Sleepiest eye capsules evar

CNN has this lil’ Thai bear falling asleep. Check out his smooshed schnozzle action NOT TO MENTION the best in eye capsulage.


Excellent submishe, Janny, Rebecca S. and Kate S.



  1. My first bleen!??!!?

    I love Mr. Bear’s little right leg, all bent and cute.

  2. Oh, this is so me at the end of a workday… *zzzzzzzz*

  3. Eh, lady, you gonna rent me or stare?! Look at this fur, your cat aint got nothing on me. And mink, pfft, like walking astro turf compared to this coat. Tell ya what, throw in a bowl of milk, maybe some chunk tuna and Ill bring it down 10%. Is it a deal or wha?

  4. joliesmom says:

    OMG, the squished nosicle.

    I want to cradle heem!!

  5. Smooshy nose! C’mer little bear, I’ll cuddle you to sleep. I’ll try to resist beeping your snozzle too much.

  6. 260Oakley says:

    My new favorite yoga pose: downward-facing sleeping bear.

  7. omgosh LOL! Such smooshiness, I can’t stop oohing and awwing!

  8. Karebear says:

    He’s all, no mom, I’m awake, really I am. Don’t put me to bed yet!

  9. my empathy meter is off the charts.

    let’s take a nap together, wee beario!

  10. Ermine Violin says:

    that was me this morning – and this afternoon – and rigzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  11. Heh. I wasn’t seeing sleep as much as “…and bless this food for the nourishment of my body. Amen.”

  12. where’s his mom??

  13. I’m at work. I’m really tired and my head is doing that “about to fall asleep bob.” No one is giving me a whole lot of empathy. **all huffy and stompy feet**

    Oh wait, I’m not as cute as the sweepy bear cublet.

  14. Courtney says:

    Awww… why doesn’t he just lie down and go to sleep like that doggie below the cart?

    Mushed nosie…

  15. He’s just resting his eyes.

  16. Please tell me where is this magical land where baby bears smoosh their noses to go to sleep and the area is dotted with sleeping coyotes and other dogie critters just lazin’ around.

    “And the skies, are not cloudy all dayyyyy……”

    P.S. This bear is going to have some serious clawage.

  17. Space Cowgirl says:

    Must be a slow news day.

  18. that’s me right now after lunch.

    ** must fight the carb coma **

  19. Crikies, what did they spike that bowl next to him with?

  20. quick, give ursa a mani pedi before the triptophanes wear off!

  21. Any Canadians able to play the vid? I wonder if CNN is another network that only allows U.S. access – or is it just me?

  22. anyone else yawn when they saw this?! what a cute lil sleepy guy!

  23. Awwww!

  24. I’m in Connecticut and I can’t play the video either. Feh.

    But the pic is just so cute.
    Yes, those are some claws!

  25. a sun bear! look at that pretty gold patch of fur on his chest. what an absolute cutie pie. i want to snuggle him 😦

  26. OMigosh almoas az Qte as a kitteh SQUEEEEE!

  27. turbofloof says:

    I saw this too and was waiting for it to appear on CO!

    Where was this filmed? Sort of a strange place for a lone cublet and a few pups to be lazin’ about. A wildlife refuge or sumptin?

  28. I’m not sleepin’ I’m just checkin’ my eyelids for holes….

  29. To sleepies! Looks like a great idea. G’ night!

  30. one of these days… i’ll be able to submit something first…

    i had this video on repeat behind all my work windows today. too CUTE!

  31. Awww…smeepy little sunbear…come on over here…I have a nice smushy lap just for you!

    *pet pet pet*


  32. How is this cute? It is a wild animal that has clearly been removed from its natural habitat and is living on a work site instead of with its mother. Its not really all that cute when you think about it.

  33. hmmm….not seeing its mum doesnt mean that is separated from her….
    it could be in a safe house, away from poaches n what nots.

    but annneeewaaay…..he is the cutest beh-bee bear eva!!!! he’s all like “must…stay….awake……watch…..afternoooon…..cartoons….” *beep goes the snozzle*

  34. I’m gonna have to agree with Jen on this one. Yes, the bear is very cute, but you guys… LOOK AT WHERE HE IS! He’s on a wooden-wagon-thingie, with no food, and a bowl of water, and he seems to be stuck up there. All by himself. Obviously yanked from his natural habitat. For a website that claims to be pro-animal rights, this is a frightening video.

  35. Sorry to post twice, but the more I watch this video, the more warning signs I see. If you guys look closely, you’ll notice that this bear has hardly any fur on his snout, mouth, and eyes. And his nose is dry and cracked-looking. I’m no bear expert, but isn’t that a warning sign of disease or malnutrition?

    I hope to god this video was taken at some sort of rescue facility. =\

  36. Anasztaizia says:

    *Wonders where baby’s mama is*

    Putting all concerns about why there is no GINORMOS mommy there to go RAWR…

    *squee!* Nose Squish!

  37. I bet Jen is a blast at parties.

  38. yesh yesh bay-bee was yanked from his natural habitat…but we is dont know what is reasons behinds it? meeybe is good reasonss!

    and meeeeybe mama bear is scwleeping in on a bed inside the house and baby bear got left outside on the wagon, cos he didnt want to finish his porridge. he wants cheezburger

  39. If Stewie from Family Guy were a bear, that’s what he’d look like…

  40. Hon Glad says:

    Golden slumbers fill your eyes
    smiles awake you when you rise
    sleep little darling do not cry
    and I will sing a lullaby.

  41. “you’ll notice that this bear has hardly any fur on his snout, mouth, and eyes”

    that’s just lighter fur- it’s a characteristic marking on a sun bear

  42. Julia (the one in BC) says:

    I’m in Canada, and I can’t see the CNN video either.

    However… some kind person has uploaded it to YouTube. Yay!!

    (And now I know what the “smooshing” reference is about. Aww.)

  43. look at those claws

  44. KristoCat says:

    I LOVE the nose smoosh.

  45. Vanessa, where is this alleged claim? Meg’s site is for cute, not animal rights particularly. One may safely assume that the peeps here are animal lovers, but it would be a stretch to equate that to animal rights activists.

  46. momof2kitties says:

    This looks just like my hooman kidlets.

    “But, Momma, I not sleeeepppyyyzzzzzz…”

  47. he’s so cute he made the local news where the cute co-anchorgirl bleened on-air over his nose-squishing tie-tie act

    i personally tivoed it back 4 or 5 times in hi-def

    teh cute has gone mainstream, ya’alls

    i expect a new sitcom this fall called “Enh!”

  48. This is how I feel today!!!! I don’t think my nose smushes quite as cutely though… I remember feeling that way in college too – just have to read 4.more.chapterzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  49. riolinda says:

    cute nose smoosh! 🙂

  50. It made me sad because of the setting. It’s clearly not any sort of animal “habitat.” Not cute. Disturbing.

  51. i can’t watch. i just want to cuddle him off and tuck him into a nice cozy bed. so tie-ties. must sleepies.

  52. Baby bears are always adorable… but he looks like the dehydrated, sick animals I see in the vet clinic. Sorry to rain on everyone’s parade, but I don’t think this is a happy bear.

  53. Yitzysmommie says:

    Babeleh Beario: “I can haz nap now?”

  54. gravyboat says:


  55. concerned... says:

    I heard that this was on the news and that the animal is actually dying. Did anyone else see or hear about that? I’m wondering if it’s true, since so many people told me the bear was dying when I posted this video on my website.