Pardon moi, [pokes head out] Could you keep it down?

I’m TRYING to curl up into a teeny creamsicle-colored ball, CAPISCE?

emergence of a cute cat, originally uploaded by DIgital DI.


  1. caroline says:

    Little darling!

  2. Pink nose and matching blankie!

  3. One creamsicle, please! (With a side of whiskers)

  4. Martha in Washington says:

    C’mere bebeh. I’ll cuddle you and get you all warm and comfy again!! And I promise not to nom too hard on your widdle earsies.
    Definitely Pa-sickie! (I never cared much for creamsicles.)

  5. Awwww, I love the wide eyes!

  6. Maggie Anderson says:

    What a cute widdle creem-sickie!

    He looks just like my kitteh did when he was a babe.

  7. Raemie L. says:

    The annoyed cream-sickie burrowed into the waffle bowl blanket again, and this commenter made a quieter attempt to sneak off with the kitteh and waffle blankie.

  8. DaytimeDeb says:


    (Clapping hands delightedly, and wondering why the heck I am not getting the creamsickie even though I keep saying it!!)

  9. ….(in cute whispery baby voice)….

  10. Hon Glad says:

    A scoop of creamsicle please.

  11. Michelle says:

    k, did someone knit a marmalade afghan to match teh kitteh? Sure looks like it.

  12. Daphne Moss says:

    Little crumpet!

  13. Sunshine0460 says:

    Ah, the leetle pink nosicle, the tiny fuzzie triangle earsies, the clear, dark, glorious eyes-es..oh dear, I think I’m going to expire from the cuteness….


  14. Cream-sickie! LOL!!!

    I’m with you, Martha in WA—I’d rather have a cherry Pa-sickie!

  15. look at those eyes O_O someones been eating snozberries!
    This pic should be entitled ‘camoflage, make sure your matching blanket is not on a chair if you are owned by a fat man’

  16. Italian-spelling-nazi says:

    Oh my god that was cute 🙂 I know that nobody cares, but it’s spelled “Capisce,” with an S. But that was a super cute picture. you guys are right, the kitten is totally camouflaged. I wonder if the official color of that yarn is “kitten fur orange” 🙂

  17. oooo and a matching knitted blanket!! what a creamsicle little sweetheart..

  18. Chairman Meow says:

    When I first saw the image text, I was like >___>

    Then I lol’d.

  19. I don’t see a creamsickle, I see popcorn. And one kernel has popped up all big and fluffy. Yum!

  20. acelightning says:

    I wanna take a nap with an unbearably adorable kittie, under a knitted afghan that EXACTLY MATCHES THE KITTIE. (And *that’s* what one of my knitting-talented friends needs for the leg warmers…)

  21. Awwwwwwww i wanna nibble on his creamsickle ears!!!

  22. Yitzysmommie says:

    LOL@ DaytimeDeb- you said my first thought!!
    Adorabhuls kittayn! Just what I need for a gloomy rainy Wednesday. Thank you Meggie Moo for this lovely whispered “Cream-sickie”!

  23. 260Oakley says:

    OK, if no one else is going to beep Monsieur Marmie’s perfect, Eraser Pink nosicle, then I shall do it. Beep.

  24. Rejoice! It’s Marmalade Wednesday!


  26. Those eyes! O.O I hear and obey, Marmie Master.

  27. He’s matchingks with the blanket! I have an irrepressible urge to beep his little pink nosies.

  28. joliesmom says:

    Ew. I’m sorry but that kitty looks scary. Those wide pupils are the creepiness. I think the caption is the cutest part. 😀

  29. Let’s all chant:

  30. PS: Beepetty Beep!

  31. Ah! That kitten has eyes like a (original) Stepford Wife robot! All black and scary!

  32. Seven Paws says:

    Kitties and yarn..the perfect combination!

  33. metsakins says:



    My marmie likes a creamsickie once you get the nasty orange stuff off it!

  34. I almost painted my kitchen a color called “kitten fluff,” just because of the name. I didn’t really like the color (on my walls–on kittehs it’s different).

  35. Man, I hate when people get all noisy when I’m trying to snuggle an afghan!

    Come over to my house kitty, I’ll keep the noise down and we can cuddle together.


  36. ThreeCatNight says:

    I just want to kees you, little babeh, because you are a miniature of my leetle Pumpkin, and you can be her friend. (Those little pinky nosicles get me every time!)

  37. Wow. Sweet fuzzy kitters face with eyes that are pits of eternity. This behbeh will grow up to be a philosopher, I just know it.

  38. My vote goes for Creamthisickie
    although Pa-sickie is making me laugh.

    (Don’t know what I am talking about? Check the roll over/hover text)

  39. This picture made me make an involuntary squeaking noise.

  40. I. WANT. ONE.

    that is all.

  41. Jeepers Creepers, where’d he get those peepers?

    The last time I saw eyeballos like that, Jerry Garcia was playing the last verse of “China Cat Sunflower.”

    Don’t peak too soon, kitteh!

  42. The hover text has killed me.


    Cute kittie too.

  43. You all do realize that Pa-Sickie has now become some sort of CO ‘speak’. It needs to get added to the glossary of terms.. although.. I’m not quite sure how I’d define it.. This kitteh is definitely CREAM SICKIE!

  44. Ohhh Goooldennn — have you checked, recently?

  45. looks like one of the creepy twins from Heroes

  46. metsakins says:

    Teho – *cough cough* check the alphabetical order in the glossary

  47. eh? wot? [goes to check]

    …wups! OK, fixed now. Heh.

  48. Kitan is all.. please to be bringin me some fresh tuna. Kaithaks Bai

  49. gorgeous, not sure about those eyes thought. he he!!

  50. They see your SOUL.

  51. Check out the Cat massage

  52. gah!!!! he’s a little werther’s!!!

  53. Teho

    THANK YOU FOR ADDING PA-SICKIE TO THE GLOSSARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (and yes, I know I’m shouting, I’m that excited)

  54. ha! liquid smoke pa-sickie… theo ya killin me almost as much as the picture of the kitteh ;0)

    (btw, i’ve been using pa-sickie as an exclamation of delight eg: bacos are vegan? pa-sickie!)

  55. Paunchie says:

    NOT cream-sickie,


    I think that kitteh has alieeen eeyes! eeeep!

  56. HarlemGrrl — OK, I’ve amended the entry. Hehe.

  57. Teho, where exactly does one FIND the glossary? Sorry to be so backward–I just can’t find it.

  58. Poohbear says:

    MAAARMEEEEEEEZZZZZZ!!!!! Aaaaaaannngggh. A bunch of marmeeees and creamsickies. Just what I needed after a hard day, how’d you know, Meg??

  59. DebG — oh, well, it’s in the right-hand margin under the heading “More! More! More!” Official C.O. Glossary.

    Yeah, the URL domain makes no sense now. I know. Just roll with it.

  60. and this is one of the many reasons why i luuurve CO. txs teho :: giggles ::

  61. Why everybody misspelled Theo as Teho? Is this an insider CO joke? AND, since I’m being picky, I would say: “capisci” or, even better “capito” which sounds much more authentic. Sorry for Italian 101 class 😉

  62. Raemie L. says:

    Hm… lemme get this sthraight, it’th really cream-thickie? Or cream-sthickie? Or isth it cream-thisickie? Or, or, cream-of-teh-sthickie? Stheriously, sthomeone enlighten moi.
    *whistling through front teeth*

  63. Elena, I stopped asking that question a long time ago.

  64. Elena, WHICH Italian are you talking about? Are you talking about Tuscan or Venetian? Or Calabrese or Neapolitan or Sicilian– where people have worked very hard for three thousand years on being completely incomprehensible? 😉 I personally speak the CArroll Gardens, Brooklyn dialect, in which it’s definitely pronounced “COPPEESH” 😉


  66. thx teho. Now I see it.

  67. Sorry, Theresa, I was talking about “standard” Italian. I come from Carpi, near Modena (think Aceto Balsamico, Ferrari, Pavarotti) in the center-north. I guess the Brooklyn dialect is based mainly on Sicilian. Anyway, the kitten is lovely (il gattino e’ adorabile), and it reminds me of my Theo as a young boy. Ciao!

  68. Va bene, Elena! I have fond memories of “Italian”-speaking relatives, then of then learning Italian in school, and having to look and listen very hard for the likenesses between standard Italian, and my family’s expressions. Ciao!

  69. cubbybutt says:

    the first thing that came to mind when i saw this was pinhead’s (of the hellraiser movie series) famous line:

    “we’ll tear your soul apart!”

    because the kitty has black demon eyes..and…um…wow, i’m insane!

  70. Sharon Wilson says:

    Aahng, kitteh is so com-for-ta-buhls…

  71. Oh, and Teho, where are the ‘Pa-sickie is the new bleen’ shirts?

  72. LOLs, Meg you truly are the comedian. I was drinking watermelon juice at the very moment I saw this post. My pink colored desktop was WELL worth it! I will happily serve as a liquid projectile for your redonks anyday!

  73. Foxy, I already provided a starting graphic. Your turn!


  74. I’m skeeeerd….but in a cute-overload way

  75. There are 3 marmies currently on the front page of CO. That’s 25%. Marmies are taking over! I, for one, welcome our marmie overlords.

  76. correction: 3 of the 12 *posts* are of marmies. There are 4 actual marmies.

  77. He (or she)’s super cute, but… those eyes! They’re kind of creepin’ me out, it’s like the little kitteh’s an alien!
    now Here’s some unalienated cuteness:

  78. AuntieMame says:

    Actually, it depends on your monitor. Here at home, kitty has demon black eyes, but at work I can see that the iris is a dark brown/gold color.

  79. Yeah, the eyes… Shark-like. :/ Besides that, he’s pretty cute. 🙂

  80. Ohhh… that’s a relief AuntieMame! I was worried the poor little kitteh was about to have a seizure!!

  81. riolinda says:

    awww… i want to kiss his little nose! 🙂

  82. I so have to get some Watermelon Juice.

    Also, what does pa-sickie mean?

    [ – Ed.]

  83. brinnann says:

    T[Ed.], could you ammend pa-sickie to reference nosicle? It only seems fair. 😉