Junior Scampersons…

…caught MID-SNORF [mini tail twitch]

Baby Squirrel, originally uploaded by Odalaigh.

As Sender-Inner Dana S. would say, "Sqrl!"



  1. MsMagoo says:


  2. Katiedid says:

    aww its a baby!!!! he looks just like my Charlie

  3. guineapiggin9 says:


  4. Andrea H says:

    I think there needs to be a “Splayed Toes” category.

  5. snorglepup says:

    I’ll fill my pockets with peanuts and he can ride on my shoulder.

  6. Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t!

  7. That’s it. I call for a squirrelio catagory

  8. fish eye no miko says:

    Baby squirrel! Awwww….

  9. I want to just hold it a moment

    then eat it allll gone!

  10. Those are the cutest ears.

  11. ai wants to neeble its litl whisker fan and its prosh litl eers.

  12. Victoria says:

    I’m pretty sure I can fit it in my mouf.

    *chases after baby squirrel*

  13. Theresa says:

    Is it because it’s a[ring that we’re getting all these new bebehs!!? I love it!!

  14. Patty P says:

    *faints from the overload of cuteness*

  15. Yeah, squirrels!

  16. chanpon says:

    *snort* Bebeh squirrel with mini-fluff tail.

  17. katerz1 says:


  18. coughingpuppy says:

    This is -so cute- I squealed out loud and my housemate had to come over and see what was going on.

  19. oh JFC, i just squee’d for 2 minutes straight. bebeh skwrrl is now my desktop — i want one now for realz to sit on my desk, as i admire his bebeh floof

  20. scooterpants says:

    two please, w/ a side of snorglesssses.
    adorable pic.

  21. compy-saur says:

    Look at this round forehead and its behbee propohshuns. Then, there are shiny black eyes that seem suspiciously over-sized for the skull. Then, there are the tufts of fuzz on the ears (I nominate ear tufts for one of our rules). Then, we have the tail with its sparse fuzzes. Finally, we cannot overlook the too-large foots, upon which the behbee has its haunchings.

    This is probably one of the most all-inclusive examples of cuteness I have ever SEEN.

    *admiring again*

  22. I can’t believe Meg is posting this! Urban squirrels are subject to disease and some of them get addicted to crack in public parks! There is nothing cute about this photo!

    (Oh, sorry, forgot to set my “sarcasm” typeface).

  23. Hon Glad says:

    I may look cute, but I am still taking over the world.


  25. Kimbunny says:

    Could someone PUHLEEZE animate the eye capsules so that they go “plink plink?

    thank you veddy much!

  26. pistache268 says:


  27. Emmerly says:

    Hehehehe, his little head almost looks like it has a faux-hawk!!!



    *highfives berthaservant*

    *pouts that her bebeh squirrel photos never get posted…is it because they don’t have hair yet and sort of look like little old men? but they’re still anerable! anyway, can’t stay pouting for long because this guy is so prosh.*

  28. Awww! I shall share my toast with heem!

  29. Yummy!



    Me wants one!

  30. Prosh prosh prosh. What a sweet wee bebeh.

  31. leash it says:

    berthaservant, maybe the squirrel would be cuter on a leash?

  32. Oh, the feetz!! Spread toesez!!



    i am ded.

  34. zeldapie says:


    I fed three tiny red skwerls last week at the Wildlife Rehab Center. Tee hee! Their little bellies got all nice ‘n plump and they got into a snooze pile after dinner. SOOOO cute.
    (Also fed a bajillion baby gray skwerls. Ultra cute.)

  35. Katrina says:

    Here is a very fun game to play with friends and new acquaintances. You look at them whistfully and ask the perfectly serious question, “If you had your choice of a tail, what kind of tail would you want?” It is just wonderful how it brings out sharing in people. ME? An anteater’s tail. How about you, Berthaservant and Andrea H. and Zeldapie?

  36. zeldapie says:

    Oh gosh, I think a Ring-Tailed LEMUR tail would be fabulous!

  37. Oh dear GOD. *head splodes*

    They’re not so cute when they grow up and start rearranging all the bulbs in our garden…but Junior here is a doll! I’m totally going to sqrl-nap him.

  38. I watched a mama squirrel teach her baby how to get up and down out of the tree a few months ago. It was adorable. That baby squirrel is still hanging around – occasionally sitting on our front porch taunting the dogs.

  39. I would like to have a Leopard’s tail. Beautiful, expressive and always a fashion statement.

  40. momof2kitties says:

    Raccoon tailio 4 me, please! Just don’t make it into a hat.

  41. Wow! What a great question!

    I’d like to be snarky and say “A snake tail” but I hate snakes and everyone knows it (or should)…

    …but I’m going to be boring and say a cat’s tail (Bertha’s is kind of floofy). I like dog tails, too, but they tend to be kind of active and fleshy (perfectly fine for dogs). I’d like something that reflects general contentment. I love it when cats are lying down and have the kind of soft tail flapping.

    For aesthetic purposes, the squirrel/raccoon tails are also tops.

  42. zeldapie says:

    I’m going to change my mind. I’d like a gorgeous horse tail, and then someone could please braid it with red ribbons!!

  43. Katrina: AFTERBURNERS

  44. Katrina says:

    Theo: OUCH! Good luck with that. Burning fur/hair/backside? And you would have to be last in a parade…..

    [Aw, go see Iron Man. THAS’ what I’m TALKIN’ ’bout. Or, heck, maybe even Rocky from Bullwinkle… – Ed.]

    Come on peeps, what kind of tail would you want? Anybody for a prehensile tail? Hmm?
    Zeldpie- I will be happy to braid your tail with red ribbon, I like to think we all would. You can have a mane, too, if you like!

  45. zeldapie says:

    Thanks, Katrina. A mane sounds terrific! Wheee, I get ribbons!

  46. Ooooh, horsie tail might be good. But I think a silky kitteh tailio would be good…..I could tap it really fast when I get annoyed or very gently when I’m all happiezz.

  47. Leilani says:

    GAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!! I done died and gone to skwerly heaven!!!

  48. Red Panda tail for me. They’re gorgeous!

  49. Aww…prosh skwerl!

  50. awwwwwwwwwwww…….

  51. sorri.
    veree veree sorri, guyz.

    I ateded et.

    it was nom, couldn’t halp et.

  52. I am crazy about squirrels, and this one is super cute! Woi swoi!

  53. I have a wee toy squirrel from my childhood that looks exactly like this…..except the fur on my squirrel..is rather bare!

    Thanks for posting this!!

  54. CLASSIC skwerl pose!

  55. ZOMG a bebeh squiggle!

  56. i never seen a bebeh squirrel in real life or a picture.