The last day! How to vote in three easy steps

Vote vote vote!

Like a baby stoat

stoat stoat stoat

cast a leetle vote!

Vote! Cute Overload for People’s Voice at the WEBBY’S! Here’s how!

1. Log in to the Webby’s People Choice site
2. Go to "Connections" section
3. Scroll to "Weird" section

Vote for Cute Overload!




  1. fourkits says:

    CO deserves to win first place!

  2. ermine violin says:

    you’ll be relieved to know that I finally voted. yay

  3. Paunchie says:

    the stoat! beep beep! (nose beeping)

  4. I r not smarts… where be teh “Connections” section? can’t findz :[

  5. Red_dragon_girl says:

    Ummmm, that looks like 4 steps. Not 3. Just sayin.

  6. zeldapie says:

    w00t! I just voted for CO!

  7. They got my note,
    I cast my vote.
    It’s first place here
    Cute Overlote!

    Er, Overload. Sorry–I got carried away.

  8. SixFootJen says:

    I stoated! If I coulda stoated twice, I would have also cast a stoat for ICHC. But, only one stoat per person, so mine went to CO. Where are my stoat keeeses, please?

  9. Your wish is my command….DONE!

  10. Everybody get to it!!! That cheezbuger site is in the lead!!!

  11. VOTED!!

  12. yay! figured it out! my vote is in! hope we beat those stupid cheezburger heads! go team CO!

  13. riolinda says:

    i voted …. seems we’re in second place after the cheezburger site.

  14. OK, so i sunk to the level of using IE, thereby opening my computer to every virus and trojan invented in the past 15 years, so I could vote for CO.

    The drop down menu doesn’t HAVE a *WEIRD* catagory.

    Whisky Tango Foxtrot is going on?

    Last year I managed to vote on 5 different computers.

    This year I can’t even FIND where to vote.

    No wonder ICHC is ahead….

  15. kittymom says:

    Pleeze, people, VOTE!!! Those cheezeburgers will win not just 1 but 2 Webbys if you don’t get your browser over to the Webbys People’s Choice site and VOTE for CO!! Do it NOW!!

  16. I voted using Firefox… and it wasn’t too hard. Anyway, I’ll keep my fingers crossed. The political elections in Italy were such a disaster that this is my only hope left 🙂 Go Cute!

  17. That was one really, really slow site. I was able to vote in three categories, and CO was definitely one of them. Feel proud, MEG, you are in the same list as Facebook and Flickr, at least for me.

  18. You know, other than CO, I found most of the nominees to be very disappointing. Where was Internet Movie Database in the media category? And TV tropes should have been in there somewhere. I’ll stop ranting now… (blush)

  19. U an ze Cheezburgurrs ar doin gud fur ze wurruld. Kompetishun sux. Kooperashun ruhls!

  20. Meg, I realize this has nothing to do with stoats or voting, but I didn’t see a place to e-mail you directly about this. I was appalled to see the multiple Hartz advertisements saying you “could skip the vet” for flea and tick problems. Sure, you could, and risk ending up with a dead pet. My sister put a flea collar on her cat, and the cats went into convulsions and nearly died. One of my cats was rescued by a well-meaning woman who treated her with a storebought treatment (I’ll mention no names) and the cat lost about half her fur. Both these people followed the package directions, and still, the products proved unsafe. Responsible pet owners should check with their vets before putting some random pesticide on their cats and dogs. Please, Meg, please rethink this advertisement!

  21. Besides, if your pet has had a recent checkup and the vet has all the current stats like weight, age, any other medications, etc., they may be able to prescribe a flea treatment without “the extra trip” for the animal itself.

  22. I voted!
    The best place for fuffy luvin!
    Thanks xx

  23. One amendment to the four steps above. Log in, then (NEW STEP) click “ballot” at top of page, next to “home”. What will come up is the website ballot. Then back to the steps as above– The first category of website is connections; the last entry under connections is weird. So when you click weird you’ll see Cute Overload. Vote vote vote like a baby ermine!

  24. I’m not voting unless there are some new posts on this place. Earn the vote don’t just expect the vote.

  25. vote-alicious, stoat-alicious.

  26. Sniff…what’s all this?
    I’m not one for competitions. I do love a tie.
    Everbuddy FTW!!!
    It’s all good!
    OK, have your fun. Off ye go.

  27. Holy Posts! (ding!)
    It’s like a PBS fundraiser week hea!

  28. i deed eet…i voteed!

  29. ILoveCOAnyway says:

    I can’t vote like a stoat unless I “register” which I am loath to do. So even though I love CO they will have to take only a virtual vote from me. So sorry. Love to all CO.

  30. stephanie says:

    this is my fave site i voted!!! We’re just a few behind come on guys!!!!!!!

  31. I’d vote but I’m still on the fence over that pa-sikie video.

  32. Furbabies says:

    jv: One bad apple does not spoil the whole bunch. Years of fantastic cuteness does not flop because of one post that may or may not be considered cute. VOTE!

  33. I did my civic duty and voted! And I agree, I did *not* like the vast majority of the nominees for the other categories.

    Go go go CO!

  34. [x] voted for CO

  35. Melisma says:

    I voted, even though I really don’t like registering… hope CO wins. ICHC seems to be providing some stiff competition.

    Also, in case anyone’s interested, my boyfriend and I brought our first chinchilla home today. Her name is Eva, she’s quite young and she’s adorable. If I didn’t have to be at home doing work I’d be over there talking to her (not allowed to snorgle yet).

  36. It would be a tragedy if the cheeseburgers won. Consider me X’d. CO rules!

  37. As I am dead last in the Weird category competition, I must say that I’m rather enjoying watching the fur fly for first place. 😉

    When Kittens Collide!

  38. Pearl Ostroff says:

    Registering on to the site, in this case, seems pretty harmless. You just need a name and a pass word. You don’t have to give any info like your email or birthday or address. So those loathe to register should be able to rest easy.

  39. BiscuitTin says:

    Stitchy McYarnpants – I was just going to post that I voted a couple days ago for CO, and in checking out the other competitors, found a really funny kind of knit-related site that everyone should check out, because you GOTTA love somebody who comes up with the phrase, “Steaming pile of knit,” and here you are your own self. Everyone – check out Stitchy McYarnpants’ site. It’s great! I’m just starting to knit, and I’m thinking of calling my whole unfortunate fashion line “Steaming Pile of Knit.” I had to vote for CO because I love it so dearly, but I was impressed with your site, as well.

  40. yankeebird says:

    For those who hate registering your email because you’re worried about getting spammed, do what I do. I have a generic Yahoo account (a couple, actually… that’s why I can vote more than once) 😀 that I use for this kind of stuff. That way, if any of the sites do start sending me junk, it doesn’t clog up the email account I actually use. I just make sure to log in once a month or so to clean out the thousand or so junk mails and keep the account active. It’s much easier.

    And on an unrelated note, I just got my Glarkware package with my hammy pants shirt today and I love it! Anyone else get theirs yet?

  41. karla b says:

    I voted for CO (of course)! And… very excited I got my first post by Meg!!! Thanks!

  42. Shersher says:

    vote! I did lol I got my first CO tshirt yesterday…I loves it!!! 🙂 🙂

  43. zeldapie says:

    YAY! I got my t-shirt yesterday! YAY! I have the brown one with the little guy Hammie and it’s a girly shape so I don’t look like I’m wearing a flour sack. I’m so happy!!!

  44. I’m a happy flour sack, myself. HAMPANTS!

  45. Thanks, Biscuit Tin! That’s really sweet. I’m a big fan of CO m’self (and ICHC), so even I was torn about who to vote for. 🙂

    In the end, I’m just happy to give people a chuckle with my site. Who can compete with cute animals? Other cute animals, apparently, but no one else.

  46. You… have a blog… called “Stitchy McYarnpants”…

    Welp, if I didn’t suffer from this unfortunate condition, I’d probably say that was the best thing I’d ever heard. Speaking from a Cute Overload perspective, of course. Hmm? Oh, my condition, right… it’s this:

  47. I do believe I can worsen that condition for you, if I may. 🙂

    Yep. I’ve been Stitchy McYarnpants since about 2004! Got my own museum, I do. It’s all about scary knitting, as a matter of fact. 😀

  48. oh dear GOD what WERE those!??


  49. Kimski says:

    Tigress, I looked for the Internet Movie Database, under the Film category too. Very disappointing.

  50. Kimski says:

    oooooh a post from StitchyMcYarnpants. It’s like a crossover on Buffy/Angel. Universes colliding.

  51. Kimski says:

    We can thank stitchy for her groundbreaking work on Yarn Sores. Who knew! I now keep a vigilant eye out for pom poms growing on my face.
    Thank you Stitchy McYarnpants.

  52. Audrey says:

    I love both sites, but CO got my vote!

  53. ok just testing again – sorry

  54. yay it bleened!