This is what this corgi thinks of Caturday

Harumph. Kittehs get their ONE day of the week, that is RIDICULOUS. I shall pout the entire time!


Maurice A., there should be a weekly Corgi-day or Pupnesday at least.



  1. Martha in Washington says:

    Am I really *bleen*?


  2. no commenchs???

    Goodness gracious people, it’s a rump! Wake up!

  3. This dogs bottom has a haircut.

  4. I can’t even tell it’s a Corgi. Kind of weird.

    But still looks soft and cuddly.

  5. No tailio????

  6. “Are you looking at my bum? Bumlookah!”

  7. I need a batch of Corgis so badly.

  8. Can we get a butt-print of that?

  9. @Gail! You stole my comment! I was totally going to write that!!!

    No tailio in sight!

  10. Persephone says:

    I support Pupnesday.

    berthaservant, you got a promotion?

  11. JuliaJellicoe says:

    eek! Nads on the horizon!

  12. eikoleigh says:

    Corgis have the cutest ‘tocks!

  13. ThreeCatNight says:

    Oh, Nads, you cheeky monkey!

  14. awwww cute lil corgie tocks!!!!!


  16. Nah, just the one.

  17. I adore Corgi’s but you can barely tell what that is from this angle. *scratches head*

  18. Marjorie says:

    Those kittehs can SMELL WHAT THE NUB IS COOKIN’!

  19. How did I miss this?! CORGEHTOCKS!!!

  20. Raemie L. says:

    *scratches head* I was wondering the same as Subhangi.

    This has probably been suggested, but how about “Woofsday” for doggehs on Wednesdays? Although that name could include wolves, sea lions, and the like. I wouldn’t mind if we see animals related to doggehs on those days. *coughs* That is, if we have such a day for doggehs.

  21. Ermine Violin says:

    That is a very clean bum!

  22. CoffeeCup says:

    I’m thinking that dog is missing a tail…also, helicopter ears. Also, why does it kind of look like a horse?

  23. Some corgis just don’t have tails. They’re like manx dogs.

  24. Michelle says:


  25. DaytimeDeb says:

    Corgi Tocks!!

    I must admit, I am a “buns” kind of girl. 🙂

  26. spongebrooke says:


  27. I think I know that Corgi bum!