Tapir_worldShine up your schnozzle, ’cause it’s World Tapir Day.

According to Sender-Innner Anthony L., the aim of the day is to raise awareness of tapir conservation. And to show off their prosh little logo!

Find out more on tapirs and the conservation efforts to save them. All store profits go to tapir conservation projects. The Tapir Gallery has a lot of schnozzles in it, just like this guy. 😉



  1. lurkingsmirk says:


  2. taracita says:

    I’ll admit that I’ve not been very kind to the tapir in the past. I was once assigned a report on the tapir in the 7th grade and I was very vocal about my displeasure.

    But it’s nice to see that there are people out there promoting their cause.

  3. Somewhere Jimmy Durante is playing da ukelele and saying “ha-cha-cha!”

    Goodnight Mrs. Calabash, wherever you are!

  4. HAPPY WORLD TAPIR DAY right back atcha!!!!!

  5. Eeeee!! That is absolutely prosh, the definition of prosh logo-itude.

  6. Yeah, Tapirs rule!

  7. The schnozzle isn’t the part of the anatomy the tapir is famous for…

  8. So, I went to Belize several years ago, and visited the Belize Zoo. The Baird’s tapir is the national animal, so obviously we saw some there.

    Let me just say that all men should be *very* jealous of tapirs…

  9. Heh, they’re kind of cute in a weird sort of way.

  10. I wish I could be with all my friends during this sacred holiday, gathered around the watering hole, licking the salt licks together, singing all the traditional tapir carols, rolling in the mud……. sigh****.

  11. Tapirs look like a cross between a pig and an aardvark to me. So darn ridiculous it’s cute. And the BABY ones have spots/stripes like a fawn:

  12. Marianne says:

    Tapir Day! Finally! I love these guys! 🙂
    I just bought a shirt and a mug from the store.
    Happy Tapir Day everybody!

  13. DarrylsMama says:

    True fact: Tapirs only poop in water.

  14. I’m relatively new to the site, have an exam in about ten hours and no idea how to go about letting you all know about a bit of news, but our favourite polar Flocke’s been featured in a Time photo essay as “Germany’s latest polar bear celebrity”. They don’t have as cute pictures as Cute Overload, though 🙂 And oh yes, Happy Tapir Day everyone!

  15. Tapirs are cool, tapirs are great,
    Tapirs are odd-toed ungulates.

    Seriously though, it’s great that their conservation is featured here – thanks Meg 🙂

  16. That logo should win some kind of an award. How adorable!!

    They’re ungulates, really? I did not know that. Learn something new everyday!

  17. Marianne says:

    aw that cartoon is sweet.

  18. Ooh, Tapirs! They were my faves when I went to the zoo as a tiny one.

    Thanks for the important info. It has inspired a post on MY blog, too!

  19. ROCK ON, Meg!
    Tapirs are great, fore and aft!
    When he wiggles his nose, you’ll feel a draft!

  20. Taracita,

    That was then and this is now. I’m sure that if any feelings were hurt by your 7th grade report it is all water under the bridge now.

    Besides, tapirs are not known for holding grudges. When was the last time you heard of a revenge killing committed by a tapir?

  21. Happy Tapir Day everyone! I’m glad everyone likes the logo! My boyfriend Chris made it. All the profits of the merchandise are going to tapir conservation. If you like Chris’ artwork, check out his cute blog!!


  22. Emily, Chris’ work is wonderful. I love his birds and the boy with the beautiful sad sparkly eyes. I was wondering who mad the logo and wanted to see more of their work and was so glad to see your post! Thank you. He is very talented and he has such a creative eye. I love it. Just my style!

    Does he sell any of his work? (like the ones he has on his blog I mean…)

  23. So cute!

    Senor Tapirpannnts in the logo looks like he’s wearing a diaper!

  24. Hon Glad says:

    Are you folks saying Tapirs have huge schlongs.

  25. The tapir has one of the biggest genitalia to body size ratio in all the world. you have one of the smallest. the tapir is better than you.

  26. how cute!

  27. Chris also has a really cool party tapir in his blog – it’s the whole reason why he was asked to be involved with World Tapir Day 🙂 Please check his blog out – he’s really talented.

  28. Darrylsmama, if what you say about tapirs’ pooping habits is true, then we best leave tapirs off the guest list of the next pool party.

  29. And if what some of the rest of you say is true, then we had better hope that, if the tapir decides to crash the pool party, he wears a bathing suit. And not a speedo.

  30. I love tapirs! I sent in a picture of me feeding a tapir for the Cute, I hope she gets her place in here!

  31. Oh, and speaking of huge tapir schlongs, I can definitely account for that! I witnessed it first hand, and it was gi-normous! It hung to the ground, and then some. It started curling around like a fire hose! I was both fascinated and repulsed!

  32. OK- as long as we don’t get them confused with the guys who hang your sheetrock. I believe their genitalia situation is better left private.

    Take a tapir to lunch! Just no swim-up bars!

  33. Melinda — was it of uniform girth, or did it… y’know… taper?

  34. Theo is the win says:

    Theo, you’re the man.

  35. Teh tardvaarks ar ANERABUHLS and ai lurvs em allmoas az much az KITTEHS. HAPPII WOARLD TAPIR DAY!!!

  36. yay! chris makes great tapirs! and great cute things! he is great all around!!!
    Hooray for him and hooray for tapirs!!!

  37. Totalee Puppy says:

    I’ve never had the chance to meet a tapir..my life clearly needs enrichment…
    and I don’t know what an
    ungulate is…But CHRIS’S
    great-looking logo and KATRINA’S idea to take a tapir to lunch…I’M GETTING CAUGHT-UP IN THE
    EXCREMENT…Sorry, that’s
    supposed to read EXCITEMENT…maybe we need fewer ignorant puppies like me and LOTS MORE TAPIRS!!

  38. Staticgirl says:

    Clearly the cutest logo I have EVER seen!!

  39. Oh sure, I try to be good and stay away for 3 days, and I miss National Tapir Day! I do a MEAN tapir impression, and now I have to wait another 362 days to use it! Life is so, like, not fair.

  40. a tapir paper craft on yamaha :
    (that’s not new but maybe someone you’ve not see it yet …..)