And now, a kitten sneaking up on a fennec fox

Hmm, I think I’ll search on the keyword “Fennec foxes” and “kittehs” and see what happens [cross-eyed head tilt]

Rachael K., I don’t even want to know how this happened. It’s FAR too redonk.



  1. Foxy McBleenerton!!!!

  2. Stever says:

    Sneaks up; “Hey, a snack on a leash!”

    Gets closer; “What the heck *is* that?”

  3. Barbara says:

    That is a *really* strange video – it looks like they’re on another planet, there’s a weird alien sound in the background, and the fox looks like a cross bet. a dog and a cat.

    I like it.

  4. do-dee-do… don’t mind, just hanging out here…

  5. Kitteh’s all like “what big ears you have!” and Foxy’s like, “hey, I should have heard you sneaking up on me!”

  6. I don’t want to be a ’nuffer, but I don’t personally think anyone should have a Fennec Fox on a leash unless they are a trained rehabber or other qualified professional. The fox is rather prosh, though!

  7. cubbybutt says:

    ok. a few things:
    -where is this magical beach side heaven with boats, foxehs, and kittehs and how do i get there?
    -with those big ears, how did the fox not hear the kitteh sneaking up?
    -kittehs are so funny, bekuz they think they’re so stealthy and slick, but they’re really just fuzzuly and silly.

  8. fox: I am oblivious

    cat: no way am I sneaking up on anything. why do I look like I am getting closer? your perspective is screwed up, that’s why…

    fox: oh, there is something sneaking up on me!

    cat: WOAH! I thought that thing was a rabbit! retreat! retreat!

  9. Daphne Moss says:

    I don’t care what I’m called; I totally agree that not all animals should be pets, except for the persons mentioned.
    But that said, that was just hilarious…cat is all “What? I gotta get me a closer look at that thing…Oh, maybe not … looks kinds fierce …”

    Can’t imagine why person with the leash let the two animals get close enough for cat to give the fox a good bop on the nose. At least pulled fennec to safety…

  10. Ponygirl says:

    This video confused me

  11. Ok, how the heck do you sneak up on something with ears like that?

    BTW, you know what they say about curiosity.

    This is redundent redonk absolutely. What next? A red panda sneaks up on it’s back legs to see what’s going on?


    I guess they can be domesticated..
    learn something new everyday!
    I love its ears, they look so soft!

  13. jessie says:

    Ninja cat!!!

  14. Please don’t post items that show mistreatment of animals (yanking on the leash). Unlike every other thing here, those make me want to stay away.

  15. Patty P says:

    I agree that i would have been more protective of the fox. A scared cat acn do a lot of damage.

    That side, cat is stalking fox like it thinks it’s a giant mouse, then gets close enough to sniff and decides he might just be in trouble!

  16. You can totally see the moment when the cat goes, “That’s a DOG.”

  17. Cat: dun da dun da dun da! *sneaking up on someone sounds*
    Fox: tralala, I am so cute! Ooh! Whats over there?
    Cat: *crap! plot ruined! make yourself look big!* Who me? sneak up on YOU? Not even worth my time…

  18. I never even knew such a fox existed…and to think i’ve gone all my life wanting a pet fox and never knowing that I could OWN one. I think I’ll head over to the Sahara Desert now and get myself a fennec!

  19. miss girl says:

    the fox is FINE. the whole thing was magical and ridiculous.

  20. chanpon says:

    For a while there, this was like watching Sadako (or Samara to all you American audiences) crawling out of that well. The prolonged feeling of dread and curiosity as you see the cat slowly creep closer to it’s target. That white cat might as well have had a long black wig on…but alas, the fox decided to give us an anticlimactic ending.


  22. The dangers of perspective: I think the kitkat thought it was a white mouse VERY VERY FAR AWAY until it snuck within a couple of feet; can almost hear it say ‘gulp’: VERY VERY BIG MOUSE VERY CLOSE [defensive bristling]

  23. I dunno for shore, of course…but I got the impression that the fox and the kitteh knew each other. Especially with how the fox went up the kitteh, all casual like.

    The kitteh must have been familier with the owner of the fox, I would think, in order to get that close?

    Reminds me of my kitties and how they play with my little dog.

  24. That poor fox.

  25. I love how the kitteh appears less than somewhat than completely focused on the hunt. “I’ll capture that thing…right after I sniff this piece of ground here…”

  26. All through the first half, I’m expecting the kitteh to get to the foreground and say…


  27. Daphne Moss says:

    lol@cavalaxis…SOOO true!
    Cat was all …”Emm…made a miscalculation here…”

  28. Aesthetica says:

    I love the ingmar bergman-esque composition. it just needs mr. death carrying a sickle to stride through the background for the full effect.

  29. Nekussa says:

    I admit, I was also amused by Mr. McFly buzzing in and out of the whole scene. 😉

  30. Sweet Pea says:

    Who keeps a Fennec Fox on a leash? Strange video.

  31. foxes should not be on leashes.

    just because they “can” be domesticated, doesn’t mean they SHOULD.

    the video is cute, don’t get me wrong. but it’s ruined, for me, by the knowledge that the wee lil fox won’t get to live the life he deserves.

  32. for the love of petes peoples. If you don’t know. find out before you start clicking away in righteous indignation, google it. There is no cruelty here, so, cleansing breaths, and enjoy the cute.

  33. not cute, wtf…

  34. scooterpants says:

    too prosh
    can’t halp ,ma-self any more.
    no fun bein an observ’er.
    🙂 Theo…

  35. warrior rabbit says:

    This is OT for this thread, but we all know Meg will never get to it, so:

    Bunspace. (Social networking for bunnies.) Every month they have a photo contest, and this month it was ‘flopped out.’ You simply must review the prone bunnies. They are adorable.

    I know it’s not quite the traditional ‘dead rabbit’ flop, but I love #3.

  36. compy-saur says:

    @ Liz: I completely agree.

    I remember as a kid, when I first learned what a fennec fox was, I thought to myself, “These critters are really cute. Some dingbat is going to try to turn one into a pet.”

    I wonder if people get fennec foxes for their ego or for the companionship that surely isn’t that strong yet in domesticated foxes.

  37. @ DLT

    I know, it’s just so sad the fox gets to live in a house with free food and care and love ;_;

  38. OMG, a kitteh AND fennec in the same video? This definitely puts the “overload” in cute overload!

  39. That was funny! I loved the stalking kitty!

    BTW, some breed of foxes have been bred for domestication. Dogs and cats used to be wild, and now they’re house pets. If it’s very well cared for, I can respect it. Better than an alligator.

    If you can walk a pig, you can walk a fox. (dodgeball reference :P)

  40. Karebear says:

    it needs a Jaws music soundtrack!

    and a fennec fox on a leash? are these things domesticatd?? I wants one!

  41. Cats can be real jerks…

  42. shutupnuffs says:

    Hello, did anyone notice the teeny little Fennec tongue?! I first noticed at about 45 seconds. So cute!

  43. appalled says:

    fennec foxes are wild animals. i don’t care if there’s an established community of fennec fox owners (and there is) or if they “can” be kept in a domestic setting (and according to some people, they can), it’s unethical. think about the drastic change for a fennec fox: the sahara desert to someone’s backyard.

    Meg, if you’re going to post videos like this, please make sure your readers are informed about the practical and ethical ramifications of owning an exotic animal as a pet.

  44. Poor wittle foxy is designed for a desert but here he is on the humid sea shore. For all his cute his little ears become useless.

  45. Prinky says:

    I think having a fox as a pet is WRONG. I also don’t like the way it was yanked on the leash. Totally ruined the cuteness for me.

  46. AuntieMame says:

    Let’s see…we know this ISN’T a rehab situation because…how???

    Come on, people. Let’s save our rage for REAL abuse situations…like people who creep in at night to shoot trapped sea lions.

  47. And since Appalled has spoken, it must be true. all heed the words of the all knowing naysayers. If it is not domesticated now it never should be, no matter how much of a double standard that is. Also, no animal that isn’t approved by the animal ethics board of Appalled shall be allowed the loving home of a devoted owner. Meg, what were you thinking posting somthing on YOUR website that you FORCE everyone to view, that not every person in the world will agree to its content… how… dare… you…!!

  48. okaasan59 says:

    Cats don’t just stalk things they want to eat–they also stalk things out of curiosity and I think this is definitely the case here. It also looks to me like the fox knew it was there all along.

    Kitty: wtf is this?
    Fox: Lalala…oh, hello kitty.
    Kitty: Wah…fox cooties!

  49. FYI: Teh viddy is from Robeyta in JAPAN!!!!!!! They kick us in our “cute” hinders again! In Japan, Fennecs are bred for and kept as pets legally.

  50. Lol@Keith Handy!!!

    This kitteh reminds me in my patented 3-phase approach to interesting looking women:

    1) “Maybe if I act real casual she won’t notice me stalking.”

    2) “Doo-de-doo, oh, no, don’t mind me, I wasn’t lookin’ at you or anything.”

    3) “Don’t touch me! Why are you coming closer?”

    P.S. to the Nuffers: Really? REALLY? Do you have ANY idea about what is going on here? Is this REALLY the worst form of animal abuse that you can think of to vent your spleen about? Reminding us that foxes aren’t usually considered pets is fine (though I think we’re all smart enough to know not to try to domesticate wild animals). But leaping to the worst possible conclusion about every single post is growing tiresome.

  51. Sorry, but I agree with Prinky. NOT cute. Just kind of sad and a little mean to see the fox getting clawed and then yanked around – regardless of its situation.

    It doesn’t need to be blatantly abusive to be uncute.

  52. Who did that? I didn’t see anybody say this was the “worst form of animal abuse” or even “leap to the worst possible conclusion.” I saw several people say “this isn’t cute because 1) foxes are wild and 2) leash was yanked.” Personally, I sympathize with 2 and not 1, but honestly: it’s one thing to get mad when people are really ’nuffing and another to preemptively silence anybody who doesn’t say “aww!”

  53. Dogbreath says:

    here is the lovely Robeyta in Japan explaining the situation:

  54. Michelle says:

    berthaservant, no it’s not the worst form of animal abuse that they can think of to vent their spleens about, but it does manage to accomplish a few nuffy goals:

    1. Makes them feel superior to others.

    2. Lets them feel good about themselves while not actually doing anything constructive to make any difference.

    3. Harshes your mellow.

  55. What I think it comes down to is that this fox was not MEANT to be wild. As in, if there is already an established community of fox owners or whatever was said, then there is nothing we can do about it. This fox was born and bred as a pet.

    Oh yes… very cruel to give a pet a PET’s life and not a wild animals life. Because putting a domesticated fox in the wild would be so much better.

    As much as I love animals *and fennecs are no different.. the ears…the EARS!!!*** I don’t condone taking a wild animal out of its habitat to domesticate him/her. That said, this was obviously BRED to be domesticated. I can’t be offended by a cute animal that is obviously well cared for and most likely would NOT survive in the wild.

  56. bcteagirl says:

    Love your posts Michelle, Berthaservant and Others… pre-emptively nuffing?

    Yeah I guess we are not supposed to be annoyed by people who make a point of being negative…. no double standard there 😛

    My nufometer must need re-charging, I didn’t see this coming… the whole time I watched it I never saw all the awfullness 😛 I think it was cute! That cat thought he was hot stuff till he got a better look lol!

  57. not cute. sad. buhbye, cuteoverload *deletes from bookmarks*

  58. weasel_tea_party says:

    I don’t usually break out the “that’s not cute,” but I will for this one. The fennec doesn’t look comfortable or happy in this video, and I also don’t like the leash-jerking. Why not the fennec-washing video from Robeyta’s site instead? Or the sleepy fennec? Those both have far more tail-puff action than this one, despite their absence of kitty.

  59. kitteh lover says:

    I don’t know why people have to try to make every animal a pet. This fox should not be on a leash or have a collar on. It deserves to live in the wild, where foxes belong. Shame on you, cuteoverload.

  60. Jesus Christ. What’s wrong with everyone?

  61. Hon Glad says:

    Oh the tension, what will happen? Oh they know each other.

  62. alicia says:

    i don’t agree with the leash,

    the only time a leash should ever be put on a wild animal is for example if you need to temporarily capture it to move it to a better habitat, or back into its natural habitat, or if say the fox is injured and someone was taking care of it until it recovered.


    It’s not really Meg’s responsibility to get all offended for everyone and wield the big moral stick over people who are just looking for teh cute.

    That’s what nuffers are for.

  64. People get more and more ridiculous, negative, and just plain rude as time goes on here. Do you come here just to look for the negative?

    Meg is not responsible for what occurs in these videos and pictures. And if you don’t like them, you don’t have to watch them. But a) don’t blame her like she is the one doing the harm you supposedly see and b) don’t stamp on other peoples joy (especially when this is where so many people come to enjoy, relax, and just shut out the world to look at cute, sweet, and all around heartwarming pictures/videos/etc.)needlessly.

    You have to be out of your mind if you think that for even one second Meg would condone, support, or encourage animal abuse, cruelty, or anything of the sort. Honestly, you’d have to be right out of your mind.

    If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all.

    We come here to get away from the negative and sad in the world, and yet you come here and just bring it all back. And sometimes, it’s jut for the sake of doing it…

    Give it a rest.

  65. Michelle says:

    Sigh, your efforts in civility may as well be efforts in futility. Übernuffs don’t give anything a rest until they have everyone whipped into a flamewar frenzy. Their arsenal is paranoia, zealotry, and emotion. If all you came to the fight armed with is reason, logic, and common sense – well, that stuff just bounces off their thick skulls.

    I just wish all the ones that threatened to stop coming here would keep their promise. 😉

  66. Darn, for the last week I have had probs with watching videos on youtube. They either won´t play and just keep loading and loading, or if they´re linked here, for example, it says “Video no longer Available”. Anybody else has had that problem?

    It´s not ALL videos, just a LOT of them. I still can see some, but… am getting Cute Withdrawals here! HELP! 😦

  67. Khadija says:

    the little fox looks frightened

  68. Khadija says:

    Sigh, everyone has a right to his own opinion

  69. D: That wasn’t even a big yank and it was best to give the fox some distance from the cat at that time…

    Absolutely love this vid! I was waiting for the pounce tat never came but the cat getting all wound up made up for it. XD

  70. arikata says:

    okay…first of all…what is this leash tugging every one is talking about? that slight pull on the leash to tell the fox to stay away from mr. kitty? uh…last time i checked that wasn’t animal abuse…it wasn’t like the owner yanked it or hurt it in anyway, it was merely a gentle tug.

    Second of all…about this whole domesticated thing…wtf…How can people honestly say that its ethically wrong to domesticate some animals? Dogs were once wild, cats were once wild…but oh no, those are considered ‘normal’ pets so that’s okay. It’s not like this fennec fox was just bopping around the desert and was picked up and put in a cage one day. No most likely its been bred to be a pet…putting it into the wild would only do it damage.

    Now i’m not saying every animal should be domesticated, like lets say a lion or something. But that’s because its impossible to actually domesticate such animals do to a number of reasons…such as their instinct to eat you if they get the chance…But the fennec fox meets all the needs on the list to succesfully domesticate a creature. So…as long as they aren’t taken directly from the wild who cares whether its a pet or not?

  71. Everyone calm down, as I pass out pa-sickies for everyone…There, that’s better!

  72. Emmerly says:

    *tilts head, exchanges WTF glance with berthaservant, shrugs*

    I don’t get it either.

    Agreed that the leash tug was in no way abusive, it wasn’t super hard, and the owner was trying to keep the fox AWAY from trouble in the form of the kitteh.

    I thought this was cute. I wish the kitty had gotten a little closer, just for dramatic effect. Though the fox turning its head towards the kitteh in that “BUS-ted!” moment was pretty funny.

  73. Emmerly says:

    Also, bali…another round of, really? REALLY? Well, totally your loss dude, not ours or Meg’s.

  74. Cometroversy aside, I wonder if this McFoxersons likes Chunk Bacon I think he looks more like the shorter fox.

  75. Thank you Carol!!! Cherry Pasickie for me!

    Dog owners (like me) must yank the dog’s leash from time to time to keep it away from something (like an unknown cat). I didn’t notice that it was a harsh jerk or anything like that.

    Calm yourselves. Rather than exercising your conclusion-jumping ability, how about helping out some animals WHO NEED IT????

    I know that the objections are coming from caring and gentle folks. The shelters are full of animals due to the economy and somebunny (or kitty, doggeh, or maybe even a fox in socks) could use your passion!!

    Back to pasickie!

  76. Charlie says:

    I think the kitty got a fright not becuase the fox wasnt a rabbits but when he realised the cat was there his ears seem to grow really big! if i was being a sneakingks kitteh that would scare me too! o.o

  77. snorglepup says:

    I went to her site and watched her two foxes frollic on the bed with a toy…leashless and happy.

  78. totally agree with Prinky!!!!

  79. Mikkeneko says:

    The fox looks sad? The fox looks scared? WTF are you people on? I admit that I’m not intimately familiar with fennec fox body language (why, are you?) but that fox looks perfectly content to me. Sleepy eyes, relaxed pose, ears laid back. Even when the cat comes up it merely looks interested and curious. Stop projecting.

  80. Carol, I’ll take a pa-sickie!

    Loved the fox and the kitty.

    Agree they look like they knew each other.

    NO WAY a critter with ears that big didn’t hear that kitty coming a mile away!!!

  81. Odd, i saw teh cat sneak up and stop what I thought was a bit far from teh “quarry”. Then when the fox went over and showed the length of his rope it was “aHA!”

    Another food for thought- kitty-swipes don’t always have extended claws.

    as for the Nuffs- well, some think the glass is half full, half empty, “Hey, waiter, can you top this?’ and “Who’s been drinking my drink?” I always feel a bit sorry for #2 and #4.

  82. compy-saur says:

    People are making good points here. It’s futile to pick on something that is here to stay, sure. But it’s also not good to to just say “People domesticated dogs and cats, so why not foxes?”

    Chastising people for seeing wrongness in an obviously wrong situation doesn’t help. We’re not all “thick-skulled.”

    We are all here to appreciate cuteness, right? What about ethics? Cute animals do not exist in the world to entertain us. We should have standards.

    Maybe you would rather all the comments say, “This is really cute! I want one! Is there a store where I can pick one up??? The Japanese are SO ahead of us!”

    Yeah, and the Japanese are also far ahead of us in the treatment of dolphins….

  83. Make my pasickie a pudding pasickie and I’ll be happy.

    Jeesh, this place makes me wanna scream sometimes. I’m a rabid animal defender, but holy crap, I can’t see one time on here that an animal has been truly mistreated. You wanna see mistreated animals, start your own blog called “ and whine and bitch about animal mistreatment there. Perhaps you could download “Animal Cops” shows from Animal Planet, or show endless loops of the Kentucky Derby and last weeks Sea World incident….

    *fears impending editing*

  84. GOOD LORD PEOPLE it says right in the title what is going to be in the video.
    Very funny and cute!

  85. Charlie says:

    Compy: let me come back with a nice generalised, sarcastic, rascist comment such as yours: Americans are sooo ahead at protecting the environment…. oh wait.

    But really this fox doesnt look injured its not being mistreated (certainly i used to tug at my dobermans leash when he saw rabbits)
    As for kitty fighting my cat used to beat up my doberman non stop and he wouldnt have a scratch on him…

  86. Peachy says:

    :O OH MY GOSH SO CUTE! I wonder if the waves made it so that the sound of approaching kitty-catness was drown out. Absolutely adorable video, I loves it. <3

    @cavalaxis – LOL, completely XD

    The foxy is adorable. <3 As for the domesticated issue, definately a bred-for-pet fox. He's so relaxed! I wonder if the he and the cat knew each other? Usually cat's won't approach people they don't know - and especially not dangerous looking other-animals. A mark of a good owner to take their pet for a walk on the beach, that is for sure.

  87. I wanted to say – I think the Fennec Fox is a gorgeous animal… wild or domesticated.

  88. really cute.
    those ears! good gawd.
    i like the little paw-bonk by kitteh. kitteh is confused!

  89. Amanda says:

    Oh for crying out loud. I’ll give my standard reply that I had to use when people got on me for having ferrets and were all “Ferrets are wild animals! Let your ferrets free!”

    An animal that has been domesticated through generations of breeding and captivity CANNOT be returned to the wild. If this animal was BRED as a pet, letting it free and giving it the “wild life it deserves” will KILL it.

    Which one do YOU think is more humane?

  90. Katrina says:

    May I please have a blueberry pa-sickie while I’m humming the Monty Python opening song-
    and watching it again, that was very funny! I’ve forgotten which Sousa march it is………Washington Post, maybe? Please, does someone know?

    “It’s!” Sublime!

  91. I agree, this is NOT cute. It’s not nice of them to force the fox to stay there for a possible confrontation with the cat.

  92. That fox totally knows he’s being snuck up upon. Check out those l’il radar dishes all pointing behind him and stuff. He’s just humoring senor stalky.

    And the kitty’s all stalky until he gets about halfway to mr cutie, and then you can sort of see the thought: “Maybe I don’t really *want* to stalk that. What the heck *is* that thing, anyway??”

  93. Monty Python opening is “Liberty Bell March”…..

  94. suzieq says:

    How cruel, and stupid this person is to have this poor fox that should be in the wild….foolish ass.

  95. Dear God.

    People can sometimes be so damned annoying. I for one am heartily sick and tired of coming here and almost every other day seeing someone blurt out how some critter in a photo or short video is being treated cruelly.

    Sick. And. Tired. Of. It.

    Here’s a note. You might well be entitled to an opinion, but if it has no basis in fact or reality, it only makes you look like a moron and a whiner.

    So, unless someone here can offer me diffinative and irrefutable proof that said fox in said video is actually living a life marked by cruelty, you are doing nothing but blowing in the wind, fustrating other people coming to CO and in general being a reactionary person who is engaging in cruel activity of your own. Meaning, the person behind this video (or any other image that gets your panties in bunches) is probably being hurt by your baseless accusations towards them.

    Yes, Opinions are fine and dandy, but I was taught that opinions only hold weight when they are backed up by all the information surrounding the subject.

  96. spiffy says:

    i think fennecs are adorable, and i’m not against keeping them as pets… but that fox looks scared. it doesn’t look like it should be out there. and then the yank of the leash was really uncalled for. if they were trying to protect the fox, scaring the cat away would have worked a lot better.

  97. Katrina says:

    Thank you Gail.

    Da Dum ta dum da dum ta dum…I think the fox and the cat are familiar to one another, Da tum ta tum da dum ta dum……I call earworm!!! Yeah John Philip Sousa! Hooray people who think Fennec Foxes are Cute! Get over yourselves, please, worriers. Da da ta ta da dum…no one can be uncheered by a John Philip Sousa march! Apologies to A.A. Milne.

  98. That makes me really sad. Poor little fox looks terrified =( This is neither cute nor funny. Why would you post this?

  99. That loud rythmic banging you hear is me bashing my head against a brick wall in utter fustration.

  100. BLEEN.

    I showed this to my uncle who had a fox as a pet when he was a kid– he laughed his butt off! The cat should have been able to smell that this isn’t food- ITS A FOX!

    And yes, I want a fennec. WHO THE CRAP DOESN’T?!

  101. Martial- a ancient Roman writer- wrote about a friend of his who had a pet Fennec fox. (Epigrams, 7.87)
    “If my Flaccus delights in a long-eared Fennec…”

    So I guess they were pets in the late 1st century C.E. at least…

  102. Aw, the fox is only hoping to meet a cute cat on the beach! But he’s all nervous. He’s all practicing pick-up lines, waiting for the right moment…
    “Oh hai! I see you use SPF 100 too!”
    Ouch. Better luck next time, eh?

  103. Hmmm… That bit of ancient history is from me, but apparently I cannot write my own name. Supposed to be “Pliny” not “Pli.”

  104. Katrina says:

    Ta Dum da Dum, if the fox was terrified, it would be panting and pacing and the leash would not be loose, taaaaa tilildy dum ta dum, ta dum ta dummmmm, the cat isn’t looking at it as anything else but a mystery. Ta tidily tum the fox is pulling back his ears to be able top sniff the air better, the way animals do, over their tongues and through their special smelling-sense-whodingies, having many things to smell at a sea shore,(sing that all in one breath), it is just hanging out, and knows the cat, so the fox is not waiting with any anxiety, he’s just waiting. Sheesh! Don’t make me hum at you again, please???? All is well, all is bright. Make that one Fennec fox to go please? Yes, I’d like it wrapped up, thanks ever-so. No, no card, it is a present for me! Hang on Monty, it’ll be OK.

  105. Fox: (speaking to Command Base thru secret mic) “Cat at one o’clock! Zee cat zuspects nozzink.”
    Command Base: “Hold your position until further orders. By the way, you didn’t dig your trench deep eNUFF.”
    Fox: “Ya. Got eet.”
    (recon fly flies recons)
    Command: “Steady!”
    Fox: “Ehn, zee cat eez zo close, I, I, …”
    Command: “And,,, Attack!”
    Fox: “Ehn! Ouch! SOS! Pull me outta hea!”

  106. Yanking on a leash to save the animal from getting a cat scratch is NOT cruel… if they didn’t yank that lead then the cat probably would have done worse!

  107. Sorry, but in a world where stupid people [EDIT]… for fun, and pathetic losers try to [EDIT…], this video for me falls FAR SHORT of abusive and cruel.

    [Kathy, I totally agree, 100%, but c’mon… tone it down a little? – Ed.]

  108. Ann-
    I was waiting for someone to say that- kitty was all “i’m stalking that mousey looking thing” and then when he gets close enough to catch a wiff of foxy there you can see the “ack, dog! abort, abort” come across kitty’s face. XD

  109. The leash was yanked? I didn’t even notice. Apparently whoever thinks the leash was yanked has never OWNED a pet…

  110. Julie L says:

    I never thought that it was abusive to have a fox for a pet – heck, my dad did as a young boy, back in the day. Anyone who knows K9s can see that foxy was enjoying sniffing the sea breezes through most of the vid. I quite enjoyed the cat’s AHA moment, when s/he realized OMG A DOG, but I was very unhappy with jerking the leash – that was a severe jerk. The videographer shouldn’t have let the fox get that close to the cat in the first place. Was it abusive? More or less. It ruined the video for me. They should have edited that part out – then it would’ve been perfect!

  111. The leash-jerk was NOT severe. It was basically the equivalent of a “NO!” since the unknown kitty was angry and scared, which is to say, ready to attack with claws. Fennec was getting just a leetle too curious.

    Suffice to say, if you think this looks “abusive”, then you can probably haven’t seen real abuse, and this is enviable, so please count your blessings.

  112. plaid-shirt pyrate says:

    You know what? If you don’t like what’s on the site, STFU and GBTW.

    It’s simple: DON’T COME HERE. Delete this site from your bookmarks.

    Oh, and don’t let the virtual door hit you on the butt on your way out.



  113. (yeeps… obviously folks get pretty emotional over this stuff)

  114. (squints) “plaid”?
    You let your mother pick out your shirts still? ;-p

  115. I have yet to see any compelling reason why fennec foxes *shouldn’t* be pets. If you wanted to, you could find reasons to not keep any animal. I really dig the idea of unconventional pets. Does that mean I’m going to run out and get one, or attempt to snag one from the wild? Of course not. I grew up in a house of animal activists, of spending hours finding homes for strays and lecturing friends who wished to declaw their cats. But I’m also not going to lose my head at the thought of people domesticating something new. It just doesn’t seem very logical, or realistic to me.

  116. Hon Glad says:

    Sung to the Lovely Spam Song-Monty Python.
    Nuff Nuff Nuff Nuff,
    Nuff Nuff Nuff Nuff,
    Nuffity Nuff, Nuffity Nuff.
    Nuffity Nuff, Nuffity Nuff.

  117. i still don’t like foxes kept as pets. sorry, i just don’t.
    Sure the fox is adorable, and the rest of the context is… it’s just, well… ugh. I don’t like people keeping small monkeys either.

    this fox looks healthy enough, and i’m sure he’s cared for. Just— why in the world do you feel the need to own an exotic pet?

  118. Ha! Clearly those of you calling foul on the leash-tug have never owned a dog, or been near someone walking one.

    Yes, there are people who will jerk leashes with the possibility of causing harm. This isn’t one of them.

    When your dog is out and about, and you’re with them, there are times when you need to keep them from things that might hurt them, such as tugging them away from a dead bird (as I had to do this morning) or keeping them from a dog much bigger than them. And even the nicest, most responsible owner can’t always control what the dog does… there’s been more than once that my beagle-mix will catch an interesting scent and try to break his neck by suddenly pulling (we’re working on that!).

    My point is that you can’t call foul until you’ve been there. Stop saying this tug (it certainly wasn’t jerking the leash) is cruel, because it’s far from it.

  119. Bleeny McBleenerson, Esq. says:

    Once again, it’s perfectly alright to assume every single picture and video on this site is 100% ethical and wonderful but if anyone dares to disagree they are stupid worthless “nuffs” who really should keep their ridiculously self entitled opinions to themselves. I fail to see a single post that calls this video the worst possible form of animal abuse, what I do see is people being concerned about a situation they personally don’t feel is right, and then dozens of other people practically clawing over each other to let those bad bad people know just how wrong, presumptuous, and idiotic they are. I don’t see how it hurts anyone for people to question the ethics of a video or photo, but I definitely see the harm in refusing to question a situation at all JUST because it’s posted on this site. Of course the maintainers of this blog don’t condone cruelty or abuse, that much is clear, but that doesn’t mean that they’re experts on every single aspect of animal care. If something is posted here that genuinely concerns people, I personally think it’s beneficial to a community of animal lovers for them to speak up because at the very least it introduces a new perspective that may be worth taking a look at. Of course some people seem to go too far with it, but nobody’s insisting that you adopt their opinions. Just try not to have a heart attack when someone says something contrary to what you believe.

    *self righteous Bleeny takes a mighty bow and leaps off stage*

  120. okay, i need to elaborate, i guess.

    i know fennecs domesticate pretty well after a few generations (and if you can put up with them possibly never getting house trained), they make fuzzy wuzzy cute pets. But it’s not a dog, and it’s not a cat, and needs special care. What bugs me most is not the domestication of a new animal, but rather people trying to obtain one without knowing what it means. A fennec fox might not be for you, even if they ARE dead cute. Of course there’s the same problem with cats and dogs, but most people are at least familiar with their basic needs and behaviour.

    i don’t fear domestication, i rather fear people DOING IT WRONG. the second someone posts a clip of a tiger cub in their house (rehab clips, usually) someone posts “i’m going to get one too :D”. I don’t even have to tell you how that won’t work =P

  121. No commentroversy for me, thanks, I’m full!

    For the people who said the leash jerk was severe, I have one question, “Have you ever owned a terrier?” Good gravy! My dogs nearly decapitate themselves sometimes jerking their OWN leashes. I didn’t even notice the leash jerk in the video…

    The landscape of this video was very odd. Surreal. Reminded me of a Dali painting or something…

  122. Rosie A. says:

    This is getting sickening. Why would you come to a website like this only to spew your negative comments about every damn thing you see? Do you people not have lives? Do you people look for stuff to nuff on purpose, or does it fall into your laps? Please, give the negativity a rest! If you don’t like the damn posts or the site or Meg for posting things that offend you, stay the hell away from the damn site and let the people who can watch a video or regard a picture without our heads exploding for some commentroversy…I swear, it seems you people look for stuff to be offended about. Sick of you. Go away from us.

    [sigh… don’t make yourself crazy trying to cure the internet, Rosie… – Ed.]

  123. Ummm….yeah, so you think someone saying on a blog “I’m going to get one” means they actually are going to.

    Yeah. And I have this bridge in Brooklyn for you.

    As for Bleeny….see, here’s the thing. It gets depressing to see day after day after day after day people popping in and condeming to one degree or another picture after video after picture after video. Makes me want to hand in my membership card for the human race really.

    Call me nuts if you will, but I prefer to give the takers of videos and pictures that end up here the benefit of the doubt rather than jumping to a negative conclusion without gaining all the facts about said situation.

  124. @Tinky – Tippi Hedren has a preserve call Shambala that takes in Large Cats ie Lions, Tigers, Ligers, Ocelots… more than one of the animals that she has rescued have been PETS that ended up in attics or basements because, hey, guess what, they are fricking WILD ANIMALS. (In one case, the graduating son had the choice between a lion cub and a car…and he chose the lion. IDIOTS!)
    Anyway, I digress…
    There are degrees of idiocy. If something has been domesticated for a thousand years and you just didn’t know about it, I see no need to rail against it… as long as it is healthy and you can maintain it in the environment it can flourish in.

  125. tuckeverlasting says:

    ahhhhh! WHAT A CUTIE. THE EyES!! & when he turns, akh! THE ENORMOUS EARS!!

    I would think with such big ears, he would have noticed the cat alot earlier.

  126. I thought at the time PETA chose CuteOverload as one of their favorite websites that it would bode ill. I think I was right: I bet you anything the PETAphiles are here and nuffing all over the dang place. It sure sounds like ’em in here: Ask your friendly PETA activist what they think of ANY domesticated animals, spaying, or pet food with meat in it.

    Which is fine, okay? Knock yourself out, people. Free country. But nooooot appropriate for a site geared to gentle enjoyment of the Qte. It’s not a political site. And it really doesn’t wanna be. So if you hate the content, leave. No one is forcing you to look at this stuff. And Meg is not your servant. Nothing is preventing you from starting, say, “”.

    Look. It’s a cute domesticated fennec with EARZ. and a kitteh! ANNNGH.

  127. Woohoo commentroversary!!!(sp?)

  128. Hon Glad says:

    Perhaps we could have a commentroversary anniversary. Theo did you coin the term.

    [I like to think so… – Ed.]

  129. I didn’t find this cute I found it disturbing.

  130. plaid-shirt pyrate says:

    Hey Pyrit —

    Actually, I look *fabulous* in plaid. Really sets off my eye-patch, y’know?

    And my mother hasn’t spoken to me since I came home with the tattoos and hook hand….


  131. According to Wikipedia, those big ears are sensitive enough to pick up the sound of insects (which these foxes dine on) walking on sand. So obviously he was humoring kitteh the whole time.

  132. I really admire the cat’s stalking skills, particularly where he crouches down into the hole.

    He’s all, “Foxhole… geddit?”

  133. sunnymum says:

    I am so glad I live in a free country where people can write what they want. This is actually a hilarious commentroversy! Some people see it as cruel, some do not. One camp will not change the other. Get over it.

  134. CoffeeCup says:

    I think the fennec fox had a bet going on with the holder of the video camera on how far the cat could get before realizing that he was being tracked the entire time…i think Mr. Fennec Fox got $20 and a piece of steak later that night.

    I don’t think the video was abusive, cruel or anything. It’s domesticated, so what? Nothing you can do about that particular fox anyway…it’s cute, it’s cuddly, and it is obviously an alien being anyway, with the video being shot on some faraway planet. I half expect Optimus Prime’s shadow to appear…

  135. brinnann says:

    I’ve heard scary things about PETAs shock-value methods of portraying animal cruelty, so I’ve never researched them. Cosmiquemuffin, can you clear up part of your comment for me? Are you saying PETA thinks we shouldn’t feed our carnivorous/omnivorous pets meat? And we shouldn’t spay & neuter our pets? I thought meat was healthy for them (seeing as how that’s what they eat in the wild), and if we don’t spay/neuter them we end up with overpopulation and abandoned litters.

  136. Look, no one is jumping on the nuffs who say “Cute, but let’s remember that fennec foxes aren’t usually domesticated as pets,” or pointing out other instances where an pet owner might be inadvertantly putting an animal in danger (by feeding it the wrong kind of food or whatever).

    Liz’ response towards the top seems reasonable: Don’t have a fox on a leash unless you are trained.

    But I’m sorry, there ARE extremists here. Anon (how brave of you!) says this is “mistreatment.” DLT says that even if animals CAN be domesticated, they SHOULDN’T and this well-cared for animal is not living a proper life. Appalled likewise said that even if there IS a community of people who raise these animals properly, there SHOULDN’T be. Pinky says having a pet fox is “WRONG” and the leash yank was cruel. Psmom says that the fox was “clawed” and “yanked around.” There are other examples.

    And, by the way, ’nuffing the ’nuffers is NOT a double-standard if you are calling people on unsupported, irrational, or flawed arguments. I’ve said many times I don’t mind people expressing their opinions, but sometimes it is done in a way that indicates anyone who disagrees is wrong. But it’s the people who ASSUME the worst — that this was a wild fox kidnapped and tied up and forced to live on a beach where random cats can come and take a swat at it while cruel owners yank it around by a leash — and make their argument on that basis that drives me nuts. Especially because this is essentially an anonymous forum, and that kind of alarmist panic is usually little more than self-serving.

    If you say “That fox looks scared” I think we have the right to say, “No, we disagree, can you point to something specific?” The fox seems TOTALLY serene and at peace and perhaps pretending to not notice the encroaching kitteh to me. The fox never struggles, and is only gently yanked away from the kitteh when kitteh takes a swat. (Guess what? Animals swat each other!) If you find the video disturbing, then feel free to say so, but if you can’t (or don’t care to) support your opinion with some kind of observable fact or legitimate claim to knowledge, then be prepared for the pudding.

  137. Take the leash off of that poor fox.

  138. The PETA point — about them flooding this site after the link — makes sense of a lot of what goes on on this site (I haven’t seen this kind of inundation and extremism on other sites). It’s all falling into place, now that I’m aware of that.

  139. Paunchie says:

    funny as heck!! I shall geet you mousie!….er, FOXY, GAH!!

    and OMG CALL PETA!!!

  140. PETA and vegetarian pets:

    I think I’m wrong about PETA and neutering. While I did run into a PETA person on the street who was protesting any surgery on animals including spaying as infringing on animal rights, PETA the organization has been pretty good about promoting it as a solution to preventing unwanted animals.

    It is weird like that though. The website and info that PETA has looks really good, while my in-person experiences with PETA members, particularly the ones who do protests and get in people’s faces… well that’s really different. My labrador breeder friend was once harassed by PETA members so viciously that she had to disconnect her phone. Their point was that dogs shouldn’t be bred. My friend doesn’t run a mill and really works at making sure that breeding anomalies are avoided.

    So I dunno. It’s quite possible that 80-90% of PETA members are fine upstanding people, but that the remaining ones with some serious axes to grind are ruining it for everybody.

    On a happier note… may I say…. FENNEC EARZ!!!! OMG nom nom nom

  141. mikemil828 says:

    So what, the Japanese keep a lot of weird things as pets, such as Rhinoceros Beetle, which they commonly pit against each other in GLORIOUS BUG FLIPPING COMBAT


  142. I love this site, but this video is cruel and not cute. The fox looks miserable; how? Eye position, ways he is looking around unsure of the environment, NOT noticing the cat is NOT serene but overwhelmed, ears are not relaxed, but perplexed. He is acting miserable and should NOT be or tugged on the leash. A fox is a WILD animal. NOT something that should be forced to hang on a beach then tugged back because he shows curiosity for something the VIDEOGRAPHER is TRYING to capture.

  143. Why can some people say ‘oh everything is SO cute here” but if other poeple say “I don’t think this is cute” then the non- cuters are considered nuffers and are out to ruin everyones day. Jeez, people. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I personally don’t think owning is fox is for me, nor would I encourage anyone to own one. But I’d expect others to respect my decision to not own one and not jump done my throat for saying I think it isn’t right. I’m not chastising anyone for saying its cute, so you shouldn’t freak out when i say its not cute. This is just a website people!! Choose your battles!!!

  144. gwenhwyfaer says:

    > Look, no one is jumping on the nuffs who say “Cute, but let’s remember that fennec foxes aren’t usually domesticated as pets,” or pointing out other instances where an pet owner might be inadvertantly putting an animal in danger

    …except for all the instances I’ve seen of people doing *precisely* that, and even your use here of a term that’s generally used derogatorily around these parts.

    >sigh< One of these days I'll remember *not* to read the comments on this site, under any circumstances - the overpowering stench of self-righteousness, from *all* sides, quite puts me off my kyoot. As it is, the only time I ever go near them is when I have to click the item link to get the video URL - so Meg/Teho, if you could post video URLs next to the video, it would help those of us who can't run Flash (and have had quite enough of others' sanctimony for one lifetime) enormously.

  145. “Nuff” is “derogatory?” It’s a term of endearment, mostly.

    And Gwyn — NO ONE IS FORCING YOU TO READ THE COMMENTS. You can watch the video WITHOUT scrolling down.

    If ANYONE, ANYONE, can show me ONE piece of evidence that THIS particular fox has been GENUINELY mistreated — NOT your interpretation of what might be happening, but ACTUAL PROOF — then I will recant, reject and denounce everything I have said and join your cause.

    FWIW, in my almost 40 years, I have had three vegetarian/vegan friends join PETA — including an ex-girlfriend who used to compare me to Hitler because I eat meat.

    ALL of these friends, within one year, were eating meat again. I think PETA does some amazing and important things as an organization, but my experience with some of the extremists in the organization leave me unimpressed with their ability to construct a rational argument in support of their cause(s).

  146. tuckeverlasting says:

    okay!! In my first post i said that it was cute, yes i think the fox is adorable but yeah i have to admit that when i noticed there was a leash on him, my heart sank. If he didn’t have a leash on him, the video would be perfectly cute, but obviously encounters like these don’t happen naturely in the wild. However if this person just happened to come across this encounter and capture it, it would be a masterpiece to me. IF and only IF

  147. I completely agree with Liz–the fox shouldn’t be a pet. That’s a wild and gorgeous animal. I don’t like the yanking of the leash either–and even if it was to protect the fox, it was too little, too late.

    Sorry to be a downer, but that’s how I call it.

  148. The fox is a PET people. On the beach.

    Leash laws people.

    Go here

    This is NOT a wild fox, but a fox that has been bred as a PET.

    Kneejerk reactions based on no actual information about a given situation make Hulk angry.

  149. Anyone who evidently didn’t realize: calling cruelty on any picture or video will get you jumped on by people who are tired of reading that every time something is posted. There you go. Forewarned is forearmed. If you don’t want people to tell you to shut up, don’t say anything in the first place.

  150. le sigh…

    Lea??? Are you friggin serious??

  151. catablob says:

    I totally had the same reaction about the video being some surreal segment of a Bergman film. What I couldn’t believe was that we couldn’t hear whoever was shooting the video snickering uncontrollably. He/She must have had to stuff his/her mouth with a sock, or a ferret.
    I thought the whole thing was cute and hilarious, adn both creatures were very sweet!

  152. CO = Commentroversy Overload

  153. Yer tellin me… oy

  154. Bleeny McBleenerson, Esq. says:

    Berthaservant, just to clarify, I never said it was a double standard to “nuff nuffers”. The problem I was addressing was the ad hominem attacks against “nuffers”. If you disagree with the people who think this is a bad situation then by all means let them know. What worries me is the personal attacks on people who don’t think the same, i.e. the complete freak outs where “nuffers” are called troublemaking idiots who have nothing better to do with their lives than harsh their cute buzz. The people who think this isn’t cute aren’t bad people and they have just as much right to post what they think as you do. If they were saying, “you morons who think this is cute are blind to everything and have no business around animals” then yes, I would have just as much issue with them. In addition, I was saying that I don’t understand how it’s better to assume that everything is exactly perfect just because you don’t see anyone stabbing the animal with a red hot poker or anything. It’s true, “nuffs” don’t know anything about the background of this animal…but neither do the rest of the commentors. You’re ALL making assumptions and I don’t understand why those who think this video is cute (I’m not saying I don’t, so don’t panic) think you’re somehow more sane or rational than those who don’t think so.

    Bah, enough novels for me, just throwing my 2 cents in. ^_^

  155. Sad for the fox. Did not think this was cute or funny.

  156. MandaBain says:

    Wow. I really didn’t see this commentroversy coming. Usually I see a pic or video on here and right away can determine “Uh oh. I think I’ll stay away from the comments today” even though I never personally have a problem with whatever is being shown. But this? Really?! I think whoever it was made a smart observation about the PETA link…
    I’d like a Bill Cosby chocolate puddin’ pasicki, please!

  157. brinnann says:

    Bleeny, the difference between making positive assumptions and negative assumptions is that the positive ones aren’t depressing. Most come here because they find teh Qte uplifting.

  158. Cuteoverload = escapism
    Escapism is not bad, and does not need to be squelched by intimations of abuse.

  159. Michelle says:

    Come on, Bleeny. If a person is unable to look at a cute image or video and assume “everything is exactly perfect just because you don’t see anyone stabbing the animal with a red hot poker or anything”, that’s the very dictionary definition of irrational and insane behavior. You honestly can’t understand how it’s better to not assume or imagine these things?

  160. claudia says:

    I wonder what would happen if everyone felt the same on everything? I’d sure be bored, I guess.

    My eye’s are ROLLING so hard they hurt when I read some of these comments!

    Now onto MINE: I adored this vid, and saw nothing cruel, just cute!

  161. RevWaldo says:

    “Will you stop posting things I don’t like? I only want to see posts that I like. I find reading or viewing posts I don’t like upsetting. I should think the majority of the other visitors to this site share my opinion.

    “I will not be visiting your site in the future. I look forward to your prompt reply to my comments.”

  162. starling says:

    *grabs pa-sickie and watches the video again*


  163. Michelle says:

    Oh, and lol@posernuffs who pretend to be experts in fennec fox behavior in order to sway the opinions of visitors to this site.

    “You will notice how his left whisker twitched at the very moment he glanced at the hunk of seaweed and yawned. This is a vital and desperate attempt to feign disinterest, a common defense mechanism employed by an absolutely terrified fennec fox, particularly those kept on leashes at the beach while being stalked by kittens. Only the seasoned expert in fennec fox behavior can read these subtle signs of abject fear and terror.”


  164. Michelle — and you can tell by looking at the pixels…

  165. I don’t think that was cute at all. It almost seemed cruel. It certainly doesn’t appear that the fox is happy on a leash and that he’s kind of trapped whereever he is. Anyway, not cute.

  166. This is the first time I’ve ever felt compelled to post here – I have to agree that this is not really cute. Just seeing the fox on the leash, then being jerked back on it, the whole context of the vid just isn’t adorable. It is a wild animal and doesn’t look like it is being treated as one. The whole thing is strange and charmless yet seems to pass as cute because the fox happens to be fuzzy and have big ears.

    Normally I do find CO uplifting and love the site (thank you!), have passed it on to many, this is the first time I’ve seen something that is off and felt it worth putting my two cents in.

  167. Bleeny McBleenerson, Esq. says:

    Michelle- no, I mean, I get why people want to roll their eyes at some things people say. I phrased it poorly, so I should clarify that the posts I’m thinking about are ones like this where the circumstances are questionable. Regardless of how happy or unhappy you think this fox is, the fact remains that these are recently domesticated animals and that fact alone is going to be worrisome to some people because of the unconventional care it requires and since its breeding origin isn’t given. This fox was probably bred to be a pet and is just peachy keen with that but I don’t think it’s ridiculous for people to wonder if that’s REALLY the case. I’m not saying every “nuff” is justified by any means, but I think active questioning of situations that aren’t cut and dry is healthy. Anyway, it’s unlikely that my ramblings will change anybody’s mind, I’m just trying to point out that not every “nuff” is a crazy who’s out to ruin cute for the rest of the world. Some people are honestly concerned and I think it’s silly to attack them JUST because they voice an opinion that “brings people down”. *shrug*

  168. I went to the owner’s YouTube and looked at the video there. The English part of the description (she’s Japanese) ends “and Suponji [the fox] will get the cat punch.” Yes, the fox really did get punched by the cat. What a lovely way of putting it 😀

  169. And yet no one at all bothered to click the link for the pet owner that I provided with just a wee bit of detective work. No one bothered to check out the circumstances for this particular animal, thoughtfully provided for their information, before denouncing and decrying.

    See, in this case, it REALLY IS the case that this fox is a pet, was breed over a few generations for domestication in that area. If anyone had bothered the 5 seconds it takes to click the link and READ what the owner of this fox states, they wouldn’t be here spouting what in essence is nonsense.

    Sad. Really sad. And terrifying if you were to put that in any other situation.

  170. :(, looked it up, it is one of those wild animals people are compelled to breed and keep as pets – too cute for their own good i guess. Sad, maybe put the effort to protecting them and their real habitat and get a domestic pet instead..

  171. If you read about they are not considered domesticated in spite of whatever breeding people do.

  172. Beg Pardon! Thought you were a rabbit, mate!

  173. “The Fennec Fox is considered the only species of fox which can properly be kept as a pet. Although it cannot be considered domesticated, it can be kept in a domestic setting similar to dogs or cats. In the United States and Canada there is a relatively established community of Fennec Fox owners and breeders.”

  174. Heehee… if you drag the progress bar to “fast forward” the kitteh looks like he’s blinking from point to point.


    Gonna getcha!


    GOOOONNNA getcha!


    Gonnnnnnnaaaa… ohai! Ya seed me! KTHXBAI!

    Cute! ^_^

  175. Ah, thank you Berthaservant! The reliable voice of reason!

    For myself, I hated the video…just ‘cuz of the “weird vibe”.

    I can haz another Pasickie?

  176. I thought it was cute – up until the point poor foxy got smacked in the face!

    But the linked video of it washing its giant ears is WAY cuter. Cats washing their faces is one of the cutest things ever, and fennec fox omggiantears! are one of the cutest things ever, and the cross of the two is totally as cute as you think it is.

  177. I didn’t like that video at all! Poor thing on a leash and then getting pulled away at the end…..very upsetting.

  178. I’m confused at all of you acting like that fox suffered malicious abuse when it was yanked away from the cat. have any of you ever had a dog? When it gets itself in a negative situation, your priority should be getting your animal away from that situation before things potentially escalate. You don’t bend over, coo lovingly and ask your dog to come. You focus on getting them out of the situation first and foremost. The fox wasn’t hurt at all – unless it has brittle bones syndrome, it should be right as rain.

    You guys are overreacting to the point that I feel obligated to COMPLETELY over analyze this video ridiculous.

  179. Daphne Moss says:

    Oce, why didn’t you just offer that deeply compelling argument … “Dude…it’s just a fennec”
    As weary as you appear to be that someone could actually think and react to this video thoughtfully, I’m depressed by those who believe there’s no merit to being either thoughtful or sensitive but rather reactive.
    I agree that it was important to separate fox and cat … but that should have been done before the whap on the nose.

  180. That yank was a little cruel.

  181. Louisa says:

    I love this site but that was not cute. I feel so sorry for that fox. Why the hell is he on a leash to begin with?
    They deliberately manipulated these two animals for entertainment and I find theses people despicable.

    [There there, Louisa, just a moment longer; the meds are coming… – Ed.]

  182. Hey Barbarella… occasionally, I’ll get that “Video no longer Available” msg too for no apparent reason. I found that if you go to the Comments page, scroll up to the top and just activate the video from up there. It’s always worked for me. Have no idea why it works, but hey. Give it a try.

  183. Not funny. Poor fox.

  184. I just can’t stop myself from coming back to look at all the concerned citizens worrying about the poor fox on a leash. It’s like a car wreck. You don’t want to look, but you can’t help it.

    Jeez louise people! The fox is not wild! It would not survive in the wild and would not be safe off the leash.

    I can’t tell if the fox and the cat know each other, but I can definately tell (as a long time owner of both canines and felines) that both animals were perfectly safe and comfortable. The kitteh was curious, and I believe from the ear movements that the fox knew he was being “stalked”. If he were terrified, I doubt he would have trotted up to the kitteh to investigate.

    As far as the swat is concerned, my three kittehs swat my silly goggie and each other on a regular basis. That is just beastie politics. Nothing for us lowly hoomans to concern ourselves with.

    I’m not even going to address the “yank”. That’s just silly if you’ve ever held the leash of a canine.

    As you were.

  185. Tee hee. I just watched it again, and I’m thinking they don’t know each other. I just love that moment when the kitteh says “OMG! I think I f***ed up, here! That’s a friggin’ dog!”

  186. ok. i used to love this site for the cute animal pics. but it is clear that it is more for people that think animals are our objects to put on leashes, dress up and exploit.
    a wild animal on a lesh isnt cute. the fox MAY be a pet, but it takes years of breeding to take the wild out of an animal. that is why dwarf hamsters are so feakin sketchy and mean. they are relatively new to the pet market.

    also, the stupid baby talk that this site displays is lame and embarassing.

  187. > ok. i used to love this site for the cute animal pics. but [lecture elided]

    Buh bye.

    [I’m guessing you mean “deleted” there…? – Ed.]

  188. Raskolnikov says:

    cosmiquemuffin…baleted? da-cheated?

  189. I was very bothered by the cruel yank and the fact that the kitty swipes the fox. Not cute. And don’t even get me started on the fact that a fox is on a leash in the first place.

  190. Tricia says:

    I loved it when the cat started BACKING AWAY SLOWLY! “OH, ummmm, you’re bigger than I thought you were!”

  191. Rasko — Homestar Runner FTW

    Liz — look again. The little leash-jerk was so the fox WOULDN’T get muzzle-clawed.

  192. Jackie says:


    Letting a dog near a cat where it might be batted at is ABUSE! And yanking on the dog’s leash to get it away from the cat is ALSO ABUSE!!! No one may ever own two animals together who don’t get along all the time because that’s ABUSE!!!!

    Do you even listen to yourselves? Seriously, you people are the kind who give animal lovers a bad name.

    Oh wait, PETA people are here? Nevermind, that explains it.

  193. warrior rabbit says:

    I doubt most of the people who’re complaining about the ‘cruelty’ of the leash ‘yank’ own or have ever owned a dog. Or a cat for that matter, or they’d know the swipe was nuttin’. Wonder what they’d say to the catch pole on Animal Cops.

    Oh, and to ‘elide’ can mean to delete, as well as omit. Cosmiquemuffin was correct.

  194. Michelle says:

    Bleeny, I don’t doubt for a single moment that nuffs sincerely love animals and have great concern for them. It doesn’t change the fact that emotion clouds rational judgement. Take animal hoarders for example. They are full of nothing but love and good intentions and yet the animals truly suffer anyway.

    If anyone in the world understands the importance of voicing concern about the *actual* mistreatment of animals, it’s me. Believe it. I have nothing but admiration for people who are dedicated to caring for, and caring about animals. But there is an appropriate time, place, and way to do speak out. If you intend to “educate” others, then for goodness sake educate yourself as much as possible on the subject first and suppress your emotions and knee-jerk reactions lest you look like a fool.

    All animals exist in the wild before they’re domesticated. While you may not agree with the domestication of wild animals, get real. You are visiting a website devoted to the appreciation of animals, the vast majority of which are domestic. If you are repulsed by the idea of wild animals that are currently bred and raised as a domestic exotics, then you should also object to hamsters, gerbils, fishes, hedgehogs, sugar gliders, birds, reptiles, etc., as well. You *will* see those creatures here in very large numbers. Animals who experience confinement, alteration, and human conditioning. So why come here at all? If the whole reason for coming here is to voice your concerns about these things, I’m saying this is an inappropriate and very unwelcome place for you to speak out and you will be called out for it.

    I’m not even going to comment on the “leash yanking” either. As a dog owner, that one is simply too ridiculous to even address.

  195. Totalee Puppy says:

    “Suffer the nuffers to come
    unto me, and forbid them not…We’ll have a weekend
    retreat with hot chocolate
    and tofu biscuits, Indian
    vegetarian cuisine and an
    open mike…everyone else on CuteOverload will have a
    peaceful weekend off…for of such is the Kingdom Long Awaited…

  196. cdelphine says:

    Is it wrong that this commentroversy makes me laugh? I def think that this should be in the running for the end of the year best commentroversy poll 🙂

  197. O.M.G. That was simply brilliant. That clever little fox KNOWS all along that that cat is sneaking up on him – and eventually the cat realises it too, and goes “Meh.”

  198. Bleeny McBleenerson, Esq. says:

    (Michelle- Just as an aside, I’m not vehemently opposed to the domestication of animals…I mean, I own a Chinchilla. I was just saying some people are touchy about that. I’m pretty sure you were addressing that part to the “nuffs”, but I just had to cover my bases. ^_^)

  199. Michelle says:

    Bleeny, yeah I know they are. And that’s fine. Really, it is. Thing is, this isn’t exactly the best place for people who are touchy about human exploitation of animals, considering everything on this website is a result of it in one way or another.

  200. starling says:

    Anyone who complains about a leash pull either doesn’t have a dog or has a very badly trained one.

  201. starling says:

    Oh, I just see Warrior Rabbit already said that.

    Carry on!

  202. Katrine says:

    I think that the reason, why some people see the leash tug as cruel, is because a Fennec fox supposedly is very delicate, and does not have very strong bones. Its bones more resemble those of a bird and can easily be harmed. However, those foxes are some fast little beasts, so you better keep an eye on them. In this video, I love the little tongue slip LOL.

    This video shows a Fennec playing around with a tennis ball and a dog, and it sure is having fun. Here you can also see, just how fast those foxes are.

  203. I personally don’t find anything cute about this video. The fox looks uneasy and a bit scared and out of its comfort zone, and the leash being yanked just makes it worse. I’m sure there are far cuter videos to show out there!

  204. CosmiqueMuffin and Warrior Rabbit — my apologies! It seems I have learned a new word today.

  205. waitwhat says:

    aw..this is cute. i would love one of these foxes..they look so soft. and the reaction of the kitty was priceless
    kitty: ooo lunch :: sneaks::
    fox :: achem achem
    kitty : nope nevermind :: retreat::

  206. katiedid says:

    I loveeee the ears.. I really think that cat thought that was a rabbit or something.. lol.. because as he gets closer you can see him second guessing as for all this controversy.. PETA is like a hungry cat.. if you feed it .. it just comes back…

  207. Nyet problemo, Theo! I dig “elided” because it calls to mind a gliding motion, an elegant strikethrough from a feather-plumed pen with sepia ink.

    “Deleted” (to me) sounds like a bad special effect in an 80s Sci-Fi movie.

    Yes, language is my plaything! Thanks for asking. 🙂

  208. warrior rabbit says:

    Theo, I just learned ‘eruct’ over at ICHC, which I’m adding to my pile of super cool, bodily-oriented words. These sites aren’t timewasters, as the cubicle overseers (eek, also CO) would have us believe, but educational tools!

    Ooo, cosmiquemuffin posted while I was previewing! Great timing.

  209. Tsk! You know, when I come here to Ethics Overload, I expect a certain level of… hmm, what’s that? This is not Ethics Overload? Oh.


    [Serious Biznazz]I’m not crazy about the vid. It IS funny the cat is all “I am fearsome predator!” then “Oh! Erm! Never mind!” But in a perfect world, there would be no leash-tugging. That said (WARNING to those of delicate sensibilities), this here? Not a perfect world. To quote the philosopher Nick Lowe: Cruel to be kind, in the right measure. I murmur “Aw, po foxy woxy” and then MOVE ON.[/Serious Biznazz]

  210. YAY Cosmique.

    W. Rabbit, you actually USE the “Preview” feature?? I doff my cap to thee.

    Babs, right on.

  211. Herself says:

    I’m going to chime in on this whole bleener versus nuffer commentroversy. I do volunteer work with an animal rescue and with an accredited zoo. So, I guess you can say I have an edumacation about animal welfare. I also have learned a lot about human nature. Actually, I learned a lot about human nature at work. Say something negative at work, even if it is true and even if it saves the company from crashing on the shoals of disaster, and people will get very upset about having their mellow harshed. I remember one lady telling another that “just because management says we can speak our minds doesn’t mean we should say bad things”. Baroo?

    As an educator and animal rescue person, it is important for people to take a minute and think about the animals who are giving us our coffee break cute-itude. I get people swooning over the bobcats and tigers and I have to remind them that bobcats and tigers should not be pets. They have needs for freedom and special dietary and enrichment needs that a normal person cannot provide. Lots of people cannot even manage to keep a pet – I see animals abandoned because someone doesn’t have time, had a baby, got a boyfriend or just dropped the starved and sick animal at the grounds of the shelter. I’ve heard that people leave animals on the lawn at the zoo – the groundskeeper almost mowed a beautiful pet snake.

    So, while I get all oogly about kittens at play, I also feel it is my duty and calling to point out things that we need to think about or just ain’t right (or particularly cute). My supervisor calls it “a teaching moment”.

    That said, I looked at the woman’s other videos and it is clear the fox is very well treated – he has a companion to play with and a comfortable home. I only object to two things. One is the leash pop. Not nice. She might consider a harness. Two is that I really object to the fact that youtube showed an ad right in the middle of the video. I have never seen that before and am really irritated about it. Fnrf.

    So, carry on, then. Let’s all be tolerant of each other and remember to care about the animals we find unbearably prosh and snorgleworthy.

  212. It isn’t your duty to inflict “teachable moments” on fellow adults. That’s not tolerance; it’s condescension.

    I notice none of the “oh no, abuse” people have denied that they belong to PETA. I think everyone has your number now.

  213. “bleener versus nuffer” !!
    Oh man, I am having *such* a meta-LOL moment right now…

  214. smoke_tetsu says:

    To be honest with you all I’m far more disturbed by people’s negativity here than with the video. Especially how they seem to automatically assume the worst especially projecting those assumptions onto how they think the animal is feeling\being treated. I didn’t notice anything overtly cruel about the video.

    I don’t mind PETA people defending animals but you have to pick your battles and not make wild assumptions all the time. I’m sorry but people riding on their high horses like that kind of stick in my craw. I don’t think people need an ethics lecture every single time someone posts a picture of a Fennec Fox on the internet… especially a domesticated one.

    It’s one thing to be tolerant with others it’s another thing to fling wild accusations. Isn’t that slander?

    Also.. I agree with what Michelle said.

    As for the video, I think it was cute but it looked more staged than spontaneous and the Fennec Fox looked like it was playing along. It probably knew the cat was coming long before it turned to look at it.

  215. Paulzilla says:

    That fox is most likely blind. You can tell by the way it runs right into the cat. Unfortunately in Japan, which is where this fox probably is, you can buy fennecs in pet stores with absolutely no knowledge of how to take care of them.

  216. herself says:

    Well, E.G., lets talk about condescention. Adults need education as much as anyone else, perhaps moreso. Along with every teaching moment is a learning moment. Open your mind to it.

    BTW – I am not associated with PETA. They have a real leadership problem, as evidenced by their inconsistent and often histrionic messaging to the public.

    (Note to the web keeper – the email address that your site is rejecting is actually a valid email address. I own that domain and am indeed “herself” at that domain.)

    [“Rejecting”?? What? – Ed.]

  217. Umm…why do people think it’s ok to keep wild animals as pets? This is sad on so many levels…just because something may be cute doesn’t mean it gives us the right to “own” it. Dogs and cats have been domesticated for hundreds of years, and rely on people to take care of them. Foxes, on the other hand, do fine by themselves…unless this person was rehabbing the fox (but I doubt any responsible qualified rehabber would put a fox on a leash and take it out to get harassed by a cat) they have no business keeping it as their own personal pet.

  218. smoke_tetsu says:

    Why do people assume they nabbed a full grown fox and forced it to be a pet? That’s not the case especially in countries like the US that aren’t the native country of the animal. If it was proven that they where just nabbed full grown from the wild and not born and bred as pets and that they where miserable in their situations and where truly mistreated then I would totally jump on the bandwagon to be against them being kept but that hasn’t seemed to have been the case so far at least in the US.

    As to what’s going on in Japan.. that may be something that I might not stand by.

    Dogs and cats can be born and live in the wild too. Cats especially don’t have to rely on people to take care of them. They can do fine by themselves too.

    I myself probably would never get a Fennec Fox as a pet but I certainly don’t see it as bad as keeping a large snake or a tiger as a pet. Those types of animals really shouldn’t be kept as pets. I don’t see a problem with this as long as the person knows how to take care of them and they didn’t just as I said earlier.. nab a full grown one from the wild. That’s a bad idea even for feral cats or dogs.

  219. smoke_tetsu says:

    Oh yeah, and if you think the cat was harassing the fox here you haven’t seen harassment.

  220. herself says:

    Let’s try the address again. Yeah, I was getting this thing saying my email address was invalid. Let’s see if this goes through. Hoping its a glitch.

  221. herself says:

    Went through on the second try. Sorry for the double posting. I guess it was, indeed, a transient error. Thanks for your patience, “Ed” 🙂 Carry on….

  222. Patricia says:

    I find people who are compelled to post negative things consistantly usually are just negative people who an over abundance of time on their hands and a desire to make people as misserable as they are. Yes there is real animal cruelty and abuse in the world and yes it should be stopped. But if every thing you look at seems like cruelty to you, I suggest psychiatic help.

    Personally I don’t see any cruelty here, there was not sharp yank of the leash at all. It was a good idea to get the fox away from the cat before a full on fight ensued. As to domestic foxes, they have been domesticated for more than a few years, my great grand ma had one as a pet she got from a women who breed them on a neighboring farm.

    Seriously, can’t we find a more constructive use of our time, like actually going out in the real world and trying to help stop actual animal abuse? I swear there are people on here would accuse me of animal abuse because the remote control mouse I bought my cat scared her the first time. Seriously..

  223. The Notorious TLB says:

    THANK YOU, Patricia, that sums ‘er up fer me.

    P(QR)S: This is a bit more than a smidge cute.

    /end comment

  224. I like how the cat gets caught and tries to back away like nothing happened, lol.

  225. Another Angela says:

    Sometimes the nuffers are naive and reacting purely based on emotion and projection; sometimes “nuffers” actually may have something intelligent to offer about a picture.
    Giant gold star to Herself. It is no crime to try to teach adults something about animals and nature. People are woefully ignorant of their natural surroundings and the creatures they share the planet with.

  226. I do not like this video at all. You can see how stressed the fox is by the way his ears are perked and the way he is licking his lips. He looks distressed. Also, why is he on a leash???? So sad

  227. clearly there are some people that care about animals in different ways. and thats fine.

    and patricia, just because your great grandma had a fox means nothing. it is not that common at all. a have a friend that has a lemur. does that mean that lemurs have been domesticated for years? no.

  228. You know, I’ve been going here for months and this is the only time I’ve felt I needed to comment.

    #1. This fennec fox is domesticated. This means it is NOT A WILD ANIMAL. This does not mean all fennec foxes are domesticated. Strange, I know. In fact, they are accepted as pets and bred. You can, in fact GASP, GOOGLE IT. This does not mean pouncing on foxes in the wild is a smart idea.
    #2. Robeyta did not run out in to the Sahara Desert (from Japan) to pounce on to two fennec foxes and fly them back to Japan.
    #3. People complaining about chain yanks have never owned dogs. Prove me wrong. You people must be really lax on dog training.
    #4. Leashing is love. Would you have been more comfortable if they had no leash and the fox ran in to traffic? I am quite sure that keeping a leash on an animal on the beach is CRUEL compared to the risk of letting it run around unleashed.

    Go back to bed, PETA. There is not hidden animal cruelty in every nook and cranny on the internet.

  229. I think this should be taken down. Foxes are not pets and shouldn’t be kept on leashes. This is NOT cute – it is CRUEL

  230. mberkie0 says:

    @Teho: yes, some of us actually do use the “Preview” to see if the probable post says what we mean it to and even write in weerd spellingks.
    @the rest of youse peeps: geddova-it awready! Dis de land of da qte and if youse don’t like it, MOVE!

  231. WOW. There is NO abuse going on here. The owner yanked the leash for SAFETY purposes–so that neither the fennec nor the cat would get hurt, if they started fighting or something. And as said a million times above me, the fennec fox is bred to be a pet. Would you take your cat and throw her out into the Sahara just because she might have relatives that live there? No, because she was bred to be a PET. Don’t tell Meg what she can and can’t do. It’s her website. IF you don’t like it, don’t look. But if you looked into it at all, that owner loves her fennecs and they seem quite happy. So if you want to complain about abuse why dont you complain about something that really matters?? And, by the way, just because someone else owns a fennec doesn’t mean you have to. WOW.

  232. BENBENBEN says:

    This is the weirdest thing ive ever seen.

    [What, the video, or the comments about the video? – Ed.]
    […either way, my sympathies – Ed.]

  233. Let me see if I can suggest this as a reasonable option: Nuff only when you have strong evidence. We can’t presume guilt (i.e. animal mistreatment) based on conditions that may or may not exist outside the immediate context of what we’re seeing.

    [Might I add, though, that this is Cute Overload, not Court Overload… – Ed.]

  234. makes me sad too… the fox looks really unhappy:(

  235. Kitteh is just needing a closer sniff. You could see him backing up for a quiet exit. Not until little fox turned around did he feel the need to puff up. Funny.

  236. jocelyn says:

    With all the dry-docked boats, this looks like extra footage from The Cell.

    Adorable, except for the fact that only National Geographic-type
    documentary-makers have the obligation to NOT intervene when animals are interacting with each other. Since this is not The March of the Penguins, someone should have stepped in before the cat bopped the fox.

  237. oh hello says:

    I had a look at the next video in the fennec fox on the beach with a curious cat series and it shows the foxes (there are two actually) startled by the sound of a helicopter.
    I think that perphaps they are not well-suited to the noisy environments of developed human lanscapes. Their ears are extremely sensitive and designed to detect bugs in the sand in an otherwise silent landscape. Obviously they are well looked after and all that, but it doesn’t make sense to me that an animal designed for a specific habitat can be comfortable just anywhere. Any hoo, back to kittehs

  238. LizzyB says:

    I live in England and here the red foxes kill and eat kitties who go wondering around at night and are not careful…

    Interesting clip – even more interesting reactions it got.

  239. The Fennec fox is adorable, and the cat is hilarious, but the end made me kind of upset. i HATE seeing animals yanked around by the neck…especially just for behaving like animals.

  240. If I had such a pet… it would have been picked up the moment I noticed a cat was trying to sneak up on it. Sorry, my pet’s health and well being trumps any potential ‘cute’ that I would like to post on youtube. Cats, no matter how cute or fluffy, can cause serious damage.

    Not cute. Just sad for the pet and its careless owner. 😦