Patiennnnnnce! [scream in Axl Rose voice]

Just a little paayyy-shance Yeaaaaah yeaaaah

[Prediction; .02 minutos before this chick becomes a Scooby Snack™]


Ashley C. forget how this scene happened in the first place, CHECK OUT the little FRO BRO bottom right!!!



  1. “Why….is this tiny fuzzy ball with feet standing on my paw? How do I get it to move?

  2. Hayley the Unshopgirl says:


  3. MandaBain says:

    That sweet doggle has such a look of sweetness, I think he must be the chicklets’ babysitter. I think he wants to bring the chick up to his nose for a sniff & lick…”mmmm tastes like…”


  4. Interspecies Snacking™


  5. No doggie! If it’s not bright yellow, pink or purple, it’s not a real peep!

  6. Hayley the Unshopgirl says:


    The puppeh looks concerned.
    “I hope he did his business before he got here…”

  7. brinnann says:
  8. brinnann says:
  9. brinnann says:
  10. brinnann says:

    Ignore my second comment, wrong link.

  11. Paunchie says:

    bok! bok!

  12. Bro Fro!!!! ROFL!!

  13. In his early years, Grandad fancied himself a bit of a falconer. When he returned from the wars as a young man, he brought with him an accipiter trivirgatus, a marvelous crested goshawk with black stripes on his belly named, who was given the English name of Windbreaker, a loose translation of original Hindi word which meant “the scent of dusk on the river Ganges.” Windbreaker would fly for hours at a time, always returning to Grandad’s outreached forelock. “Never needed no protection,” Gramps would say, “that bird landed on me with the gentleness of a dove.”

    Of course, Windbreaker passed long ago, and Grandad never felt like he could relate to another bird, and his interest in falconry waned as the textile business occupied more and more of his life. Still, since his retirement, he has begun talking more of his “old birds,” and often he summons the nurse chickies around his bedside to “sit on me forearm” for a while, remembering the his might days as a warrior for the empire and proud companion of one of nature’s greatest creatures of the air.

  14. The dog is simply paralyzed with Cute. And to make matters even cuter, there’s that little chick with David Tennant hair to the lower right.

  15. LOL at berthaservant! Tooo funny!

    Not to sound like a crazy chicken lady, but the little stripey one is an aracuana and the FroBro is a White Crested Polish.

    End of chicken lecture.

    This doggy looks like he thinks he’s a mommy.

  16. Kathleen says:

    thats my puppy!

  17. Too Late says:

    Standing by for commentroversy… [shifty eyes]

  18. CoffeeCup says:

    kathleen, why do you have chicks? They’re so cute!

  19. Mary (the first) says:

    Too Late -I was also expecting commentraversy, but it seems it’s not to be?? If not.. congrats to the peeps (no pun intended) who understand the dif between a dangerous situation and teh qte. Hurray for teh qte!!

  20. Don’t be too sure… [shifty eyes] it’s getting dark… the nuffers will come out soon…

  21. the chicks(and ducks, thats what the black thing in the pic is) belong to a friend. Mickey and I went to see them and this is what happened…

  22. I truly almost yelled when I saw this picture. Yelled out of pain as my heart melted.

    I love dogs’ expressions, and this one is my favorite, the “Seriously? Does anybody else see what’s going on here?” expression.

  23. Anasztaizia says:

    “That’s *my* paw, what are you doing on it??”

  24. Bird of Paradise says:

    I’ve had an awful couple of days and I really needed this. Thanks CO.

  25. Ooooh, that is adorable!!

  26. Kathleen says:

    he was definitely a little confused as to why this fuzzy little thing was on his paw…”I didn’t put my foot there for you…”

  27. Hon Glad says:

    Hmm, what kind of pup are you.

  28. Pa-CHICKIE! SOOO PRECIOUSH! Look at that dawggy face! Awwww.

    LOL @ BerthaS.

  29. I adore dogs so, so much! They just have the most accepting nature. Too sweet!

  30. Now, all the nuffers who complained about “leave it” training (biscuits on paws)…. THIS is the kind of lions-with-lambs scenario you can have if your puppeh is well trained with that under their belt.

    This lab is a champ.

    And no nuffs is good nuffs!

  31. Berthaservant, please to be informing me when your epic tome is published. I should like to purchase several copies. (Well, one at least.) For reals. I find myself comparing your work to that of my adored Wodehouse.

  32. momof2kitties says:

    BerthaS FTW!! w00t!!

  33. ottergrrl says:

    the dog, if I’m not mistaken, is an English Laborador. They are the most bestest dogs in the doggleverse. (yeah, I grew up with one, how could you tell?)

    The English Lab we had was named Tombombadil, and he would let the neighborhood kids ride his back (as they slid off to the side due to the loose skin), he regularly slept with the cat snuggled on his side, and when we had a puppy he’d let it hang off his jowls with a sort of puzzled “Oh dear me.” expression on his face.

  34. Kathleen says:

    you are right this is an English lab, he is also currently being trained to be a service dog(this is not however the only reason he is so well behaved…hes just been trained, any dog can be trained) He is definitely a very sweet dog though with a very mellow temperament(the reason why he was allowed to play with the chicks)