Ferret Glamour Shots

Does this look too posed? [paws clenched]


I am TEWTELLY sending this one to Brad, he is gonna FREAKOMGI’MSOHOT


People, it just don’t get more rednk than the Pets Gallery over at Glamour Shots. You LOF EET!


Nice photos Ground Effects Ferretry! and thanks to Sender-Inner One-Eyed D. (who, by the way, found these photos by Google Image searching the word ‘ghetto fabulous’ natch.)



  1. AuntieMame says:

    Ghetto fabulous! Gaha! Not enough bling for that, though.

  2. OMG that nose…that NOSE!! It’s so cute it hurts.

  3. Hon Glad says:

    Fifi would like to travel the world help sick children and bring about world peace, oh and climb up drain pipes.

  4. I loff that you can see his/her hairs individually!
    So regal a pose.

  5. yankeebird says:

    Yeah, I think “ghetto fabulous” fits, at least on the one with feathers.

  6. GreedySkunk says:

    OMG, I seriously want to grab the screen and bury my nose in the ferret musk! So cute! OK, that’s it. I’m going home and setting up a photo studio for my own carpet sharks.

  7. brinnann says:

    They do Glamour Shots for PETS? I’d love to bring my babies, if only they were more well-behaved (which I’m fully aware is my fault).

  8. ThreeCatNight says:

    The first shot shows me in my earnest, attentive mode.
    The second shot, well, I had to fight them tooth and nail to get rid of that boa! You can see that distasteful look on my face. What can I say – blue just ISN’T my color! I do like the third shot best, though. Don’t you? I think it shows the sweet, candid and casual side of me. That’s the shot I’ll be sending out for casting calls.

  9. GreedySkunk says:

    By the way, I love the splayed back legs in the last photo.

  10. ermine violin says:

    How on earth did they get a ferret to sit still that long? HOW??

    This is going to go down in history as the week of superlatives on the CO

  11. He looks like a stuffed toy in the first one. Body by Gund.

  12. Ghetto Fabulous just really says it all

    Really and Truely.

  13. That last one kills me. Especially those folded paws!!!

  14. Well, we all know ferrets were cute, but still… <3

  15. Man, that ferret is WORKIN’ IT. Tyra would be proud.

  16. Kristine says:

    Oh God thats great. Love its white nose. The middle picture makes me laugh.
    I didn’t know ferrets could pose like that!
    He has his paws together like “Yeah I’m sexy, jealous?”

  17. squeeeeee! i just almost peed my pants on this one

  18. zeldapie says:

    Oh dear gawd, that last shot is killing me. AAAAAAGH!

  19. Darn that face was made to be in pictures!

  20. Mary (the first) says:

    They’re adorable.. and I say “they” because it looks clearly to me that photo #2 and #3 are not the same ferret.. #2 has freckles on her muzzle and #3 does not…. not sure about #1 . All both or 3 of them are wonderful though.

  21. Great job, Ms. Ferret. I’m happy to announce that you are still in the running for America’s Next Top Model.

  22. Best. Yearbook. Page. Ever.

  23. i can’t believe these poses!!!! what a cutie!

  24. riolinda says:

    that last shot is soo cute! legs out and paws over each other. 🙂

  25. binky-mama says:

    OMG this is SO REDONK!!!!
    There is something Napoleon Dynamite Deb’s Glamor Shots about this. All he needs to do is make a fist out of his leetle paw, put it up to his chin and plaster a cheesy grin on his face.

  26. Ferret senior pics? Darling!

  27. Marianne says:

    this is so precious it’s hurts!!

  28. Marianne says:


  29. Brak_Silverbone says:

    That is one skilled photographer! Every ferret I’ve ever met has been a Squirmy McSquirmersons and not at all about the sitting still.

  30. omg i can’t even take it! that cute little thing doesn’t even look real! i can’t believe how cool they are with getting their picture taken. gahhhh

  31. omg i can’t even take it! that cute little thing doesn’t even look real! i can’t believe how cool they are with getting their picture taken. gahhhh

  32. momof2kitties says:

    Well, if this isn’t the textbook definition of “redonk”, then I don’t know what is. Unbelievable.

  33. OMG, what a deeeeeva! It’s unimaginable how a pix like the last on could be taken! Isn’t ferret moving constantly like crazy?
    And what a model! What a sense of sensational poses! She’s gonna win America’s Cute Top Model!!! Let’s cast a contest like that RIGHT NOW! Fox? Abc? Mtv? Anyone???The last photo is so very pretending-childish-purity like. I bet she definitely can be a little evil the evilston sometimes, like chewing on your fav sweater.Imagine taking this photo on the floor… Would it be kyooooot too, if the photographer is also laying on the ground splaying legs?

  34. I have never been prouder. *wipes away a tear*

  35. AHHHHHHH, tewtewly spoiled creature. SPOILED!!!

  36. @One Eyed Daruma

    Congrats! Congrats! Go buy lottery pleeeez!

  37. @OneEyedDaruma: Congratulations on your extremely well-behaved Miss Ferret USA, Graduating Senior, Aspiring Actress, whatever!!! Totally PROSH!!!

  38. Those r sooo cute! I use to have 1 but she died a few years ago. Her name was Clinky.

  39. To me, this looks more like Ms. Ferret is posing for the cover of her first album, “Jesus and Me.” She’s got her ‘Holy Holy Holy’ face on and is gazing towards the heavens waiting for the sweet loving embrace of the almighty Son of God. I think she’s going to be opening for Faith +1 on their new tour:


  40. KatRich says:

    OK… I’m not a big squee-er, but…

    (I have to throw up now: too much cute. Oh god… way too cute.)

  41. Oh freakin’ brother! This is too silly, funny and cuuute!

    In other words PERFECT for CO! Hee! ;D

  42. Melisma says:

    Oh my gosh…
    Where are these photographer people?
    Can I bring my Eva to them? Will they photograph chinchillas?

  43. AWWWWWWW!!! She looks like an otter!

  44. spiffy says:

    i doubt the ferret stayed still very long, especially in those cute poses. it’s all about fast shutter speed and bright enough lights.

  45. @Berthaservant: LOL!! Although I suspect the feather boa may be a bit much for the “faith” crowd!

  46. Thatredhead says:

    Are we sure it isn’t stuffed? There’s no way a ferret would sit that posed!

  47. sylvie78 says:

    That ferret totally knows how to smile with it’s eyes. ANTF.

  48. ANTF? Apostrophe Not Totally Fitting?

  49. Heather says:

    Those ARE three separate ferrets, YES THEY ARE REAL. Getting them to “pose” is a matter of timing & toys (& a good photographer). “Ghetto Fabulous” is the name of the third ferret, who is now older, & is the father to the first two. How do I know this? Because that precious little girl in the middle is mine. Her name is Mystic. The first ferret is her brother Deuce. The two males (first & third) are owned by GFX (breeder). I have two beautiful ferrets from this litter & I can tell you that Julie from GFX has amazing ferrets (& obviously great with the camera).

  50. I suspect there was some tranquilizer involved here!

  51. Heather says:

    Thx, to whoever submitted these photos! You made the day for Julie (the breeder) & I am quite proud of my baby girl too! =)

  52. I think this converted me. I have never been a ferret fan, but this one is ADORABLE!!!!

  53. Lee Ann says:

    Cheryl. Don’t let this make you impulsively go out and buy a ferret. Don’t get me wrong. Ferrets are wonderful pets, but one really needs to research it before buying one. A ferret may not be the pet for you. They are more work than what you would think and have behaviors that may not be welcomed in your home. I’ve had 3 for the past 7 years and I love them to death and I just hate to think someone would impulsivly buy one because ‘they are sooo cute’ and end up realizing it’s not what they thought it would be and neglect it or give up on it.

    Katie. Their eyes are too bright and alert looking for them to be tranquilized.

    The great shots are probably from lots of playing before hand and the photographer caught them at the moment they were getting their second wind.

  54. Heather says:

    Lee Ann, I agree with you on impulse buying. That’s why I wish pet stores would not sell ferrets, because too many people see these cute creatures, & buy them without knowing what they’re in for.
    Mine are rescued or private bred (obviously) =)
    These adorable babies in these pics come from a breeder who has put alot into working with a couple other breeders, to get such beautiful ferrets. I am glad I found her! Mystic (the middle ferret, with the boa) is so tiny, but makes up for it in attitude. I adore her & her brother.
    This breeder does NOT use tranquilizers to take thes pics.

  55. There is NO way this is a real critter..it just cannot exist…
    the cuteness is too cute, and
    I want my medical expenses covered for falling off chair hitting head and passing out for two days.

  56. krakherjack says:

    how did you manage to get him to pose like that!!!!
    hands clasped and everything!!!
    that’s one good ferret!!!