The redonkulousness continues

Keep your cat from writing to CuteOverload (i.e. get him off the keyboard!) with this HANDY kitteh bed shelf!


Anita D. and Matthew S., love the look on tha woman’s face—she’s NOT GONNA TAKE IT ANYMORE!



  1. I’m gonna order me up one right now!

  2. Does that thing swivel? It has GOT to swivel….

  3. Um, that’s cute and all, but obviously will not work. The reason kitteh is on the keyboard is because that’s where your hands are! Great idea, though.

  4. HAH! and they think this will work! Maybe on Chihuhuahuas. :>

  5. metsakins says:

    yeah that’s going to get them to stop walking on the keyboard and Huggy’s going to stop sitting on my head at 6AM.

  6. Eastie is absolutely correct. The concept is clever but pointless. Kitteh is not up there for companionship–he is up there to prevent you from doing anything that does not involve scratching his chin.

  7. Aesthetica says:

    that’s too removed from the action (teh humans) to be of any use. i recall one that was a platform for the top of the monitor, but with lcd monitors, that’s kinda difficult.

  8. The finer points of cat psycology have been grossly neglected. The cat will still sit on the keyboard unless you start sitting on the cat shelf yourself.

  9. Positively silly! Just because you buy it the cat won’t sit there… Now, if you put something you don’t want him sitting on there…

  10. Karen’s right–the only way this will work is if you put the keyboard on the cat bed.

  11. acelightning says:

    The gizmo itself looks like a fairly standard, but nice, wooden mail tray, with a custom-fitted pad. Nice idea, but as everyone else has already said, any self-respecting cat will sit on your keyboard/hand/papers/phone anyway.

  12. ThePhantomOfTheNet says:

    It needs to go over the keyboard. Just high enough that kitteh cannot fit in.

    As other posters have pointed out, the kitteh is not there for your amusement… he is there for *his* amusement.

    Perhaps a hammock device?

  13. Poohbear says:

    Actually, Phantom, I have a similar setup, and it works : my keyboard is on a sliding shelf that fits under the desk. I can push it in just enough to make it really uncomfortabuhls for kittehs to perch on while still allowing me to type. So they settle for lounging on the desk above the keyboard, just under the screen. It works until they decide to get up – too much attention to the screen, not enough to them – or play with the cursor. You can’t win. :))

  14. Hovercat is hovering.

  15. Does the big fat orange cat come with it? I really need another one. (Another BFOC, that is. The shelf, as others have pointed out already, would be useless.)

  16. Ermine Violin says:

    HA! Like that would work – brilliant idea though, I wonder if it were closer to the keyboard, within skritching distance if it would work better?

    I bought one of those monitor trays many years ago when monitors were gigantic and it worked like a charm for my Calico, HOWEVER it didn’t account for overhang…

  17. Interesting concept. My cats won’t sit on the keyboard, but they will try to sit to the right of the keyboard and then wind up leaning onto the number pad.

    I think I just need to get a cat tree w/ two levels and put it near the desk.

  18. ThePhantomOfTheNet says:

    Poohbear, that’s why I was thinking of a hammock like device. As you typed, they feel the bumping of your knuckles. You get to type, they get feedback.

    As far as the monitor problem, yes, that’s a toughie. They want you to look at them. 8 hour invisi-potion?

  19. Hon Glad says:

    But the cat can’t type from that position.

  20. i like the before and after pictures.

    does the cat come with the shelf?

    how much do you want to bet kitty will still prefer the keyboard!!?? lol

  21. katydid972 says:

    Ermine: Love the overhang! I splurted coffee onto my keyboard when I saw that. Ha!

  22. I love how flowers magically appear and paperwork gets organized with the kitty bed shelf! lol 🙂

  23. The idea is nice, but we all know this will not work…cats will always lay in the most inconvenient places no matter what kinds of cat-specific things we buy for them! What they really need is a DECOY KEYBOARD! A decoy off to the side so that kitty will lay on that one and leave your real one alone hehe 🙂

  24. this is my life.

  25. Trumanrabbit says:

    Let’s call this by its real name: the kitty caddy

  26. I am reading these comments through a thin haze of fine cat fur stuck to my monitor by static electricity. Sigh.

    He doesn’t lay on my keyboard–he walks back and forth across it, and then lays between the keyboard and the monitor, blocking my view.

  27. Heh. My first reaction upon seeing this pic was “Yeah good luck with that”.

    Oh and my second reaction was: “Marmie!!!”

  28. AJSKJwf3903jm2:dlwk;e/efj

    *Cat-Like Typing Detected*

    j/k, my roomie’s cat knows to stay out of my bedroom with all the weak and defenseless stuffed animals on my bed.

  29. TrumanRabbit — if you’re not already in marketing, you should be.
    Agreed & well done.

  30. rorschach says:

    The kitteh’s all like, “Take a memo.”

  31. k. o'dee says:

    “Um, that’s cute and all, but obviously will not work. The reason kitteh is on the keyboard is because that’s where your hands are! Great idea, though.”

    Per-zackly. It’s not because the keyboard’s comfy, ad people. It’s because the keyboard’s getting more attention. Doggies who can’t fit on the keyboard bounce your hands with their noses. Bunnies who can’t quite make it to your lap stand up so you can juuust see little twitchy ears in your peripheral vision – again, and again, and again. It’s not proximity; it’s contact.

  32. LOL! The cat looks like he’s giving dictation to his secretary. I could actually so use one of these. *stares at my kitty eye-ing my keyboard*

  33. KoD is correct. (darn cats)

  34. …and one phone call taken in another room after this photo was taken, the cat is sleeping on the keyboard, burping up those pretty flowers.
    Sorry folks, my blonde Persian, Farah, wouldn’t have taken that opportunity for closeness-she would have given me a very funny look and plotted. Might as well use the Kittycaddie for a bookshelf for more desk room for the puddy. I’m sorry, it does seem like a good idea in theory. The ‘bookshelf’ idea might save the sales numbers.

  35. even if there’s no way this would ever work, I like the evidence of kitty typing on the monitor in the “before” shot…nice touch!

  36. angelcatbeds says:

    To go along with this nifty item there are 2 gadgets designed to
    (1)keep your cat off of your keyboard:,-ruining-ur-spreadsheets/pawsense-kitty-keyboard-kover-prevents-that-feline-from-typipppppffffffssss-260658.php
    (2) detect that cat typing is taking place and block it:

  37. What we need are A/B switches for keyboards – you just have two keyboards, and when kitteh lays down on one, you use the other one.

    Now, kittehs are crafty, they will figure out that you’re using a different keyboard, and they’ll eventually get tired of it and move. That’s why a mere fake keyboard won’t work. So you switch back.

  38. How much was that cat paid in pounds of tuna to look all satisfied and content in that cat bed. I know of no cat who would fall for that.

    But …

    it is cute.

  39. yankeebird says:

    Ha, as I type this reply I have a cat sleeping across both my arms. My other cat likes to lay on my desk and rest her head on my keyboard, but it doesn’t have anything to do with me. She’ll do it even if I’m not in the room, leading me to believe she just likes it because it’s warm.

  40. ThreeCatNight says:

    Any self-respecting cat knows that the shelf alone would not confine them. My three hang out any old darn place they please EXCEPT my computer keyboard! (go figure out that one!) Kitchen tables, beds, chairs, rugs, and now even the console where I have my HD TV. The idea is nice, but I have thrown in the towel on this long ago.


  42. Marianne says:

    lol this is funny, but I think it might be cheaper just to put a cat bed on your desk. and definitely right that the real reason is because cat wants your hands occupied by him/her and nothing else. and lol @ cat-like typing!

  43. cdelphine says:

    clearly the people who invented this do not have a cat.

  44. *WANT* >:^}

  45. I like how in the “before” picture the monitor shows repeated text as if kitteh’s paw is holding down a key.

    In the “after” pic it resumes normal english grammar structure. LOL!

  46. my cat comes and sits behind my lcd monitor so I cant get at her to put her down off the desk. Then if I so much as look at her she comes out and cuddle attacks stomping all over my keyboard. Then if im playing World of Warcraft I have to explain to my friends why my character just auto ran into the big monster and killed everyone >.<

  47. Charlie — your cat’s name is Leeeroy Jenkins?

  48. Gahahahahha!

  49. charliewabba says:

    Clearly the pad on the kitty caddy is made of prickly velcro, which would explain why 1)kitteh is staying on the tray and 2)why kitteh looks vaguely annoyed.

  50. bookmonstercats says:

    Of COURSE kitteh will lie in the kitty caddy (adjusts specs impatiently). All you have to do (as demonstrated)is put the file with the screaming deadline in there first.


  51. When I was catsitting for my girlfriend, the first few days the cat would barely acknowledge me. But as soon as I start typing on my laptop, she would plop herself right onto the keyboard. I was like, ok, so this is how the game of “I’m not playing any attention to you” is played.

  52. Me thinks the young lady would do better to get a bigger desk.

  53. smoke_tetsu says:

    Luckily my kitty doesn’t like to rest on my keyboard when I’m typing. She’d rather lay on my lap to be petted at least when I’m kicking back and relaxing.

    I’d agree with others that this probably wouldn’t work though. It’s kind of like if you buy something specifically for kitty to sleep on or play with they probably won’t. You don’t choose things for them THEY choose. Sometimes you can’t even predict where they will like to rest.

    I imagine it was hard to setup that after pic, they probably had to take it real fast before that cat jumped off of there. It’s too far removed from the action!

  54. Yeees, because cats always sit obediently exactly where you want them to …

  55. Jessibird says:

    Would never work with my kitty. She is on my keyboard so that I will pay attention to her instead of typing. *sigh*

  56. Do they make one for sewing tables? I think this could work if you put a layer of adhesive on it before placing kitty in there.

  57. the best part is that it LOOKS like an inbox, so your cat will still think he or she is in your way and therefor will be more likely to lie there. i would put some papers in it, just to add to the illusion.

  58. I’m sure that a gajillion people have pointed this out before me, but let me say that the problem with cats is that they never want to be where you want them, and always where you don’t want them.

    That is the only design flaw with this idea. Otherwise, it’s genius. I just can’t see an actual cat lying there peacefully without getting up and attempting to walk across the keyboard, lie on your papers, or sprawl over your lap with his head on your arm so you can’t type.

  59. My kitty really likes pushing the buttons and the warmth of the laptop is an added bonus. I can’t leave the laptop open and unattended or all the buttons WILL be pushed and then slept on. This contraption would have no effect.

  60. @Ermine Violin: lol. That picture is genius.

  61. I have a Dell laptop, so when kitteh steps onto the shift or control keys for a couple of second, the machine asks “you have pressed down shift/control key for a couple of seconds, do you want to switch to handicapped mode (ie. assume you have use of only one hand, so now if you press shift, then F, it’s the same as pressing them together). And of course kitty would then accidentally hit the return or spacebar to enable that option. Then I had to spend a long time searching for ways to disable that.

    I miss her.

  62. Ai wantz wun. AI WANTZ WUN! (but onlii iff it comz wiz ze marmii)

  63. This looks like a very handy device

  64. LOL as if the kitty would actually use the shelf versus sitting on the key board.

    Okay okay well MY kitties would rather sit on the keyboard. I even tried to hide it on one of those little drawers you pull out… They are still trying to figure out how to get into the drawer.

  65. I agree with the many, many people voicing the doubt in the cat bed, though it is a cute picture (and I love the idea of accomodating the kitty’s needs).

    My kitty Koko doesn’t even bother with the keyboard (probably because it’s on one of those rolly-trays). He just sits on the desk between me and the monitor and waits for me to pet him/put him on my lap. He used to sleep on my monitor…until I got a flat-screen. He was quite upset the first time he went to jump onto it and fell behind the screen!

  66. When it comes to cats, if you build it, they will refuse to come on a matter of general principle! LOL

  67. I think it’d partially work. Kitty would still sit on the keyboard, but would also *look intently* at the shelf.

    Then at you.

    Then at the shelf.

    Then go to sleep.

  68. LesbianNeoCon says:

    shut UP!!!!!!!

  69. Paul True SOOO Very True!!! ; )

  70. Argh, I could have used something like this with my old foster cat Crackers.

    [That’s some serious techie workspace, too… – Ed.]

  71. he’s hanging off the table! how does he do that without falling????

  72. Last time that we went back to Italy, as soon as we arrived, my husband opened his laptop on the kitchen table. My big fat ginger cat, Theo, was SOO happy to see us that jumped on the table and started “making biscuits” (in Italian we say “fare il pane”, making bread) on the keyboard: two keys were extracted before we could stop him. He has BIG paws, and BIG claws. The funny thing was the my husband had an interview the day after, but luckily was able to fix the laptop before leaving. I miss Theo! My American cats are not currently interested in computers. Sorry for the long post! Love CO and the COlovers

  73. *ALL* big fat ginger cats should be named Theo. Except for the ones already named Morris or Mr. Bounce. Or Rhum.

    Well, OK, there’ll always be exceptions.

  74. For the record, our Teho is more of a Kitler cat, black-and-white.

    I think this can work…if you layer that shelf thingie with catnip.

    My late cat Rider ignored the keyboard…the MOUSE, on the other hand, was his mortal enemy….(which is obviously why they named that thing a “mouse”).

  75. ThePhantomOfTheNet says:

    JNO: That reminds me of my late foster cat Mini-Me. His cousin NS (I guess cousins …two feral litters born within 1 month and 50 yards of each other for a total of 11 lil white furballs) takes a much more active interest in my computing activities:

  76. haha! where can i get one? lol!

  77. OMG, you ALL are keeling me with the comments and pics tonight!!!!!!!

    I saw a cartoon once that had 1 cat talking to another at Christmas, saying “Now remember, if it looks like they spent a lot of money on your present, make sure you completely ignore it….”

    My cats enjoy doing the “laptop stroll”, too!!!

  78. “..burping up those pretty flowers”.. you are making me squirt sake out my nose, Katrina.

    The cat’s expression in the second picture looks remarkably similar to the lady’s look in the first. I think this supports the Velcro(TM) theory, Your Honor.

    Use the shelf as a laptop caddy, Kittles will love it!

  79. her desk got tidy, too….

  80. VogerLuver says:

    You could get dis cat placement unit…. BUT DEN HOW WOULD YOU CUDDLE THA KITTYYYY???? 😮 It is a frightening reality.

  81. ashagato says:

    @Ermine Violin: i totally LOLed!

    your kit is a carbon copy of my namesake, Asha, who is, incidentally, also responsible for the missing return key on my laptop. Asha flicked the retun key so hard into the universe that it never re-appeared, even after i and my two cleaning-men scoured the entire apartment for it! the key flew off and spontaneously combusted!

  82. My parakeet is just like the cat – Robert has to be on the keyboard at all times, and on my hand, so typing can be a bit challenging. If Robert sits on the top row of keys, then I can actually get some typing done and Robert can keep on making googly eyes at me. Pets know when you are busy and will do anything to be on your hands and in your eyesight. First rule of thumb with pets and computers!

  83. (mariachi trumpets play the introduction)_
    “Take a letter, María…”

  84. For some reason, my cat likes having her chin supported. She takes naps on the table with her face propped up on novels. So if they built that thing with a chin-rest *maybe* she would prefer it over the keyboard.

    Then again, the general consensus seems to be that cats will target whatever object you’re paying attention to because they think you should be paying it to them.

  85. I don’t have a cat. 😥

  86. I used to let my big fat ginger cat (sorry, Theo, his name is not Theo, but I didn’t name him, and anyway I never call him by his given name) walk across the keyboard, as long as I wasn’t working on anything important. But then I got my pretty new laptop and he immediately managed to put it into some emergency shutdown mode I’d never heard of and from which I could not awaken it. TG for the internets at work, I found out how to bring it back from its coma. Now big fat ginger cat is shooed away from me laptop.

    And cdelphine, not only does this inventor not own a cat, but apparently has never even met one.

  87. I have to agree, I’m not sure it would work since the reason he wants to be on my keyboard is because it is where my hands are. But if it DID work – oh yeah, I’d buy that in a second! LOL

  88. mberkie0 says:

    A thought: put a box of appropriate size on the inbox to lure the box-hab candidate into it… Naah, wouldn’t work. Just tried it, and Mr. Picky says, “Nyerhe, not a chanz, Ma.”

  89. CoffeeCup says:

    Some suggestions:

    1) Maybe the cat tray should be something like the teacup ride at the carnival…there should be a deeper place to sit, there should be a seatbelt of some kind and in case of horkage maybe an easily cleanable surface?

    2) It should swivel so if the cat insists on staring into your soul, you can swivel the cat the other way.

    3) In addition to the swivel action, it should come equipped with a first aid kit.

  90. Anyone think the cat in the first picture is like im sorry i cant help it, it just happens im soooo ashamed *sob*

    keyboard rehab methinks

  91. Yeah, great invention, ‘cept I need like three of them…and one hasta be XXlarge for Kermie Cat…
    steel welded or titanium to handle the heft.

  92. Paunchie says:

    you guys, it will too work. All you need to do is put either a cardboard box or a paper bag on it. Kitties can’t resist sitting in those.

  93. I would like to contradict you all. My desk has a printer shelf up above the monitor, and I’ve left them empty for my cats. They love to perch above me and watch me surf. It’s kept them off my keyboard, for the most part.

    This idea, while good, does not offer the something-extra that cats need to try out a good sleeping spot.

  94. Patricia says:

    My two cats pester me for pets when I’m on the computer but I manage to keep them off the computer desk by giving each one their own chair on either side of me. During the winter I have heating pads for them on the chairs on low, totally zonks them out, so I get a little peace.

  95. Just stick a shoebox on your desk. It’s cheap, portable, and provides tons of chewing entertainment.

    Now if there was a way to get cats to shred unwanted papers, I’d get that gizmo.

  96. Kristine says:

    Check out the document in the smaller picture! you can tell this was taken at the actual time when the kitteh placed his paws on the keyboard.

    Very detail oriented, I like it!

  97. People, it will work if you put some important papers in the tray instead of the mattress! The kitty is for sure going to sit on them!

    Now, either that woman has a cat in her office, or she is WAAAAAY too overdressed to be chilling on the computer at home.

  98. My cat likes chasing the mouse pointer on my monitor WAY too much for this to ever work.

  99. Oh, and apparently the kitty tray magically cleans your desk AND brings you flowers! That’s more than most men do! (Excluding my husband, of course)

  100. shoebox! great idear. then kitteh can work on his cardboard deconstruction sculpture!

  101. LOL @ CoffeeCup!! Great idea!!!!

    Hey, I bet if I made it seem like I was going to wrap a present by putting some wrapping paper in the tray……..

  102. The setup as displayed would work perfectly if the cushion was replaced with a freshly laundered pair of pants in a color that contrasts with the kitteh’s furs. For the Orange guy, I would recommend a pair of nice black slacks. It does beg the question though, do clean folded pants trump the keyboard?

  103. Maybe if you put really important documents in the cat tray, your cat will sit there (and chew on them, naturally). Also, your nicest black sweater would do the trick.

  104. I love how in the first photo, they are both cross and frustrated and don’t know what to do about it, and in the second photo they are gazing at each other with utter love.

  105. jillette says:

    looks like the cat is holding down the “d” key in the first pic . . . ddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd . . .

  106. Even if if would never in a million years work, I want it. I want it bad

  107. Miso Soup says:

    Hillary Swank has a really crappy desk.

  108. Totalee Puppy says:

    (Mexican-style trumpets play the introduction to this song…)
    “Take a letter, María…
    Address it to yourself…
    I’m a disapproving cat…
    Ain’t gonna stay on this

  109. O.O

    …… I WANT ONE! XD

  110. Infinity says:

    I must know where I can aquire such a thingk. My guinea pigs can only sit so still in my lap while I type, yo.


  111. yo face. says:

    I love the fact that the bed is almost falling off the desk…