I SEE your TUBE and RAISE YOU disapproval!

Now get me a REAL TOY.

I command thee.

Emily E., that is ONE stubbular BUN. (I’m talking ear stubbage, but there is still enough to gnaw off.)



  1. Umm, maybe bleen?

  2. Wooo! Oh bye the way, super cute bunneh!!

  3. lurkingsmirk says:

    bun’s all

    “no-stickie! no-stickie!”

  4. I thought it was a kitty at first.
    What pointy little ears it has!

  5. binky-mama says:

    “Do NOT want!!!”

  6. Oh, it’s a bunneh all right. The disapproval gives it away!

    Seriously, what’s with the pointy earses? What kind of bun ees eet?

  7. fish eye no miko says:

    Oh, yeah… Bunneh’s not having ANY of that s—!

  8. Wow, disapproving buns are quickly becoming my faves. Or, as I like to call them, “Bunny in a Huff.”

  9. Hon Glad says:

    Hmmph, what the hell do you think you are offering me,you cheapskate.

  10. I say. . . NYERHE!

  11. Martha in Washington says:

    Well, that took care of that!

    He/she is so decisive. Nothing wishy-washy about this lil bun.

  12. Martha in Washington says:

    Is that green blankie in the background covered in SHEEP?

  13. Not another cardboard roll!
    (throws it aside)
    That’s what I think of your cardboard roll!

  14. gravyboat says:

    That bun practically spit on his human. DO NOT WANT indeed!

  15. Would like to know just what breed of bunny that is. Ears so strange! Totally cute EEEEE! I have a couple of buns myself but ears way long! BTW I have been told that buns usually live about 6 years, but my oldest lived to 9 and the 2 I have now are (father & daughter) 7 1/2 and 7.

  16. What an adorable little bun bun! My bunny loved cardboard tubular objects, but he did like to throw around his wooden blocks. Ann, I was told they live 8yrs or so. My bun died after 7 1/2. Boy was he disapproving and didn’t like to be held much, just scratched and petted, but the night before he died he laid in my arms, human baby style and hung with me for hours. It was as if he was saying goodbye. Sniff, I miss him and so does my dog.

  17. binky-mama says:

    My bunneh used to organize his hutch with the same scornful disdain. “No, no THIS piece of straw goes over HERE and that bowl goes THERE. This place would fall APART without me!”

  18. “Jeeves, come here immediately! Someone has left refuse in my solarium! Harrummph!”

  19. “Ptui! I reject this trash and call your cardboard chewing request a silly thing! Now go and bring me a carrot!”

  20. OMG Bahahahaha

    That’s totally the reaction I was expecting.

    I remember it well from when I used to supply my rabbit with sub-par toys.

  21. Pshaw!

  22. ThreeCatNight says:

    “Silly human! Tricks are for kids!”

  23. RevWaldo says:


  24. katerpie says:

    I guarantee moments after this video quit rolling, the bun hopped after it in secret approval!

    TP rolls are to buns what tennis balls are to pups!!

  25. Ermine Violin says:

    I HATE toilet paper rolls – HATE THEM. What do you think you are doing bringing me toilet paper rolls?


  26. My bun does this after I clean her playpen, as if to say, “The pinecone doesn’t go HERE, it belongs over HERE! Geez!”

  27. That rejection just wounded my soul!

  28. That’s my bun! Yay I finally made it to Cuteoverload!

    It’s a purebred double-mane lionhead rabbit. When she was a baby, she had that ambiguous gopher/ewok/fizzgig look. Older, she looked like a persian cat.

  29. CoffeeCup says:

    I just don’t get it. Toiler paper rolls are too blah for bunny, but the wrapping paper tubes are what – too big? Step up to the challenge, bunny, step up (and dance)!!!

    Haha..dancing bunny…

  30. katiedid says:

    Bunny says: “If you won’t stop poking me then I will have to take it away.”
    *Poke, Poke*
    *Grabs roll*
    Bunny: “I warned you, now go away so I can watch ‘The Young and the Furless'”

  31. I giggled!… I rarely GIGGLE. What a snobby bun lol!


  33. Lionheads are sooo cute! My bunnies are a little more angry than this lil girl. They usually grunt and attack the tubes, then discard them. Prosh!!!

  34. @Kathy: Congrats on your deliciously disapproving bunneh!!

    @katiedid: Young and the Furless!!! Bwahahahahha!!

  35. I reject your cardboard offering and everything you stand for. Now walk away in shame, puny biped!

  36. Funny how the disapproval beams through even all that furriness on his little face. And the way he just tossed that toilet paper roll angrily! Whoa, bun-bun, don’t get mad at me. I didn’t nibble off the rest of your ears. 😦

  37. Raemie L. says:

    Gah, I luv da ears! [*sigh*] I want to hug the floofy bunneh ball, disapproval and all.

  38. Epic FAIL! …on the part of the silly human, that is.

  39. Poofy bunnified with a side of disprovals?!

    My night has just been made. I shall rest well.

  40. acelightning says:

    Itty bitty bunny! And I agree with katerpie… that bun is going to go after the TP roll as soon as his human’s not looking. They can’t resist something they can both toss around *and* chew.

  41. Longtail says:

    Paper roll go over here! Nyenh!

  42. Ahhh omg nukkit teh tiny earses!

  43. This is a bun?! It looks like a kitten at first glance. <3

  44. This is EXACTLY what my lionhead does, oliver! He always, always does it with the container of dried fruit. I take the lid off and put it in front of him so he can pick a piece, and then he gets all mad after and pushes the container away, then picks up the lid and throws it. Then i put the lid back in his path -for shame- and he does it again and again.

  45. “Dis Toi SUX! U r NAWT funneh, giot mi a reel TOI NOW!!!!”