“The Look”

You are so guilty of eating a sandwich in front of this puppeh at apicnic and he has only one choice and that is to give you "The Look".

TUAPA_080427_FX07_03.jpg, originally uploaded by JimmyHsu.

Supreme Sender-Inner Lori W., thank you 😉



  1. OK, you win.
    [drops sammich]

  2. that’s why my my dog has a little spare tire! lol.

  3. I have seen that look.

    That look is why I do not own a dog.

    I’m a chump. Servant to my six pound cat. A dog like this would have me obeying it’s every whim.

  4. 260Oakley says:


  5. I am he’pless against his puppeh powerz!

    *hands over sammich, wallet, car keys, deed to my house, soul…*

  6. I’m making a steak for this dog right now, as I type this.

  7. It’s not fair. My husb. is the sucker so I never get “the look”. Unjust!

  8. Oh, my kitties will give me the same look, except they will then stick their face in whatever I’m eating 10 seconds later to try to lick/paw/bite the food.

  9. the cutest puppy look is always good for treats from me.. I know dog sucker extordinaire but hey some one has to keep the puppies feed with sammich bites and ice cream licks.

  10. Paunchie says:

    PUPPEH!! you can have mah pasickie!

  11. !!!! So cute! He can have my lunch 😉

  12. CoffeeCup says:

    The socks! It has socks! I was mesmerized by that look…I suddenly felt that I needed to hand over my M&Ms for the pup to snarfle…and then I noticed the socks!!

    I thought the dog was a golden retriever or a lab, but I’ve never seen either breed with socks before…what kind of menace to picnic lunches is this?!

  13. skyweaver says:

    One day scientists will be able to measure the cuteness rays coming off little puppehs like this guy. Prollem is we still won’t have an antidote for it and we will all be enslaved by a race of puppehs from outer space.

  14. Oh Noes! Poor bebbeh is stavinks! Here, have this roast of lamb. It’s okay bebbeh.

  15. Looking at this picture makes me think of that song in the MacBook Air commercial:

    “I’m a new soul,
    I came to this strange world,
    hoping I could learn a bit ’bout how to give and take.

  16. My lab/shepherd mix had the guilt-inducing look down pat. “All I ever do is love you, and you treat me like this?” Good for a bit of cheese any day.

  17. metsakins says:

    I guess my sammich is a little to over stuffed. Here have sum cheeze. I’ll be picking up some rawhide straws on the way home and , what’s that?, oh yes, some beef and milkbones. Sure no problemo!

  18. Did he get a sandwich?

  19. aawwwwwwww. i feel so wrong. i am cryingk! here, puppeh, have the whole picanic basket!




  21. devastating.

  22. While he finishes my sandwich, I will nibble his ears (they taste like caramel, you know)…

  23. he is soooooo cute that is the please give me a biscuit look =)

  24. Juniper Jupiter says:

    I don’t know if I should beep his mouf or stuff him in my nose…

    Wait a sec…SWITCH THAT AROUND!!!

    I don’t know if I should stuff him in my nose or beep his mouf.

    There that’s better! 😀

    ***beeps pupling’s nose***

    ***opens mouf wide***


  25. You know that’s my favoritest kind, right? And I really am hungry, very, VERY hungry!

    Silly puppy.

  26. Awwwww. Little cutie smoochy huggable babieeeeeee!

  27. i get that look from my 2 maltese every time i eat ANYTHING!!! 🙂

  28. pupperoni! says:

    ken i has sum uv dat sammich? pweese?

  29. Ha. That’s the look I give my boyfriend when I want to go chinchilla-watching. Works every time…

  30. Totalee Puppy says:

    JUNIPER JUPITER–I’m laughing all the way to the
    refrigerator!! “The Look”
    doesn’t work for me when
    everyone else is asleep…so…let’s see…
    sammich…chocolate milk…
    lasagna (good thing this stuff is on a lower shelf)…paella a la valenciana…(good thing someone opened the jar of gefilte fish)…

  31. I just… I… I… [falters]

    This is such a beautiful photo… I can SMELL the warm summer grass and picnic lunch!!!

  32. Julia (the one in BC) says:

    I checked out the video that DeeGee mentioned above.

    This pup is at the TUAPA Animal Shelter in Taiwan (http://www.taichungpaws.org/ ). That’s why you hear all that barking in the background… they’ve got so many dogs there. Cats, too.

    It’s a really worthy organization, it looks for homes for homeless animals in the Taichung area of Taiwan.

    But ohhh… I wish I could adopt them all 😦

  33. Hon Glad says:

    Your eyes are botomless pools, into which I sink.

  34. [kisses puppeh snout]

  35. =)

  36. ThreeCatNight says:

    No, don’t look at me that way! You know I am unable to resist you with those sad, big brown eyes, and that sweet face. You have me at an unfair advantage.
    Alright, here — take the whole darn thing!

  37. Rosie A. says:

    I made this my wallpaper on my computer. I was smitten, staring at my computer when pulled from my reverie by a tap on my shoulder…my boss glared at the monitor, softened immediately and gave out a hearty “AWWWWW.” Teh puppeh saved mah jobs!

  38. Aaaaawwwwwww….PUPPY! Cute fluffy puppy! With ‘The Look’!! Forget the sandwich – I’ll drive you to the nearest restaurant and feed you the whole menu. This has brought our office to a standstill.

  39. Kiragirl says:

    The puppeh, the rednecks and their horse, and I are going to Wendy’s, wanna go?

  40. LOL@Kiragirl!

    Older brother pup to younger brother pup:
    “Yep, Little Sparky, the “poor starving dog” works again!! It’s basically fool-proof…and ya know who the fools are, right? The humans!”

    Oh and Totalee, gefilte fish??!!??

  41. OMG!!!!!!!!!……if I could just get a little closer to that puppeh.. he could have all my sanmmich…and chips.
    I get this look every night by 2 puppehs …its the ” I am not begging ..but perhaps you could drop a little for me ” look..