Though technically not a stoat, this baby otter voted

Otters, weasels, stoats, ferrets—they’re all just furry kneesocks with eyes, aren’t they?

But, they can all make a difference by voting Cute Overload for a People’s Voice award! (Psst, look for the Weird category) (…or you could just look for “Cute Overload” alphabetically)


Via via Radikal Foto and Sender-Inner Angela D.



  1. bleen!!

  2. Now, this is just over the top. First, an otter, which I find to be one of the cutest, happiest creatures on earth. And it’s holding a baby otter. I think a black hole of cuteness has been created.

  3. Even the mom is like “is he cute or is he cute?” Totally KEE-UTE!

  4. Any potential bleenage from me was killed because I toppled over from losing my bref….momma says LOOKIT MAH BEBE!!!!

  5. Hmmmm, since some would believe that otters are evil and are planning to take over the world, would this picture be of a terrorist sleeper cell?

  6. Is this for REAL? Surely somebody’s photoshopped this. It’s just too cute for this world. It CANNOT BEEEEEEEEEE!

    (Head ‘splodes.)

  7. NOOOOOOO- ***plork***

  8. This is the cutest picture ever taken! I really can’t get over it!!!

  9. wow…i’ve never seen an otter baby before.

  10. WOW!!That otter mom is so proud of her teeny baby (toe pads all over the place!)She’s all smiling with pride and joy and holding her baby up for unanimous adoration!
    That’s so bleenin’ cute!!! Baby is all blind and still smilin’

  11. Dobermama says:

    Omg, mama’s little hands. Awww, that is the cutest thing ever.

  12. ermine violin says:

    omg between this picture and the crosseyed cat in the flea/tick ad on the left – I’m about to die of


  13. no WAY!!!!! things this cute should, under NO circumstances, be this adorable. it’s painful. my eyeballs just exploded.

  14. brinnann says:

    Motter seems to be saying, “I can’t believe I made something this precious!”

  15. One Eyed Daruma says:

    mai baybee, let me show u it

    … hanging chad… ha ha

  16. It is pictures like this that makes me pick up the phone and shriek “GO TO THE CUTE RIGHT NOWS” in my boyfriend’s ear.

    I too have never seen such a tiny baby otter. You think she’s small enough to fit in my mouth?

  17. And my head just exploded…

  18. Daphne Moss says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who orders her boyfriend to check out CO…
    This photo is a total poster child for the whole wonderful site!!
    I love it!!!! This proud and beautiful mamma and her sweet little behbe…oops….SPLODE…

  19. What a proud momma!

    Could someone please tell me what “bleen” means? I think I’ve figured out most of the other acronyms used in the CO comment section.

  20. Ok, wait, “bleen” is not an acronym. ‘Scuse me.

  21. RP — we have a Glossary; it’s in the right-hand margin under “MORE! MORE! MORE!”

    (…that having been said, though, anybody who tries to tell you what “bleen” means is going to be at least mostly wrong)

  22. TheLoveOfIsis says:

    Uh, Meg? Theo? *whispers* It’s People’s VOICE… not Choice. *ahem* Just sayin’.

  23. LadyDarya says:

    I am usually a lurker but this is the first time I have ever squeeled at my job loud enough for everyone in the surrounding cubicles to hear! OMG!!!

  24. Daphne Moss says:

    I would love a closer look at the behbe’s fat, furry tail…that is unbearable.

  25. Poohbear says:

    “Thank you suh! I know you will raise him well and give him the chance I never could !” *Sob* [gathers up three other cheeldren and retreats to home in riverbank, audience collapses in tears]
    But then again… ***OTTERRRRRRZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!***

  26. So, this is how the otters plan to take over the world. We never had a chance.

  27. Come to think of it, if anybody wanted to reverse-engineer “bleen” into an acronym that actually means something, well, I’d say go right ahead. By all means!

  28. soooo, this is the baby…

  29. Are you kidding me? This is too much!!

    I want to build a room in my house for this mama and baby! So cute it makes me crazy.

  30. lurkingsmirk says:

    Ugh. This is NOT cute. I have to deal with otters every day thrusting their babies in my face so that I will tell them how adorable their spawn is, and I’d like to think that cuteoverload is one last haven where I don’t have to deal with this kind of thing. Just because some people have a weird biological urge to ooh and aah over baby otters doesn’t mean the rest of us want toaahhhhh zomg look how pink his little feetsies are! *melt*

  31. Paunchie says:

    otter hands! wow.

  32. lurkingsmirk, lol!

  33. Okay, I’m gonna say it.

    If I had ovaries, I would be feeling them right about now. That is the most precious behbeh photo I have ever seen.

    (Back to staring at the model).

  34. ThreeCatNight says:

    Meg, why do you torture us this way? My God, this is just too much sweetness and prosh to handle at day’s end! Loved to watch the otters when I lived out in L.A. years ago, and I’d spot them swimming off the coastal areas. This pic is really the most unbelievably loving representation of these wonderful little animals. Thank you! (*sniff, sniff*)

  35. omgomgomgomgomgomg…
    how can whoEVER is taking that picture even CLICK the button??? without asPLODING???

  36. I am all about the baby’s little fuzzhead. Rockin’ hairstyle!!

  37. baby otter tail!!!!!! ack!

  38. Martha in Washington says:

    You want me to hold your babeh for you MamaOtter? I would be happy too.
    *grabs babeh otter and runs like mad*

  39. Someone already beat me to the “mah bebbeh, let me show u it,” so I’ve got to come up with something original. That’s impossible. My brain, she is ded of cute.

  40. Kiragirl says:

    B because
    L lovin’
    E em
    E ees
    N natural

  41. meowandwoof says:

    berthaservant, i’m crushed!!! how could you look at another woman. OK I forgive you. I VOTED VOTED VOTED like baby stoated stoated stoated. BTW, where do stoats live.

  42. That could be a Mother’s Day card! Awwwwww.

  43. TrumanRabbit says:

    This picture is so sweet my teeth just rotted out of my head.

  44. Halp! Stop the…”SPLORT”…madness. OH, never mind.

  45. Theresa, if you were referring to the pop-star Madonna, do you think she might be singing “Otterday?”

    (Sing to the tune of “Holiday”)

  46. Oh my god. Are you kidding me? Is that otter mama holding up its baby? Has the world come to an end? Can I go home now?

  47. This is so over the top its probably illegal in most states–should be a Federal rap, actually. Look what a proud otter mama this is, showing off her adorable baby!!!!

  48. Jennifer says:

    That is just unreal. Amazing! Way beyond cute!

  49. Critterfriend says:

    Otterly adorable…and another “ha ha” for the hanging chad. XD

  50. Michelle says:

    How is it possible for something to be this cute? How?

  51. i can has mini me?

  52. Hi Meg,

    Thanks for giving my website a mention! You and Cute Overload rule!


  53. Meowandwoof: as my high school German teacher used to say, “Just because you are a a diet doesn’t mean you can’t look at ze menu.”


    I must go vote for CO before my head explodes from the extreme cuteness of this bebeh otter!!

  55. Dis is mai baby he slays you wif da cute!

  56. Too many cutenesses to recount! but those momma hands around her little blind baby…I’m just gonna keel over:-) sigh…

  57. “Please, anyone! Just someone, take my baby so I can get some sleep! He’s driving me CRAZY!!!”

  58. What the heck is it (she) even doing? Moving her bebeh? Either way, it’s pretty damn cayoooote.

  59. Shudden bii in teh “Weird” CATergorii. Shud bii in teh “GUD” CATergorii. Oar mebii teh “QTE” one.

  60. Actually, I believe that the adult otter is Granny Otter (or Gramps…whicheva), and is handing the child back to it’s mother.

    “I think he just did a doodoo. You’d better go and clean him up.”

    That’s what grandparents do, right? Hand the child back at the opportune moment?

  61. Ermin e Violin says:

    I’ve come back to look just one more time – after coming home from the ER after the la…


  62. Clearly Meg’s been saving this one for a special occasion. In fact, I think she can close up right now because this photo will never be topped. It is clearly the cutest picture ever taken. The momma is smiling! Smiling I tell you!

  63. She’s all: “See mah baybee?

  64. This has got to be in the top five of cute. Maybe the top 3? How can I not pet them?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?

  65. Doesn’t this follow the Rule of Cuteness about “A thing accompanied by a smaller version of that thing is cute”?

  66. What’s the difference between a weasel and a stoat?

    One’s weasily identified; the other stoatally different.

  67. paulajeanne says:

    awww…holdin da bebeeee….so so schweet!

  68. Interesting question – what are the top 5 QTE photos?

    I will have to look through the archives, but I can think of two right now:

    Monkey and Kitteh
    Pomeranian and baby chick (not popular with everyone, but I loves it!)

    oooppps, Boss is coming gotta finish my list later. Hope to look at other peoples as well.

  69. It’s Cute Otterload!

  70. Oh. my. god. This is too much. I just vomited up my melted insides. Thanks a lot.

  71. @Xeno: LOL!!

    This baby’s so cute, Mom says let’s have an’otter!

  72. Present! Bebeh!

  73. oh Susan you cracked me up!! spot on! (you too Gail!)

  74. If I had something that cute and fuzzy, I would show it off, too!

    As for the hovertext, I prefer “dimpled chad”–not because it is appropriate for the picture, but because it is just fun to say.

  75. hey does anyone of you know whether a kitteh can be cross eyed? look at the orange kitteh at the top page ad for Hartz.. you see what i see?

  76. wait… did I just hear that babeh say “pa sickie”?

  77. Squee! They’re playing “Pass the Baby”!!!

  78. …and I will love him and squeeze him and call him George…

  79. wow – the mama does look proud of her baby.

  80. OMG! How cute are they?! 🙂

  81. Xenobiologista: I just LOLed way out loud!!!

  82. aesthetica says:

    this puts the *overload* into

  83. I’ve been known at Ottermom since my daughter learned to swim, and she’s been known as Otter. I think she just collapsed in joy after seeing this picture. We love anything Otter!

  84. I had the chance to play with a rescued baby otter once. His little webbed toes spread out so that his foot was nearly circular, and he himself was like a fur-covered slinky. It was totally awesome!

  85. Catsquatch says:

    “PSSSSSTTT!!!! Over here… I wanna show you my widdle behbeh, hees name iss Squishy, and I will love heem and pet heem and cuddle heem!
    Int he KEEWT!?!?!?”

  86. Oh pahleeez, you think you can avoid me from holding up a bb in your face?!?! Dream on. I will still keeeeeeeess you after keeeeeeeessing the bb.

  87. Zees might be a papa, how knows?

    Papa: Hon, hand over the towel plz? oh I just lurv washing our beatayful bb. Hon, he looks really like you. Awwww, aren’t I the most luckiest guy in the whole worrrrrrld?

    Mama *running in with towel* and *kiss papa*

    OMG, it could be the ultimate porn for otter girls =.=

  88. Catsquatch says:

    Ok, just read the rest of the comments and I must FALL OUT OF MY CHAIR LAUGHING because of Lurkingsmirk for the spoof on nuffers, Tank for the army mommy, and Browngrl for mentioning PASICKIE which has become a household word around here meaning “The thing I want!” and I mean we use it EVERY DAY PEOPLE!!!

  89. Karen in Toronto says:

    Anyone else have trouble registering to vote on the Webby site? I kept getting “not transcribed correctly” about 15 times.

  90. NutherDeb says:

    Mom is saying “Take another picture like this. Did you get a good one yet? How ’bout if I hold him up a little more? Is this better? Did you get that? Smile nice for the camera now. Isn’t my bebeh cute?”

  91. michellemybelle says:

    I voted like a stoated…oops,, a stoat.

    This might be the littlest otter I’ve ever seen – I love him! Yay for Mama showing off her good work 🙂

  92. tuckeverlasting says:

    OMG! I FRICKIN LOVE THIS SITE!! It never fails… it always, always, always lifts up my spirits, even if I’m in the worst of moods!! & what a photogenic otter we got here.

  93. Fainting from the “otter” cuteness of it all..OMG…(Plunk)
    I is kilt

  94. binky-mama says:

    Why yes Mrs. Otter, I would be happy to hold your bebeh for you…IN MY MOUF!!!!!

  95. The mom is TAUNTING me!!!

    Mom: Oh here, dis my cute widdle bebehz. You want to keeees him?

    Me: YES! YES! A million times YES! *plonks head on screen*

    Gee thanks. Now I gots a big face-print on mah screenz, and NO OTTER KEEEESES!! *sobs*

  96. … Um, I suddenly gotthe urge to dip mini McOtterpants in syrup and nibble his almost non-existent earsicles.

  97. I am actually crying. Like tears crying. You may have won this battle mama otter, but the war is still on.

  98. Honestly, I think this is one of the cutest pictures I’ve ever seen! It’s good to know such cuteness exists in this world.

  99. ross1219 says:

    Blog Law Easy Evasion Noise

  100. That’s it. The cutest post on cuteoverload ever. I will never check the website again as Meg had outdone herself.


  101. (NEELB!)

  102. “look! i madez a ottur!”

  103. Anasztaizia says:

    OMFG! Oh – em – effing – gee!

    It’s HOLDING the babeh up for the photo!

    “Here ees mah babeh, please take pictoorz”

  104. “Listen, I have to do some shopping. Can you watch him for me? I’ll bring some of his DVDs; he likes those Harry Potter movies.”

  105. He’s an angel! An angel straight from heaven!!

    Now you gotta start his bank accounts. That there’s for his orthodonture and his university. Soak his thumb in iodine and you might get by without the orthodonture, but it won’t knock a thing off the university…

  106. I think the Mom otter looks like Bindi Irwin, esp. the eyes.

  107. Hey Theo… I think Kirigirl’s got your “bleen”. And it’s a real good one too.

    Just sayin.

    (p.s. great reverse-engineering, Kirigirl.)

  108. Oh, and this has got to be the CUTEST picture in THE WHOLE WORLD!

    Just sayin.

  109. Anne Boleyn says:

    Not only is it too cute to even fathom, I don’t think anyone has mentioned that we can see the bebeh’s teensy little poopy place and it’s way OK because even that is cute. Sorry, just had to say it.

  110. Anne Boleyn says:

    Oh, and yes, kitties can be cross eyed. Check out your basic Siamese, please.


  112. BiscuitTin says:

    I thought “bleen” meant,

    “Look at me! Look! You’re not looking! Look! I’m the first poster and very emotionally stunted! LOOK AT ME!!!!”

  113. angela d, formerly known as chet's momma says:

    HOORAYS, i sent this in! *dances crazily ’round the room* When i saw this on i knew i had to get it here ASAP! best momma EVAR!!! kudos to photog, prolly ded of dis kewt….

  114. Oh! I squealed out loud at this. I love otters… I wish a bunch would invade my swimming pool the way ducklings did one year.
    By the way, wish me luck – getting a pet chinchilla on Wednesday afternoon!

  115. Oh. My. Lord. That’s. PRECIOUS!!!!!

    I have never seen a mama animal show off a baby like that before. Even hubby was stunned!

    If I hadn’t voted already, I’d be burning Internet dust to do so. Go CO!

  116. PS That mama has an exceptionally beepable nose.

  117. mejezabel says:

    otter, otter, otter, otter, otter, otter, otter, otter, otter, otter, otter, otter, otter, otter, otter, otter, otter, otter, otter, otter, otter, otter, otter, otter, otter, otter, otter, otter, otter, otter, otter, otter, otter, otter, otter, otter, otter, otter, otter, otter, otter, otter, otter, otter,

  118. *oUcH* Oh, god, it hurts so cute!!!

  119. SQUEEEEEEEEAL!! What a proud mama and a tiny precious bebeh! Oh my aching heart.

    Xenobiologista: LOL!

  120. stainedcyrano says:

    Hahahahahahahaha! Hanging Chad! Ahahahhahahahahaha!

  121. Hon Glad says:

    Definately one for the calendar.
    Oh, and I have stoated for CO.

  122. compy-saur says:

    Good heavens………… My cheeks hurt from smiling! HIDEOUSLY CUTE!

  123. It’s the Otter King! (singing) “The Circle of Life….”

  124. gravyboat says:

    “As a gesture of good faith, please take this baby”.

  125. OMG! Head ‘splodes.

  126. black kat says:

    Soooooooooooo cute!!!

  127. Poohbear says:

    Melisma – please get two chinnies, they’re very social animals, one would be lonely by itself.

  128. Mah bebbeh. Let me show you eet.

  129. DONE! all votinks have taken place for CO! 🙂

    also, what a damn cute knee sock you have there – OMG i want one 🙂

  130. Hey Meg: what’s with the pop-up Hartz adverts that have started to appear right in the MIDDLE of your site?? Really obnoxious!

  131. GET



    (PS @ BiscuitTin: WORD.)

  132. LOL Hanging chad. HAHAHAHa

  133. starling says:

    Cathy, get Firefox and Adblock. No more pop ups, no more advert banners.

  134. momof2kitties says:

    It’s the head tilt, peeps! The head tilt! Gaaahhh!!! Ded. Again!!

  135. I haz a baby.

  136. lynn crago says:

    awesome cute picture of a baby otter

  137. bev, LOL at the Raising AZ reference! All you people are so funny!

  138. KA-WA-II!!!!!!!!!

  139. Karen in Toronto says:

    “I’m just going to take your baby otter for a little walk, OK? Be. Right. Back.”

  140. Love it.

  141. Its like she is saying, look what I have. Isn’t it cute. Its mine and I love it. I want more behbeh otters!

  142. kittymom says:

    Easily the cutest I’ve ever seen ~ NOW go VOTE for CO in the People’s Voice Webby Awards!!

  143. Did I just see baby otter paw pads?!?!

  144. Kiragirl says:

    NT Mel, isn’t that from Bugs Bunny?

    this is otterly redonkulus!

  145. Seriously, how cute is this? Those eetle eyes are even open yet. That mom is all “Lookit wot I diz!!!”

    Reminder folks: Mother’s Day is coming up!

  146. Kristine says:

    She’s all “look at my babyyy!! isn’t he ADORABLE?”

    and the baby’s all like “Mommy, put me down already!”

    SOOOOO cute!

  147. tuckeverlasting says:

    I think this mamma is handing her otter baby to the ottersitter before she heads off to work. She just happened to be at the end of the line. I can just imagine a line of mamma otters standing in a line with their babies waiting to drop them off at the ottersitter. ok i’m carrying this a lil too far! hahaa

  148. Squeeals!!! Yes Miss Otter.. I will take your bebeh!!!!

  149. Is it just me, or is anyone else hearing “The Circle of Life”?

  150. riolinda says:

    and i present to you my baby otter! 🙂

  151. Caturday says:

    This is a proud momma !!! And she ahs every right to be — HOW ADORABLE !!

  152. pixiecat_ says:

    “My babeh, I gives to yoo.”

  153. Furbabies says:

    Motter, I will babysit your little one sos you can gets some rest. K? I promise I will have baby back in one hour. *crossed fingers*

  154. Um, Aubrey – don’t you mean Hairy Otter movies 😉

    And what can I say that hasn’t already been said – this picture’s a killer; a killer of sadness and killer of bad vibes and absolutely wallops negativity. Meg, once again you prove that you are the awesomeist blogger who ever lived.

  155. “absolutely wallops negativity” yessssssssss.

  156. i am meltingksssss, meltingkkkssss!!! ahhhh!!! struck down by the Qte!!

  157. Alexis says:

    Jeez, what is Meg trying to do to us? This is a-dor-able! Wheee! Nothin’ better than baby otters.

    (@ BiscuitTin: me too, until I got the “bleen” treatment for correcting my grammar once. Color me confused.)

  158. @ RP… “Bleen”: the actual definition of said word is something most likely made up in Theo’s mind. But the original usage on this website was to replace the word “First”, which some people were using as a boast when they just happened to manage the first comment to any particular post. Theo, tired of these emotional outbursts and the incessant use of the word “first” decided to remove said word and to replace it with the word “bleen”.

    Thus BiscuitTin was dead on — this is exactly what the word “bleen” came to mean… “Look at me! Look! You’re not looking! Look! I’m the first poster and very emotionally stunted! LOOK AT ME!!!!”.

    The word “bleen” has become somewhat of a household word around here and has replaced the word “first” in its overuse, much to the chagrin of said Theo, I’m sure. It now can mean almost anything… which is probably why there really isn’t a definition for the word “bleen” in the glossary.

    That said… bleen.

  159. gravyboat says:

    “Oh here. I tan buy vote wit mah bebeh. Go’onnnnn….take heeeeeeem”.

    “Yes Ma’am!”

  160. at this point, a lot of us don’t bleening care 🙂

  161. Awwww I don’t think the Bleen people immature. I think they is cute.

    I voted because I luff tis site.

  162. Winni-Pig says:

    I just love the way the baby’s lips are all pushed together, as if to say “why are you doing this!”

    And to whomever mentioned the beepable nose, I also very much want to scratch the mom just at the bridge of said nose!

  163. Theresa says:

    I personally love “bleen.” But it’s a PITA. because when someone says it, Theo puts a bag over his head, and then we all have to get into the fishtank and sing “Jerusalem.”

    [ ♥♥♥♥♥ – Ed.]

    [P.S. — you forgot the kazoos! NEVER FORGET THE KAZOOS! – Ed.]

  164. Theresa says:

    PS Can we call “Bleen People,” “Bleeple”?

  165. I’d rather not, other things being eeqle.

  166. well, 1st off, BLEEN!

    and i’ll tell you what it’s come to mean. people see it in the foist posts and assume it’s a joyful reaction to the cuteness that incited the excited post

    so it doesn’t have to be near the top of the thread to mean that any more

    (holds word up like an otter behbeh)

    a bleen by any other meme would still be a squee

  167. Kaitou Juliet says:

    “It’s dangerous out there! Here, take this.”

  168. @blair… yep, that works too. I like it. Therefore… “bleen!”. There. I said it. And it means “owwww how cute!!!”.


  169. Totalee Puppy says:

    Meanwhile, a song for the
    cutest BABY OTTER…
    You otter be in pictures…
    Oh what a hit you’d be…
    You otter be in pictures…
    Just you and me, snorgling happily…
    You otter dance the tango…
    With music by guitars…
    You otter be in pictures…
    My Star of Stars!

  170. That’s a proud mama otter! “Look at MY bebeh!”

  171. bswkittygirl says:

    That is SOOOO cute!

  172. Daphne Moss says:

    Totalee Puppy:
    Aww…that was otter-dorable! 😉

  173. Uh…worried….
    it looks like she is gonna nom it.

    Did she nom it?
    feel sorta worried….
    holding it like my husband holds chocolate….