Ya’ll are lookin’ good in yer HAMSTER Ts!

People! You are wearing the HECK outta your hamster t-shoits! Check out Sender-Inner Lisa C. here.



Got a pic of you in your ham T? SEND ‘EM IN!



  1. 260Oakley says:

    squee + bleen

  2. Janeyferr says:

    i’m wearing my hamsterpants tee and my favouritest cardigan. naughty lily the guinea pig was trying to eat me, and i gave too much attention to stopping her nibbling my CO shirt that i now have a nom hole in my bestest cardigan, grr.

  3. brinnann says:

    *gasp* Does this mean that mine might be in my mailbox when I get home!?!??!!

  4. stubbedoo says:

    So, if I buy the t-shirt I get two puppies free?! What a fabulous deal!

  5. Nice shirt hehehe now you just need some puppy shirts for them too
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    Its brand spankin new.

  6. Mine arrived yesterday! They are on the way!

  7. Icing dipped paws!

  8. Janeyferr says:

    mine arrived yesterday and i’m all the way over in the sunny uk, so most people must have them by now.

  9. miniiechat says:


  10. pup on left [doing double-take]: wait…does that hamster have *wings*?

    pup on right: whatevs.

    still awaiting my brown hamster-pants shirt with baited puppeh-breath!

  11. Where the devil is a link to buy a tee? It should be a lot easier to give you money!

    [Glarkware does these Ts for us in batches, EE, and this batch is already done. Keep an eye out, though; Meg *definitely* publicizes the T-shirt runs thoroughly when we do them… – Ed.]

  12. Janeyferr says:

    my friend said “why does that hamster have wings?” i said “so he can fly, of course! silly… he also has pants!”

  13. Janeyferr says:

    ee, they were limeeted eedishuns, had to order last month only.

  14. squirrelly says:

    If you hold two puppies in front of your rack, don’t they cancel each other out?

    [Maybe we should let somebody who’s familiar with British regional colloquialisms field this question… and I know you’re out there, I can hear you reading… – Ed.]

  15. Check this out! It has super cute pictures of animals, and a super cute message to boot!


  16. riolinda says:

    *waah*… i want a tee! 😦

  17. Aw, DANGit. I knew I was going to regret it if I didn’t order a t-shirt. I didn’t know they came with *puppies*!!

  18. Michelle says:

    Adorable 😀

  19. AuntieMame says:

    Not cool, Alice…

  20. Fuchsia says:

    I got mine yesterday too! Wearing it with pride today around my little Yorkshire (UK) town. Now I want another one.

  21. Michelle says:


    “super cute”? hardly.

  22. Ermine Violin says:

    Alice… you are gonna so get smacked.

    Not cool either degrading someone on a blog.

  23. Ermine Violin says:

    hahahaha – so cute

    wish I had a rack small enough for a hammy t!

    still loving the cross-eyed cat to the left here!

  24. Janeyferr says:

    my rack is expansive, even if i do say so myself… a medium unisex tee fits it well but is quite large over the rest of me.

  25. The BF and I each got one. We’re saving them for Saturday night. Wow, are we lame.

  26. I can’t wait for mine! I also bought one for my best friend. She’s going to DIE when she sees it!

  27. sweater puppies?

  28. Kate Anderson says:

    What is going on with the Hartz issue? I saw postings that said their products are dangerous and now they are gone. Why hasn’t this issue been addressed? I am concerned for my kitty. If Hartz products are dangerous, why are they being advertised here? Could someone just let me know what’s going on?


  29. awww!! what kind of puppies are these >w< ?

  30. need i point out the real stars of this pic are the puppehs?

    if those two werent human beings in another life, I’ll eat a bug.

    also, I’d like to give a gentlemanly shout-out to Janeyferrs expansive rack. Can i do that w/o getting the PC Police sicked on me?

  31. Mary (the first) says:

    Kate .. some people were saying there are bad reactions to Hartz flea med.s . Check with your vet… no matter what the ads say. Keep the kittehs and puppehs safe!

    [Let me just add my own plea here for a little Common Sense, please: This applies to just about everything. Yes, talk to your vet before you choose medicines or pesticides to use on your pet… OK, *especially* pesticides.

    [If some humans have violent and dangerous reactions to penicillin, or bee stings, or even strawberries, then it follows that even though it may be very unlikely, your dog *could* have a violent and dangerous reaction to flea killer, especially if somehow it managed to eat the whole collar.

    [Talk to your doctor before you decide to go on a diet. I’d recommend that you research the car or house or stock or DVD or toothpaste you’re interested in before you buy any of those, too. – Ed.]

    And as for this post, I like how the puppehs are color coordinated to the hammy. Was that intentional?

  32. Also, talk to your doctor before breathing. There’s dangerous stuff in the air!

    [Oh ha ha. I try to be serious just once… – Ed.]

  33. Marianne says:

    I got mine the other day! hurray!!

  34. chanpon says:

    Wait a minute. No one told me that you get a matching pair of golden pups with a t-shirt order. I would’ve ordered 5!

  35. yankeebird says:

    Now, that’s totally unfair. I bought both the brown AND the pink shirts, and got exactly NO puppies. Should I complain to Glarkware or the mailman?

  36. Hon Glad says:

    What a nice pair of puppies, the dogs aint bad either. ‘Puppies’ British colloquialisim.

  37. Awwww, the pupccessories are adorable!

  38. What kind of puppehs are these? My lil’one (11 wks. old) is half beagle and half something. She’s a rescue dog and the dog on the right looks like her, especially her half something. The vet was saying that she might be part Akita. I’m waiting til she gets older before we do the dna test on her.
    Appreciate the help on this one!

  39. Yay! My shirt was here (IL) when I got home from Philly! Now I gotta bring it back there to get my Cats’n’Racks shot to submeeesh—NINE foster bebeh kittehs!!!

    Hmmm….may have to turn it into a v-neck….

  40. Squirrel says:

    Well I CERTAINLY hope that CO doesn’t continue to feature ugly pre-mature HUMANS on the site. No paw pads, no cute, is what my Gammie used to say. (She had a thing for marmosets, you see. Always told my mother that she’d hoped she would have turned out to be a marmoset instead of female.)

  41. I’m going to venture a guess and say that these pups are shiba inus. Young uns since their ears have not yet pricked up…

  42. zeldapie says:

    I wore my Hammiepants t-shirt to work today, and have already received several compliments! I LURVE my new shirt! Tee hee!
    (I still have the Hamster of World Peace t-shirt, too.) I’m attempt to take a picture of me in my new shirt, with my kitteh, but I’m kind of an idiot with my digital camera.
    (Those do look like Shiba Inu babies, btw.)

  43. compy-saur says:

    The puppingtons are cute 🙂 I especially like the expression on the face of the one to our right! 😛

  44. Wah, I haven’t received my shirt yet! Anticipation…. perhaps it’ll be waiting for me at home. That would be a nice Friday surprise!

  45. ThreeCatNight says:

    If I velcro’d the pups, they’d be just enough coverage for me. They’re bigger than Yorkies, which works for me, too.

  46. jennpin says:

    sooo, weird.. there is an art/clothing boutique by my house that started printing and selling these t’s!!

  47. brinnann says:

    YAY!!!!! I HAZ A HAMMIEPANTS MCPINKERSONS SHIRT! I was in my mailbox when I got home yesterday! Now I just have to find a way to get my furbabies in a picture with me to send to Meg.

  48. brinnann says:

    *It* was in my mailbox. Go me for typing too fast. ::eyeroll::

  49. debkakes says:

    I gots my XL hammiepants this week, and have been wearing th’ living heck out of it. It has improved the quality of my dreams by 100% I think.

  50. skyweaver says:

    Two-fisted puppehs! Fastest puppeh-slinger in the west! Pew pew pew!

    I betcha ‘steada bullets out comes tiny pink tongue kisses from those pup 45’s.

  51. I think you’re onto something, Skyweaver. Weapons of mass pupslurption.

  52. Fat Tabby says:

    Cool! Moar hoomans wearing the shirts please. I wanted this exact one but I need to steal someones credit card first 😦

  53. Katrina says:

    Did anyone purchase a tee shirt to dress a non-human?
    Fess up!

  54. I ordered myself and my daughter a t-shirt (she’s 9 and had to have one to match mine) and we still haven’t gotten them. We’re both super bummed about this (she really wanted to wear hers to the birthday party she is going to)…*sigh* maybe we’ll get them Saturday…

  55. Mary (the first) says:

    I wish I had some McHamsterpants. I guess I missed out this time!
    Oh and I see that “Ed.” has made some additions to my post and makes excellent points. Excellent! (on a side note.. I’m about to have some minor surgery and it’s all I can do not to refer to my “vet” .. instead of dr. or surgeon.. since I have way more experience with vets. Ah well.)

  56. Mary (the first) says:

    er I meant Ed. made additions to my “comments”, not my post. So sorry.

  57. squirrelly says:

    “Always told my mother that she’d hoped she would have turned out to be a marmoset instead of female”

    My grandfather insisted he was part Airedale.

  58. Wearing my hampants T as I type this… but the camera’s in California right now, with teh Schmoop & Eldest Daughter, visiting colleges. They should be in San Fran right now, actually.

  59. I don’t know whats cuter. The puppies or the girl =)