Fennixed! Fennixed again!

Um, disproportionate ear size was the first clue that this “puppeh” was very unushe…


I think we’ve been duped by a Fennec fox. Karen, you almost got me.



  1. BLEEN!

  2. Mwhahaha I totally got it. Meg I think this photo requires some explaining. Some extreme explaining.

  3. OMG! Tis a wee fennec in a wee DRESS!!! I can’t handle it!!!

  4. Sooo Cute!!

  5. Either it’s a fox, or the result of a strange hybrid union along the lines of the previous post.

  6. You know you’re a cute a little heartbreaker…foxy..

  7. That’s gotta be a fennec fox. But if that is a dog breed, *I want one*!!!!!!!!

    Soooo cute. Fennec foxes are the reason I fell in love with Corgis. 🙂 (Well, they’re the reason I first noticed Corgis. Corgis are their own reason for falling in love with Corgis. 🙂

  8. *sigh*
    It is so hard to find good lace these days~ Pray tell, which catalogue did you order yours from? It’s simply heaven!

  9. ChasingtheDog says:

    *grunts* me no likey keeping wild animals as pets.

    but he is cute. but would be cuter were he wild.

  10. Angela-Eloise says:

    Are people even allowed to keep foxes as pets?! Foxy IS very cute.

  11. compy-saur says:

    The fennec fox is really cute, but I still can’t believe people are allowed to have them as pets. 😐

  12. Love Fennec foxes, those big ears make them look so adorable..

  13. JulieRaven says:

    I THINK you have to have a license to own one, but yeah you can have them as pets.

    They just need a HUGE place an lots of high areas to jump up to.

    They’re cuties <3

  14. Aww, who’s pretty?

  15. Wouldn’t owning one be like having a cross between a cat and a dog? It certainly looks like it is. 😀

    Luuurrrve the earnest expression. <3

  16. anniemouse says:

    Re. Fennec foxes as pets: http://www.fennecfoxes.com/

    Hope that helps. 🙂

    Fennecs are adorable, and if cared for properly make fantastic pets.

  17. And do I spy the teensiest of teefs?

    GAH! I r ded. x_x

  18. 260Oakley says:

    Fox: “…and with my teensie teef I will bite the hand that put a sexy animal like me in this silly harness-cum-baby-nightmare t-shirt/leash thingy. So there.”

  19. ZOMG! WAAAAAAANT!!!! *grabby hands* O wuvs you pwetty fox!

  20. That is a totally redonkulous outfit, but with her blonde hair, Foxy there is totally working it!

  21. spongebrooke says:

    yes, it is very cute. however, a chi would be a more suitable pet to play dress up with than a wild animal though.

  22. I adore fennec foxes! They are such beautiful animals!

    However they are best left living in the wild. Captivity is unfair and being foced to wear a frilly pink confection is insult to injury.

  23. I adore fennec foxes! They are such beautiful animals!

    However they are best left living in the wild. Captivity is unfair and being forced to wear a frilly pink confection is insult to injury.

  24. Hey, waitaminnit.

    Whiskers that don’t go outside the fox’s face? And what kind of paws are those really?

    I agree that this is unbelievably cute.

  25. Wait..where can we see/learn more about this little fox?? Cryyy. Don’t leave us hanging like this. Pleeese!

  26. Beautiful Fennec foxina
    They can be kept as pets, but not sure how i feel about it.
    what gorgeous sweet adorable creatures.
    I want them to be happy

  27. Just a friendly reminder!

    It is HIGHLY ILLEGAL to keep a wild animal in California without a ton of permits and the express wish to use them for educational purposes. This is the reason zoos are legal.

    Also, before anyone thinks about keeping a wild animal as a pet, (assuming it’s legal where you live), do some serious thinking. They are not domestic pets. they will be more work than a domestic animal on average, so you need to devote more time and energy just to keeping them trained. Please, please, please think about that.


    Sooo… if anyone wants to start a fennic fox domestication program… I hear foxes domesticate in a few generations!

  28. This looks like one of the dogs who lives next door to me! At least I think she’s a dog…

  29. As much as I love CuteOverload, I have to disagree with some of the posts that feature wild animals – at least, animals that should be left in the wild! There are plenty of adorable domesticated animals out there, and people need to know where to draw the line.

  30. My dog has ears like that too, way big and way cute.

  31. binky-mama says:

    dee pink….dee lace….dee polka dots……REDONK!


  33. Small Mammal says:

    All pictures of wild animals should be in the category “cute or sad?”.
    Real compassionate people and animal lovers should adopt a dog or a cat from their local shelters. If you like wild animals, many NGOs have conservation programs that purchase wild habitat for animals like these. Defenders of Wildlife is an option..

  34. Yeah, he’s nocturnal too. That’s totally cruel, and out of line.

  35. Folks, we’re all so hung up on our “categories.” Clearly, this is a little dog born in the body of a fennic, so she’s just declaring her true inner identity.

    Also — let’s not jump to conclusions about how/why this animal may not be “in the wild.” We’re all smart enough to not adopt the wild animals that surround us, but sometimes if an animal is injured or adopted young enough there are potential exceptsh.

  36. Darleenie says:

    Note to self: Get one of those and make it wear a pink dress.

  37. snoopysnake says:

    It’s such a feminennec!

  38. Obligatory fennec belly rub video!

    probably a repost but still cute

  39. Furbabies says:

    Getting brain cramps, oh no! Too darn cute!

  40. Fennec fox–I can picture
    it: Starlets with little
    fennec foxes in haute couture dresses carried in designer tote bags or purses for luncheon and shopping with their friends.
    You’ll be so HOT–but it’s what you’re NOT…
    Fennec fox…Let’s leave this behind and go back to the wild…THEO will sing
    “Born Free”…I’ll leave a message with his agent.

  41. I know I’ve seen little dogs wearing pink tees with “FOXY” in rhinestones across the back.
    I hope this little sweetie has such a tee in her wardrobe- how perfect would that be?

  42. OMG WANT!!!


  43. LOL! Look at the “pleh” expression on his/her face!

  44. Raemie L. says:

    Ahn, I love the big ears.

  45. Those ears!!! I bet they are sooooo sooooooffffft.

  46. Actually, I bet you this one was captive bred. I hear that’s legal in TX, and I support it, as it keeps the ones in the wild where they belong. Fennecs are a huge handful. If you can’t take care of it properly, there’s a good chance you’ll pay for it in furnature, upholstery, rugs, carpet, drapery…Anyway, those who are willing to shoulder that responsibility can be amply rewarded by a sweet little unique pet. I personally agree with CA’s restrictions. Except where ferrets are concerned.

  47. Awesome! Fennecs are so, so pretty.
    On the topic of ani-pals that you must register, I’ve an uncle-in-law who keeps a specific type of small tortoises, and in order to follow the law, he has to put a leetle tiny license plate on the back of each one’s shell. LICENSE PLATES! Very prosh.

  48. binky-mama says:

    Holy cow Nakey! You simply MUST have your uncle-in-law take pictures of these license -plated tortoises and submit them to CO! Do they have teeny bumper stickers too?

  49. Daphne Moss says:

    I agree with all who are skeezed by seeing a beautiful, wild and dignified desert fox humiliated in a pink lacy dress…
    This fenec hates this soooo hard….

  50. Hon Glad says:

    Fenella Fennec.

  51. I’m pretty shocked that people keep foxes as pets. I don’t think it’s ever a good idea to keep a wild animal as a pet. Dogs and cats have been domesticated for hundreds of years and make much more predictable, safe pets. (I suppose keeping a fox as a pet isn’t as dangerous as keeping a wolf, simply because of the animals’ relative sizes, but it still seems like a really bad idea.)

  52. look closely… it’s a dog with a fox’s head photoshopped in.

  53. actually looking closer… i think it’s a cat

  54. …in the early years of the 1900s there was a Russian experiment where foxes farmed for fur were bred for “tameness” and quickly became (just a few generations) more dog like. Reading about it (1970 something) I was sort of surprised by how quickly this experiment turned “wild” to “tame”.

    This little gal is PROSH.
    a part of me TOTALLY wants one. (the other part of me realizes my cats would be upset, and my home isn’t ready for anything more than the current Cat Force/ Neko-gumi. )

  55. I wonder if there were people back in our tribal days bitching about someone domesticating dogs.

    That is a pretty cute fox, though. I’m sure the fox doesn’t hate it if s/he’s been raised around the owners, there’s lots of YouTube videos of domestic Fennecs playing with other pets and people.

  56. I can’t believe that you can have these legally.

    I want one. Specially a white, dainty little lady like this little princess. She’s such a cutie snuggling on that lap.

  57. martha in mobile says:

    I had two roommates in college, one with a fennec, the other who was afraid of the fennec. The fennec regularly peed on the pillow of the ‘fraidy roommate. Fennec would sleep on my pillow and growl when I tried to reclaim it. We went through a lot of pillows…

  58. ThreeCatNight says:

    One major QTE, but the pink dress — too much!

  59. Gawd, the finger-wagging around here gets so freaking tiresome.


  61. smoke_tetsu says:

    I don’t see why anyone should automatically start making negative assumptions about this. You’re imposing what YOU think onto the fox. You don’t know what it likes\dislikes. I’m pretty sure these people are on the up and up and just didn’t grab a random one from the wild. It’s presumptuous to think that they are keeping it against its will.

    About the legality of these, it varies from state to state. If you want to know you may want to check out this page: http://fennecfoxes.com/content/view/44/44/ a lot of states require that you get a license. Some don’t allow them as pets.

    In my opinion especially if you are a good owner there’s nothing wrong with it. It’s certainly better than some other exotic pets such as large snakes.

    I think there probably where people back in tribal days complaining about domesticating dogs (which weren’t dogs back then they where WOLVES). Same thing with cats… and I’m pretty sure cats still have a lot of the wild in them even to this day. You don’t tame cats.. cats tame you! 😉

  62. Smoke_Tetsu — this photo from FennecFoxes.com … *oof*

  63. Daphne Moss says:

    There will always be this argument…at the heart of it is people who think any animal is better off being “cuddled” and domesticated because we humans are such a treat and what is freedom compared to a warm bed, and then there are those who think that maybe … just maybe … animals might prefer living their lives wild and free.

  64. doesn’t look like this lil fella is suffering very much?? Maybe.. just maybe.. foxy fella right there is very proud of the lace top he’s wearing

  65. Daphne Moss says:

    Yeah…and maybe he’s looking for a contract with Disney in a new live action flick about a cross-dressing desert dweller…

  66. Theo, that’s fiber art.

    […still! – Ed.]

  67. Mrs. Catlabash says:

    I admit the pic of the foxlet running free in the field with his great big ears flapping wildly in the wind makes my heart sing, but I won’t judge the folks who put the other little one in the silly frilly dress without knowing the backstory. She certainly doesn’t look abused or ill-used. Maybe she’s a rescue, maybe she’s a “differently-abled” little critter who can’t run like the others, maybe this situation is actually nirvana for her. She seems perfectly content snuggled into that lap she’s perched in. I’d reserve judgment on everything but the dress, and actually, I think it looks cute on her, as long as that’s a girl-fennec.

    *You are a girl-fennec, aren’t you, fluffy-ookums?*

  68. Jenny Islander says:

    Her expression says, “Look, I have no idea what a camera is. Your only reason for standing so close must be to heap adoration and ear skritches on MEEEEE. So what are you waiting for? Must I apply the Cold Nose of Reminding You Who’s the Star Here?”

  69. cute, yes. very.

    pet? no :/

  70. Too precious! I feel a wave of irresistable desire — a feeling that just touching that pretty foxie (unnatural but cute dress nothwithstanding) will fill all of my wants and needs…


  71. I’m no PETA groupie but I gotta agree that uber-domesticating a wild animal is pretty disturbing. Feeding it and teaching it to be tamer is fine. But dressing it up like Jay Lenos’ worst nightmare is too much. Control freak.

  72. common sense says:

    “JNO” the fox in the video you posted was clearly upset. but, let me guess: it’s cyoooooot.

    Actually “trin” the study you refer to was conducted in the 1950s and was used as a correlate about hominids, not as “proof” that foxes are ever actually domesticated.

    The trade in “exotic pets” like this little fox is big busine$$ and you proponents of that should educate yourselves about what really goes on. If you actually have any caring for animals, you’d be against it…. but then, who cares, as long as it amuses you?

  73. spongebrooke says:

    Siirenias: I don’t consider using Texas as a good example. You can own whatever the hell you want in that state, including tigers for crissakes which, I’m sure we all agree, don’t make good pets period let alone a pet to play dress up with.

  74. Sharon Wilson says:

    Those laid-back ears totally say, “I hate this!” LOL!