New Cute Overload Cute-T!

Imagine it’s a hot weekend and you’re all; “My ironic T is in thewarsh, what can I wear?” Then it hits you—the Cute Overload T! Itmatches perfectly with your pink Pumas and aviators. Sure, it’s coveredin cat hair, but it’s Cute Overload, and therefore, a happy, gorgeouslil’ T with a logo that pokes out behind your zippered hoodie to say;“Yeah, I like kittehs. You got a pro-layme with that?”

Check them OUT!

Maincutecrest Detailcutecrest



  1. TurboFloof says:

    OOOOOHHHHHH! ANOTHER for my collection!

  2. Marilyn says:


  3. Janeyferr says:

    my brown hamstypants tee has just been “christened” by a naughty guinea pig <_ <

  4. OK, look. I do *not* have pink shoes, I do *not* have pink shades. I do not wear them, Sam I Am.

    That said, YAY! More QteMerch™!!

  5. brinnann says:

    *sniff* I wanna bwoo shurt. Win r we gonna git a bwoo wun? *pouts*

  6. it’s see-through!

  7. I gotta say – said model there doesn’t look happy wearing hers….

    I want one – but not in white – 😦 I’m murder on white 😦

    Theo = you must get some pink shades then!

  8. I meant to ask – did anyone get a 3x in the other shirts?

    How are these sized?

    sigh, embarassed asking this

  9. Space Cowgirl says:

    Ermine, there’s a size chart on the sidebar if you click the link. If you’re a 26/28 women’s like me, the men’s 3x will fit you like a girly tee.

    The design of this is fabulous, but I’m not too sure about white either. 😦

  10. dearest meg,
    i totally wanna let the world know i’m a CO addict. but i’d prefer a T with the full “cute overload” logo and not just the word “cute.”
    gimme the overload!! (otherwise it just sounds like i think I’M cute, which, well, i mean i own mirrors, so i know the ugly truth). kthnxbai

  11. Janeyferr says:

    for more sizingness:

    i have a 48 inch boob-chest and a 39 inch chub-waist so i should’ve optimisticly ordered a unisex XL, but i ordered a unisex M and it’s still pleasently baggy on me, but not sack like.

  12. it is what it says.

  13. yankeebird says:

    I know it’s the wrong time of year, but I wish this were long sleeve or a hoodie. I have a drawer full of short sleeve Ts and really don’t need any more… plus it’d be nice to have the Qte for all weather!

  14. Furbabies says:

    About what it says: Just get a permanent fabric marker and write “overload” underneath the “cute” if it bothers you. That’ll work! You will also have like a personalized tee, with your own art work. Cool.

    [Um… yeah, I suppose you *could* do that… – Ed.]

  15. But…but it’s PINK! and WHITE!!

    Pink is for other people – and I don’t wear white because dirt likes me.

    What brinnann said – how about bwoo (erm…blue)? I’ll go with Furbabies’ suggestion about the marker..

    All that said – Thanks, Meg, for being here!

  16. And Teho, too, of course!!

  17. thoothana says:

    i can’t believe nobody laughed about this. “My ironic T is in the warsh, what can I wear?” i did. in fact, i’m still snickering.

  18. Kloaz wivawt kitteh fur arnt wurth FTW

  19. turbofloof says:

    Yeah! A hoodie!!! or a long sleeved-T! YEAH!!!! (and the hovertext cracked me up too!)

  20. Still not my style, but everyone else enjoy!!!!

    I think that when I meet my dream girl she will be wearing a CO shirt or button.

  21. i NEED this shirt!

  22. Hon Glad says:

    It’s a bit girly. Can’t you do someting more butch?

  23. LOL Hon Glad… no no, Cute Overload is all about the snarky femmes.
    “Butch” is .


  24. Katrina says:

    Dear Theo- innocently I went to your link,

    That’s not funny! (Well,yes it is, but it isn’t very nice to Ms. Stewart)

    Martha does not live here, for sure, oh ucky-poo.
    bleah, phtooey- eyeworms, oh, my stars and garters…

  25. because I would *NEVER* be a smartass, oh no

  26. Just to give props to Martha Stewart—she DOES have lots of kittehs and doggehs. (I can’t imagine her baby-talking them like me, though!)

    I’m with you guys on the white color and lack of “overload”. Just “Cute” on a shirt, for me, would leave me open to violations of the “truth in advertising” regulations.

    For you other more generously-sized QTE’ers like me, I bought a 2X and it is quite (almost too)large on me (22-24W), so don’t worry…..

  27. Geeewhiz- can the next shirt be a little more…not ‘macho’, maybe….a little less ‘7 year old girl’.
    it’s cute! don’t get me wrong.
    but, after hamster pants, now a pink flower…