Frolicking Little Hos

Kettlesnout Shetland Pony Stud has some frolicking foal action going on—most recently, "Bambi" and "Cinderella" the knobbular foals who are obviously part stuffed animal.





Bambi and Cindi are spoken for, but Kettlesnout expects more foals this year. More miniature redonkulousness at the Gallery! Thanks to Sender-Inner Andrea 😉



  1. Wuss!

  2. Sorry, I regressed, I never could say “horse” when I was little…

  3. Barbara says:

    I want one of these SO MUCH, OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Michelle says:


  5. haha “part stuffed animal.”
    Well, obviously.

  6. Christine H says:

    “hos”? 😛

    anyway, they are teeny cute fluffy ponies and they are adorable.

  7. Icanhazpony? says:

    I’m clearly not of sound mind. I read “Frolicking little hos” and was all, What!?! Meg would NEVER use a word like “ho”! Then it dawned on me. D’oh.

    If I could snorgle one of those sweet babies, I would forever. There would be carrots involved too.

  8. OMG. Did you check out the link? They have a white lop bunny named Mr. Pancakes.

    Now THAT is redonk if I’ve ever seen it.

  9. cheryl says:

    squeeee!!! OMG MINI PON1ES!!!!
    man, is that the cutest thing! so fluffy! such cute tocks! (and hocks!) i wanna lappony!! NOW!!!!

  10. Melisma says:

    Awww! I love tiny little ponies. In fact I collect My Little Ponies… *shifty eyes* No, I’m not a college student who plays with toys! I’m a collector! It’s way different! That was somebody else who did their hair and took pictures of them having a pool party!

    On another subject, where can I find these famous guidelines for submitting to CO? I saw some amazing product cuteness today…

  11. yankeebird says:
  12. rubypearl says:

    Nooo!! Don’t put a word like “hos” on a headline!! Did you mean “hoss?” Unlike Icanhazpony?, I still don’t get it. But still, cutecutecute little horsinesses!!!

  13. crazy weinerdog lady says:

    hos, it’s horse without the hard consonants….

  14. k. o'dee says:

    Kettle? Snout? Tee hee! And, aww, horsies!

    (I’m with rubypearl, though. Can’t make “hos” into “horses” in my head. I also, um, misread “frolicking” on the first glance. I was wondering what the hey it was doing in my RSS!)

  15. Whiskas says:

    Frolicking little hos?

  16. momof2kitties says:

    Add me to the peeps who said “Huh? Hos?”

    I think “hoss”, too.

    And I NEED one. NOW. He can live in my room and sleep in my bed. Where’s the link to order one???

  17. I want to sprinkle pink glitter and ribbons all over them and make them into “My Little Ponies”

  18. Katherine says:

    OMG! Of course they are part stuffed animal! Can I sleep with one??

    Not like *that* you pervs.

  19. they are auditioning for the My Little Pony live action movie to be directed by Michael Bay

  20. HorsieLover says:

    Wanna!!! Tehse hosies aer teh QTest evah!!!

  21. awwwww!! so cute! they look so happies!

  22. Leilani says:

    *SIGH* Of course, they’d have to be in the UK. Only the Brits, God bless ’em, would have miniponies this cute!

  23. Theresa says:

    OMG!!! You know what. 😉

  24. chanpon says:

    @Leilani – Confirming that Seinfeld was right. We are a non-pony country. *sigh*

  25. Pocket Ponies!!!!!!!111!!!!OMG

    (I do things backasswards a lot)

  26. binky-mama says:

    @Leilani and chanpon–I live in the US and have a pony! Not only that but the place I keep her at breeds mini-horses just like this. I look forward to every spring when the behbeh horselets are born. What cracks me up the most are the little fences in their pastures- they hit below my hip! Don’t even get me started on their leetle halters and blankets….redonk!

  27. binky-mama, I don’t believe you.

    I think we need some pictures of proof of these scaled down fences and little horselets.

  28. OMG PONIES!!!1!!!!1!!

    The beeg head and the fluffy body…thud…that’s gonna leave a mark!

  29. Barbara says:

    Ooh! They have a video:

  30. Oh my! They are the cutest little ponies I have EVER seen! Big aww factor here.

  31. The headline is accurate. Everyone knows Cinderella is a tramp.

  32. Totalee Puppy says:

    THANKS, BINKY-MAMA for sharing about the ponies.
    It’s like you’ve opened the
    gate to a place I never knew.
    “PONY FEVER” has taken over my mind…if I am found frolicking in the
    park, I hope someone will gently lead me home.

  33. 260Oakley says:

    OMG, I want to bake the wee ponettes a batch of oatmeal cookies. Anybody know if ponies like raisins?

  34. ashagato says:

    i heard bambi will take just about anyone for a ride…

  35. I think it’s spell Hauws

    I choose to believe that these are 100% stuffed animals. If i refuse to believe they are living breathing creatures, then perhaps I can deal with not smoochinzz on the schnozzins!!

  36. binky-mama says:

    Lanie- what’s your address? I’ll steal one of the spring behbehs and mail it to you…hee hee

  37. Rachel Sweeden says:

    I want one of those ponies they are so adorable.

  38. At my barn my call them ‘Po’s’ or ‘po po’s’ (Short for ‘pony’). We have one named Smokie who is also ‘smo-po’, and one called Roxy who is also ‘ro-po’!!!

  39. There is a miniature horse breeder not too far from where I grew up – I checked and they’re still around, if anyone’s serious 🙂

    I love the pics of the one foal with the dog, playing soccer. Qte!

  40. PumpkintheCat says:

    One of them is sitting on a LAP, people! A wee pony…is snuggled…on a lap. Where do I trade in my lapcat for one of these?

  41. Teeny tiny horsies with giant fuzzy haids, o my!

  42. WANT

  43. Kwistee says:

    ZOMG I want to paint one pink and call her “Princess Sparkles!” <3 <3 <3

  44. Hon Glad says:

    I iz really gallant charger, and know one can neigh say me.

  45. Theresa says:

    Bloo, yes, LOVE the pics of the ponies playing with the doggie!

  46. zeldapie says:

    I always wanted a coal black charger with a golden saddle for my birthday, but I’d do anything for one of these ponies. WANT!!!!!

  47. And they have– ooooh! — eye capsules!!!! Cutecutecutecute!!!!

  48. OMG! Bloo!!! It’s dalmation/horsie mixes!!


  49. So sweet. But people, please check this out:

    Warning: looking directly at the hands and feet may prove unbearable for some.

  50. Part stuffed animal indeed.

    Oh, yeah, for those interested, I’m making a podcast called The Bean Pod(cast). It’s a podcast for teens (Since I am one), but you all would probably enjoy it. I’ll post a comment on this blog when I’ve got the first episode up.

  51. The headline materialized before the photo, and I was really wondering how frolicking trollops could be all that cute…

    Then- zvarri!- “Hos”–>”hoss”–>”horse”
    That makes much more sense.

  52. Pliny — yes, but what’s “zvarri”? Is it like “et voilà” or “eureka” or maybe “ta-daah”?

  53. “Meg would never use a word like “ho”” haha! That was the best laugh I’d had in ages 😉 Meg has a bit of a potty mouth, haven’t you noticed?! I think she gets it from that naughty fella at dlisted. They’re always copying each other.


    Great to see the horses, they’re gorgeous.

  54. Knobbular Furry animals that are close to the ground break all the rules of cuteness. IT SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED. I cannot look directly at them for too long lest I whelp and have snorgle attacks. Toooo cute!!!!!

  55. tracyFlick says:

    WHY? Why are they so small

  56. AuntLisa says:

    I was promised a lappony but I can’t find the picture ! Can someone post the direct link so I can get my lappony fix ?

  57. brinnann says:

    Mineigh Horse haz a Mineigh Me! What happens if the cycle continues? O_O TEENSY POCKET-SIZED HORSIES FOR EVERYONE!!!!!

    tracyFlick, I believe the answer to your question would be “For us to squee & splode over.”

  58. I believe the correct term is “ho-ses”

  59. Katrina says:

    Horse puppies! They are tiny horse puppies!

  60. Nice head to bod size ratio on those little hosses!

  61. riolinda says:

    OMG.. I can’t believe these are real! I want one! 🙂

  62. snorglepup says:

    Must have me a lap pony!!

  63. Tisha_ says:

    OMG, look! Ponies in Dog Coats!

  64. I knew exactly what Meg meant by “hos”, it’s that cute speech impediment that little kids have where they can’t say their “r”s or “l”s. I’ve been using it for years- I’m with you, Meg!

  65. I LOVES the baby horsies!!!! Talk about your OMG Ponies!1!!!!

  66. So cute! Love these little tiny animals….

  67. I know it’s already been said but OMG PONIES!!1

    These little ones are SO NOM-ABLE!

  68. llamas says:

    OMG Ponies!!!11!!

    One of my friends lives adjacent to a mini hos farm; yes, you can look out her kitchen window and see said hos most days. I’m ridiculously jealous.

  69. Ditto Barbara.

    Mother’s Day is coming (sing-song) and I know what I waaaant!

  70. Heavenly says:

    OMG Mr. Pancakes! Thanks for pointing that out gndtn; I totally would have missed it.

  71. are these 1/2 stuffed aminals 1/2 ponies available in your local walmart stores?


  72. OMG — all they need are hats and they can star in the live-action Planet Unicorn!


  73. That first video…the unnecessary and completely indiscriminate laugh track ruined it for me. What the hell is so amusing about zooming in a horse just standing that it needs a laugh track?

    I used to have a miniature horse. She really did look like a my little pony. unfortunately she died on my 16th birthday… 😦

  74. I am currently attempting to persuade my housemate that we desperately need one of these, despite the fact that we live in a tiny upstairs apartment with hardwood floors and a very small balcony. I am failing somewhat, but I must have one of these!


    If I cannot have one or 12 of these, I will hold my breath.

    holding breath………….

  76. get me one their sooooo cute my birthday is soon please i want one sooo bad they look active their soooooooo adorable