong in the house, surely you can understand.”

  53. Juno — spaniels never were any good at spotting irony.

  54. I believe I *might* see the tiniest speck of dirt by the spaniel’s back foot in the first pic.

    Whew, I feel *ever* so much better now about the bird seed and cat-dog hair/feather tumbleweeds rolling around my floors.

  55. I want to see the kitteh making biscuits on the sheeps back, because you KNOW it did before it settled down to nice and comfy.

  56. scooterpants says:

    Aoife- even the BARN is pristeen! inconceivable!
    my furniture all looks like its Mohair, but its not, its dog hair, cat hair , bird feather/down combo.
    i cant possibly have these peoples over for dinner.
    no way.

  57. LOL, Teho!

  58. Yep, scooterpants, that barn puts me to shame, too.

    May I guess when you go shopping for clothes that, like me, you find everything you look at has cat/dog hair on it? Gosh, I can’t possibly guess how that happens…

  59. Charlie says:

    My persian cat would have boycotted any such attempt at a creature thinking it is superior in the cuddling order to her. hmmpf

  60. Aw. And the cat cleeeeeeeans the sheep. The guy who stacked the kitty on the rotty should get a load of THIS action.

    + Cute points for adorable lamb leg cast.

  61. It makes me so happy that in this cruel and increasingly abusive world, people would let their hurt baby lamb in so he can be fed and recuperate. They obviously love him and the whole thing just warms my heart… great!

  62. stuff on my sheep?

  63. Awwww, so cute and funny! LOLing really hard at the spaniel’s forlorn face (and McLamberson’s Diaperpannnts.)

    Love the cat lounging on the sheep – sooo comfuhtuhbuhls.

  64. acelightning says:

    Sheep diapers.
    Sheep diapers.
    Sheep diapers.
    That’s a phrase I *never* expected to encounter…

  65. Smartest cat in the world award goes to this cat:

    Wooly and soft: check
    warm and passive: check
    perch stable and mobile: check
    away from stoopid hoomins: check
    access to as many mice as I can eat: VERY check.

  66. Dachshunds RULE!!!

  67. jewels says:

    I propose a new category for word cuteness.

    “Leggle” – gug…gaaah…

    (Falls to floor overcome by cuteness of phrase)

  68. deirdre says:

    Oh man i wish I lived in this house. Its like a cuteness party.

  69. I’m lovin the sheep bed i think i will get one fur my kitties