“Wrinkular”, pronounced like “nuclear” as said by President Bush

Wrinkular \WRINK-U-lar\, adjective
1. A furrowed brow that usually accompanies a"baroo?"
2. Coruscations of chub folds."The puppeh’s wrinkular chest and muzzlepowshe area MUST BE TOUCHED."

Wrinkulessnessess \WRINK-u-less-ness-ess\


Rosey, originally uploaded by waggingtailsofhoboken


EXCELLENT glossary addition, Cait R.! Wrinkulicious image, Sender-Inner Lori W.!



  1. yankeebird says:

    What an adorable puppersons!

    (Oh… bleen?)

  2. OMG. *Burrows face*

  3. yankeebird says:

    By the way, big giant major kudos for the usage of the word ‘coruscations’.

  4. Puppy, you’re melting!

  5. AuntieMame says:

    When does wrinkular become flabular? (Check OUT those washboard abs!)

    And this is a “harrumph” face, if I’ve ever seen one.

  6. I think you mean ‘wrinkulousness’. Wrinkulessness would be a lack of wrinkulousness…

  7. brinnann says:

    Wouldn’t wrinkulessnessess be an adjective? How is it used in a sentence?

  8. Wait… if “wrinkular” is the adjective, then wouldn’t the noun be “wrinkularity”?

    Meh… matters not. McPuppersons is so mooshy and full of win…

    *dives in for a chest-snorgle*

  9. Hon Glad says:

    We shall fight them on the beaches
    We shall fight them on the landing grounds
    We shall fight them in the streets
    We shall never, surrender.

  10. StormCat says:

    Does anyone else want to play with his paws???? or is it just me??

  11. Sure, the belly’s cute.

    But, THAT FACE! I just wanna bite THAT FACE!

  12. AND when does flabbular become chubbular? Or is it just a GRAND CONTINUUM?

  13. lurkingsmirk says:

    zomg puppers has 6-pack flabs!

  14. Uh oh, someone has swiped Churchill’s cigar again.

  15. CHUB? CHUB?
    Lady, that’s a six-pack thank you very much.

  16. Kristine says:

    Holy moly that is my DREAM dog!! I love it. I love everything about this puppy, even its old man disgruntled look…

    I wanna give him a belly rub, he looks like he needs it.

    I will hold him and lahve him foreverrrrr

  17. mellamella says:

    treat yourself and please look at the other photo of rosey in this person’s stream. totally looks like rosey’s is lol! might even be cuter than the first photo.

  18. I’ve heard of velveteen rabbits, but I’ve never seen a velvet bulldog. Makes mah fangers itch to touch that li’l girl! Oh, and Hon Glad? TOO WONDERFUL a quote! I’ll bet that would make the immortal Sir Winston chortle with glee!

  19. Karen in Toronto says:

    Hon Glad, my thoughts exactly: “I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat.”

  20. Cait Reynolds says:

    Woot!!! I’m so excited that my vocab submishy made it!!!!!!

    This is totally my thrill of the day 🙂

    Cait R.

    P.S. I have a pup who has an extremely wrinkular forehead at all times, as he is a Basenji. He also makes a “barrroooo” yodel instead of barking. How’s that for cute?

    P.P.S. I love the word coruscations *grin*

  21. Mebbe those is abz.

  22. Paunchie says:

    wrinkularity of the nose folds! And her name is Rosey?? I agree she looks more like a Churchill. Maybe Churchill had a prosh nick name??

  23. zeldapie says:

    Furrowed brow + smidgens of peenk = CUTE CUTE CUTE!!!

  24. Paunchie says:
  25. OMG!! Check this one out, too: http://www.flickr.com/photos/joshjanicek/sets/72157600524291017/

    It’s a photo of a cat who suffered severe skin damage from a Hartz flea and tick.

    Please, Cute Overload, stop serving Hartz ads. You’re knowingly promoting a company that sells poison that kills cats and dogs.

  26. Paunchie says:

    wow Josh way to harsh our wrinkular party…

  27. Confused says:

    What’s that metal ring looking thing sticking out the right side of Rosey’s face/neck? Anyone?

  28. Cute but disapproving pup’s wrinkular strangely looks like a flabby six pack. He’s a paragon of juxtapositions. Something about his face makes me want to smoosh him with kisses.

  29. ZoomsMom says:

    Love the pup & the table! I have the same furniture from Pottery Barn. Heads up though-Kittens with claws do not mix well with expensive furniture. Kittens are forgiven of course! They are just way too cute!

  30. Hey Josh, Cool it.

    I seriously doubt that Meg knew about the hartz thing, webmasters rarely have total control over their advertising. remember that asian bride thing? Would you have posted a picture of an abused woman and attacked Meg over that?

    so how about you ask nicely next time, instead of posting horrible sad pictures and accusing Meg.

    Seriously, a little courtesy goes a long way.

    anerable Bully btw.
    I love it when they look like Churchill!!!

  31. mr. churchill is sitting on the area rug so as to not bruise his delicate behind on the hardwood floors.

    lovings his groucho marx moustache. <3

  32. @Micki – I have contacted Meg. And others have contacted Meg. All attempts have fallen onto deaf ears. You can read more here: http://www.hartzvictims.org/2008/04/30/cute-overload-serving-hartz-ads/

    And btw, I won’t cool it. Raising awareness about the dangers of Hartz products is something that I’m extremely passionate about.

  33. AuntieMame says:

    Confused, it’s the loop on the collar where you hook the leash. I’m guessing pupular hasn’t growed into her collar yet, so it looks outsized. 🙂

  34. Josh — gross, could you have sent Meg private email instead of harshing the Qte? This is the kind of thing that makes people hate groups like PeTA.

    On a happier note…
    Now my coworkers think I am NUTZ as I stroke my computer as I attempt to feel the softiness of the 6-chub-pak…. ahhhhngh.

  35. Winston Churchill! WINSTON CHURCHILL, PEOPLE! Oh. Sorry, Hon Glad. 🙂

  36. kittymom says:

    Yikes!!!!! Vote, people vote!!

  37. Katie Kat says:

    ACH! Mine Got in Himmel! (Okay, that’s phonetic German for OMFG!)

    Cuteness explosion in the form of wrinkles!

  38. Okay, Josh you have a point, but I stand by the comment that Meg has very little choice over her advertisers, she prob signs up for a service, checks the ‘pet’ interest box and voila! adverts! I mean without the Adverts there would be no C.O., so I doubt there is much she could do.

    also you should consider that she has been very busy lately, tons of interviews and she has a very busy job, separate from C.O.

    I agree your cause is a good one, but your methods got Erin banned, and a little Courtesy would probably serve your cause better than being rude, cosmiquemuffin made a good point, this is the kind of thing that makes people hate peta.

    Understand that Meg and the rest of us are people too.

    your enemy is hartz, not us.

  39. Loving the privacy leg! Sticking out of you know where!

  40. figgylicious says:

    OK, is it just me or does he look EXACTLY like Don Rickles?


    I knew he looked like SOMEONE.

  41. binky-mama says:

    Josh- as a veterinary nurse who has seen many cases of toxicity due to over the counter flea products such as Hartz, I understand your frustration over seeing this ad, especially since pet lovers frequent this site. I try to educate as many clients as I can, but here on this forum people come to “oooh and ahhhh” and may not appreciate graphic pictures (regardless of their educational importance). I appreciate your passion- keep up the fight but with Hartz not CO.

  42. Yep, itz abaot az (knot)qte az that gaii. An problii abaot az (knot) smart.

  43. I didn’t know 6-pacs can be this Kyooot! Awww, miss puppily Rosey, can I lick lick your nosey? Don’t be so disapproval, missey-puppisey Rosey. It’s perfectly cool for a girlsey to have 6-pacs. Hooray for you!!!

  44. If only my fat rolls looked this cute!

  45. momof2kitties says:


    My thoughts exactly! Some of us are “panda-bear shaped”, as BerthaS so astutely pointed out a while back. But, somehow, it’s so much cuter on Mlle. Rosey here, than it is on me.

  46. mom2twinzz says:


    I love the poutiness of his face.

    I iz ded

  47. gah!!! squish squish squish i want to squish heem!!! eeee!!!!!

  48. Most adorable six-pack EVAH! {swoons}

  49. Personally I’m glad Josh posted what he did. I don’t think he was being harsh. And this is the perfect kind of site to make animal lovers aware of dangerous pet products, esp. ones that are advertised on the site. Me thinks everyone should chill a bit. Can’t we ooh and aah and be made aware of things at the same time?

  50. Six pack abs!

  51. @ sunnymum

    oh, I agree that OTC tick products are super dangerous, it was the posting icky photos and attacking Meg I was objecting too.

    I’m all for getting informed, but I know, its teh interweb so this is a vain hope, can’t a point be made politely?

    thats all.

    I didn’t want to cause a commentversy.

  52. Concerned animal lovers HAVE written polite messages to Meg, and Meg hasn’t responded.

    Certainly, Meg probably didn’t know of the dangers associated with Hartz flea and tick products when she accepted $$$ to promote them.

    But now that she DOES know, she has an obligation to her animal-loving community. In my opinion, the one and only right thing to do is to stop running the ads. But at the VERY least, she should address those of us who have expressed opposition.

    That is why people are posting comments.

    Those of you with pets should feel grateful for people like Josh and Erin, who aren’t content to “cool it” when the lives of animals are at stake.

  53. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Six-pack abs? Loox like he DRANK a six-pack!!!

    ***ducks and runs***

  54. Juniper Jupiter says:

    ^^Forgot to mention, that is a SCHWEEEET lookin’ doaggy!! I WANT ONE!!! 😀

  55. I was thinking TV political pundit Mark Shields:


    And the adjective I would use is “jowlicious.”

  56. jesseca says:


    [begin COXCU request!]

    Holy redonk!

    I want an COXCU of this guy’s toesiewoesies!

    Teh tiniest of pink spwedable pawsies and clawsies!

    [/COXCU request]

  57. Wriiiiiiikulaaaaar

  58. I have a bully myself. The wrinkliness is part of the charm!


  59. SSSsss says:

    Is that a baby bulldog? Bulldogs are the most disagreeable breed I have ever come across. They’re so mean.

  60. “Is that a baby bulldog? Bulldogs are the most disagreeable breed I have ever come across. They’re so mean.”

    When in the world have you ever met a mean bulldog?? Unless they have some seriously abusive owners, bullies hardly have the ENERGY to be mean. They mostly just lay around.

  61. I. Lee says:

    Something about him/her reminds me of my cousin BreAnna. She looks like a BreAnna to me.

  62. I saw a bulldog in the park today, looked like a grown-up version of this cutie!

  63. I want a bulldog so bad!!!! They are just sooooooo cute!!!!!

  64. [BEEP]






  65. “Wrinkular”!!! Meg, you KEEL me (especially with pronounciation help from the Prez)!!!!!!!!

    In the spirit of non-partisanship, I believe Jimmy Carter also pronounced it “nukular”. Oh well, nobody’s perfect!!

  66. that look of disapproval, ahn!

    giving the rabbits a run for their money, i’d say!

  67. That is a regular six-pack.

  68. Not to correct you, …well yes, actually, to correct you; the pronunciation nuCUlar was _NOT_ made famous by President Bush. It was originally made famous by President Eisenhower. Presidents Carter and Clinton made it a common pronunciation after him.

  69. Oh, c’mon. That’s not wrinkulousnessess–those are washboard abs, baby! Check out the six-pack on that pup!

  70. shouldn’t it be “wrinkulousness” or “wrinkulusness?”

    “wrinkulessness” sounds like the absence of wrinkularity.

  71. Jackie says:

    His face says

    “Yeah I got pretty nails. Your point?”

    Hehe. Kewt puppeh! Me take now, k?

  72. Theresa says:

    Anner, I’m with you on that one (adjusts librarian-grammar geek specs on nose).

  73. I want to press those puppeh paws up to my face and squeal.

  74. SSSsss says:

    “When in the world have you ever met a mean bulldog?? Unless they have some seriously abusive owners, bullies hardly have the ENERGY to be mean. They mostly just lay around.”

    I work at a pet hotel. Yes, they mostly just lay around; but more than one bulldog staying with us either has bitten or has tried to bite or is simply unpredictable/bad tempered. I have seen it myself.

  75. this is a really cute dog…and I have NEVER met a mean bulldog…just because it looks like they smashed in their cute little pugged faces doesnt make them any meaner than a Boston or a…uh…Pug…heh

  76. Wrink-donk!

  77. SSss, if what you say is true, then it’s more due to bad owners. Bullies are rarely just mean on their own. Those I’ve met are more along the lines of “hilariously friendly”.

  78. Zach, Hurley is adorable!

  79. Wrinkulocity!

  80. Any book or website you’ll find about dog breeds will list bulldogs as generally sweetly-tempered dogs that are good with children. I agree that mean ones would much more likely be genetic anomalies or the result of bad owners.

    Also, even the dogs with the “mean” reputations can generally be sweet when raised well. I’ve met a lot of really affectionate rottweilers and dobermans.

  81. How about “wrinkuluscious”??

  82. Claudia says:

    so sweet and the other pict in the flickr stream(yawning) should be shown as well, so Ficken CUTE!