Tanja A. does it again!

People, it just doesn’t GET any better than Tanja A.’s animal photos. Behold this tiny McFoxerson in a riding hat.

See more of this scene here. Hint: scroll to the right to see all three fox photos together…


Arlo R., go Vikings!



  1. Meet the McFoxersons!
    (trying to say that without saying *that*)

  2. thedistractor says:

    He’s hiding in the last place they’d ever expect to find him. Sly little fox.

  3. katerpie says:

    Just watched Grizzly Man last night, and disturbing documentary aside, I really decided I must somehow pet a fox! They are just too adorable! Maybe Arlo has an extra…

  4. Whee! Where’s my bleen???
    (tosses head, rolls eyes, pops gum) Being, Like, Eeeexcellentest eVAR! …NOT!

  5. ermine violin says:

    how adorable!

    i’m stuck on her 459 pages of fabulous pictures!

    good lawzy sakes!


  7. ermine violin says:
  8. ermine violin says:
  9. brinnann says:
  10. Heyyyyy, …that rollover is subliminal advertisingks.

  11. Katrina says:

    Meg and Theo- you have outdone yourselves. Here I am doing drudge work, you come and distract me for who knows how long!

    Thank you for giving me a great birthday card to a friend by e-mail!

  12. Tanya A. is a monkeytruckin’ BLACK BELT of Teh Qte™. Whoa nellie.

  13. zeldapie says:


    So so so sweet an’ anerable, fittin’ in a freakin’ HAT.

  14. Squirrel says:

    If a wee fox can see fit to make snorgles with a riding hat, is world peace too big a stretch?

    Can’t we all just get along!??!?!?

  15. Honestly, CO could run Tanja A. photos for a year and not have any shortage of material.

    First the Japanese kicked our ass creating cute things, now the Germans are kicking our ass documenting the qte.

    All hail our new cute overlords (besides Meg and Teho, of course).

  16. Ah, Tanja Askani. Her day job? Falconer and herding wolfs in a wild animal zoo near Hamburg/Germany.

    No joke. She is famous for her knowledge about wolfs and raising wolfs. Not only individual wolfs, but multiple wolf packs.

    Here are three wolfs from one of her packs http://www.fotocommunity.de/pc/pc/mypics/12278/display/12667117

  17. Chanya says:

    eeeeeeeeeeeee! Runs all over room checking all accessories to see if a cute mcfoxersons is inside. snif snif – no cuddly bebeh fox. Pout

  18. tracyFlick says:

    Remember the Fox and the Hound and they were friends when they were babies but then they grew up and it all changed?

    This was the prequel to that movie.

  19. tracyFlich, not a Fox and a Hound, but a Hound (her dog “Atila”) and a beech marten (called “Mandy”) in some interspecies snorgeling: http://www.fotocommunity.de/pc/pc/mypics/12278/display/9444364

  20. All right? How did this even happen? I hope everyone who follows that link notes this Foxerson coming out of the hat yawning.

    Loving the rest of the pics, though.

  21. SillyGirl says:

    the link isn’t working…I think cuteoverload peeps crashed their sever!

  22. SillyGirl says:

    oopa! I meant “server”

  23. SillyGirl — I think you may be right. (Sorry, FotoCommunity! Wir lieben Sie!)

  24. By the way, I had assumed that black thing that the fox kit was camping out in was a camera bag. But yeah, now that I look closer, it appears to be one of those caps that equestrians use, which makes the fox connection even funnier. (You know, like a fox hunt? Release the hounds!)

  25. oh drats-ipuss! i cant see the photos! server problems.

    i want to know how foxie got in the hat! so cute!

    aaaa!!! babeh foxeh fuzziness!!!

  26. Dang, I think we killed their server. I can see NONE of her pictures. 😦

    Mr. McFoxersons is very cute though.

  27. SillyGirl, I can’t get to the pix either. WAAAAAHHHHHH! I want to see the qte.

  28. Kris et al. — I put a couple of her wolf-cub photos on my Vox, a while back; maybe this will help a little?

  29. Herself says:

    Not worth bothering clicking the link. Der photobloggen blinkenlights are kerflunken.

  30. http://www.tanja-askani.de/info/?p=65


    Apparently, she’s also an amazing artist. Her site is full of paintings and photos.


  31. These are SOOOOOOOOOO cute. I can’t STAND it!


    [wow, wow, and also WOW… – Ed.]

  32. pat Trenner says:

    “Der photobloggen blinkenlights are kerflunken.”

    ROF, LMAO. Srsly.

  33. chanpon says:

    Damn, why can’t I see the other photos? 😦

    I need more pictures of this prosh little fox!

  34. These can-NOT be reaaaal!!

    Coati babes and dog:

    (Literal translation of Nasenbären? “Nose-bears”)

  35. I could just look at her site all day!!


  36. cboone21 says:

    Fockshunteeng! YER DOONIT RAWNG!

  37. Mary (the first) says:

    Trying to see the Tanja Askani stuff and sooo unhappy I don’t know German so I don’t exactly know what’s going on but the pix. I could see were wonderful. ::sigh:: I need a German/English dictionary.

  38. Mary1 — try this: http://world.altavista.com/

    Paste the URL in the box under “Translate a web page”, choose “German to English”, then click the (second) Translate button. It’s not perfect, of course, but it should at least put you in the ballpark.

    I used this URL http://www.tanja-askani.de/info/?p=61 …and got this:


    “South American nose bear (Nasua nasua)

    “Nose bear “Bonny” and “Lucy” Lueneburger heath are born in the game park. The nose bear nut/mother was still too young and too inexperienced, for the Bruederchen came already each assistance too late. Bonny and Lucy one had to draw up with the bottle and therefore lived her also in the dwelling. After short time they had learned to open their cage. The two arranged a correct chaos: Flowers excavated, which sheets zerrupft, the curtains when climbing torn. They are evenly wild and no domestic animals.

    “Hunting dog German wire hair “Attila” always participated and Bonny and Lucy a good friend in such a way found. Today and kuscheln the three still play as if they would be a family.

    “In the meantime both girls moved again back in game park Lueneburger heath.

    “I wish you much fun when regarding!”

  39. In “American” that first dog is a Wirehaired Pointing Griffon. NEAT dog. http://www.akc.org/breeds/wirehaired_pointing_griffon/index.cfm
    I love what the temperament says about him:
    The Griffon has a quick and intelligent mind and is easily trained. He is outgoing, shows a tremendous willingness to please and is trustworthy. He makes an excellent family dog as well as a meticulous hunting companion.

    Clearly, he is showing his family dog nature. :o)

  40. Pachiz says:

    Thats what happens when you leave your hats lying around.

  41. Anasztaizia says:

    Oh… dearlord.

  42. I was able to get on ans look at a bunch of her pics.

    You peeps should try again, just not all once!

  43. ….AND look…..

    Apparently preview is there for a reason 🙂

  44. That would be pretty darn comfortable as a hat cushion if you ask me.

    Please visit our site
    Cutelings.com Its brand new and cute.^-^

  45. Wow! Amazing photography! This lady has a fantastic talent and a serious eye for cuteness! As Steve Irwin knew, one way to promote animal conservation is to make working with the animals–even wild and dangerous ones–entertaining and cute. Kudos to Tanja!

  46. Marianne says:

    Mein Gott, ist dass nicht drollich fur ein uberzetsung! It’s been translated literally, thus verbs to the finish of sentence are placed. Luneberger Heide is in Northern Germany, in the triangle between Hamburg, Bremen, and Hannover. Beautiful countryside, wonderful old buildings and farmland, great food–my mom’s family is from that area. Friends in Hamburg told me about Tanja A. Absolutely fantastic photos!

  47. How do I get her job? For stherious!

  48. It’s the nose. THAT LEETLE TEENSY NOSE!!! I can’t stand it. That and the irony of a fox inside a riding cap…

  49. EHN – want. to. see. Why can’t I see??? waaahhhhh…

  50. Kristi says:

    “Haha, they’ll never find me here!”


    “Ok, I’m a skosh tired…maybe I’ll take a nap…”


  51. NutherDeb says:

    Wow!! Fox and coatis are all amazingly cute!! I’ve always loved coatis!!

  52. RevWaldo says:

    (Ext. Moors, Dusk)
    – “Lord Wickham! Lord Wickham! Where could be? The hunt ended hours ago! Any luck, Ted?”
    – “Not yet, but don’t you worry, sir, we’ll find him.”
    – “Wickham! Wick..” (trips, falls) “What’s this? A skull!? Who could..” (looking about franticly with his flashlight, the beam falling on body parts and hunting pink ripped asunder, finally falling on a riding helmet with a fox curled up inside, his eyes glowing red in the beam.)
    – “Dear God..”
    – Grrrrr..
    – “Th-th-there’s a good little fox..there’s..”
    – SHRIEK!!
    – “AIEEEEE!!”

  53. Hon Glad says:

    Out foxed.

    […and foxed in! – Ed.]

  54. Tanja Askani is simply marvellous. I wish she would do a show on Animal Planet…

  55. ThreeCatNight says:

    Lovely candid shot. All I find is cats in my shoes!

  56. RevWaldo – ?
    Oh Noes! The fox got RevWaldo! Ay, in the moorlands, stranger thuns ‘ave been known ta ‘appen. Wickahm’s a luckier one rest ‘iz soul. And Ted? Poor Ted. No tellin’ wot lurks near the boggy moors at dusk…only the fox knows for sure.

  57. Gillian says:

    OMFG :faint:

    Toooo cute.

  58. BumbleBee says:

    Gah – too cute.
    i actually just got my own riding hat out, a) to see if i had a McFoxersons in there and b) for some idea of the size – he must indeed be teeny

  59. Daphne Moss says:

    Klever little fox…knowns where last place anyone would look…and what a smart one to underscore how silly it is to want to see hounds tear apart pretty foxes for sport.