NPR has discovered why we like pandas…

Is it because they walk like Japanese schoolgirls!?

Is it because they squeak incessantly and demand milks?


Watch this video (on the NPR site) and find out.


Video by NPR’s David Gilkey, submitted by Faris H. 😉



  1. michelle says:

    eee! eee!!

  2. Poohbear says:

    Ehn! Ehn! Ehn!
    Cool job if you can get it! :)))

  3. Catherine says:


  4. omg, i need to work there!

  5. lurkingsmirk says:

    This is my favorite panda footage yet. I love how the pandas come towards the camera so you can almost pretend they’re walking towards you and you are seconds away from a good snorgle.

  6. tesstricks says:

    They walk like… what?

    [PANDAS! – Ed.]

  7. Ermine Violin says:

    Is the interwebs broken for anyone else? I can’t get to anything but CO and yahoo… WEIRD.

    So no comment on the cuties up there yet.

  8. I can haz job where I get to snuggle with pandas daily?

  9. kathrynd says:

    ::curls into ball::

    working with pandas added to list of things to do in life bwee!

  10. Hon Glad says:

    Meep meep, their sweet sweet, fluffy buts.

  11. katerpie says:

    I wanna be the lady that gets to hug one!! Oh c’mon, the title of BEST JOB EVAR just has to be panda cuddler!

  12. Ermine Violin says:

    OK now – my husband is no longer allowed on my computer (damned bittorrents)…

    I want a panda!!!

  13. Must snorgle the belleh of the guy with his bowl on his face!

  14. I want THAT job!!! In fact, I’LL pay THEM for that job!!! Me wants a squeeky panda!!!

  15. Somehow my Latin translation doesn’t seem so exciting. I want THAT JOB. Panda cuddles, anyone? Ehn!

  16. Whoopie! Whoopie! Whoopie Pies! Yum.
    Chocolate cake cookies and marshmallow fluff.

  17. CoffeeCup says:

    How awesome must it be to have that job? To hug a panda. I mean, I’m sure their claws could do a lot of damage, but they look so much more docile…plus they’re much, much smaller than the ginormous black bears that are also adorable, yet much deadlier.

  18. SMOOCH on the fuzzie snout. SO cute, Pandz are so adorable.

  19. eikoleigh says:

    They’re so cute….I want a job where I get to snuggle with Panda babies all day – awesome!

  20. Loved when the one panda was on its back with the bowl on its face!!!
    What an amazing job to have.
    “Darn, I have to go to work and take care of the pandas today. Shucks.”

  21. I know why pandas make you smile: fuzzy butts. How can you not like something with a fuzzy butt?!

  22. This is so random, but does anyone know what panda poo looks like? I was thinking, that would be a great job except for cleaning up the poo, but who knows, maybe the poo isn’t that bad. Plus I think if you have a small fuzzbutt next to you you can stand almost anything!

  23. I love fuzzy panda butts!! I love the part where the handler had to rearrange the panda in her arms- she looked like she was gonna drop him!

  24. katiedid says:

    I like when the baby panda is looking at the camera like “you look tasty… I just want a nibbles” lol

  25. homer mariner says:

    Wow. I have loved pandas practically since i was born (have pics surrounded by as many stuffed pandas as I could convince my parents I *really* needed). The real animal is even cuter. These wonderful creatures deserve all the help we can give them to keep their habitats safe. Who can say these aren’t the ultimate teddy bears!?!

  26. revolution724 says:

    I don’t know, I have to clean up cat poo every single day and don’t get paid for it… I doubt it’s all THAT much different.

  27. happypiano says:

    how do they walk like japanese schoolgirls? o.O

  28. Eee! Eee! Eee!

  29. Jennifer says:

    I don’t believe those are real animals. They’re probably some sort of man-made, concentrated amalgamation of cuteness. How could that much cute occur naturally?

  30. JuliaJellicoe says:

    Dang, that one panda getting carried is STILL smaller than the cat two posts down!

  31. That funny sound melt my heart……

    “ehn, ehn, EEHNNNNNN~~~~”

  32. Laura- Panda Poo is green and very fibrous. Mostly bamboo.

    I used to work with pandas. Serious. I used to work at Zoo Atlanta. Not directly with the pandas, but I saw their poo enough times. Every day, the keepers weigh out how much food they give them and they they weigh out how much poo they collect from the habitat to make sure that it matches up. Pandas also have mucoids that they pass occasionally. I’ll let you look that up for yourself.

  33. Strike up da banda for a panda named Carmen Miranda dancin’ the Samba on da veranda beside da baby granda.

  34. Pyrit! My landa! I give you a handa.
    No more propaganda, it’s all I can standa.

  35. PheonixKKarr says:

    OMGOSH. How do you get that job, hugling teh giant bebeh balls of squimry softness!??


    And the little noises!! “Ehn! ehn!”

    And the one dude, all finished eating, wriggling around on his back using ALL FOUR APPENDAGES to get teh last bits of yummyness from teh bowl.

    I need to go hunt down something soft and squishy and hug it, excuse me.

    *my cats flee from my sight*

  36. awwww – they demand milks in the sweetest, cutest way. How can you not give zem milks and cuddles and smooches?
    Enh enh!

  37. I love how the small woman hoists the Panda and he is happy to be lugged away. He could easily push and fight to get away, but he just goes limp and goes along for the ride. He probably know he’s being carried to food.

  38. Pitch-perfect “ehn” sounds.

    The world needs more pandas.

  39. How the hell do they walk like Japanese school girls? Wouldn’t Japanese school girls walk like THEM? And how would they know? Pandas are from China aren’t they. Don’t make stupid comparisons like that.

  40. I’ve never come across a site so well-named. And I’ve never seen a more appropriate video for a site called Cute Overload!

    I’m drowning in cute right now. I had to spread the love!

  41. Don’t get up your danda, I’m a big fanda,
    I just want to take a ganda. 😛

  42. That is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen. I can’t believe we live on a planet where pandas are legal. They murder people each and every day with their cuteness.


  43. They are so funny! Spoiled and self-indulgent…they just let themselves be carried with no struggle. So cute!

  44. I Love me some Pandas. They are too cute and I loved the extreme closeup. I would so pay to have the job of carrying them around – even with a bad back

  45. Mark Temporis says:

    It looks like fun to hoist and carry the panda.

    And where do you live that Japanese schoolgirls crawl around on all fours?

    Assuming you’re not from inside the movie in RINGU, it could be kinda sexy…

  46. Monster Truck Rally announcer voice:
    New from K-Tel records, it’s (multitracked echo effect) BABY PANDA SOUNDS!!! (cue squeaking)

    75 X-TREME minutes of pure panda-monium NOT AVAILABLE IN STORES!

  47. I had no idea they made those noises! They sound very human, actually. Love the tongue action on that one that was scoping out the camera… 😀

  48. Linda, Linda, Linda.

    Troll much? Calm down.

  49. It has been observed by many that some (not all) Japanese school girls walk pigeon-toed (i.e., feet turned slightly inward). If you watch the panda walk, its paws are also slightly turned inward, so that’s where the comparison comes from. So eh!

    Back to the important stuff. I swear my life will be complete if, and only if, I ever get to hug a fuzzy baby panda.

  50. Is it just me or are they being a little rough with teh panda babehs? At the end it looks like she’s practically shoving him into that hole thing…

    Maybe it’s just me, eh who cares they’re ADORABLE!!

    i want to NOM NOM NOM his nose…. jus a widdow…

  51. OK, I officially have a new favorite animal.. most adorable whimpers evah!!!

  52. Panda’s are the perfect example life’s sense of humor.

    And the fact that we all can’t have the job of lugging pandas around is the perfect example life’s unfairness!

  53. binky-mama says:

    Those are….the cutest furry butts….I have EVAR seen!!!!


  54. I love panda butts – they’re so perfectly rounded and they look like they’re wearing diapers! Awwwwwww.

    Love the one walking towards the camera and licking his lips. “YOU HAZ A FLAVR!”

    Also, did those pandas actually say “EHN”?!

  55. Raemie L. says:

    Bebeh pandas rolling around, panda ‘tocks, *sigh*.

  56. Look at those behbeh pandas. All heavy and squooshy and fluffy. All eating and playing well. Now if I could only take them home with me… 😀

  57. acelightning says:

    Squeeeek! Ehhn!

  58. Those…aren’t…real!!! They CAN’T be real! They are stuffed animals, or anime! OH EM GEE TEH QTE IS UNSTOPPABLE

    And yes, the perfect embodiment of “enh!!!” It took me a second to realize those were the pandas and not the handlers!

  59. ThreeCatNight says:

    That sweet little face causes panda-monium wherever he goes! Submit to the Panda!

  60. Mary (the first) says:

    The ONLY sad thing about this is the lady lugging/hugging the panda has to wear a mask and plastic gloves. How can she keeeess him through the mask? How can she snugggggle her fingers deep into his fur? Can’t. So sad!!

  61. Mary (the first) says:

    I know, I know, it’s to protect him. But .. so sad!!

  62. milks
    hehe :0)

  63. gravyboat says:

    Um, seriously, where do I sign up to become Chief Panda Hauler?

  64. I want one of those NOW.

  65. This is definitively where “ehn!” comes from.

  66. Went back and viewed clip with my wife. Can’t take it.

    Enh. Enh. Enh!!!!

  67. gravyboat says:

    I can’t stop watching this. Panda-butt is the best!!!

  68. I. WANT. ONE!

    Ehn! Ehn! Ehn!

  69. Love the Norah Desmond Panda….”I’m ready for my close up Mr. DeMille!”