Blond pole dancer <-heh

People, some photos on the Internets have that certain "je ne sais quoi." Visuals stick in your mind forever and are harder to shake than a tick. This is one of those photos. You’re all "What the!?" then you just go with it.

This photo has been submitted a beellion times and is now finally posted. No, I have no idea where it comes from our HOW this puppeh got up there, no more than how we know ceiling cat got to be where he is. Just go with, OK, People?


Oh Bamboo puppeh—WTF? Thanks for the submishe, A.R.F. (not making those initials up)



  1. The puppeh LURVES the bamboo! Lookit how happy s/he is!

  2. Doggie pole-dancing? NSFW!!!

  3. *sticks a 20-dollar bill into the puppehs mouf*

  4. oh my. there must be a lolpup made of this~oh, the possibilities…

  5. Keep your $20 bills, give him a hotdog!

  6. Going, as ordered, Ma’am.
    Yes, I just Ma’am you! In the military sense, only though.

  7. **yawn***
    Oh, not another of those fluffy, bamboo-climbing puppies! It’s really getting tiresome.

    **extra big yawn**

  8. I smell a “Shopped vs. Not Shopped” comment coming along any minute….

  9. Hon Glad says:

    Bow chika bow wow.

  10. OMG, the hind feet, THE HIND FEET!

  11. AuntieMame says:

    I don’t know about photoshopped, but I know this photo has been around a long time. I’ve had it in my photo screen saver for years!

  12. Ack! It’s a monkeh-puppeh! Too cutes!

  13. ThreeCatNight says:

    Not a lot of pups can do this y’know. Some of us are talented!

  14. Caught between a rock and a bamboo shoot.
    Tough position to be in pupper!

  15. This pup dreams of the Panda lifestyle!

  16. I like the little self-satisfied grin this puplet has. Like in gym class when you were supposed to climb the rope, but you could only get a foot off the ground, so you just hung on there, like maybe ‘dis counts? eh?

  17. oh the lolz… apparently the puppehs want to be koalas or (more accordingly to the vegetation) pandas, now.

  18. Paunchie says:

    puppeh! you are not a panda bear!

  19. tuckeverlasting says:

    oooo!! i remember this picture from like decades ago. its so cute.

  20. *shakes head*

  21. Oh, Meg! NOW I’m feeling REALLY heartbroken! I submitted my video of my little black cat pole dancing while I brushed her, and you never posted it. wahhhhh

  22. “I’m a lumberjack and I’m okay…” That’s the song I hear in my head when I see this. What exactly is this pup doing, or better question – where exactly does this pup think he’s going?

  23. What in the WOOOOORLD?? How did it happen?

  24. Yikes!!!!!

  25. riolinda says:

    i think it’s a panda dressed up as a puppy! 🙂

  26. Anne Boleyn says:

    I think it grew there. Isn’t that where puppies come from?

  27. binky-mama says:

    Anyone else think of the bamboo scene from Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon? This puppeh would have tewtelly kicked Chow Yun Fat’s behind.

  28. The Japanese have genetically designed bamboo’s bearing puppeh’s as fruitz!!!!! OMG the succulentness of it! Mmmmmmnomnomnom…puppeh fruitzzzz.z….!!!!

  29. momof2kitties says:

    *checks the tall grass in the backyard. No puppehs*


    *snorgles kittens for consolation*

    *gets band-aids and disinfectant for pointy-end induced wounds*

  30. what the-?!!?

    silleh puppeh, you’re not a pandy!! or a koalie! silly silly. i must take you off the bamboo and snorgle thee.

  31. photoshopped- it’s a pic of a cute puppy lying on his back with paws folded in- it’s anatomically impossible for a puppy to hold that position on a pole….. he’s cute tho 🙂

  32. i knew it says:

    Well folks, there is is, the ‘shopped’ comment, in the flesh. Bravo.

  33. heeeeeyeverybodywelcometothevelvetdaisyonamateurnightletsgiveitupfor thefirstdanceronthefloorletsgiveit upfor RE-Beck-ahhhhh…..

    (P.S. I actually don’t go to strip clubs, I’m just imitating the strip club from South Park).

  34. Berthaservant, that’s what they all say.

    Have you considered “Berthaserf”? When I taught at UCSB, my students all spelled it “surf.” Were they really CA blondes or were they just trying to cheese off the medieval history grad student? We’ll never know for sure. And I’ve got nothing against blondes (having been one before the grey took over).

  35. Deb– have we discussed UCSB? Did you know I teach there NOW?

    “Servant” seems more intimate, though “Berthasurf” is pretty cool (except I don’t surf).

  36. Yes I did know! Hence my comment.

    Maybe your lack of surfitude would make your total servitude even funnier. Wow, it’s getting late and I’m clearly losing my mind.

    Serfs were tied to the land, you know. They couldn’t marry off the manor without the lord’s permission, usually. Though the first night thing is a total crock. Don’t tell Mel Gibson.

  37. Awww! Puppeh thinks he’s a panda!

  38. Subhangi – maybe pup’s papa was a panda, and mama was a pole-r bear…

  39. *TEH GROANZ* Pyrit!!

  40. So if Berthaservant was Berthaserf, then he’d have to get Bertha’s permission to marry, wouldn’t he? 😉

  41. I didn’t submit this, but my initials are ARF as well! Yay!

  42. [tucks dollar bill into chubular chin folds]

  43. This pup’s the primary symbol of well-known digital camera community in Korea.
    His name is gae-juk-i which composite of puppy and bamboo. You can see his pics here more.
    BTW this picture is not fake!!!!

  44. Leannrose, you get an A for the day! Exactly right!

  45. Yay! Too bad I just graduated from college…coulda used that A…

  46. Bertha is not likely to let me marry. She’s quite possessive.

    And I am unlikely to inherit her vast fortune, though I do hope she leaves me a corner of the bed for myself.

  47. lol repost

    good pic though *snorgles puppeh*

  48. Totalee Puppy says:

    (Don’t know where to put this question…)Speaking of charming performers, remember the lady in “Whoa…Breadshoes”? I have a news article here about Australian singer-songwriter Sia–Also a blonde who likes to paint
    her face tatoo-style for the CD cover. Not the same lady? So, guys, if you want to look WOW for the girls from New Zealand and
    Australia, pick up a four pack of “Maori Magic” temporary tatoos.

  49. Totalee Puppy says:

    Luv Puppy!! I would wait in line for hours for just the teensiest snorgle…
    Are the paws held together
    with Velcro? But why spoil the magic…luv luv
    luv luv luv…my vital signs are fading away…Pleez administer puppy…